Ookami Papa - v1 chapter 4.2


part 2

It turned out Oogami also thinks of Chiaki. Unlike the sex last night they did suddenly, the alpha knew that omega would be more prone to pregnant during their heat.

"No, I still don’t know if I’ll be in heat again or not..."

As he said that, the image of Oogami using a large condom crossed his head. Chiaki shivered.

'Oh no, this can't be.'

Then, he vaguely felt a familiar heat in his lower abdomen. A sign of a heat.

All this time, Chiaki could overcome his heat enough by staying away from alphas and locking himself up in his room. Everything would be over after he was tired masturbating and falling asleep.

Now, he had to lost to this intense heat and couldn't finish it by himself.

'I don't even try to call someone for a sex service... Well, I'm not also that sure I'll be able to use their services.'

Although he anxious because Oogami was his own client, it felt much better being comforted by him than to wander on the streets, shedding pheromones for men.

With his blushing face, Chiaki took out the box of condom and placed it on the side table, thinking in agony.

"I'm an idiot!"

While no one else around, Chiaki then sunk his face on the pillow imagining what would happen later tonight. Now, he was sure that the heat would return. Instinct told him.

He was embarrassed while hating himself imagining it. Feeling like to runaway, but there was no place to hide. Anxious and scared were mixing together. He didn't know what will happen in the future seeing the condition of his current body being difficult to control. However, at the same time, Chiaki also felt relieved to think about Oogami's promise who would help him.


His lower half hardened imagining Oogami and him naked on the bed.

*   *   *

"Hah... Yes... Ahhh..."

Chiaki's hot breath melted into the air of the room. He leaned his back on Oogami sitting on the bed. Legs wide open sitting on the alpha's thighs.

Oogami stroke Chiaki's bottom hole before shoving his two fingers inside.

"Ah, it feels good..."

The wolf's penis had already hardened rubbing Chiaki's waist while transparent honey continued to flowing out through the omega's narrow gap. The beast's fur touching Chiaki's back was warm. The strong chest and abs were comfortable to leaned on.

Yes, Chiaki wanted this so bad he opened his door room for the alpha.

As Oogami had said, not long after dinner, an intense heat struck. At first, Chiaki gathered his reasons and resisted, locking himself up in the room and try to endure. But when he felt Oogami's presence outside the door, he couldn't stand it any longer.

"Hold me..."

As if being possessed, Chiaki opened the door and jumped into Oogami's arms. Since then, his head only filled with Oogami and only Oogami.

Oogami rubbed the narrow hole which continued to drip transparent liquid. Twisting his upper body, Chiaki writhes in pleasure.

Oogami's erect penis got tighter when it touched Chiaki's back. In return, Chiaki's body tingling even though Oogami hadn't even inserted it yet.

Oogami spread out his honey-soaked fingers in front of Chiaki's eyes. It looked like a shallow transparent threads between fingers. He then rubbed them on Chiaki's lips. The sweet scent pierced the omega's nose that it made him dizzy.

"Here. Lick it, Chi."


Chiaki shook his head and resisted at first. But couldn't hold out for longer when Oogami started to shove his wet fingers into his mouth. They slipped through his gaping lips.

"Ah... umfhhh..."

A thick sweetness spread over Chiaki's tongue. He sucked Oogami's fingers and licking the honey as if sucking the nectar of a flower.

"Isn’t it sweet?"


Shame and immorality melt into one. Chiaki stuck out his tongue, trying to clean his honey between Oogami's fingers.


Anxious he couldn't taste it freely, he acted like a child. He grabbed Oogami's wrist with both hands, hold it and licked every nook and cranny.

Chiaki naturally moved his tongue as if serving a man's penis. His hair was disheveled. He didn't care. He kept on sucking and licking.

Then, Oogami stuck out the tip of his pointed nose and licked Chiaki's lips with his long tongue. "Sweet."

He also started licking his own fingers. Chiaki was excited because they looked like serving a man's penis together.

"Yeah... Uhhh... it's... sweet..."

When their eyes were tangled up close, looking at each other, and stretching out their tongues and repeating lewd kisses.

It was vulgar and pleasant. Their body and mind melted.

Oogami's tongue shifted down from the tip of Chiaki's mouth and crawled across his chin and neck. His fingers following, he moved them and smeared the honey onto the omega's nipples.


Chiaki's back trembled at the stimulation. His hot, sticky body fluid that exudes a sweet scent was rubbed on his sensitive bumps.

His nipples gradually changed color as Oogami kept on fondling them

"Ah... uh...!"

Then, Oogami pinched both of the nipples and making Chiaki screamed out loud.

"Aaah, it hurts...!"

Oogami twisted the nipple while pulling them. The pain and pleasure became am intense throbbing and creeped down to the waist.

"No...stop... don't..."

Chiaki sobbed and begged.

"If you say stop in such a sweet voice, it just sounds like you're excited instead."

"You're mean..."

"Your crying face is cute."

Releasing Chiaki's nipples, Oogami lovingly hugged him and caressing his cheeks. It was sweet.

Then, they changed position. Chiaki laid on the bed while the wolf's hot body above him.

"They looks red. I'll eat them."

Again, Oogami licked and twist Chiaki's nipples with his tongue. Sucking them as if they were some delicious fruit.

Pleasure overwhelmed Chiaki.

"Wolf-san, it feels so good..."

The wolf's thin ears touched Chiaki's lips. He resisted, but no matter how hard he tried, he wanted to bite them. And so, Chiaki put one of Oogami's ears into mouth. Biting lightly with his front teeth, tickling the top of the triangular ear with his tongue.

Arms stroking Oogami's neck and shoulder, enjoying the soft fur and dignified muscles. The wolf was so adorable when he's in the waves of pleasure. Repeating the kiss over Chiaki's head.

Oogami raised his head. Face was softening while caressing Chiaki's cheek.

"I can't stand it when act this cute. I was going to do it so you can get up tomorrow morning.”

By then, tempted by Oogami's sweet voice, Chiaki's bottom hole twitching. He wanted him. He wanted Oogami so bad.

"Ah... Now, put... please... put it... in...  I want to be eaten by Wolf-san..."

Oogami's eyes were also drenched in lust.

"In what position do you want me to put it in?"

Last night they were having sex in various positions. From the front, from behind, facing each other, sitting and hugging, Chiaki climbed on top of Oogami...

His most exciting position was to face Oogami in front of him.

"I like doing it with us facing each other..."

Chiaki wanted to do it while looking at Oogami's face. He wanted to hug Oogami and kiss him while being trapped in a dignified and reassuring embrace.

Oogami hurriedly put on a condom, lifting both of Chiaki's legs and draped them over his shoulders.

It felt thrilling when his huge manhood just touched the wrinkles below, burning Chiaki's whole body.


Oogami put on a faint smile. It was so sexy that made Chiaki so dizzy seeing it. His heart beat violently in excitement.

Then, the wolf pushed his manhood in.

"Ah...ufgh... Ngh..."

A numbness spread over Chiaki's waist to his back. It was really good even though his body was about to break.

Realizing that Oogami's gaze was toward the part where his mass inserted, Chiaki's brain boiled. He's watching me biting his penis!

Chiaki's wrinkles greedily open its mouth and devour Oogami deliciously.

At the thought of it, Chiaki was so excited he couldn't breath properly. He squeezed out a thin cry like a kitten.


No, it's a lie.

Look at me.

He hoped Oogami would be excited seeing his erotic sight. He wished him to lose his mind and covet Chiaki.

His mucous membranes clinged to Oogami's mass and dragged him deep into the depths.


Oogami lifted Chiaki's waist in the air and thrust into the deepest part of his body.

Their skin touched. Chiaki could feel Oogami's high body temperature through the flesh of his buttocks.

Warm. It felt so good to feel their flesh collide.

Oogami leaned his upper body forward and placed his hands next to Chiaki's face. Inside the omega's body, his penis swelled up.


He stared down at crying Chiaki from above and gently stroked his cheek with his fingers.

"Are you okay?"

At the shock of the insertion, Chiaki's eyes were out of focus. Even Oogami's face was distorted because of the tears in his eyes.


He reached out and wrapped his arms around Oogami's cheeks.

He wanted to kiss him, so he pulled Oogami's face up and overlapped his lips with his. Tears spilled from the closed eyelids as Chiaki struggled with his posture.

Oogami gave Chiaki the kiss he wanted and whispered in a lovely voice.

"Why are you so cute? Your face is innocent in the daytime, but is sexy and wants to devour me in the night. Petite and sweet... You make me fall in love."

Oogami told Chiaki that he was cute. A new joy Chiaki had never felt in life.

The wolf lovingly kissed the side and the bridge of Chiaki's nose. His look was very affectionate.


"You're so cute, Chi. You are my cute little sheep. I have never eaten such delicious meat. Maybe this is why I was born as a wolf...to eat you."

Each word, every kiss made Chiaki delighted. It also reminded him of the love story between a wolf and a sheep his mother read long ago. Was the wolf loving the sheep like this?

"This is a body that is meant to me. Get distracted and let me immerse myself in you. You were born to be eaten by me."

Maybe he is. Chiaki was overheated and she kept screaming.

"Mr. Wolf... Mr. Wolf...!"

"Ugh... Huff... I'm here, Chi."

Chiaki clung, kissed, and kept on calling Oogami. And the more he indulged in pleasure, the deeper his hunger grew. But unlike last night, something was lacking.


Having sex with a hybrid alpha can take a long time. While Chiaki was shaking so much that he didn't know how much time had passed, his consciousness was blurred with pleasure and cry.

"Chi... Ugh..."

Ogami hugged Chiaki and finally poked him deeply. His penis was trembling inside. And at the same time, Chiaki also reached his peak.


He moaned hard at the sensation of the wolf's long and large penis slipping away. His mucous membrane was tingling. He cried and panted in pleasure to the point of forgetting time. His body's thirst won't stop. His lower abdomen was pounding.


Breathing harshly at the lingering aftertaste of the pleasure, Oogami stared blankly as he tried to take his condom off.

Seeing the white semen pooled at the tip of the condom, Chiaki finally realized.

'That’s it!'

He knew what was lacking. His mucous membrane throbbed as if in anger. His body remembered the ecstasy of Oogami planting his sperm.

Pour your hot semen into my womb. Block the entrance so that it doesn't leak outside!


Something suddenly popped out in Chiaki's head. He jumped up and lightly biting on Oogami's manhood which still had a condom on it.


In a slight pain, Oogami took Chiaki's head away.

"Please... I want... Give me your semen..." Chiaki pleaded with his wet eyes.

Oogami furrowed his eyebrows.

Chiaki took the condom off and started licking the mass with his tongue. But all he wanted was Oogami putting it back inside his body so he can squeeze it more.

Couldn't stand it any longer, Chiaki let go of Oogami's mass. He changed his position, standing on all fours while stuck out his buttocks and spread his bottom hole with his fingers.

"Put it in...! Here...fill me up with wolf's semen...!"

Chiaki turned his head over his shoulder to peek at Oogami. Shaking his ass as if to seduce the wolf.

Oogami growled low.

"I want to ejaculate inside you too, but...just be patient with this."

Then, he pushed his penis back against Chiaki's entrance. With a new condom on.

"No! I don't...want this..."

Not having what he really wanted, Chiaki shook his head as if whining. But the massive mass of flesh kept on moving. It slowly thrusted in and out of Chiaki's hole. However, he still sucked in Oogami's penis.

Above Chiaki's back, Oogami licked the omega's earlobe and whispered.

"Do you want to have my child?"

"I... I... don't know..."

"Hm...is that so?"

His voice sounded somewhat lonely, but Chiaki's consciousness soon fell into obscene desires.

"If you still don't feel enough, I’ll do it until you lose your mind. Don't think about tomorrow."

As Oogami pushed his penis to the depths, an intense pleasure and nausea pierced Chiaki's skinny body. Then came the violent movements.

And the omega continued to scream until he lost his mind just as Oogami had said.