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Raw Links List

This is where you can find the official raw links of all manga/hua/hwas that Mint Wood Scans translated. We already put the official raw links on each manga detail page but thought it will be a lot easier to put them again as a whole.

Spreadsheet version is HERE.

Tell us if you notice any broken links! ^^

Adam No Rokkotsu

Ad Lib no Koi

Be Sweet To Me

  • Ssing
  • Paper: -
  • Digital: Lezhin

Chicken Heart Serenade

Double Fake

  • Jita
  • Paper: -
  • Digital: CmoaJP

Fuck Night Reversal

  • Naruse Kazusa
  • Paper: -
  • Digital: CmoaJP

Hitori to Hitori no 3650nichi

Invite A Wolf Into The House

Kiyoku Tadashiku Utsukushiku

Neap Tide

Neko Mimi Omegaverse

Not Believing It

  • dog-aeg
  • Paper: -
  • Digital: Bomtoon

Papa No Sukina Hito

Sei No Gekiyaku