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Kinjirareta Alpha - Chapter 1 Part 1


chapter 1 part 1

Around a month ago, Yuan fell in love for the first time.

It was still February, the whole school was covered with snow and enveloped by the frost. That day, a grand rally was held at the academy. The new member of the academy’s board, Marquis Keith Theodore Haddington, was visiting the grounds for the first time, and the huge hall attracted the students. This academy was exclusive for male Omega from the age of six to eighteen.

The primary students wore green ties and knee-length pants. The middle schoolers wore dark red ties and long pants, and the higher grades Yuan belonged to, had a black jacket, a black tie, and striped charcoal grey trousers.

It was exactly the same as the Kings uniform in Canterbury, United Kingdom. The sole difference from them was that each student in this academy has the omega’s symbol tied around their neck: a choker.

In this nation, those identified as omega after gender testing are required to wear a choker provided by the country. In order to prevent someone from being bounded to a stranger, or someone not chosen by the school, the chokers only come off with the owner’s fingerprint.

On the platform of the hall, directors, teachers, and guests were all sitting on chairs. On that day, in the second row on the second floor of the hall, the orchestra’s dozens of members were preparing themselves, bagpipes in hand.

The music team was made up of students selected from the school’s elite, but Yuan was also chosen as a choir member on Christmas for his good voice and appearance.

“Eh, Yuan, it your heat period?”


“There has been a sweet smell for some time already.”

Timothy, the student sitting next to Yuan, whispered into his ear and drew his face closer to smell him. During their estrus, an Omega releases either a sweet flowery smell, a honey-like one, or a fruity scent. The type of fragrance seemed to differ depending on each omega. However, Timothy thought that the smell coming from Yuan that day wasn’t sweet like flowers or fruits, but closer to that of confections.

“Ah, it isn’t my heat. This is because I made sweets in the morning.'' Yuan whispered back with a fleeting smile.

“The personnel asked that of you again?"

"Ah, yeah. I only made madeleines and an apple tart for the guest."

"I see. Yuan’s handmade sweets are exquisite after all. The madeleines particularly delight you with their aroma alone but when you finally eat them the flavour tastes like bliss."

"Thank you. I am glad they pleased you."

As he said these words, a student placed in front began to belittle him.

“How cunning of that Yuan! He said he was skilled in making pastries and the likes and gained the director’s favour. He’s already in the music team and yet, only him was able to enter the choir too. Moreover, he endeavours to fulfill his student council’s duties. I guess they are thinking of matching him with a prosperous and good alpha.”

That was John.  With his excellent academic grades, he was seen as the leader of their fellow students.

“It can’t be helped, Yuan is half Japanese, half French and can’t even bear his father’s name because he is an omega. Since he isn’t a pure British, if he doesn’t gain points even a little, he won’t be granted with a good partner, will he?”

Yuan dropped his gaze at John's words as he purposefully spoke loudly.

‘But I am not making sweets to earn points.’

He did it because he wanted to bring happiness to his friends. Only relying on the memories he had of the recipies his parents passed down to him during his childhood as pastry chefs. Initially, he was only known for making sweets for the institute but lately the director asked him to prepare some too, at times, when guests from the mainland were visiting.

“Yuan, please don’t worry about these gossips, they are just envious. Everyone knows the choir chose you for your dazzling voice.”

“Thank you, Timothy.”

Being born as one and from the age of six, Yuan received an outstanding education in this institution for elite omegas. In this world, it was impossible for them to find a normal occupation. Since this is an elite school and simply because they were enrolled here, graduates were sent above all, to the wealthy upper class Alphas.

Although the other students were pleased with that, Yuan only, had always longed to build his own life, his own future.

He wasn’t against having children. Since his birth and the results of the examinations, he had accepted this life as his own. However, Omegas bear the offspring but rarely raise their own child.

‘So instead, I want to work as a confectioner and deliver delicious food to children around the world,’ and this thought only, he couldn’t give it up.

Because of his way of thinking and the eastern blood he carried in his veins, Yuan was suddenly considered a burden by the students around. Students such as Timothy, who treated him with kindness, were rare.

‘I guess rivalry is the cause. All for the sake of being paired with a good Alpha.’

Sometimes, he felt like he couldn’t keep up with this senseless competition.

‘Are the Alphas and Betas schools like that too? Or just Omega’s? I don't know anything about the outside world, so I can only imagine.’

Seated on his chair, Yuan thought about it.

Eventually, the ceremony began and the directors with the guests appeared on the stage. On the second floor, Yuan and the others were playing bagpipes. Although the scene wasn’t really close to him, he was able to clearly see the beautiful young man among the guests.

‘Is he the board directors new member, Lord Keith?’

At that moment, the principal rose and introduced Lord Keith to the student body.

“After graduating from Oxford University, Lord Keith has officially joined our board of directors. He is the successor of Marquis Haddington who manages this school and will be working as a lawyer at a law firm in Edinburgh.”

So unlike the other investors, he is also a principal in this academy. Besides being a chairman and the administrator’s son, Marquis Haddington, he will eventually be this school’s head.

“Then, Lord Keith, please gratify us with an assumption of office speech.”

Invited like so, Keith slowly rose from his seat. His hair shone brightly like pure gold as the skylight cast its glow.  A pair of of blue eyes. A refined nose bridge. A velvety white skin. This Keith was clothed in an elegant and fine quality tuxedo and exuded the grace of someone born to be an aristocrat.

Although he just graduated from college, he had a man’s sex appeal, the ruling class’s distinctive dignity and the atmosphere of a young English gentleman. The academy’s personnel was entirely composed of betas, to avoid any mistakes, but even without knowing his identity or social status, one could understand with a glance that Keith was an Alpha.

‘That Alpha? As expected, they are completely different.’

Yuan forgot how to blink and as if in a daze, followed Keith with his eyes. On the stage, Keith’s speech began. He talked about his future projects since he graduated from the Oxford College, such as working as a lawyer while devoting himself to all human rights activities.

‘Human rights...why talk about human rights to Omegas?’

Omegas don’t have the same rights as the other genders...that is what he thought but suddenly, for the first time, someone said that everyone should have the same rights, everyone has the right to choose their life.

“Every Omega here should have the right to choose their own life.”

To Keith’s unexpected words, murmurs rose in unison inside the assembly hall.

‘Your life...on your own?’

With a surprised face and eyes wide open, Yuan stared at Keith standing on the stage. The director’s face stiffened then he rushed towards Haddington.

“That’s impossible, Lord Keith. Because of their heat period, Omegas can’t have normal occupations, so choosing their own path in life, such a thing…”

Thanks to the microphone, even Yuan from his seat, could pick up their conversation.

“There should be professions for them.”


The director finally switched off the device and their dialogue was no longer audible. However, it was clear that Keith was persuading him.

With a defeated face, the director returned to his seat while Keith turned on the microphone and resumed his greeting speech.

“I want a society where Omegas can work. Of course, I want them to take pride in being born Omega, and also to have the right to have children when they wish for it. I will concur to make it so they can choose freely. Sooner or later, we will move towards a more natural and fair society. So first of all, I want all the senior high school students to submit a report. About your life’s own design.”

Yuan focused on these words as if forgetting about himself. A society where he could work. The freedom to decide for himself. This man’s words sounded like gospel to him.

‘Really? Can I really choose my job? Can such a dream come true?’

-     N O T E     -

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DKID - Chapter 3 (ENGLISH)


"What else can I do ...! My father is an evil god and my brother is a demon emperor! I am a devil but, to be honest, I am a peace-loving freeter ...!?"

“Right... Right. You have no choice but to do that. It’s ok, let's drink first, drink."


Slowly, I poured the black tea into his cup. The weeping Demon King then accepted, and drank the tea in one gulp.

I wondered if my stomach would hurt after this.

I don't remember how many cups I've drank until now, but I do remember that I've listened to the Devil King's complaints for two hours.

It seems that the Demon King's family is a truly dark family, and it can be said that he often got scolded by his family for always being weak.

He was indeed born as the Demon King but, he always wanted to spend his time in peace. Maybe that was the reason he lived in this apartment.

And even more surprising, it turned out that the owner of this apartment complex was the Demon King.

You could say that for apartment contract issues and the like, they’re usually handed over directly for management by the company. Certainly, such trivial matters can be handled easily by little devils like Bai * nman.

While using Keigo, I rubbed the Demon King’s back, while he drank his tea.

“So, this Super Peaceful belongs to Maou-san?”

“Right, this place feels Super Peaceful right? But ordinary people are too scared to become residents of this place, and like the devil in general, my own family can be said to have direct bloodlines with yakuza ... Huhu ... Huwaaa ...! "

"Oh! Ah, It’s fine already... It’s fine. Don't waste your handsome face by crying again, okay?"


Because the Demon King continued to cry, I quickly hugged him, and rubbed his head and back slowly. He really was like a child.

The shock swept over me for a moment! My body flinched slightly, as I continued to hug the Demon King who was still full of tears. Inside the eight tatami room, we both hugged each other tightly.

Indeed, it felt very peaceful.

The body that I’m hugging right now is much bigger and warmer than mine.
He might be a Demon King, but the warmth of his body is the same as mine.

While still crying, he buried his face in my neck and resumed his story.

"Huhuhu ... And this is the first time I was greeted by a resident. Everyone always ran away when they saw the nameplate in my room. At that time I was really surprised that I hit my pinky finger... It hurt so much ..."

“Ah, so that’s how it is. Does your pinky finger still hurt?

"Uhm. After all, I'm the Demon King ... By the way, thanks for the Soba. I put it all in the kamidana and on that same day I immediately cooked everything for my dinner ... I ate it after cleaning myself anyway ... The Soba was really delicious ... Sobs ... "

Since our first meeting, every night with feelings of regret, I always eat the remaining Soba.
And I heard it might taste even better if I added eggs sunny side up.
But yeah, I'm happier right now.

That day, after the Demon King finally stopped crying, we ate udon together.

Of course, what we ate was Tsukimi Tororo Udon.

During the meal, the Demon King wiped his two red eyes before finally looking back at me.

"Uh, hey, H-H-H-Hero! Didn't I already say that I'm off on Tuesday? Then why didn't you come yesterday?"

"Oh, I'm sorry. I went on a mission on Tuesday."

Right after I said that, the Demon King just said.

“Ugh.. then there's nothing we can do".

But with just one look, I knew that he was actually disappointed with my words.

It made me feel like I had to protect him.

And because of the warm feeling when hugging this little chicken, I decided to make 'Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, the days to go play with the Demon King in his room'.

-  N O T E S  -

Freeter is a Japanese expression to define people who lack full-time employment or are unemployed. It refers to people who do not start a career after high school or university, but instead earn money from low-skilled and low-paid jobs. (source)

Bai*nman / Baikinman:

Respectful language or variety of languages that are more often used in formal circumstances. Using keigo is showing your consideration and respect for a person older than you, with a different position or experience in a company.


Are miniature household altars provided to enshrine a Shinto Kami (God). (source)

Tsukimi tororo udon:


DKID - Chapter 2 (ENGLISH)



With a present in hand, I went back to the Demon’s King room.

This time I didn’t bring soba, but udon.

Near my school, there was currently a Kagawa National Exhibition being held. I was  thinking of inviting him to eat there. It's not that I want to eat with him, okay?

Actually, I came without making an appointment, and I wondered if he was resting ~ with a face full of smiles, I knocked on the door.

Knock knock

“Maou-san~ this is Hero.”

Creak. Click.

Wow ... It only took a few seconds, and the door was immediately opened by the Demon King. I smiled widely because of it.

The Demon King, who had just opened the door very quickly, beared a frowning face, and gave off a black aura. I had a hard time looking into his room.

For some reason, It felt that his hair looked much neater now. The clothes he was wearing also looked more luxurious than the previous meeting.

Oh, there was even a pair of beautiful earrings that decorated his sharp ears. It really matched his appearance.

Even though it suited him very well, what he was wearing didn’t look like casual clothing. I frowned unconsciously. Could it be that he already had another plan today? Looks like I made a mistake.

"Why are you all dressed up? Did you want to go out?"

“Such a stupid question, hmph! These are my everyday clothes. Hurry up and come in!”

As he snorted loudly, the Demon King who still had a sullen face, finally invited me to come inside.

Hey, apparently he had no plans to go out. Even though his everyday clothing looked this good, Demon King is really fashionable huh.

The layout of the Demon King's room should’ve been the same as mine, but this room was clearly more polished, it looked radiant. Shining like the Devil King himself, making this room look like an example of a room in the residential exhibition. Does a cleaning expert clean this room?

The floor of the room was polished with wax. It felt very smooth. Oh, there were houseplants too!

In addition, this room was full of fragrance, making it hard for me to believe that he lived here alone. I took a deep breath.

The TV in his room was large, and in the dark corner of the room, there was a wine cellar or something. Whoa, what a soft mattress! My butt feels like it’s sinking into it!

If only my bed were like this, I certainly wouldn't be able to wake up early and keep sleeping until noon.

"Y-Y-Y-You! Don't sit on the bed! The mattress won't be soft anymore! Unimportant humans like you are better off sitting on the floor!"

"Ah, thank you for the seat cushion. Eh, great! This cushion is also very soft!"

“Not Soft!”

Even though he told me to sit properly, I still allowed my behind to enjoy the bed. The Demon King carried an angry expression as we met eyes, he pointed at the floor. Even so, he still offered me a soft seating cushion. What a good guy.

While muttering something as he spoke, he put the drinks and sweets on top of the beautiful, low glass table. The Demon King began to show his hospitality, bravely.
Rose shaped cookies? Was it a macaroon?

“What do you want to drink? Black tea, coffee, chocolate, green tea, juice, mineral water, or non-mineral water?”

“Uh, can I have kobucha? Do you have it?”

“I think there are some at the bar.”

After all the preparations were happily met, the Demon King finally regained his composure.

Somehow I could not think that I came here to apologize when he suddenly treated me like this.

"First of all, I will praise you for successfully coming to this place ... Kukuku ...!"

"No, that's not necessary at all. Besides, we're neighbors, so I can get here in a matter of minutes. Anyway I’m so sorry, because I came so sudden. Sorry I can only bring you these ... Udon."

"Uh, you're very courteous ... I mean, you're really stubborn huh!"

With a huge grin full of meaning, I handed the box containing Udon to the Demon King. The Demon King spontaneously accepted it while tilting his head.

Hm, so that’s how it looked.

“By the way Maou-San.”


"Don't tell me that you are the type of person that has a difficult time showing their honest feelings?"


Indeed, so easy to read.

And, while waiting for the Demon King to recover, I decided to calmly take a sip of the kobucha that was served.


TMA - Chapter 2 Part 3


part 2

“Now, where was I again?”

“Failing the mission, sir.”

Officer Bradley’s expression was sour. Ben wasn’t sure what was bothering him, but the sweat beading on the officer's forehead seemed to make it worse.

“What are you doing here?”

“Since MKV failed to do the job properly yesterday, it’s been decided that we can no longer leave the job to them alone. M16 is here to assist.”

“M16 gathers information. Is there really anything they could help us with? Even if they go and steal intelligence from other countries, it’s useless for us,” said Ben harshly.

In disbelief, O'donough raised his eyebrow. The man’s silent condescending look annoyed Ben.

"You didn't get enough information yesterday, now did you?"

His words were firm, as though he weren’t pointing out a fact that everybody already knew. Miller O’donough turned to Ben with a brazen face. The information that was given by M16 was mostly false so even if he had given Ben more intel, it was obvious that Ben would have failed yesterday’s mission anyways.

Ben demanded answers.

"What else do you know? Why were you at the scene yesterday?"

"I was on duty just like you."

 Ben laughed when he heard O'donough's response. The man raised his eyebrows once again at Ben’s laughter before he spoke again.

"Yesterday's failure has greatly concerned everyone."

Ben became very curious about this so-called 'everyone' that M16's director mentioned. Had the Queen been informed about this matter? Or perhaps the Prime Minister? Miller’s words sounded very confident, enough confidence to force himself into MKV’s business.

"Does M16 know about everything that we're working on?"

"No, we do not."

With a toneless voice, Miller answered Ben.

"We know very little about this matter compared to a specialized team like MKV... But we do know that once Spring comes, it will be more dangerous than Winter."


"Our goal is to get this wrapped up before Spring."

"We're not dealing with human crimes here. You don't seem to know about whether, never mind exactly how much, the information has helped us at all."

Following Ben’s words, Miller cut straight to the point.

"Benjamin Edgar. You started working the job when you were 18 years old. After you turned 23, you became the part of the team. You were perfectly fine as a lone wolf for almost 10 years but suddenly decided to join the pack... Isn't it because you are also seeking certain information? MKV will still be doing all the shooting and slashing. There should be no problem with my team gathering the rest of the information."

Ben lips pressed together in a line, holding in his anger while Miller continued.

"And who knows? Perhaps you will find the guy you're looking for based on the precious information we give to you?"

The great M16 had already researched the civilian Benjamin Edgar. If that was the case, then Miller O’donough had already known of Ben's existence on their first encounter that night.

Ben's eyes sharpened with doubled suspicion.

Miller got up from his seat. He felt like Ben’s temper would rip him apart if he kept teasing the man.

"I think we're done talking."

After his terse parting words, Miller strode towards the door. Ben watched his every move. With the way the director conducted himself, every subtlety of his body language, he must had born in a noble family.

Ben kept his eye on Miller until the man finally left the room and shut the door. After the crack of the door shut and the light from the hall was blocked, Ben turned to face Officer Bradley to voice his concerns.

"What is this? Why is this happening so suddenly?"

"M16 knew everything from the beginning. They have eyes and ears everywhere. As for Director O'donough... he belongs to the Queen."

Officer Bradly answered him, and Ben stared back at him in realization.

It was no wonder Ben had lost any desire to cooperate.

It doesn't matter if he belongs to the Queen, they won’t be much of a help, thought Ben.

"MKV was originally M15, right? Why is M16 sticking their noses instead of them?"

Ben could finally bring his less urgent questions up.

Cases had always been divided in a simple way between the two. M15 handled all domestic cases while M16 handled international cases. MKV is a London Police Department belonging to the Yard, thus MKV should been working with M15 instead.

There's no point for M16 to act jointly with MKV.

"MKV belongs to M16, actually."

What was that supposed to mean? Since when did MKV belong to M16? thought Ben incredulously. He shook his head and waited to hear what Officer Bradley had to say next.

"I'll make it simple for you. M16 is the CIA of this country, so we have no choice but to work with them."

Of course the Queen’s dogs would be equivalent to the CIA... But whether it's M15, M6 or even M7— whose existence hadn't been discovered yet— in Ben’s eyes none of them mattered to the issue at hand.

"I thought MKV only dealt with domestic cases," said Ben nervously. Officer Bradley, on the other hand, let out a small sigh.

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TMA - Chapter 2 Part 2


part 2

As soon as Ben opened the door, the noisy headquarters suddenly became pin-drop quiet. All eyes were trained on him. Clearly the news about his failure on the mission yesterday had already spread.

Ben tried to ignore all the attention turned towards him and walked toward his desk on the other side of the room.

One side of MKV's building was entirely made of glass, allowing the sunlight to shine brilliantly through the office. Since Ben didn't have much deskwork compared to others, they only provided him with a small workspace to use.

In the centre of the room there was a long table, spanning about 3 meters, and above it hung a sprawling map of London. The officers would place a checkmark on the map every time an incident occurred within their wards. If it happened only once, a yellow check. Twice, an orange check. For a third time or more— red.

Across the glass windows there was a computer used for investigating more information about the marked areas, such as important dates or photographs related to the incident.

The MKV has certain procedures for cases: First, the information team will distinguish whether the murder or kidnapping case was committed by humans or vampires. If it involves vampires, they will pass the information along to the investigation team. Last but not least, the armed force team will execute the necessary actions.

Ben is obviously on the armed force team. However, the MKV expects everyone in headquarters to be able to work for divisions other than their own when the need arises.

Standing in the middle of the room in front of the long table, Ben scrutinized the map of London. He was positive that he was looking at the area where he lost his target, but there were no markings to denote the encounter. None.

Certainly a vampire had a hand in yesterday’s incident, but why hadn't the map been marked? And why did that man have to pretend last night? Ben felt like he was missing something important.

"Tell Ben to come inside when he arrives."

Roxy, her dark hair pulled in a ponytail, spoke from her office chair. She was an employee in the office, but in the past she too chased vampires like cats and mice through the streets. Now she only worked from behind a desk.

He tried to peek through the glass walls of the room. It was set-up as a private office, though a blind covered the entire room.

Ben was halfway there when he let out a sigh. He was sure that he would be nagged about his failure on the mission, and could imagine her exact tone she’d have as she badgered him about yesterday.

He continued walking toward the office. Just before he arrived at the door, he smelled something faint. He tilted his head slightly and tried to get a better whiff of it. It wasn't a new scent; he had definitely smelled it before.

Ben couldn't hide his suspicion, but he had to enter the room anyways.

Had the blinds not obstructed his view, he would have seen the two people inside the room. The first person was Officer Bradley, who Ben knew was working on the frontlines.

The other person was quite a shock for him.

It was Miller O'donough, the man from yesterday. His hair was swept to the side to keep it from falling messily on his face, and he wore a suit that fit just right on his body.

Ben remembered the umbrella he saw at his flat that morning.

"We meet again."

Ben ignored Miller's contrived friendly greeting and sent a signal to Bradley with his eyes.

"You two have met each other before? This’ll be easy then. Come, sit."

The gray-haired man addressed Ben, who was still standing by the door.

As he made his way to a chair, Ben stared at the man sitting at the conference table.

Ben could smell the unpleasant scent immediately on his first step inside the room and on the way to his seat. In that short walk his mind was buzzing with thoughts. Did that man come here as a victim? Or is he an old friend from school? Various hypotheses came to mind, but the words he heard next he heard knocked them down.

"Seated on this side is Director Miller O'donough, from M16. Standing over there is Inspector Benjamin Edgar, from MKV. Do you two already know about each other?"

O'donough shook his head slightly. Meanwhile, Ben was still busy organizing the thoughts inside his head.

“M16? Why is M16 here? No matter how great of an organization M16 is, aren’t they still average humans?”

Confused, Ben blinked his round eyes and slowly sat down opposite of O'donough. He noticed that the man had a small forehead and slender nose.  The bright lights of the room lit up his features. He looked gorgeous.

O'donough seemed fairly young despite joining M16 and holding the high position of ‘Director’. It was difficult to tell if he was just blessed with natural youthfulness, or if it was because he had a supernatural ability to seem ageless.

Only one thing was for certain. He didn't look the same as the M16 director Ben had seen on TV, which befuddled him even more.

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Guardian of The Sun - Prelude (Part 1)


WARNING! Contains s*xual ab*se!

prelude part 1

“Are you Prince Yong? We are cousin yet I can’t recognize you since we have never met before.”

That man curled his lips sarcastically. He’s a cold-blooded person. Looking as big as a Jangseung, the striking statue that stands in a village as protector over the Korean people, and as hard as a rock, it was as if he was surrounded with endless darkness and sickening blood.

His hair falls beautifully on his shoulder, his face dark as though he had intentionally turned his back against the blinding sunlight. His sharp, black eyes were shadowy like those of a beast’s. He looked like a demon straight from hell.

In addition to the deafening sound of people shrieking and buildings destroyed, the clanking sound of weapons being swung around filled the Yong’s ears.  All of these things should only appear in a nightmare; the grotesque and terrible noises, the attendant’s blood that was scattered on the floor, and the man that kept on walking towards Yong.

Prince Yong still couldn’t comprehend the entire situation happening in front of him. He just stood there, radiating murderous intent and staring at the approaching man.  The man tilted his head and scanned Prince Yong through the mirror.

“Wow, look at him. Even if you say that he’s a princess, and not a prince, people will still believe it. Our Empress is not even considered as an outstanding beauty. How can she give birth to this beauty?”

The stranger man spoke to himself. Prince Yong acted as if he didn’t hear anything while he scowled at the man. Suddenly, the man who was wearing a giant armor made of thick leather and holding a sword as tall as Prince Yong came close to him.

“Not bad.”

As the disgusting smell of blood suddenly invaded his nose, Prince Yong frowned while the man stayed indifferent. The man’s eyes gleamed strangely as he curled his lips in a seducing way and threw his blood-soaked gloves on the floor. The man briefly studied Prince Yong’s appearance and suddenly cupped the Prince’s pale and soft cheeks. Prince Yong’s pearl white skin was then stained with blood. It was the blood of the maid whose neck had been cut by the man as soon as he entered the room.

“His out of this world’s beauty is enough to brush off the fact that he’s the Late Emperor’s blood. It makes you want to keep him by your side.”

Late Emperor…

Upon hearing that word, Prince Yong’s sharp gaze shook.

What did he mean by the Late Emperor? Which Late Emperor?

‘No, it can’t be. The Late Emperor he was talking about is not Emperor Father, right? No, it can’t be Emperor Father. It’s impossible that they called Emperor Father who yesterday, no—just a few hours ago, still ruled this whole kingdom, Late Emperor right…?’

Yet the noise that worsened Prince Yong's suspicion was getting louder and dreary than before. The stranger man's cold face, now laughing in front of him, was captured by Prince Yong’s shaky black pupils.

“It looks like he didn’t believe it. What a blissful ignorance. That’s not really surprising actually, since the Third Prince has always been living in comfort with no clue about what's going on for so long.”


“But I beheaded your Emperor Father by my own hand. It’s a pity…but what can you do now? Of course, you too, will lose your prince title. It’s not only you but also your entire family who are members of the royal family. All of them will be stripped of their title if they’re still alive.”

The man suddenly stopped chattering when he saw Prince Yong turning blue. Prince Yong’s gaze darkened awfully. Prince Yong felt like he was still trapped in the nightmare that he had no way of knowing how to wake up from it. He couldn’t even hear a word uttered by the man anymore. He was trapped in that burdening nightmare, his head repeating the same sentence again and again.

He said he beheaded Emperor Father…He said Emperor Father is dead…That’s a lie…It’s impossible…

“Actually, the plan was to kill and banish all generations of the royal family but…huh, well, I think letting you live is not a bad choice either.”


“Having the precious prince as my pet is actually going to be really fun.”

The man who kept on mumbling things Prince Yong couldn’t understand suddenly bowed towards the Prince himself. His odd face was too close to Prince Yong’s, who was standing absentmindedly for a moment. The darkness in this room made the man appeared older, but seeing from this close distance he actually looked younger than what Prince Yong initially thought. 

Yet his reflection in the man’s dark eyes seemed to carry a dejected feeling that he had never found in anyone before. This man didn’t feel any emotion. Only coldness could best describe him. Realizing this, Prince Yong subconsciously frowned. The gruesomeness and the smell of blood that came from the stranger man also made Prince Yong instinctively pulled away from him. But then the man’s hand that was as big as a rake pulled his hair backwards. Prince Yong’s small lips that had not uttered a single word were forced open, and suddenly the man sloppy lips engulfed his. All of it happened in the blink of an eye and Prince Yong couldn’t react fast enough.


His shocked eyes were wide open. His small body was now trapped inside the man’s arms and his mouth was invaded by the man’s feverishly hot and wet tongue. Never in his whole life had this kind of thing happened to him before. He regained his lost soul and tried to struggle free from the man’s sudden kiss. He gasped in an attempt to breathe as he glared at the man. His screams were muffled. His body was shuddering. He still couldn’t believe that this kind of thing happened to him. This kind of horrible humiliation was happening to him!

Muffled shrieks and fruitless struggles were obvious. From the very beginning, the strength differences between a military-built man and a boy that had not even reached thirteen years old were already huge. He felt like he attacked a boulder that couldn’t budge even for an inch. Let alone struggling free or running away from this man’s strong arms, he couldn’t even move his fingers. The continuous kiss from this man started to make his body trembled like a falling leaf in autumn.

How this beastly man could humiliate him into this condition; Prince Yong could not think of anything.  It was as if his brain was full of nothing but jumbled confusing puzzles. While sorrow and anger raged inside him, the man paid no attention and still hungrily enjoyed his mouth, ravishing his little tongue. This man was really shameless!

Prince Yong could only stare at the man with empty eyes. The sound of tongue suckling filled the air and greeted his ears.  The mixture of saliva was slipping through their joined mouth. The disgusting sound was put on repeat until he suddenly moved his trembling fist. The sound and the touch that the man forcibly made had raised the anger that couldn’t be controlled by Prince Yong.

“He tasted really delicious. It made me almost forgot that he’s actually a boy, not a girl!”

After a while, the kiss finally stopped. The man looked lewdly at Prince Yong who had given up and looked like he had lost his mind. The man started to strip and took off his heavy armor on the floor.

“These past few days, because of the war, I haven’t got any change to look for a woman. It has become so sore and devastating now…Yet, Heaven helps me! I will taste you first to relieve myself.”

The mocking tone filled the damp room. The voices outside the closed door were still as noisy as before. Inside, the room was filled with silence since there were no one but Prince Yong and the stranger man. It was this fact that made it harder for Prince Yong to accept this reality. Or maybe he just simply didn’t want to accept this reality in front of him.

He felt pitifully sad and abandoned, lonely. Like every single motivation and hope had died inside of him. He stayed still like a doll. He shut his mouth which was wet from the man’s disgusting saliva, his hand formed a fist.

“A prince this young must has never been touched by anyone...”

The man seductively scanned Prince Yong’s body. The already naked man quickly seized Prince Yong’s thin shoulder to his arms. As the man’s blood-tainted hands moved to rip Prince Yong’s expensive silk clothes—


The man’s movement suddenly stopped. At that time, ‘WHOOSH!’

The sound of a sharp blade filled the inner part of the palace. Red blood splattered onto the floor like falling rain. All of this happened within a short time, without any chance to defend from the attack.

The man strangely released Prince Yong. There was heavy silence between the two of them. The man stared at Prince Yong and slowly reached out his hand to Prince Yong’s face. His course and rough fingertips were covered with blood drops. His hollow eyes looked at his own blood.

Soon enough, he shifted his gaze back to Prince Yong’s face.

tl/editor: Rosie/Legacy

Kinjirareta Alpha - Prologue


The child from 'that time'; with 'that man'—

Even until now, Yuan could remember that day clearly; a big, heavy realization. It was the time he learned another life already forming inside his body.


In summer the sun began to set late in the evening, while in winter the northernmost island of Scotland was covered by drifted ice. There, the boarding school with dormitory system expanding its grounds quietly, as if isolated from the outside world.

"Lunch break is over, hurry up and go back to your classroom!"

The bell rung, and the afternoon class began. Once the students were gone, Yuan walked down in a quiet, empty corridor. The sunlight was too dazzling. Yuan felt slightly dizzy and leaned against the wall.

What is happening? I'm not feeling well recently. I feel nauseous, my stomach aches and I’m frequently sleepy.

Holding up his hand to cover himself from the sunlight, Yuan looked at the outside scenery.

Out there, rolling hills that stretched everywhere under the bright, clear sky. Scattered clouds casting their shadows like dots on the spacious fresh green grassland; it felt like the summer breeze already came to this place.

In summer, when it  filled with heath flowers, the whole land also dyed in purple and a refreshing Eden-like landscape unfolds. Now it was just a green meadow with scattered sheep.

As he stayed still, his vertigo gradually subsided.

It's all right.

Taking a deep breath, Yuan went to the director's office with a basket of cleaning supplies. He knocked on the door and called out.

"Excuse me, I came to clean up."

"Yes, come in."

Behind the door, the director and several high rank officers were sitting around the sofa table. 

Yuan saw Elegant Earl Grays, clotted cream and then the sweet smell of a scone.

The director's office was luxurious with Victorian-style interior.

It was the smell of his favorite sweets and tea, but as soon as he perceived the smell, his chest started to hurt and this unpleasant feeling filled his lung.

This is bad, I can't get sick in this place. Important guest will be here, oh no, this is not good.

Yuan held his breath and hurried to work. A while ago, the director accidentally spilled ink, and before the guest’s arrival, he asked for the floor beside the desk to be cleaned immediately.

Inside the giant mirror placed on top of the fireplace, wearing his cleaner uniform, and quietly sweeping the floor, Yuan’s figure was reflecting. Soft and fluffy black hair, with black, almond shaped eyes, a slender nose bridge and lips that gave off a slight impression of loneliness. He was born between a French father and a Japanese mother. In this school full of natives, he stood out because of his exotic features.

"Then, did you make a decision on the matter of the student named John?" Said the director to a man sitting next to him.

"John is…gifted with intelligence, beauty and on top of that he is a healthy Omega. So after graduation, we will match him with the Duke of Lynton’s son.''

The name, John, grazed his ears and Yuan glanced at the meeting table.

I see, matchmaking. The Duke of Lynton is one of high ranking nobles…

However, this John was in love with another student. And if possible, he wanted to be his partner. But those who were born Omega and from the moment they became student in this institution, had no right to choose their future and their lover.

The students here are just tools for making children.

In this world, besides men and women, exist secondary genders: Alpha, Beta, and Omega.

Alphas are nobles who control the ruling class and represent 20% of the population. They are often royalty, nobles, politicians, CEOs and so forth.

Beta is the gender that occupies the majority of the population. Both sexes and abilities are common genders and has the lowest survival rates.

Omega is a rare gender called the third gender, and is less than 10% of the population. For some reason there are more men than women, but the most distinct characteristic is that Omega males have a special body that is able to conceive and deliver, like a woman.

For the last hundred years, it's unknown if it's because of endocrine disruptors, but worldwide it has become harder for children to be born between Alphas, and Omegas are the needed tools to give birth to their children.

A blood test is performed at birth to find out the gender, but those born Omegas are raised by their parents until the age of six, after which they are required by law to study at boarding schools according to their worth.

After attending the suited boarding school, students are not allowed to meet with family and relatives anymore.

At puberty, an Omega is struck once every three months by a violent estrus period called heat. If one do not thoroughly control heat period with drugs or do not have sexual activity with someone, that person won’t be able to endure the heat and will die, it’s also said that it can cause brain damages.

Omega is therefore treated as an existence with the sole purpose of reproduction. 

Besides, if an Omega ends up signing a contract to become a pair with a specific Alpha, they will not be able to have children with another partner. For this reason, recently, the Omegas that chosen exclusively for Elite Alphas are thoroughly managed so that no stranger would become their partner. Right now, this institution, where the elite of the elite alphas and dozens of young Omega males with exceptional brains and appearance are gathered, is the prime example of it.

Until the other day, Yuan also had been receiving genius education at this boarding school in order to be bound with a distinguished Alpha one day.

"John will be happy, he has been matched with a good Alpha. By the way, who is this eastern-looking cleaner? I saw him greet the student representative before." When one of the officers noticed Yuan, the director grinned with a bitter smile.

"Ah, yes, he—Yuan Mochizuki, like John, he was planned to graduate next month, but unfortunately, he is no longer a student. Because he caused a scandal."

"Eh…a scandal, no way."

"Despite his oriental blood, he was a promising student with a beautiful appearance, top grades in academics, stable mentally, he also had dignity and strength. But unfortunately he dropped out of school because he broke the rules and had a relationship with an Alpha. I am now hiring him as a live-in cleaner."

"Hiring, huh. Despite he’s exotic beauty, he’s a defective Omega."

He could hear his own story but pretending didn’t. Yuan then left the director's office.

"A defective Omega..."

Yuan left the hallway and stared at his neck reflected in the window. Even with his cleaner's uniform on, there was always a choker on his neck and firmly engraved on the skin underneath, the scar of the Alpha's bite.

Traces of a once-intense love remain here.

As long as it is here, I won’t be paired with anyone.

The school's Omega had decided to take an anti-estrus drug during their heat to make sure there won’t be any fault. However the rule was breached, Yuan slept with an Alpha during his heat period.

The selfish Omega who slept with an Alpha, this elite Academy's stain, the fallen Omega, the degenerate Omega, an existence unworthy of living…so was the way he was seen around here.

In this life…it’s my fate to work here.

Most of the servant’s work in this institution was done by such an Omega. Even when he became sick, he didn't get medical care; just waiting for him to die.

It was the operating school’s duty, after receiving large amounts of money from the mainland Alpha to forever seal the Omega who raised an uproar. But even so, Yuan thought it was fine.

I don't care what will happen in the future because I was able to have a once-in-a-life-time love. I don’t regret losing my future.

Because he thought so, Yuan asked his lover to give him the bound mark. After that, he already prepared no matter what he’ll become. That’s why, it was fine even if he’ll never go out of here until the end. He chose it himself.

As he tidied up the cleaning tools and proceeded down the hallway, he noticed the students’ shapes taking physical education classes on the ground. 

It was at that time, while giving them a sidelong glance, Yuan went to the linen room to iron the students' laundry. 

He was assailed by a sudden need to vomit. Unlike before, this peak was unbearable.


He rushed to the washroom and desperately bearing the nausea for a while. He felt that something was coming up from the back of his throat. Yuan twisted the tap and rinsed his mouth.


Recently, he was always in bad shape. The cold-like symptoms and physical weariness were persisting. Since this morning, especially nauseas and dizziness occurred many times.

What happened, this kind of thing is a first. Doesn’t it look like I’m pregnant?

When he considered it, Yuan gasped.

"Don’t tell me…"

While staring at his face reflected in the mirror, he brought his hand to his neck and removed the choker. Bite marks remaining clearly. This was what bounded Yuan to the only person he held dearly in his heart.

This bite on the neck tied in a mating contract someone who was born Omega with another one who was born Alpha.

No way, No way, No way…

Surely, it’s that. It’s done. 

This man, if it’s his child, then it was from that time, from that one fateful day.

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Taikakusen-jō no Maō-san - FOREWORD (ENG)


[Summary will be added later...]


Taikakusen-jō no Maō-san
Demon King In Diagonal
Momo, Che, Pams
1 volume
7 parts

DKID - Chapter 1 (ENGLISH)


Good morning! Or is it "good evening" already? Whatever time it is, I want to express my gratitude for your hard work today.

I am The Hero.

And my name was included in the list.

Like all young guys in general, I’ve been accepted into Hero Training University. Proudly, I finally moved from my hometown to an apartment near my school. When I checked the things around me, bubbles of excitement surged inside me.

The apartment I’m about to live in didn't look too shabby. In my honest opinion, this two-floored building actually looked quite livable. The name of the apartment is "Super Peaceful Heights" ― a name that really made me want to do my task as university student nicely.

There're 6 rooms on the first floor of this apartment and another 6 rooms on the second floor, making it 12 rooms in total. My room was located at the end of the second floor's corridor, room 206.

The apartment was about 8 tatami size. It also had a communal kitchen and washing machine, but there was no private bathroom. Even though so, every room were equipped with a stove and AC. The room itself cost me about 30.000 yen per month.

Pretty good. Although the station is a bit far from here.

My school participated in a dungeon exploration where you could join in every day voluntarily. If you participated in the exploration, you would get some pay, which was separated from scholarship money. So if I played an active role in the exploration, I could fully cover my daily expenses. Even though I look weak and unreliable, I am the Hero. Fighting monster is a piece of cake that I could take.

The condition of the apartment was not bad at all, but unfortunately, it’s located in Makai, a famously infamous town. To avoid all of the malady this town infamous for, people tend to shy away from living here. Which was sad, because this town was quite close to the campus.

So I walked.

After searching and looking through the building, I finally found the last room and entered inside along with my luggage. After putting up and tidying my things, I looked around the building to say hi and introduce myself to the existing tenants. I also brought soba as an introductory gift. It's just a polite thing to do, you know?

When I got to meet the other tenants, they looked quite shocked to see that there was a new tenant in this apartment. Even though they look scary and intimidating, they were actually quite friendly. The difference was sort of jarring at first, but I was actually quite happy because everyone was being nice to me.

"Ah, soba! Looks tasty. Thanks a lot!"

"Hope you'll like it. I am in your care now, Onii-san."

"Likewise, Hero-san."

And the door was closed. The guy I talked to before was a fanged ogre with a big smile etched on his lips. The red beet horns sticking out from his forehead made that broad ogre look super intimidating. Thankfully he was a kind guy, just like the other guys I met beforehand. This apartment was really astonishing.

After I’m done with the ogre, I continued my steps to the last room with the last soba. The last room was room 101 and there was a placate signed "Demon King" on it.

Ah, so it's the Demon King.

"Good afternoon, I’m the new resident from room 206," I said while knocking the door.

Thud, bang!

There was some noise behind the thin door. Somehow this so-called "Demon King" sound like he was in a hurry. Do I come at the wrong time? Should I come in later?

After waiting for some minutes, the sounds of footsteps finally heard and not so long after that, the door opened a little with a click.

"Yes… W-what’s wrong…?!"

Uh? Why did he act like he was someone who came from a historical drama? Astonished, I tried to look at the figure behind the door. Clear blue eyes stared back with a murderous look. The room right behind him look really dark and gloomy, sort of reminded me of a murderer’s room.

Huh, maybe people in this place was actually scary like this guy? Weird, because the previous 10 guys didn't look scary at all. Nor do I thought of them as scary.

As an easygoing hero, I couldn't use my aura to intimidate him back. So I just put on my biggest and optimistic smile to the Demon King, cheerfully showed him the soba I brought.

"Is this Maou-san from room 101? If so, hello, I’m Hero from room 206. I come here to greet you because I just moved here. If you don’t mind, I brought you soba as a newcomer gift. Please enjoy."

"A-Ah… Uh…?! O-only stupid people give me offering like this… Uh… Uh…!"

"Eh? Maou-san?"

When I showed him the soba, his eyes widened and he immediately squatting.

Eh? Why did he act like this out of the blue? Did I say something that unintentionally hurting him? But my greetings was normal... Impossible! Perhaps he’s allergic to soba? Just kidding, sorry.

After overcoming my shock from seeing him suddenly crouching down, with some guilty feeling, I forcefully opened the door to see the condition of Demon King clearly.

When the Demon King saw me, he suddenly hid his face with his two hands and screamed.

"M-Maou-san, what’s wrong? Don't tell me that you allergic to soba?"

"I’m the greatest Demon King! How could I eat grass food like that!?"

"But soba is not grass!"

"I’m talking about you!"

"I’m not soba!"

"I don’t want to listen to useless people words!"

In the haze of confusion, I replied whatever bullshits I didn't understand by yelling back at him. No shit, this conversation got worse by each second.

And in the midst of that riot, I actually succeed in making sure that he didn't have any allergy to soba.

The Demon King suddenly got up and took the soba that I brought, drove me out of his room quickly, and without another word, slammed the door right in front of my face.

Why did he do this kind of thing to block me? This kind of style unconsciously reminded me of Twitter's block feature. You know, when you're just trying to be a polite newcomer and greet the existing tenants inside their units, but one of the tenants suddenly shouting at you for some incomprehensible reasons and then kicked you out of the blue. Very Twitter, isn't it? Super priceless experience.

I’m sorry, Maou-san. Did I come during an improper time? Were you masturbating? I’m sorry, I’m sorry!"

"You…! Don’t say such things to people! A Demon King like me doesn’t need to do something like that! The women are always ready to serve and replace my two hands! I even can get sexy women to help me when the need arrives!"

"Ah, sorry. So you were making out and doing hanky panky with your girlfriend? Miss girlfriend, I’m truly sorry!"

"How dare you saying those things! M-my girlfriend is a strong independent woman and has been a ruler since her birth and the Demon King doesn’t need something like that!"

"Miss Imaginary Girlfriend!"

"Not imaginary!"

Worried with his condition, I knocked on his door several times. The Demon King shouts could be heard again.

Oh, so is that how is it? I thought I was disturbing his sexy time with his right hand. But turn out I was disturbing his sexy time with his imaginary girlfriend. For you who was behind these scenes, I’m really sorry.

In front of the Demon King's door, I bowed my head as a form of apology. Not long after that, from behind the door came a squeaky sound, "I don’t need that apology."

Was it even visible?

And then, after all those shouts and uproars, the Demon King shouted again from his room.

"I-I will give a stupid person like you a chance to apology! Next week, my part-time job's off days are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday! You can find me at my castle in those days! Ahahaha! Huwaa… I-I’ve said it… Huwaa…."

...What the hell?

Sooo... he was that kind of guy? Maybe the last sentence he said in a small voice was actually the true feeling of the Demon King?

I started to think that he is a really interesting guy and also a little cute. In the end, I laughed with him and then answered, "Gladly!"

Although I didn’t hear any answer from inside, the door look like it was shaking. Maybe he felt touched with my answer. Um, adorable.

"That was really fun. See you soon, Maou-san."


Silver hair that could make everybody envious as well as a beautiful figure clad in stiff black clothes.

The Demon King in diagonal, the furthest room from my room.

Fortunately, all the residents in this apartment were really good people. While crossing my arms in front of my chest, I walked back to my room cheerfully. Starting from now, I think my life is going to be really fun.


*Maou-san addressed himself as Ore-sama