Ookami Papa - v1 chapter 2.1


part 1

"Ryota, put Santa up here… Yes, good job!”

Ryota's little hands carefully placed a Santa Claus-shaped sugar cookie on top of a pastiche cake tower.


“It's like a tree!”

The children clapped cheerfully.

Knowing that the family did not prepare any Christmas cakes, Chiaki took the initiative to make them with the children. It still looked luxurious and gave off a Christmas vibe even though it was the kind of cake that children can easily make.

Using fresh cream as an adhesive, the pastiche which was available at the mart stacked in a cone shape and decorated with fruits, mints, and other stuff.

After that, add Santa Claus to complete the buche crocan-style Christmas tree cake!

"Just before you eat, you sprinkle sugar powder like snow."

Maybe the kids want to eat with his father rather than with me. He might get angry again if I disturb him, but...

"I'll go upstairs and ask your papa."

Chiaki got up, but Jun interrupted, "Don't do that."

The boy's expression was bitter.

"He's not coming down anyway."

"Yeah, but I'm just going to ask. It's Christmas. If we just play amongst ourselves like this, your papa might cry because he thinks he's being ostracized."

Chiaki tried to be funny, Jun groaned.

"I'm sure he's gonna refuse."

Chiaki knew it was presumptuous, but he wanted the children to be happier.

Climbed up to the second floor and taking a deep breath, Chiaki talked to Oogami at the door.

"Wolf—Oogami-san, I'm sorry for interrupting your work. I've prepared dinner, would you like to have dinner with the kids?"

"Just leave some for me."

Chiaki was determined to scream as loud as yesterday, but a low growl came back.

"Okay, if you don't want me to join, I'll be gone. But today is Christmas Eve. Don't you want to eat with the kids?"

Yesterday, the man said to Chiaki not to come any closer, which means Chiaki's presence was unpleasant. Maybe if Oogami wants to come down and eat with the kids, it would be good for Chiaki to leave the house for a while after making an excuse that he forgot something at the store earlier?

"…I'll take my suppressant, so go ahead."

Chiaki's face turned red at that.

The suppressant Oogami said was an alpha suppresant. Did that mean he had made Oogami-san have his sexual desire? It's not his rut, but in certain cases, like the current Chiaki, he also needs a suppressant. Did his male pheromone still leak? Or maybe he's more sensitive than other alpha hybrids?

Recalling last night's shameful act, Chiaki rushed back to the kitchen and wrapped his hot cheeks with both hands.

"Oh my God, Chi-chan, your face is red."

“Eh, huh, what…? Ah, your papa will be down soon."

"Really? Woah!"

With a pounding heart, Chiaki prepared snowman soup for Oogami.

Oogami appeared in the dining room.

“Papa, you're cool!”

The children screamed in amazement.

They thought the man would be wearing his usual clothing, but he changed into a beige tuxedo like a foreign actor who got out of a movie instead. Round Lloyd's glasses, which did not look good to Chiaki's eyes at their first meeting, now gave off an intellectual vibe.

"What? It's Christmas, don't you guys wear suits?"

Chiaki couldn't read the wolf's expression. Was he being serious or joking?

Even so, seeing Oogami who came wearing a suit like this, Chiaki felt ashamed to have only a row of childish menus. The man didn't say anything, but he might be disappointed.

But the kids are happy at least...

Chiaki comforted himself.


Seeing the snowman stew and tree cake, Oogami unexpectedly took out a cell phone from his pocket.

"Do you mind if I take a picture?"

"Oh, of course."

While Oogami was taking pictures, Ren whispered to Chiaki secretly.

"Papa looks so scary on the outside, but he really likes cute stuff."

That's really surprising. Chiaki was glad he liked the cake.

“So maybe Chi-chan will like him too. Because papa is sweet."

"No way."

His face turned slightly red at the child's teasing words.

Jun pointed the tree cake at Oogami.

“Papa, we made this cake. Chi-chan taught us. And Ryota was the one who put Santa at the top!"

"Oh, good job! It looks delicious."

Oogami wiggled his beard. He seemed sincere in saying that, causing Jun to laugh triumphantly. Ryota smiled from ear to ear and wiggled his body. The children love to have dinner with their father.

Chiaki thought it would be best if he stays as far away from Oogami-san as possible, so he sat on the opposite side of the wolf. However, the two of them became facing each other. Chiaki's gaze kept falling into Oogami's.

Beige tuxedo combined with his gray-brown fur looked surprisingly good together. His strong chest with dignified muscles and his fingers that handled cutlery skillfully, made the person gave off a wild sexy male aura. Chiaki's heart ached just looking at him.

The Omega never knew an alpha hybrid male could be so attractive. Indeed, he had heard rumors that omega had a stronger sex appeal than normal alphas, but this was the first time he had experienced it. Alpha hybrids look different from humans. Frankly, they are more like animals. Chiaki was more conscious of the man when he said that he need to use the inhibitor first. To Oogami-san, did that mean he was seen as a sexual object?

Due to the fact that he was an omega, countless people were looking at Chiaki as a mere sexual object. It used to be really annoying, but right now he didn't hate it at all. Rather... he kept glancing at the man across from him. Blood was running down Chiaki's cheeks to the point he couldn't taste the food he was chewing.

Chiaki was trying hard to concentrate on his food, but every move Oogami made bothered him.

What should he do? It's kind of weird. His heart was pounding and he couldn't calm himself down. Scared... ah no. This was different.


His body suddenly felt hot. There was a tingling sensation that burned the back of his neck as well as sweat starting to drip under his armpits.

This... This feeling...

Across the table, Oogami was sniffing like he was looking for something. When he raised his head, his eyes met Chiaki's.


Chiaki could feel a wet sensation below his hips.

No way!


"Somehow you smell sweet."

Chiaki rose from his chair with a loud rattling voice.

As he lifted his waist, the omega could feel a slightly hot liquid oozing out of his body, soaking his underpants.


Chiaki lost strength in his lower body. So he sat back down unknowingly.

On his chair, Oogami's eyes were wide open.


His estrus has started―!

A wet sensation spread between Chiaki's legs as if he had just peed. The omega was confused and on the verge of crying. The hole between his a*s twitched. Hot and slippery liquid flowed out.

Why? It should be still very long!

“Chi-chan, what's wrong? Are you okay?" One of the kids asked worriedly.

"Don't come near him!" Oogami's voice boomed at Jun and Ren, who were about to run in a hurry.

The two of them stopped moving. Ryota, who was still sitting on the chair, burst into tears.

Oogami approached Chiaki with a stern expression on his face. The omega's body trembled as the wolf looked closely at his lower body. In instinctive fear and― lust.

He could even feel it himself. His eyes that looked up at Oogami were wet with greed.

Oogami squinted his golden eyes.

"Catch you."

His hug made Chiaki's heart beat so fast that it felt like it wanted to jump out.

The Omega buried his nose in the soft fur on the back of Oogami's neck, taking a deep breath. His lower stomach felt tight. His body was throbbing in an unbearable way.

Oogami's head turned to the table while carrying Chiaki.

"June, Ren. Clean up and take Ryota to the room after you finish the dinner. Don't worry, it's okay. This person is not sick. But don't come near the guest room tonight, understand?"

Jun and Ren looked at Oogami with worried eyes. Their wolf father in a strong voice, repeated, "Understand?"

Both nodded.

Chiaki's body was throbbing like crazy. But seeing the frightened faces of the kids, he cried because he felt so sorry.

I'm sorry... Sorry...

Why did this have to happen?

Oogami's clothes swept against his skin as the wolf walked, spreading a chilling sensation. He struggled in that warm embrace.

"Hah, hah..." An indecent sound escaped Chiaki's nose.

His body stiffened with shame. The children most likely also heard the sound he just made. He felt so pathetic that he almost cried. So he grabbed the hem of Oogami's tuxedo and squeezed it tight.

Nevertheless, Oogami's smell was so sensual that he wanted to attack the deeply torn mouth right next to his face.

Hurry up, get me out of the kids' eyes. I don't know what to do. Hurry up!

His body was agitated as they arrived at the room. So did the constant honey that seeped into his jeans.

—I'm tired. My body is hot... My head is about to melt... Help me!

As soon as they entered the room and the door was locked, Chiaki impulsively hung around Oogami's neck.

Oogami took big steps across the room. Laying Chiaki's body on the bed as if throwing him.

The room with the heater turned off was cold. The sheet was also cold, but Chiaki didn't mind at all because he felt like he was on fire.

The Omega scratched his chest. He felt pain and wanted comfort.

"Please... Help me..."

It was completely unexpected that estrus could be this painful.

"Magic Maid said that your estrus has passed some time ago, is this also estrus?"

"No, it's always every three months..."

Some omegas had unstable estrus cycles, but Chiaki didn't have many abnormalities. So he was even more confused.

"Where's your suppressant?" Oogami looked around the room.

"I've... took it...!"

Chiaki had taken his suppressant this morning. His next heat period was indeed still far, but it was an act just in case something unexpected happens.