Ookami Papa - v1 chapter 2.3


part 3

It was somewhat uncomfortable and embarrassing to have his knees lifted up and almost touching the sides of his face. The omega wanted to close his legs, but two big hands held his thighs tightly so he couldn't move. A wolf's tongue is longer than a human's. Chiaki didn't expect that Oogami's tongue would go so deep. He licked Chiaki's terrifyingly sensitive inner wall.

The obscene liquid―a mix of Chiaki's honey and Oogami's saliva, flowed out of the omega's hole and fell down around his tailbone.

It came out from the mouth of Chiaki's hole and moistened its dry lips deliciously. And as soon as Oogami's tongue penetrated deep into his hole, Chiaki's desire to ejaculate grew rapidly.

“Cum… I wanna cum…!”

In an unfree position, the omega grabbed his manhood with both hands and rubbed it in a trance. The embarrassing feeling that he was masturbating right in front of Oogami's eyes just flew away.


Screaming in a thin, high-pitched voice, he begged helplessly.

A slightly thick white liquid like magma passed through the narrow passage in Chiaki's penis and gushed onto his face which was distorted by pleasure. On the cheeks, on the chin, and in the mouth that moaned.

And yet―

"No... Eh, why...?"

His body was burning even more.

The obscene hole where Oogami had stuck his tongue wriggled and throbbed.

"We've come this far, if I don't put it in, your heat won't go down."

At Oogami's words, Chiaki realized that the throbbing would not subside anytime soon. He seized with despair.

In agony, Chiaki felt like his head was going to burn into charcoal, so he just wept and clung to the man in front of him.

"Ah...! No... inside... throbbing...!"

Oogami's longest finger entered Chiaki's hole.


Deeper than his tongue earlier, making Chiaki's penis stiffen again.

“Haah… deeper, please...”

Oogami started moving his finger, which had reached the deepest end of Chiaki's hole. The Omega shook his head and struggled.

It feels so good! The touch of his finger was stronger than his tongue, giving more pleasure when it came in and out roughly.

As Oogami slowly pulled out his finger, the hot-ripe mucous membrane was seen sticking to it.

“Ha, ah, ah… wait… don't come out…”

He stared at Oogami's finger which was about to leave from his hole, longing for more inside his body.

Chiaki's semen soaked the wolf's finger and he was dizzy at the vulgar sight.

"More... please..."

"I think it's gonna be easy to put two fingers in now."

Oogami collected his middle and ring fingers, then insert them into the omega's hole.


The omega moaned in pleasure.

Oogami's fingers made a muddy sound while going in and out, creaking into Chiaki's ear. Sometimes when the wolf spread his fingers inside, he could feel a slight tingling sensation.

"Your inside is hot... It's wet and soft, it sticks to my fingers and won't let them go... You're good at squeezing your hole."

Oogami muttered in a rapturous voice, then stuck out his long tongue and licked the area around Chiaki's crease which was swallowing his fingers. It trembled greedily at that sweet touch.

Did I just get complimented? Chiaki's heart was filled with joy. His excited brain was easily jubilant at Oogami's words.

Feeling delighted, Chiaki half screamed pleading Oogami to stop using his fingers.

“…I don't want your finger… anymore… put… it…”

Quick. I want it.

A longer and thicker penis than your fingers.

Chiaki wiggled his waist and squeezed Oogami's fingers within his obscene hole.

"This guy..."

Oogami twisted his face with a heavy breath.

"Don't encourage me... I won't be able to hold back even though I've taken suppressants."

Oogami took his hands off Chiaki and started to took off his tuxedo as if impatient.

Chiaki's vision was shaken by the wild power of the revealed hybrid alpha's naked body.

Below the neck was the shape of a dashing human body, but his whole body was covered with animal fur. He was indeed a lycanthrope.

And the shape of his erect penis between the legs―


Chiaki forgot how to breathe.

It was different from that of an ordinary human.

As well as its thickness and length, there was a lump near the root of the giant genitalia that revealed its strong presence.

Chiaki had heard of this. It is said that an alpha hybrid's manhood is wolf-like, with a lump near the root called the glans.

A block to the entrance to prevent the bond from loosening, so it can last longer inside the omega's body. This is one of the reasons why lycanthrope's fertilization rate is high.

“It's your first time and my hybrid alpha penis is too big for you. But... it will be fine. Omega's body is meant to be acceptable."

Focusing his eyes on Chiaki, Oogami rubbed his huge d*ck. Each time he rubbed it, more and more fluid flowed out of the tiny hole at the tip of his penis.

He was a beast slowly pushing its prey into a corner. And Chiaki looked at him with ecstasy as a small animal being preyed on.

Instead of taking lubricant, Oogami smeared his own body fluids on his penis. In front of Chiaki, who was motionless while staring at Oogami, the wolf licked his lips. His gleaming eyes were like those of a beast, but human words escaped his torn mouth.

"Won't you be scared to see me stick this to your hole?"

It's scary… but his body was shivering in anticipation. Was it because of the omega instinct? His manhood hardened that it throbbed. Chiaki wanted to lick and suck that huge d*ck instead. Just by imagining it, white liquid flowed out of his hole again.

Oogami turned Chiaki's body upside down, who didn't give a reply.

“I hate it. It looks like a beast's, but with this position, I think I can fit it without putting a strain on your body. Lower your head.”

Oogami pressed the back of Chiaki's head, which then made the omega's butt raise higher.

Chiaki was too embarrassed to point his omega hole at Oogami. He could even hear his blood spreading throughout his body. He was somewhat excited when his head was pressed down by Oogami as if by force.

One of Oogami's hands grabbed Chiaki's butt. With his thumbs, he spread the flesh of Chiaki's a*s to the side, exposing the drenched bud. White honey trickled out of the omega's hole and fell down the inside of his thigh.

“Can't believe you want me so much that you're drooling like this… I'll make you squeeze mine until you're satisfied.”


A hot lump started to touch the center of Chiaki's ass. His heart was pounding fast. Deep down at the waist, something seemed to be reaching out to greet the man. It was the first time Chiaki had felt this way.

Instead of tightening, the hole where Oogami's manhood touched, opened on its own as if breathing.

"From now on, I'm not gonna stop even if you cry begging to stop."

I'm not going to tell you to stop.

I want you.

Hurry up.

Pour your cum deep into my body and let it spill over!

The flesh of Chiaki's hole greedily opened its mouth. Swallowing the tip of the penis that was ready to push in hard.

"Oh my God... Ah!"

When Chiaki tried to bend over, Oogami held back his head hard and blocked it.

"Hey... Ah... Ahhhh!"

Each time Oogami went deep into Chiaki's body, a chilling sensation spread on his back. His wide-open mucous membrane wrapped around the wolf's hot mass.


So deep.

Chiaki's back twitched with the force. Naturally, he leaned forward to accept Oogami's d*ck deeper.

The sensation of a long and large penis splitting his omega body was incredible. His whole nerves were focused on his lower body. The happy mucous membrane that finally got what it wanted was clinging with all its might as if it wouldn't let go.

"What the hell is...? ...amazing... This...”

Oogami groaned low.

The terrifying mass entered the depths of the omega's body very deeply.

Then, when the wolf's glans which had a large lump of flesh finally rubbed his hole mouth, Chiaki felt the illusion of a penis coming out of his body.

"Uh... Ah..."

Chiaki rubbed his cheek against the sheet. Saliva flowed from naturally opened lips to escape from the shock. Chiaki's skinny legs trembled.

Somehow, the omega felt so relieved by the heat that filled his body. He couldn't move a finger because of the pain, yet he seemed to feel complete...


Oogami bent down to touch Chiaki's back, then bit the nape of his neck from the side.

Beneath Oogami's fur-covered chest, Chiaki's heart started beating even faster. The wolf placed his palm on the back of Chiaki's hand, gripping it tightly between his fingers.

Then, Chiaki was no longer able to move his body.

The warm breath of the beast touched Chiaki's neck. He felt that Oogami's fangs would pierce his soft neck even deeper if he put up any resistance.

This is mating.


Oogami's manhood swelled up inside his body.

"Huh, what's that?"

Chiaki tried to turn his head away, feeling embarrassed because his inner wall was stabbed so much deeper, but―

Oogami growled as if scolding him.

"Oh my God... Ugh... Ahhh!"

In the narrow passage, Oogami's penis gradually swelled up. The stretched inner wall had reached its limit to the point there were no longer any creases. It felt like it was going to tear, causing Chiaki to suffocate.

Lycanthrope's mating!

The special s*x of lycanthrope, which Chiaki had studied in health class as a student, came to his mind.

The mating method of a lycanthrope and a wolf is similar because they are closely related.

They inserted their erected penis deep into an omega's body until it is ejaculated several times. The penis will last quite a while inside as it is locked by the glans. They are the same. They do that for fertilization. Having s*x to make children.

Oogami poked deep into the waist.


Chiaki's body was wet inside. Hot body fluids spread through the gaps in the wall of his tightly filled hole. Each time he moved his waist, Chiaki could feel his inner body drenched. He shuddered.

"Kuh... Ugh... Ah... uh... uh... Ah!"

More intense.

Chiaki's whole body shivering from the glans block. He fell into a wave of pleasure.

It felt like the organ that can carry a child was going down because it wanted strong male semen, while the mouth of his a*s hole continued to suck on Oogami's d*ck. It wanted to drink semen like a thirsty person.

"Oh, more...! Soak me more...! Pour out your semen more! Lots... lots more...!”

Chiaki groaned, feeling his bottom hole squeeze Oogami's manhood.

His head was full of his desire for semen. No other.

Chiaki's body burned with the high temperature of Oogami, the wet tip of his nose, and the exhilarated breath from his open mouth.

“Aaah, ah, more...! Ah, it feels good, this... more...!”

The omega didn't even know what his own mouth was shrieking about. He just felt good about Oogami's penis stirring inside his body.

Feeling like an animal in human form.

A slave to s*x.

But it felt so good. Chiaki couldn't believe there was such a pleasant thing in this world. Why didn't he know until now?

Each time his body shivering, his vision flickered in white. Body fluid was constantly dripping from the tip of Chiaki's manhood. He didn't know whether he was ejaculating or not because his sense of climax continued endlessly.

"Ah ahh... Uwah!"

How many hours had he been moaning?

Oogami's hand, which was covered in wolf fur, reflected in Chiaki's unfocused eyes. The man held his hand tightly.


With a groan, Oogami's manhood swelled even more and stabbed deep into Chiaki's inner wall. And when the omega finally felt a large amount of semen gushing up his stomach, his consciousness exploded in white.