Ookami Papa - v1 chapter 4.1


part 1

Chiaki changed his day off from Sunday to Monday, so he slept all day today.

Day off means he can go home or hang out somewhere. He can spend this free time, but honestly, Chiaki didn't have the stamina left to go home. His back was so weak that it was only possible to move around the house.

In the morning, the children came to his room. They gave him several pansy cuts from the garden and placed them in a cup on the bedside table.

"Chi-chan, are you okay?"

"Did you catch a cold? You should get well soon."

Chiaki was touched. But at the same time, he felt sorry for being taken care of by young children.

"Chi-chan, pain pain go away~" Ryota stroked Chaiki's head and threw "the pain" into the air as if to blow them away.

"Thank you. I'm fine now that Ryota blows the pain away."

In return, he patted the little wolf's head in the same way. Ryota pricked up his triangular ears with delight.

They ate the leftover sandwich Chiaki kept in the refrigerator for breakfast, then slept again throughout the morning. Oogami seemed to also sleep in his room. The alpha had been holding Chiaki all night, so it was no wonder he was tired too.

During the day, Oogami ordered pizza. He called Chiaki, who was still barely able to move in the afternoon.

"I'm going to take the children to visit my mother in the hospital. You're still weak, and it's your day off, but if you don't mind, do you want to come along?"

"Is it okay if I go?"

Wouldn't it be just a hindrance if I come along?

"I want to introduce you to my mother."


Oogami looked at Chiaki for a moment. It was somewhat awkward.

"Because this house is also my mother's," he said.

It makes sense to some extent. But somehow, Chiaki had a feeling that wasn't the only thing. And Oogami seemed not to find other reasons to make up.

"Then I want to buy a gift for the visit. Can I stop by the flower shop on the way?"

"I'm the one who asks you to come along. You don't have to bring anything. My mother will only feel burdened if you spend money instead. And she prefers flowers from the garden prepared by the kids," Oogami explained. "I'll bathe Ryota before leaving, so change your clothes and wait."

When the three brothers pulled out flowers in the garden, only Ryota was covered in dirt. Oogami took the child and disappeared into the bathroom.

Chiaki sighed and was lost in thoughts.

Oogami said it was okay not to buy a gift for his mother, but it still felt wrong going empty-handed to their first meeting.

While waiting for Oogami and Ryota, Chiaki approached Jun and Ren who was putting a damp cloth on the roots of the flowers and wrapped them in an aluminum foil, saying they will give it to their grandmother.

Oogami stepped out of his room wearing a haori* over a kimono. A question arose in Chiaki's mind why he was not wearing a suit. Of course, this outfit was not bad. He even gave off a vibe like someone from Showa period.

"It's annoying to wear a suit since I have a tail. Wearing a kimono still feels a bit tight but better."

The kimono Oogami was wearing now has a hole for the tail, although he had to make a custom order just to buy that. It was time-consuming and cumbersome.

When taking a bath together with Ryota, Chiaki also realized that the little boy was also using a different kind of shampoo than that of a human—a hybrid alpha shampoo.

It must be really annoying being an alpha hybrid.

"Come on, let’s go. Get in the car."

They got into Oogami's car and drove to the hospital. It was an hour away in a district surrounded by abundant nature.

The floor lined with private rooms was very quiet. Even the children put their fingers up to their mouths and whispered, "Shhh," when Chiaki made a sound. He then walked down the hallway trying not to make a loud sound in his footsteps.

Oogami knocked on the door with a sign that said Hatsue Oogami. An elegant and generous-looking old woman with her upper body raised on the bed greeted them with a warm smile.

"Oh, come in."

"Grandmaaa!" Jun and Ren ran to Hatsue.

"This, I made a crane out of origami!  Chi-chan taught me."

"I made it with Chi-chan. This one is mine, and this one is Ren's."

Hatsue's eyes narrowed when she received the paper-folded crane from the two.

"Well done. Thank you."

Hatsue looked at Chiaki and greeted him with a smile. Chiaki replied by nodding his head.

"Nice to see you. My name is Chiaki Harigaya. I'm working as a housekeeper at Oogami-san's house. I'm still lacking in many ways, but I'll do my best."

"Oh, don't worry. Natsuhiko, what happened to Ito-san?"

The second half is a question to Oogami.

"Ito-san's father suddenly fell ill so she went back to her hometown. I asked this guy as her temporary replacement until the company find the next housekeeper."

Oogami talked to Hatsue as if he couldn't stand it because Jun and Ren wanted to intervene.

"We made a Christmas tree like we're really having a Christmas party at home.  It was so much fun!"

"Chi-chan is a good cook too! He made us a hamburger steak and a snowman stew."

"Ito-san usually only made Japanese food, wasn’t she?"

Hatsue happily responded to the kids' joyful remarks.

"Papa, give me your phone! Show grandma the cake picture."

Oogami pulled out his cell phone and showed Hatsue a picture of a snowman stew and a petit shoe cake.

"We made this cake! Chi-chan taught us."

Hatsue smiled and stroked their heads.

"Well done. I have to thank Mr. Chi-chan then."

It was a bit embarrassing to be called Chi-chan by Oogami's mother.

While watching Jun and Ren having fun, Chiaki realized that Ryota was clinging to Oogami and didn't go to Hatsue's side. His head poked out from behind Oogami's legs.

Hatsue smiled and gestured to the little wolf. "Come here, Ryota."

Ryota flinched and shifted his feet a little. He looked at Hatsue with sad eyes.

She was his grandmother, but why did he hide behind Oogami? Why didn't he go to her side?

"Ryota, it's okay to be around her for a while. You washed your body clean and combed it nice." With his back pushed by Oogami, Ryota hesitated and stepped closer to Hatsue.

He stopped one step away from the bed and looked at Hatsue, wagging his tail anxiously.

Hatsue smiled sweetly and held out her hands.

Then, Ryota cried, "Grandma!"

Jun, being a considerate big brother, put his hand on Ryota's armpit and put him on the bed.

"Grandma, Grandma."

Ryota buried his face in Hatsue. He looked like he didn't know what to do. Hatsue also caressing Ryota's cheek lovingly.

Staring at Chiaki who looked confused, Oogami who was standing next to him said in a small voice. "My mother is allergic to animal fur."


"It's not that serious. And she's now hospitalized because of another illness. But yes, staying with Ryota and I for too long is not good for her."

"I see..."

Chiaki saw Ryota act a little pampered to Hatsue, face still looking sad. The little boy knew she was allergic to his fur.

The number of hybrid alphas was even smaller than that of omega, so Chiaki never noticed it. But when he thought about it again, nursery school also restricted the admission of hybrid alpha. It must be because there is a possibility that some children may be allergic to animal fur. Hybrid alphas had to go to a special facility.

Chiaki sure there must be restrictions in many places for hybrid alpha, not just nurseries. He was conscious of the large hybrid alpha standing next to him. Oogami looked like he wanted to get closer to his mother, but was holding on. He could only watch Hatsue showing affection to her grandchildren while standing in the entrance.

'It must be hard for a wolf like him...'

Just like Chiaki the omega.

What made them different was, hybrid alpha never cared about people treating them differently. They tend to think that their future will definitely be better.

And about Ryota. The boy was shy must be because of people's curious gaze, discrimination, and inability to get along with other children. So he felt comfortable around Oogami, whom Chiaki had found difficult to approach at first.

Now that he thought about this, how narrow minded was he all this time. It was a shame that he just realized that.

"Guys, let’s get out of here. I'll buy you some ice cream at the kiosk downstairs."

The children looked at Hatsue and waved their small hands

"We'll be back."

Chiaki smiled at Hatsue too. But when he was about to leave the room following the kids, Oogami grabbed him by the shoulder to stop him.

"Wait. You stay here, we're not going long."


Chiaki was uneasy because he didn't know what to say with only Hatsue. But Hatsue, who noticed Chiaki's uneasiness, laughed.

"It's the first time he introduced someone to me."

"I see..."

Oogami only introduced a housekeeper, though.

"Are you an omega?"

Chiaki was being cautious as he really didn't know what to answer.

"Yeah, that’s right. Finally, that kid is..." Hatsue nodded her head, convincing herself. "I'm so happy, you're such a cute boy."

The old woman smiled brightly. Again, not knowing what to respond, Chiaki chose not to say anything.

"Natsuhiko is an arrogant child, don’t you get nervous when you see him face to face? But he is honestly a good child though. Don’t be scared of him."

"Ah, yes..." Chiaki barely responded.

He knew that Oogami is a kind person besides his appearance.

"I’m sorry, I’m glad I met you. Fufu, he looks intimidating but he's actually very romantic. Even at that age."

Chiaki was a bit curious to hear the confession. He wondered, what kind of romantic is Oogami? But Chiaki didn't dare to ask.

Hatsue did seem to appreciate Chiaki's presence, but she was worried that the old woman would be bored because Chiaki couldn't talk properly even though it was only their first meeting.

"Uhm... I think it's best for you to rest more. I'll excuse myself now. Take care, Oogami-san."

"It's okay, thank you for coming. Oh, and tell me if you ever have any trouble in the house."

"I will, thank you."

"Take care of that child."

Not really understanding what Hatsue meant, Chiaki thought it must be about the chores. He once again said thank you and left the room.

Why did you leave me alone?

Chiaki was confused while he headed to the canteen on the first floor.

Three children were sitting side by side on a bench next to the canteen, eating ice cream. Oogami was standing next to the bench looking at his phone.

"You've been waiting, haven't you?"

Oogami raised his head.

Hatsue was a kind old woman. But she acted as if Oogami had introduced Chiaki as his son's boyfriend.


"No, nothing..."

"Tell me. I'm curious."

Chiaki couldn't just tell Oogami that Hatsue was acting a little weird.

"It really is nothing. I'm sorry, I'm still a little drowsy."

He gave a fake smile. Although it was not a lie to say that his body was drowsy.

Oogami looked at Chiaki for a moment but said nothing more.

Later, Oogami said that Chiaki didn't have to cook dinner because it was his day off. He bought everyone a packed lunch and head home instead. Just then, a parcel arrived.

"You're working hard."

It must be something Oogami bought through internet shopping.

"Oogami-san, shall we take the items out of the delivery box and organize them?"

"Ah, I'll bathe the children before dinner. You unpack that in your room."

"My room? All right. No, are you going to take a bath already?"

Oogami approached, and brought his mouth close to Chiaki's ear. They were so close, Oogami could feel Chiaki's body heat.

"Are you in heat again? Tonight, after the children have dinner, I'll send them to their room right away."

Chiaki's heart pounded at the whisper.

"Hey, I'm in heat again."

"Just in case. Keep what's in the box by the bed."

Oogami took the children to the bathroom. And Chiaki, trying to repress his pounding chest, grabbed the box and headed for his room.

He opened the delivery box right away and took out the items inside—


Blushing hard, Chiaki closed the box back.

What was inside was a condom in a vicious black and glossy box.

'XL size...'

After calming himself down for a moment, Chiaki hesitantly opened the delivery box again. There was something written in one corner of the condom box. It read "Hybrid Alpha Only".