Ookami Papa - v1 chapter 3.1


part 1

Chiaki opened his eyes and looked around blankly.

He got up from the ragged bed and reached out to search for Oogami's body heat. Chiaki had lost consciousness several times throughout the night, and every time he opened his eyes again, he always wished for Oogami. His body was still hot.

His heat had not yet over.

His head was in the cloud. 


A voice cracked from Chiaki's throat, calling out to the man he was looking for.

He turned his head over almost immediately when he heard the door open.

Oogami entered the room with a water bottle in one hand. Feeling a strong thirst, Chiaki grabbed the bottle and drank the water.


The omega drank it at once, holding the plastic bottle upside down, ignoring the flow around his mouth, before throwing the empty bottle and clung onto Oogami standing in front of him.

"Hold me..."

Chiaki dragged Oogami onto the bed, seated him in a position leaning against the bedhead, then crouched between the wolf's spread legs.

Without hesitation, he sucked Oogami's manhood into his mouth.

"Ufgh... Uh... Shh... It's delicious..."

It was so sweet.

Oogami's semen mixed with his saliva, made Chiaki ecstatic.

The penis, which had already been thrust into his body several times and sprayed semen inside, responded to the pheromone and was constantly getting hard.

Oogami's semen poured out from Chiaki's mouth, staining the sheet.

On the other hand, Chiaki's lower hole trembled. As if begging to be quickly filled and pierced with a huge, hot penis again.


He looked at Ogami beyond the penis he sucked with wet eyes.

Oogami reached out and gently stroked Chiaki's head. Cupping the omega's cheeks, and pulling his little chin towards him.


This made Chiaki get up and climb onto Oogami's body and kiss him.

Overnight, they were completely used to the dense kisses that entwined each other's tongues. Oogami was not disgusted by Chiaki's lips, which had become messy with saliva and semen. Instead, he licked them cleanly.

He kept sucking Chiaki's lips while grabbing the omega's ass with both hands. Rubbing it with strong force, it felt really good on Chiaki.

"Ah... Yes..."

The omega wrapped his arms around Oogami's neck and gave him his whole body. Panting as he was buried in the soft fur of the beast. A large amount of semen poured out from Chiaki's lower hole and dripped down on the thighs. His body trembled at the sensation of it tickling his skin.

Oogami put his penis in Chiaki's ass from below.

"Lower your back," Oogami's voice cracked.

"Yes... Uhm... Ah..."

No matter how many times Oogami pierced his body, the sensation always made his back shiver.

Once the wolf put his manhood deep inside, pounding inside, Chiaki felt like he did not want to let it go.

"So good..."

As Chiaki moved his waist slowly, a feeling of pleasure like a wave surged.

He pulled his head up closer to Oogami's triangular ears and bit them with his teeth.

"You punk."

Oogami shifted his head.


Chiaki didn't want to let it go, so he held onto Oogami stronger. He bit, licked and sucked the wolf's ear, then pulled it out of his mouth and kissed it.

“You're really good at fooling around, huh? Doesn't seem you're conscious of this though.”

Oogami pinched Chiaki's nipples hard, making the omega open his mouth in a heavy pleasure whilst he pierced his bottom flesh deeper.


A sweet voice escaped Chiaki's mouth as he rubbed his forehead on Oogami's shoulder. The smell of the beast mixed with sweat from the two filled his nostrils.

They sweat when they move vigorously, but either because the room temperature was low or because the two of them had high body temperatures, their skin would quickly dry up. Chiaki snuggled his petite body into Oogami's arms, to hush the cold with the warm fur of the wolf.

It felt so good to cling to the fluffy wolf's body, so Chiaki hugged Oogami's neck as if tying their body together.

“Now, move yourself.”

Oogami, who placed a hand on Chiaki's waist, taught him how to move.

His hard penis rubbed the omega's prostate that it made Chiaki feel the pleasure so much his consciousness flew away. Pleads escaped Chiaki's mouth.

"Ahhh... More... It's so...good... More..."

The semen spurted inside made Chiaki wanted Oogami to move more and more violently.

"You're so cute..."

Oogami licked the omega's nape with his long tongue.

"Ahh... Ahh...!"

"You're small and sweet... I want to eat you whole..."

The wolf felt dizzy as he wanted to eat Chiaki's whole body at once.

"Eat...me... Wolf-san..."

Chiaki put his hands on Oogami's cheek and kissed him.

The omega had thought that maybe he would really be eaten by Oogami as soon as the man opened his mouth to kiss him back. But it didn't matter. It didn't matter if he really swallowed his whole body from head to toe.

Chiaki licked Oogami's pointed fangs. Feeling ecstatic to imagine the fangs digging deep into his skin.
He gave all his body endlessly while being dominated by the heat.

And he didn't even know when he fell into a deep slumber.

* * *


Chiaki felt something soft moving under his body. His consciousness rose to the surface.

He slept really well but was so tired that even moving a single finger was terrifying.

He barely opened his eyelids, and something like a blanket made of fur jumped into his view.

“Eh?” The blanket was strangely warm and soft.

Soon, he realized something. He was so startled that he couldn't even scream.


What he thought was a blanket was Oogami's fur reflected in the morning sun.

Oogami's grayish brown fur-covered chest, lying on the bed with Chiaki cradled over his body, moved up and down each time he breathed.

"Eh, uh... What... What...? Cough..."

Chiaki's back and neck hurt real bad. No, his whole body was hurt.

And, both of them were naked.

Oogami opened his eyes with a frown on his face, perhaps waking up by the sound of Chiaki's cough.

The omega did not know what happened, so he pulled a real blanket up to cover his body as he coughed.

"Are you okay?"

Seeing Oogami reaching out his hand to stroke Chiaki's back, he hurriedly opened the blanket just to be startled.

Oogami furrowed his eyebrows.

"Am I that scary?"

He's scary, but Chiaki just didn't know how to act in this situation.

Why aren't they wearing clothes? Why does his body hurt so much?

Chiaki looked at Oogami's face who stared at him dissatisfied. One of the wolf's hands on his neck.

"Seems like your heat is over."

Oogami's words slowly brought back Chiaki's memories. And that moment he felt like he lost all the strength.

During dinner, Chiaki's body suddenly throbbed. In hopes to ease the feeling, he clung onto Oogami. They did it several times. And each time, in the climax, he would lost his reasons and screamed.


The moment he remembered what happened, the remnants of passion flowed from the depths of Chiaki's body and spread across the sheets.

"I— I'm sorry..."

What should I do? Did I really get into heat in his house?

I even did it with my client. How do I report this to the company? No, more than that...

"Sir... I think I also need to apologize to your wife..."

Chiaki did not know if Oogami divorced or not. There is also a possibility that they are living apart.

Doing this with someone who might have a wife. Let alone children...

Chiaki was so sorry that he seemed to lose his mind. He couldn't even breathe properly.

It's the first time he had ever been caught in such a desperate feeling just by the fact that he's an omega.


What should I do to apologize? If he ever tell me to commit suicide to pay for this sins, I have no choice but to follow...

"Hey! Wake up!"

Oogami shook Chiaki's shoulder as the omega was out of breath and turned blue.

“I have no wife. I'm single. Don't panic."


As Chiaki lifted his head, his eyes met Oogami.

"But you're a father..."

Didn't his children call Oogami Papa?

"They are my sister's children. Not mine.”

Younger sister...?

"I wouldn’t deny that I act like their father but..."

Chiaki hiccuped when Oogami tried to speak. Oogami got out of his bed and turned on the heating switch.

Chiaki's body was wrapped in a blanket, but he still couldn't calm down in a naked state. So he got out of bed to put on his clothes he threw off last night.


Feeling weak and trembling, his knees unexpectedly gave up to the floor. The blanket rolled down.
"What are you trying to do?"

Oogami held Chiaki's body, causing him to panic again.


The omega was embarrassed to death realizing it must be because of the aftermath of what they did yesterday. And Oogami holding his body made him unable to keep his sanity.

Oogami contorted his face.

"Stop making weird noises.”

“Ha, b-but...”

His naked skin touched Oogami's body.

And since the man was born with fur, it was even more embarrassing because it caught Chiaki's mind that only he was naked.

Oogami smiled as he laid the blushing Chiaki on the bed and picked up the blanket from the floor.

"What, are you still shy? We did it all night long."

"Please... no. Just..."

Feeling the urge to hide his body, Chiaki wrapped himself up in the blanket.

"You're sexy. Just like last night..."

"No no no no... Please please just don't say anything!"

Chiaki's face was as red as an octopus. He covered his ears and shook his head in denial. I don't want to hear it, I don't want to recall it!

He couldn't remember everything, but he was so ugly that he wanted to bite his tongue just thinking about it in fragments.

Then, Oogami looked at him with his delighted eyes and suddenly wrapped his hands around the omega's petite body.

Chiaki's heart felt as if it was about to burst. He could feel the man's body temperature.

"No no, go please, don’t come any closer!"

"If you refuse that hard, you'll get excited more."

"No— hey!"

Scared, Chiaki grabbed the blanket and pulled it with all his might so that the wolf couldn't take it off.

"I'm kidding. I did it pretty hard last night, so it probably won't come out any more. I'm not gonna do anything, so just let me lay under the blanket too. It's cold."

The heater that has just been turned on has not yet warmed up. Although Oogami has fur all over his body, the cold will still pierce the bone.

Feeling sorry that he may caught a cold, Chiaki let go of his hand off the blanket. He was so surprised that he couldn't get the idea of ​​Oogami to wear his clothes.

The wolf wrapped his arms around Chiaki's shoulder and hugged him tightly, as if giving him an arm pillow. As if pampering him while letting his head rest on Oogami's shoulder.

Isn't it like what lovers doing after sex? No, although the sex part is right.

'Why are you doing this? ...Is it really because of the cold?'