Ookami Papa - v1 chapter 3.2


part 2

The semi-double bed was too narrow for two people to lie down with a man as huge as Oogami.

Apart from suppressing his beating heart, Chiaki snuggling against Oogami's chest was also to prevent Oogami's big body from sticking out of the bed.

'I'm really naked... I'm…'

However, the tension of being skin-to-skin with another person gradually lessened. Oogami reminded Chiaki of a Siberian Husky he had when he was a kid at a neighbor's house. And the cool thing is their fur color was the same. Overwhelmed by a sudden longing, the omega unconsciously stroked Oogami's fur. It was very warm and comfortable.

"If you don't mean to seduce me, then stop."


He hurriedly pulled his hand away.

Chiaki did not mean anything by that, it was just because Oogami's appearance was like an animal. He couldn't help it. He would have been more careful if this man was someone with the same skin as Chiaki.

"To continue what I said earlier, I have never been married. Those children are my sister’s."

Oogami began his story. Chiaki's body stiffened in tension. Yes. It still doesn't change the fact that he had sex with a man who wasn't even his lover.

"...Then why do they call you Papa?"

"I feel like I'm going to reveal my family's shame..." Oogami sighed heavily. "Her name is Yuki. A girl who's easily fooled and falls in love with men. Yuki did not know that her partner had a wife and children. She was abandoned. She gave birth to Jun but immediately fell for another man and left the house. I decided to take Jun and raise him in this house.

Yuki then married another man, but soon divorced even before Ren was born," he continued. "Since then she has lived between jobs and men. Then born Ryota. I don't know who his father is. But since Ryota is a hybrid, it might be an alpha wolf."

Chiaki bit his lower lip. His sister must be really tormented by her love and life, but she is so irresponsible. Giving birth and abandoning children just like that.

"She is now obsessed with a young navy and has followed him abroad. The children have been raised in this house since they were born, so they treat me like a father. I can't help it. Although my mother and housekeeper were the ones who always took care of them. I never did anything like a father."

Well, at least Oogami didn't abandon the children.

"Now that my mother is in the hospital, I was helpless on my own."

So, that's how it was.

A person who had never done housework would not have known what to do with three children.

"I’m glad you came."

For a brief moment, a warm feeling spread in Chiaki's heart. And now, knowing that he did not commit an affair with someone's husband, another concern surfaced.

"Uhm...hey." He looked up at Oogami with serious eyes. "I know I'm shameless! B-but... I don't care if you fire me. But please don't sue the company."

Chiaki did sex with a client. He will definitely be fired if the company finds out. That's okay, Chiaki thought. It's better rather than Oogami suing the company.

Alpha cannot resist omega's pheromone. So, in almost all companies, omega was granted vacation during their heat. And it was also mandatory to control pheromone by taking medication while working.

When omega can't control their heat and even go as far as having an affair with alpha, then omega will be the one to blame. From an alpha's point of view, it's like being seduced by an omega.

That's why a lot of companies are reluctant to hire an omega. Company will be held responsible for management, and in some cases, compensation must be made. Above all, rumors spread and credibility drops.

Of course, the outcome of this kind of case varies. There are cases where they decide that omega is not responsible. But this time, Chiaki was clearly seducing Oogami with intense heat. He begged to be held. He has no excuses.

If the word about this spreads through the industry, he will no longer be able to work for other housekeepers company. However, he just didn't want to bother Magic Maid. The people there had been kind enough to hire an omega like him.

"Please, I'll do anything. Don't sue the company..."

Oogami, staring at Chiaki who was desperately asking for a favor, pulled his petite arm and held him in the chest.

Snuggled in Oogami's warm chest, Chiaki could hear the man growling in a displeased voice.

"Who said I'm going to sue the company? If you're gone, I'm in trouble too. Ryota... He's a shy child but you quickly tame him."

Thinking of Ryota with a big smile, Chiaki was heartbroken. So did Jun and Ren. Both are cute too. He wanted to be by their side more.

"Ah, but I don’t seem I can face you after what I did..."

'Besides, what if I get into my heat again?'

"Don't you understand?"


Chiaki raised his head and looked at Oogami. The man furrowed his brows and stared back.

As their eyes met, Chiaki's heart pounded that it was hard to keep his expression cool. Oogami's face was surprisingly serious.

"I said I never had a lover. And well, let me tell you in advance, I don't intend to finish last night's work in one night's mistake."


'Does Oogami want to continue this affair?'

"What—wait! Last night was an accident. We just met for the first time the day before yesterday..."

"I just met you for the first time yesterday, but I already know every inch of your body."


Blood rushed to Chiaki's face in an instant. He hastily covered Oogami's mouth with his palm. He thought he would lose his mind to hear such shameful words!

But surprisingly, Oogami grabbed the omega's palm and licked it.


Chiaki flinched. Oogami's tongue crawled over his palm, up to her wrist and arm.


Chiaki was thrilled as the man licked the crevices of his fingers. The way Oogami stuck out his tongue, and his face being sexy. Sensual.

The tickling sensation in his fingers gradually revived what they had done last night. How Oogami licked his nipple, his manhood, his whole body.

"Hey, stop...!"

A sweet scent emanated from Chiaki's lower body. And just by this, his manhood was gradually stiffened. He pressed it with his hand.


'No. If this happens, I'm gonna fall into lust again.'

Oogami fixed his gaze on Chiaki's face. He teased the omega by slurping the petite fingers into his mouth. Slowly, until they drenched in saliva.


Oogami's mouth is larger than that of a human.

"I know you said you don't have a wife but even if you have one, I don't think I'm interested in having a relationship with someone."

Chiaki's cheeks became hot as Oogami kept sucking his fingers.

Why all of a sudden?

"Because you hated me..."

As Chiaki spit the words, he suddenly became sad. Is omega's body really that good? It seems that Oogami is only after his body. The thought was suffocating.

However, Oogami raised his head as if surprised by the words.

"I hate you? When did I say I hate you?"

"...Well, because I called you Wolf-san and you yelled at me not to come close to you..."

Oogami groaned.

"Your reaction when you first saw me wasn’t uncommon. I didn’t really care. And seeing the children obedient and cool around you, I knew you are a good housekeeper. Your food was also delicious. Thank you."

Hearing that, although just some simple words, touched Chiaki's heart.

He was happy to be praised for his skills beyond the fact that Oogami didn't hate him.

"I told you not to come too close because for hybrid alpha, it would be hard to resist an omega. You'll be in trouble. And for me especially, the smell of omega is a great temptation even when I'm not in heat. It's an instinct, nothing I can do about it. So I thought it wouldn't be good for us if we met face to face. Anyway, sorry for being rude."

The way Oogami spoke that was rather scary, although he was considerate in his own way.

If that's the case, Chiaki should also apologize for being disrespectful.

"Me too... Sorry to disturb you at work. I'm sorry for being rude even at our first met. I was going to apologize."

"It’s not something to apologize for, but...being honest is a good factor that someone is decent as a partner."


Partner? Who's the partner?

"By the way, I’m glad I took the inhibitor too. It was also due to lack of sleep, but if I hadn't taken the inhibitor, I wouldn't have been able to go gentle to you. Or do you want me to act more like a beast tonight?"

He definitely acted like a beast enough last night.

"Uh, why are you talking as if we're doing it again tonight?”

Chiaki tried to release his hand from the wolf but was dragged back.

"Hey, Wo—No, Oogami-san!"

"It’s cute you call me that. Do you like it? But there's Ryota, so just call me Wolf-san in bed."

Why is he talking like that again?

"I-I'm... Let's go! We can't do that anymore."

They shouldn't drag on this relationship.

"What about work? Are you going to abandon your work?"

"That's, um..."


Oogami's other hand gripped Chiaki's ass.

"Hey, don’t do that!"

The omega resisted, but Oogami's hand did not loosen at all. The difference in their strength was too great.

"I'm not trying to threaten you, but your heat isn’t over yet."


Oogami's face did not say that to tease him.

"My work's not that much now. More importantly, omega’s heat lasts for about a week. You'll be in heat again tonight. How are you going to deal with yourself? Are you going to buy some adult stuff?”


The heat will come again?

Then Chiaki will not be able to keep himself sane.

"If my words sound like a lie, let's see later. If you are shy about buying adult stuff, find someone.”


Chiaki's head boiled. Unable to raise his head, the omega buried his nose in Oogami's fur.

He couldn't believe it. Oogami-san might be trying to deceive him...but what if his words are true?

Oogami reached out and gently stroked Chiaki's head.

"What are you worrying about? If you don't have a lover, there's no problem."

"But...we don't know anything about each other..."

"There's a saying that it might be love at first sight."

"You didn’t fall in love at first sight."

Now that Chiaki knew Oogami didn't hate him, that doesn't mean he made a good impression.

Instead, Oogami sounded like he wanted to keep going just because of his body. And Chiaki did not like it.