Ookami Papa - v1 chapter 2.2


part 2

"You've taken suppressants...?"

It felt like Chiaki was being told an obscene that it ached his heart so much. But he didn't take the suppressant because he wanted to!

The tip of his nose twitched. Tears overflowed as if they were pushing away the pain.

“Uh... ughhh... ugh...”

It was so sad and heart-wrenching. The omega couldn't hold back his tears at the thought of being despised by this man. He wanted to tear his body apart so badly. Why couldn't he control his lust and move?

"Hey... don't cry. I was wrong. I didn't mean— Gosh, I took suppressant too..."

Chiaki felt a little relieved as Oogami's big hand stroked his hair.

This alpha may be blunt and had a scary appearance, but he had his own way to soothe Chiaki. And perhaps because of Chiaki's pheromone, his eyes flashed with excitement. They were frighteningly serious.

"So it really was you... I always believed I could meet you one day. You're my...”

Oogami's hot eyes penetrated Chiaki. But his whole body was in so much pain that he couldn't hear the last part well.

"I've been wanting to see you... You too, did you?"

Chiaki didn't understand what the wolf was saying. With his current state, it was impossible to determine whether those words had any meaning or not.

“Help me… Please… please do something…!”

Instinct knows without experience. Only a man's semen can quench his thirst now.

Chiaki wanted the dashing wolf's sperm standing in front of him!

"Embrace me...!"

Chiaki pushed himself into Oogami's arms as if he was being coquettish. He would probably bite his tongue when he comes back to his senses later. But it didn't matter now. If he didn't quench this lust somehow, it felt like he would go crazy.

"How are you usually? Do you have a lover?"

Chiaki shook his head. Arms tightened around Oogami's neck.

"...No, no! It's my first... I don't know...!"

Until now, even when he was going through the most intense period of estrus, after masturbating several times, Chiaki would only feel tired and fall asleep. The usual plain and dull him was now unexpectedly overcome with such a strong lust.

Is this the true omega estrus? He couldn't calm this down alone.

Please, please, help me—!

“Your first time? I'm glad... then. There's no need to refuse if you really don't have a lover."

Oogami's eyes were bright with joy. He took off his glasses before climbing onto Chiaki's body. Which of course accepted with pleasure by the omega.


Oogami licked Chiaki's ear.


Even such a small touch was enough to numb Chiaki's tailbone.

"Did you just call me Wolf-san?"

Chiaki's head was only filled with desire for sperm, he couldn't get any other words out.

Isn't it true? What do people call you? Is it—


Gulp, Oogami gasped as he swallowed his breath.

The wolf hastily pressed his palm against Chiaki's mouth. His eyes squinted angrily.

“I made up my mind to be gentle with you. Don't blow my mind away."

Then what should I call you?

Seeing Chiaki's eyes wet with heat, Oogami let out a low voice from the bottom of his throat.

“...You can call me wolf-san...”

"Do you have any condoms or...?" Oogami asked while unbuttoning Chiaki's shirt.

Most omegas always carry a condom to avoid unwanted pregnancy. But Chiaki, being inexperienced, never felt the need to carry condoms around with him. He believed that if one day he has a boyfriend, it's never too late to prepare before having sex.

He really never imagined this would happen!

Chiaki shook his head from side to side, almost sobbing in pain.

“I never bought one… But it's gonna be okay, right?”

The omega didn't understand his own words, but it didn't matter. For now, his mind was only filled with the desire to relieve his heat.

"I want...!"

Oogami kissed and bit Chiaki's lips. His tongue, which was longer than Chiaki's, moving inside his mouth. A chill down the back of his neck as Oogami licked the inside of his teeth and the roof of his mouth.

"Hah... Ah, ah, more..."

This was Chiaki's first time accepting someone else's tongue, and he didn't dislike it. Instead, his tongue entangled Oogami's to ask for more.

In contrast to the low room temperature, the air around them was getting hotter and hotter.

It feels so good... So good...!

The more intense, their tongues intertwined.

Oogami's fingers, which had unbuttoned Chiaki's shirt, pinched his anticipated nipples.


Their lips parted. Chiaki crawling back to take off his sweater. A strong scent of pheromones wafted from the omega's armpit as his hands were thrown over his head.

Oogami felt a little dizzy at the pheromone, he squinted his eyes. The wolf caught Chiaki's wrists and pressed them with one hand, licking the omega's armpit with his long tongue. Drawn to the scent.

“Hah, ah…!”

His manhood was twitching at an overly intense pleasure.

Huff huff huff

Oogami breathed roughly and moved his tongue persistently. Chiaki, who was sucked in by the beast's lust, also feeling excited. Each time the alpha licked his skin, pleasure was directly directed to his manhood and twisted his waist.

"There... If you lick... it hurts...”

Chiaki felt so much pleasure that it almost hurt. He shook his head and whined in a childlike way.

The honeyed scrotum clumped tightly under his jeans. Oogami didn't even touch that part, but his manhood was red and swollen.

Oogami savored Chiaki and made a murky voice.

"I think I'm going to fall for it... What the hell is your body... What is it made of? It's so sweet...”


Chiaki leaned his back and struggled under Oogami's body to escape from the intense pleasure. However, on the contrary, it encouraged Oogami to do more. He stroked Chiaki's chest with his free hand. Chiaki was thin, yet Oogami squeezed his chest like he squeezed a woann's breasts. A scream erupted from Chiaki's wet lips as Oogami rubbed and pinched his nipples.

“No, it hurts...! Ah, I'm scared…!”

No matter how hard he struggled, Chiaki's strength couldn't defeat Oogami in the slightest. His whole skin trembled like an electric shock. It was hot. Every part of his body was throbbing.

His head started to get foggy, scared of what he was doing for the first time. His body stiffened.

“Your body just feels too much pleasure. Don't think anything. Just enjoy it."

Oogami, full of excitement, raised Chiaki's head and licked his lips.


“You have no choice but to enjoy in a situation like this. It's an omega's instinct. Just enjoy it..."

Chiaki suddenly lost strength in his body. His confused brain subconsciously followed Oogami's words.


His rosy nipples were throbbing and begging to be touched.

It must feel so good licked by that hot tongue?

"Hah... lick... please..."

Chiaki's thoughts accidentally left his mouth.

Oogami licked Chiaki's lips as if praising his courage.

As they kissed, the hand that was holding Chiaki's wrist loosened. Chiaki hugged Oogami's head and neck with his free hands.

While his nipples were licked, he gently pulled Oogami's head to his chest and pressed him down. Oogami didn't reject.

The tip of the wolf's nose drew closer. His clear pink tongue gently wrapped Chiaki's pointed nipples.

"Ah... Hah..."

It was sweet. Oogami carefully licked the side of Chiaki's nipple with the tip of his tongue, as if stretching the bulge further. Keep licking and sucking.

"Ha... Ugh... Ah..."

It felt like sucking milk that will never come out.

"So good..."

Oogami's triangular ears covered in soft grayish-brown fur touched Chiaki's chin. Warm. It was proof that there was blood flowing just like Chiaki. A sudden loveliness rose and he bit the tip of the pointed ear.

In his mouth, the wolf's ears moved. It was not annoying, so he bit and sucked them more.

"You're quite good at it."

Oogami squinted his eyes.

"What a cute guy."

He looked up and kissed Chiaki.

"Wolf-san likes to kiss..."

His head was empty when he was kissed.

But it made sense. He felt really good. Their hot tongue seemed to melt and become one. Chiaki's first kiss with Oogami. Would it feel so good to kiss someone else?

Each time Oogami sucked his tongue, Chiaki felt ecstatic. Each time Oogami bit his tongue, Chiaki's waist twitched in pleasure.

"Hah... Hah... my waist..."

Deep inside his lower abdomen, there was a violent throbbing as if another heart had formed. Chiaki subconsciously turned his back and rubbed his lower body with Oogami's.

The wolf unbuttoned his jeans, sweater, and Chiaki's underwear. A sweet pheromone rose like steam filling up the room.


A honey-like scent of sap that attracts alpha males.

It was intoxicating.

Grrr... Oogami's eyes flashed with the lust of an animal.

I'm gonna be eaten—!

Chiaki could feel that strong desire. A mixture of fear and excitement ran down his spine. He was born to be eaten by Oogami. Pleasant adrenaline enveloped his body.

With his mouth wide open and drooling, Oogami grabbed Chiaki's legs from below and lifted them boldly.


He turned the omega's body upside down and lifted his hips high. Then put his mouth into Chiaki's twitching hole and took a sip of the melted honey.


Oogami twisted his tongue inside Chiaki's hole and sucked in all the honey violently.

“Ah… stop… I don't like this…!”

The squelching sound pushed Chiaki into the sea of shame. But at the same time, his brain was also boiling with excitement.