Ookami Papa - v1 chapter 5.3


part 3

"Five minutes left until new year. When the kids wake up in the morning, shall we go to a nearby shrine for our first visit?"

"We’ve been together for awhile, but I’m sorry we couldn’t go on a date like a other couples."

"Because you love the kids. That's okay, I still enjoy this."

"I told you to be a little disappointed."

Oogami hugged Chiaki from behind, holding onto the railing. He pressed the tip of his nose to the omega's nape. Chiaki was nervous.

"Oh, Oogami-san, aren't you cold...?"

"I have natural fur. It’s not that cold with just one layer." His breath touched the nape of Chiaki's neck. "I want to know more about you."

Holding back his breath, Chiaki answered, "Which one?"

"Anything. Like and dislike, habits, childhood memories, dreams... Are you satisfied with what you're doing now?"

Chiaki flinched. It ached him when he had no choice but to quit his previous job. His efforts and existence seemed to be denied. He always try not to tell someone about it. However, he felt that it would be okay to talk to Oogami now.

To not give off as much of a dark atmosphere as possible, Chiaki speak in a cheerful tone.

"Honestly, I wanted to be a nursery school teacher. Many children was entrusted to a nursery because both their parents are working. When I was a child, my mother, too, was busy with work, so she wasn't very much at home. I was lonely."

Oogami listened quietly.

"I wanted to create a place where children and teachers could all have fun together and wait for their parents," he continued. "I also liked taking care of children. And I am an omega. Kids are affected by my pheromone. So I went to college on a scholarship and worked hard to become a nursery school teacher."

"Did you work as one?"

"I worked as a nursery school teacher for a year. But... people misunderstood me to have seduced an alpha guardian. I couldn't work there any longer because I was told that other guardians were anxious they wanted me to quit."

Chiaki was upset.

It was fun to change a baby's diaper, walk their steps, and talk to them. After what occurred to his dad and mom, Chiaki wanted to create a place for children to have fun together.

"Why am I an omega...?"

He had tried to talk with a smile, but a tear dropped.

What would have happened if he wasn't an omega? He didn't know how many times he had thought about it.

After giving up the only job he had hoped for, Chiaki once even thought why he was even alive.

Oogami's arm, holding Chiaki, was tense.

He can't do this. It won't be fun to hear such a depressing story on New Year. Oogami was being too kind that Chiaki now act childish. He was miserable.

"Oh, but I love what I do now. I'm happy to see the people happy with my help. And it's always fun to come to a house with children like yours."

Chiaki continued to talk in a cheerful voice. Oogami didn't notice his tears.

"You said you were a writer, weren't you? Why did you choose the job?”

Alpha usually choose high social status job such as politicians, professors, and company presidents. Even though hybrid alpha are a rare kind, their charisma can take people away.

"My father raised me to be a good alpha. Ever since I was a child, I've been good at everything, and for that, people praised me. I had everything, but I was not interested in anything."

It may sound like an ordinary person bragging, but it's a hybrid alpha like Oogami, so Chiaki responded, "I understand."

"So, well, I got tired of people around me and started creating things that had nothing to do with brain and physical abilities I had benefited from. But when I published a picture book, it went viral."

For an ordinary person like Chiaki, this was an enviable story.

"That's cool."

"Not really. I've been stuck for quite some time...."

It was a pity, but from Chiaki's point of view, it was also a luxury concern.

"Until I met you."


Oogami licked Chiaki's cheek.

Before asking what it meant, Oogami continued his words. "Besides, I have a dream that will never come true. You know, a childhood dream."

"What is it?"

Oogami whispered in Chiaki's ear as if revealing his secret.

"I can’t have a cat."

Chiaki raised one of his eyebrows.


Oogami nodded his head.

"I've been dreaming of holding an adorable little, soft furry, big-eyed kitten in my arms," ​​he said. "But my wolf form never had luck with animals. Even before touching them, they just run away. Can you understand this sadness?"

Now, Chiaki remembered what Ren had said. He likes cute things.

"Going to a cat cafe is my biggest dream of all. I'm so envious to see people surrounded by cats."

Imagining Oogami envious looking at someone in front of a cat cafe, Chiaki burst into laughter.

"Ha ha ha ha... A...cat... Cat...? Oogami-san... This is so... I... I can't...  The cat sure knows how to runaway so they won't get eaten!”

Chiaki laughed until his stomach hurt.  The miserable tears he shed a while ago were mixed with tears of laughter now.

"Oh, my stomach hurts. I see, Oogami-san loves cats. Sorry for laughing. It must be hard for you."

"Yeah yeah. Some things cannot be achieved no matter how hard we try."

Just like Chiaki, the omega. Or Oogami, the hybrid alpha. Same with Hatsue's allergies. It's saddening indeed. But Chiaki could see Oogami's intention to give him strength by telling this.

He's a very kind man.

After laughing so much, Chiaki put his weight on Oogami. Being wrapped by his large body was comforting.

Oogami hugged Chiaki and rubbed his cheek.

"I'm glad you're an omega. Because of that, you're in my arms now. I'm happy to meet you."


Chiaki's words cut up by a sudden spark exploded in the distance.


The number of countdowns on the ship had disappeared. The text changed to "HAPPY NEW YEAR!"

Chiaki and Oogami could hear the excited voices of the people in the park. Fireworks rose one after another in the night sky and exploded.

"It's beautiful..."

It was refreshing to see the fireworks colored the clear night sky in the middle of winter.

"Chi," Chiaki looked back at the voice calling his name. He turned his body around in Oogami's arms.

"Happy New Year. I look forward to working with you this year."

His heart warmed seeing Oogami's beautiful eyes.

"...Happy New Year," Chiaki replied.

Then, Oogami's lips overlapped Chiaki's. Tongues intertwined.


Chiaki closed his eyes.

Because of their height difference, one of Oogami's hands raised Chiaki's chin. The other one was on his waist. Pulling the omega closer and closer. Chiaki's arms wrapped on Oogami's neck.

Their kiss grew more intense.

Oogami ravaged Chiaki so much that he couldn't breathe properly. Oogami's scent was all over him.

"Hah... Oogami-san..."

Chiaki's body was hot. The sweet scent of faint lust between his legs enveloped the twi.

Oogami's kiss was pleasuring. Chiaki never knew that kissing outside his heat can be this exciting too.

Oogami's hand, which was holding Chiaki's chin, moved to touch the omega's chest over the clothes.

A moan escaped as he rubbed Chiaki's nipples.

"Ah, yes..."

His large hands patted the sides of Chiaki's body and shifted down to his hips. Their manhood rubbed. Both stiffened.

"Wolf... Wolf-san..."

Chiaki unconsciously changed the way he addressed Oogami to Wolf-san now. It felt like he seduced him even though he was not in his heat period.

Oogami picked Chiaki up who had already lost his strength. They headed to his room to share their first heat of the year.