Ookami Papa - v1 prologue


"For wolves, sheep is a very interesting and tasty creature."

It had become Chiaki's daily routine before going to bed to listen to his mother reading a story from a picture book. After finishing her part-time job, Chiaki's mother would hurriedly pick up Chiaki from the daycare, feed the child, put him to bed, then leave again to her night job. In the morning after waking up, Chiaki would take a bath with his mother before leaving for the daycare.

The only time Chiaki could spend with his mother is in the morning and night. It's a very precious time for him.

Recently, the boy liked a picture book in which a wolf and a sheep falling in love. He kept begging his mother to read the tale over and over again.

The feeling of love between the wolf and the sheep is a secret that only the two of them know. For Chiaki, the story was very interesting because the wolf had to hold back his natural desire not to eat the sheep, hiding their relationship in fear so that the other wolves would not find out.

However, there was one lingering question.

"Why does the wolf likes the sheep? Why do they have to keep a secret and hide just to meet? Wouldn't it be easier if the wolf also likes fellow wolves? If the sheep walks with the wolf, the sheep can be eaten!"

The wolf in the picture book was so sweet. He treated the sheep with great care and love so that his natural desire to eat the sheep will never appear. But it would be so scary to imagine if Chiaki has to be in that position.

His mother smiled gently, ruffling the child's hair.

"That's called destiny."


"You could say, it is something that has been decided that way. No matter what you think, if you are destined to like that person, then you can't deny it."

Chiaki, who knew nothing about romance, felt vaguely clueless.

"So if I meet someone who is destined for me, I'm supposed to like him too? But how do I know that he is my destiny?"

"Well, I'm not sure either... But you can tell right away if you meet that person one day."


His mother mumbled.

The woman looked as if she was contemplating on how the best way to answer the child's question. It was not long before she opened her mouth again.

"...There will be a great change in your body."


"Your body will change, so you will understand right away. Don't forget this until you grow up. This is a secret between Chiaki and mom, you should never tell anyone about this. Because Chiaki is a special child, okay?"

Chiaki didn't understand why his mother called him a special child, but he understood that he shouldn't tell anyone about this. The boy was sure he will know if there is a great change in his body when he meets his destiny one day.

"I hope that I can meet my destiny someday!"

And we should get along!

No matter how scary the person is just like the wolf, Chiaki thought he will still like him, and that person will like Chiaki back.

Let's tell him my secret hiding place that only I know. And we will hang out there!

Slowly, Chiaki closed his eyes on the bed, dreaming of the fate of love that he will meet one day.

—Later in the future, he realized that what his mother meant by special is called 'omega', that the picture book was inspired by alpha and omega.