Ookami Papa - v1 chapter 5.1


part 1

'In the end, we did it again...'

Chiaki woke up and hugged his head in the bed.

He remembered having a hard time last night when the heat came back. After putting up with patience and finally jumping into Oogami's arms, all that remained was the memory of him constantly thirsting for the alpha.

Especially when Oogami whispered in his ear, constantly mentioning that Chiaki was cute. He felt like he was wandering in a dream with enthusiasm. Even now, Oogami's voice still lingered in his ears.

This morning, Oogami was nowhere to be seen in bed.

Chiaki's back was hurt, as well as the joints of his body. His throat was dry but he was so tired just to get up.


A bottle of water was on the table next to the bed. Chiaki opened the lid and drank the fill at once.

The moment he shook his head, reality hit him.

"What time is it now?"

He hurriedly looked at the clock, and it was difficult to call it morning. Chiaki turned pale.

He whipped his weak legs and got out of bed to get dressed. To support himself, he put his hands on the wall and went down to the living room where the children gathered.

"Hey guys, I’m sorry. Breakfast is..."

"Ah! Chi-chan has a fever, you can't get up!"

Ren rushed to see Chiaki. While Jun shouted to the second floor.

"Papa, Chi-chan is awake!"

At that, Oogami came down from the second floor. It seemed that he was concerned about Chiaki.

On the other hand, Chiaki was feeling guilty. He bowed his head deeply to apologize.

"I’m really sorry I overslept."

"I didn’t wake you up. You don't have to apologize. If you're still feeling unwell, go back to your room and rest after eating. Well, there's only some convenience store's bread."

That means, the children also have their breakfast with convenience store bread.

So, the guilt grew even bigger. Now, he doesn't know what he's in this house for. Getting paid but tossing out his work.

"It's okay. I'm sorry. I'll prepare lunch."

As Chiaki tried to walk into the kitchen, his body staggered.


Just before he fell, Oogami grabbed him.

"Don’t overdo it. You can rest if you're still tired."

Chiaki was so sad he wanted to cry.  Tears welled up in his eyes.

"I...I'm sorry. I'll quit my job... I'm sorry..."

Let's ask the company to send someone else here. He'll be fired, but that's fine. He has to report honestly.

"Oh, Chi-chan will quit?"

"Don’t quit!"

Jun and Ren held him back, making Chiaki overwhelmed. He shouldn't make children anxious, so held back his tears.

"Sorry. It's because I'm not confident...  I'll cause you trouble, too."

"We will help too! We'll clean up after we eat!"

"Don’t quit."

Jun and Ren looked like they were about to cry.


Why are they holding him back when they only know each other for a few days?

Chiaki was glad, but feeling troubled at the same time. Then Ryota came running from the kitchen with his small sound of footsteps.

"Peach, peach~"

The boy handed canned peaches to Chiaki.

"Peach peach~ Chiachi eat peach?"

"Yeah, eat canned peaches can help you with the fever. Cheer up!"

"Chi-chan, get well soon."

Tears flowed out of Chiaki's eyes. He was so happy.

"Kids, Chi-chan's fever hasn't cooled down and I need to talk some things with him. You three should go upstairs."

Jun, Ren, and Ryota obeyed. After they went to their room, Oogami sat Chiaki on the sofa of the first floor.

"I have a fever, huh..."

It was frustrating to make Oogami lie.

"Another kind of fever. And well, you also have a right to take a leave when in heat. Don't overthink."

"But...I'm getting paid. I have to work for what I get."

Chiaki didn't know if this can be called as taking a leave officially, but now he was in the middle of his work period. It's not okay to rest.

"Look at me," commanded Oogami, eyes looking serious. Chiaki obeyed. "I'll ask again. Do you want to quit your job and live with us in this house?"

At the serious question, Chiaki felt as if he was losing himself.


He was stubborn to his own opinion. He did not want to enjoy a physical relationship. In other words, as sex buddies.

Chiaki shook his head. Oogami sighed.

"I see. If you care that much, I'll adjust the contract then."

"...What do you mean?"

"Your heat period is a week at the longest. It will be over before the children go back to their school. I'll adjust your contract only in that period. You don't have to do small chores, so I just ask for food and laundry. If you prepare breakfast the day before and leave it in the refrigerator, we'll heat it up on our own. And to save time, just order the ingredients online."

"Is that okay?"

The housekeeper service is charged per hour. The maximum available hours of the day are up to 12 working hours.

"The daily wage is calculated by working hours. Originally, you should take an estrus leave now. But the office is short-staffed, so you'll have to work. If you ask Magic Maid to send someone else right away, who will come? It must be hard, right? That's why I'm proposing to shorten your working hours and ask you a favour. Will you accept? Without you, it would be difficult for the children and me to live.”

Respecting Chiaki's feelings, Oogami offered a shorter working hours as a compromise. Chiaki was deeply grateful for that.

"Is that all right with you?"

"I'm not the one who makes the decision. It's you. I can only ask you a favour."

Again, Chiaki felt that Oogami was a kind person. He was scared at first of course, but as they spent time together, he was overwhelmed with warm feelings. His heart fluttered each time Oogami was around.

Such an incredible feeling that Chiaki had never had with anyone else.

"Thank you. I'd appreciate it if you could do that. I'll try my best even doing work for a short time."

Oogami somehow looked relief seeing Chiaki smiled. He said, "Please take good care of us."

"And uhm... About, at night..."

Although it was difficult for Chiaki to bring this up, it is still an unavoidable topic as long as he stayed in the house.

"I don't know why, but I don't think my inhibitors work very well. I can't believe I acted like that... You may think I'm late because we already did it yesterday and the day before, but if I'm in heat again tonight..."

Chiaki slowly opened his eyes and thought...thought that this was the only way.

"Can you tie me up?"

Oogami frowned and stared at Chiaki for a few seconds.

"If you're interested in that kind of play, I can do it for you."

"Oh, no no!"

Why are you being like this?

"I... So even if I cry and scream, I don't want you to hold me... Just tie me up until morning and leave me alone in the room!"

His inhibitor was ineffective. Chiaki couldn't handle the heat by himself. If later he want Oogami again and can't stand it, he has to physically deprive his body' freedom and wait until it subside. Of course, Oogami will also be swept away by Chiaki's heat, so he has to get away from the room too.

"You idiot. Do you think your heat will subside overnight? You'll suffer for days instead."

"Still... you're my client..."

"Nonsense. Does the prohibition have any legal effect? When the working hours are over, the rest is your personal time. You and I are both single, so we can do whatever we please."

The reason for the prohibition is to regulate shameless acts during working hours, and of course, an affair. As Oogami said, it did not limit the relationship between single people outside office hours. In fact, some staff even get to know their lover and get married at the place where they were dispatched. However, Chiaki frowned at the last sentence.

"We are not in that kind of relationship."

"If it develops into a serious relationship someday, I'm not against it."

Chiaki tried to swallow his breath. Oogami always knows how to talk back.

"I still can't continue that kind of relationship with someone I'm not dating."

Oogami took Chiaki's hand and met his gaze with serious eyes.

"If relationship is that important to you, the favour can change. That is to date me."


"I think it's quite common to go out with someone even though they haven't had romantic feelings yet."

"That's true...but..."

"Even between actual lovers, people still have the right to refuse some contacts. If you don't like my offer, I won't force it. There may be days when I don't feel like doing it either. We can become normal lovers who overlap only when we want each other. An ordinary couple who go on dates and spend time together on holidays."

Unable to say anything, Chiaki opened his eyes wide and stared blankly at Oogami.

'Go out? Like a normal couple?'

Somehow Chiaki's heart throb as he imagined him walking down the street holding hands with Oogami. Blood rushed to his cheeks.

Seeing Chiaki's reaction, Oogami narrowed his eyes to see if Chiaki did not plan to reject.

"There's no reason to say no. You don't hate me, do you?"

The words made the omega blush more and more.

"...Why are you being so nice to me?"

Oogami smiled dreamily at him. "I mean, I'm a romantic, too."

Chiaki did not understand. But he was thrilled by the alpha's smile.

"What's the answer?" Oogami urged. And Chiaki nodded because he thought he had no other choice.

"Well, don't act like we're a couple in front of your children. They will not like it."

"I know. Only when we're alone."

Oogami stood up from the sofa after stroking Chiaki's hair.

"Then, I'll be working on the second floor until lunch. Thanks to you, I'm so motivated now. Don't do any cleaning or laundry now because I can't concentrate if it's noisy. I want to eat sushi for lunch. If you can make sushi like a pro, you can make it, but if you can't, just order it."

That means nothing to do for Chiaki. With his skill, it's impossible to make sushi like a professional. It clears Oogami told him that, so he can rest more.

'Everyone is so kind.'

Chiaki spun the canned peaches he had received from Ryota.

"Why do Jun, Ren and Ryota like me so much?"

"Because you're sweet," said Oogami, as if it was natural. "The kids instinctively recognize someone who likes them. It's understandable that Ryota likes you quickly too. He is more sensitive than other children, so he can identify people with a warm heart.”

The kids like him.

"Besides, I feel a motherhood in you."


Chiaki was surprised to hear such a thing for the first time.

"It's in you. You're good at handling children. You have a lot of affection for them. Ren, Jun, and Ryota are not loved by their mother, so they might be seeing that part of you," explained Oogami. "Plus, we've only had a housekeeper so far. The one we had before was, like a grandmother to the kids. She was more like my mother's friend."

I see.

"Now, just rest after you finished the peaches. Do the housework after lunch."

Oogami stretched his back and climbed the stairs to the second floor.

Chiaki put the peaches on a plate and eat them as he was told.

The peaches marinated in the syrup were a little cold. And as Chiaki swallowed one down the throat, he thought that it tasted like the people of this house.

It was sweet.