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[LONG TERM] JP/KR-ENG Novel Translators Needed!

Hello, everyone! :D

Mint Wood Scans is looking for JP/KR - ENG novel translators. We have bunch of raw novels waiting on our library. Any of you interested, please knock us on Discord or you can simply ask first on the comment section below this post.


  • No need to be that fluent in JP/KR. As long as you use an understandable language, it's okay. You can do MTL.
  • Pay attention to your writing and grammar.
  • Be patience.
  • Try to finish at least 1 chapter per 2 weeks (per one week is better, obviously 😝). Approx. 2k words.
  • Perfectionism :v (no, kidding. lol).

Available Novels?


  1. Garland Jujin Omegaverse - by Aoi Yuyu/Hasumi Hana
  2. Ookami Papa Ni Dekiai Sareteimasu - by Kawaiko/Sakaki Kuuya
  3. Shinsi Na Ohkami No Ai No Su De - by Kaho Matsuyuki/Ciel
  4. Kinjirareta Arufua No Ko Chikai No Hachimitsu Madeleine - by Erena Kato
  5. Omega No Koi Ha Himitsu No Ko Wo Dakishimeru Cinnamon Roll No Kioku - by Hana Fuji Ere Na/Cho
  6. and many moreeeeeee!

  1. Guardian of The Sun - by μ΄λ“œ (need 1 or 2 more translators)
  2. Cut Sleeves - by 아이 제
  3. Sponsor - by μ•„λ…Έλ₯΄μ΄μ‹€
  4. λ„λ§ˆλ±€μ˜ κ΄€ - by 2RE


  • Please consider carefully if you intend to join the group. Commitment is a must. Don't abandon us in the middle of the battles, 'kay?
  • A DISCORD account.
  • No TOXIC personality.
  • Being nice and respectful is an obligation ;D
  • If you want to go on a hiatus or something happens in your life, please let us know, yeah? To make sure that you are okay ❤
  • This is not a paid translation :D

How to Join?

  • Visit this page: CONTACT US.
  • Fill in all the informations clearly: name, what position, etc. (just be creative ;D).
  • Done!  XD