Ookami Papa - v1 chapter 5.2


part 2

The heat gradually subsided. Interc*urse time was shortened.

After spending three days in Oogami's arms, Chiaki took an inhibitor on the fourth night and barely managed to overcome it alone.

He was so happy to finally be able to move his body freely by Saturday morning.

"It's been a pain in the ass. Now that my condition is back to what it was before, if there is anything you want me to do, please tell me."

Today was already the 30th. And it will be a holiday from December 31st to January 3rd. Now, what is left to do is to make some side dishes and freeze them.

For New Year, Oogami said that Chiaki didn't have to make food because he was planning to order delivery from a restaurant nearby. However, since they don't provide food for children, Chiaki decided to cook only for them.

"Chi, I’m sorry, but can you clean my mother’s room?" Oogami asked Chiaki who was diligently preparing the kids' food.

Hatsue's room was at the opposite end of Chiaki's guest room, with the kitchen and living room between them. He said that due to allergies, she has to stay on the first floor rather than the second floor to stay away from Oogami and Ryota.

"Clean up and prepare an air purifier."

"All right. Is your mother going to be here in the new year?"

"Yes. I was wondering about what she wanted to do, but as expected, Hatsue said she wanted to spend the New Year with her family."

"It’s still New Year’s Eve. Just leave it to me. I will clean it up."

Chiaki need to clean every nook and cranny so Hatsue can have a good time.

"Are you going back home too?"

"No, I live alone. My mother has passed away, and my father has a different family."

"Is that so?"

Oogami looked surprised. Chiaki explained briefly. A story he doesn't usually reveal to others. However, since he had learned about Oogami's family environment, it was also fair to tell the alpha back a little about him.

Chiaki's mother was an omega too, and father was a beta. But they could not get married because his father's parents were against it. His mother worked part-time cleaning during the day, went home to fed Chiaki with the food she bought at the supermarket, read picture books, and then went out again to work at night. Chiaki was able to spend so little time with his mother that he felt lonely. She was a kind person, but was easily deceived by men and shed tears. And Chiaki grew up to be a person who concerns about relationship so much was perhaps because seeing his mother like that. Nevertheless, his mother tried not to abandon him.

In the end, she died when Chiaki was in his freshman year of college as her health began to deteriorate around the time her son was in middle school.

Since then, Chiaki has worked part-time like crazy. The experience of learning to cook while working part-time at a restaurant was really helpful now.

"If you don't mind, why don't you stay at my house for the holidays?"


"If you already have a plan or want to spend some time alone, you can refuse."

Chiaki did not have any plans. He had been busy since he was a student, so he would feel anxious instead if he take days leisurely.

"Wouldn't it bother you if I'm around?"

"You can spend time with your lover. You can’t think of it as a bother."

Chiaki's cheeks turned slightly red. He forgot that he was dating Oogami now. A relationship that suddenly started from the body, so there's no fresh atmosphere as if they had just started dating.

What do people usually do in a relationship? Watching movies or going out to eat somewhere?

Come to think of it, Oogami said he'd like to go on a date or spend time together on holidays.

"Well, I have a lot of humps, so I don't have much time to spend."

"I love the kids, too. That's all right."

"To be honest, I'd be happier if you are a little disappointed."

Oh, is that so?

"I'm sorry."

Then, Oogami asked the question again, "Do you want to stay with me?"

After thinking for a while, Chiaki responded, "Yes, I want to be with you."

The omega thought this would be the right answer for lovers, so he said yes.

His heart fluttered when he saw a smile on Oogami's face. He looked pleased whilst stroking his head. His palm was warm and felt really good. I think I answered well. Oogami said that the kids felt a motherhood from Chiaki. But perhaps Chiaki was feeling a fatherhood in Oogami.

Right after Oogami went to the second floor, Chiaki pressed his throbbing heart with his hands. There was an itchy sensation, so he breathed out to escape from it.

The idea of being lovers is somehow sweet.

*    *    *

"Chi-chan, you're really going to be with us on New Year's Day?"

"So exciting! Let's visit the shrine together!"

The children made a fuss.

"Guys, Chi is staying here for a vacation, not as a housekeeper. He's a guest and we're the ones who will treat him now. Don't forget."


The children answered together with voice full of energy. Then, quickly began to make plans for the New Year.

Perhaps because they were raised by their grandmother, they name some old games which even Chiaki had never played before. He laughed at that.

*    *    *

It was 31st December now. Oogami brought Hatsue back home.

"Grandma, welcome!"

The children gathered to hug their grandmother. And Hatsue was delighted to embrace them back.

"It's nice to be home."

Even with such short time of two days and one night, New Year is a special day for Japanese.

"I'm glad to have Chi-chan, too. I heard from Natsuhiko that the kids are very obedient."

Chiaki was really sorry for disturbing her family, but was a little relieved when she said so.

They ate soba noodles for dinner. As Ryota kept away from Hatsue, Jun and Ren sat a little farther away from him. But, the atmosphere was not awkward in the slightest. It was still really warm that Chiaki thought, "This is what a family is like."

When the dinner was over, Hatsue went up to the second floor and returned with a picture book in hand.

It was the same picture book about a love story between a wolf and a sheep Chiaki's mother used to read. This book was probably the first in the series. There was a scene where the wolf and the sheep meet for the first time and miss each other without realizing their love. The kids hurriedly sat together in front of Hatsue, as if the book was well-liked by them. And somehow, Hatsue smiled at Chiaki, opened the picture book, and start to read the first sentence.

"Sheeps are very attractive and delicious creatures to wolves."

At that, Chiaki's heart trembled, missing the first sentence so much. The memory of his mother reading the picture book hit him. And so, like Jun, Ren, and Ryota, Chiaki listened to Hatsue's sweet voice. A warm feeling spread through his body. He was really happy.

I'm happy to be with this family. I'm glad Oogami brought her home.

When Chiaki tried to help Hatsue clean up the table after finishing the picture book, Oogami held him back.

"Just stay still. You're a guest. Sit down."

"No. Oogami-san, you don't even have to do the dishes. Please sit down." Chiaki said to Hatsue, then turned to Oogami. "It's been awhile since your mother came home, you have to talk to her."

"Then I'll help you."

Hatsue laughed as the two took up the tableware.

"You two get along well, like a married couple. Doesn't he sound like a new bride calling his mother-in-law, hm?”

Chiaki blushing really hard at the teasing.

Thinking back again, how did Oogami introduce him to his mother? No way.
So Chiaki went into the kitchen with a red face and do the dishes.

"Well, Oogami-san, What did you tell your mother about me?" Chiaki asked at Oogami who stood by his side.

"Exactly like in the hospital. I said you help me with the housework. Nothing more."

"Is that so?"

From the beginning, Hatsue acted as if Oogami had introduced Chiaki as his lover. Was she simply joking because Chiaki looked young? It's not uncommon since there were many older clients who show that kind of attitude.

"Well, I just didn't explain it in words." Oogami said in a voice with a certain meaning. Eyes somehow anticipating.

He sometimes looked like this. A look as if waiting for Chiaki to notice something.

"What does that mean?"

"Well," Ogami answered vaguely. Chiaki pouted his lips.

And what came after was unexpected. Oogami pecked Chiaki's lips.


Oogami smiled teasingly. Chiaki turned red.

"You're not in the middle of work hours, okay? The kids didn't see it either."

That's true, though.

It felt really embarrassing because it was the first they act like that outside Chiaki's heat period. It was like playing a prank with a lover.

Chiaki suppressed his beating heart and continue to wash the dishes again.

"Mother knows everything," Oogami murmured.

That's even more embarrassing. Hatsue found out that he had such a relationship with Oogami, without being told to. Chiaki did not know how to face her later.

Now, thinking about it, Hatsue was amazing. She could see everything through easily on Oogami.

"She's an amazing mother."

"Maybe someday you will too."

Chiaki wasn't even in heat, but his back was throbbing at the remark.

"The kids are sleeping."

Chiaki smiled seeing Jun and Ren sleeping on the living room floor making noises.

After dinner, Hatsue went to her room early and rested. Ryota took a bath and slept as usual. Jun and Ren were motivated, saying, "I'll be awake until the new year!" and "I'll hear the bell ringing on New Year's Eve!"

Oogami and Chiaki carried each one of them to their room, then returned to the living room.

"It’s adult time. Would you like some wine? I have good red wine."

"I’m not a very strong drinker, but I guess I'll drink a little."

"I'd like to see you drunk, too.

Again, Chiaki blushed at Oogami's remark. Do lovers say things like that casually?

Oogami poured deep-colored wine into their glass and lightly hit the edge of the glass to make a toast. A graceful sound rang.

"Woah, it smells so good..."

Chiaki took a sip and the fragrant taste immediately rolled over his tongue.  A deep scent escaped his nose. Even Chiaki, who was not used to drinking wine, could recognize that it was a very luxurious one.

And since the kids had fallen asleep, the TV channel changed to a classic concert broadcast according to Oogami's taste.

"Your mother is a little strange, isn't she? Would it have been better if I call her Hatsue-san?”

"No problem. My mother likes you anyway."

Chiaki did not know what part of him she liked, but was glad of course.

"I loved the picture book she read earlier, too. My mother used to read it a lot when I was a kid. It's about 'one's destiny', right? Do you remember how it ended?"

"...Well, maybe I'll check it some day."

Since childhood, Chiaki really liked the story, although he hasn't been able to figured his 'destiny' out since he found out that he was an omega.

"Do you believe in destiny?"

"Me? Well, I don't know."

"Is that so?"

After emptying the glass, Oogami offered Chiaki another pour.

"Would you like more?"


Chiaki sipped his wine and glanced at Oogami, tilting his wine glass a bit to the opposite side.

He looked neat even with a wolf face. If he were a human being, he must be a tremendous handsome man. The beautiful grayish-brown fur and the way he moves his body were elegant. Chiaki could feel the relaxation of an adult. Intelligent Lloyd's glasses also suit well on him.

Oogami noticed the gaze. Chiaki shrank in embarrassment. Oogami's smile, looking straight at Chiaki, was so hot that he couldn't calm down.

The wild atmosphere, which felt like a calculate timing of an attack on a smaller animal, and the masculine sexiness that he wanted to entrust his body to were overflowing at the same time.

Chiaki was more likely to get drunk on Oogami than on wine. What he had in this person was as unrealistic as a dream. So he remembered when he was in heat. The voice that penetrated Chiaki's body several times and the whisper about Oogami calling him cute over and over.

As Chiaki recalled the memories, his face heated up and eyes moistened.  Had he been in heat, he would have smelled sweet again.

Oogami got up from the sofa and took the wine glass from Chiaki's hand, thinking the omega must be drunk on seeing this red face.

He stared at Chiaki's face and rubbed his cheek with his fingers.

"Are you drunk? It's going to be New Year soon. I can't leave the kids at home, but I'm gonna see the countdown  of the coast's park from my room's veranda. Will you come with me to see it?"

Chiaki nodded. Oogami stretched out his hand to him, and they climbed the stairs hand in hand.

Chiaki reminded himself that it is natural for a couple to hold hands. His heart beat so fast. Nervous because it was his first time to enter Oogami's room except for cleaning purposes. It was a room with a bed, a large desk, and a bookcase lined up on one side of the wall.

When Oogami opened the window, cold air filled Chiaki's lungs.

"It's cold..."

He shivered. Oogami put a winter pajamas on Chiaki's shoulder. Thick, heavy, and warm.

He couldn't believe that such a gorgeous Oogami usually wore winter pajamas. Chiaki laughed unconsciously.

"Why are you laughing?"

"Nothing. Thank you. It's warm."

Chiaki put his hand on the balcony railing and stared at the night view. A long park along the coast shone brightly with lights. Oogami's house was on a highland, so he can see the lowland well.

He could hear the sound of music blasting. And even from a distance, Chiaki could feel the liveliness of the stalls that occured only occasionally.

The time remaining until the first day of the new year was counted down on the electrically decorated boat moored in the nearby sea.