Ookami Papa - v1 chapter 1.3


part 3

Oogami's words felt like a knife piercing his heart.

Chiaki looked at the door still holding the tray. After dropping his gaze on the food he had brought for Oogami, he once again stared at the door of the room where Oogami was.

...Oogami-san hates Omegas.

In this society, discrimination is against the law. Yet in practice, it still happens every so often. Even since Chiaki was still in school. Omega is an easy target for bullying.

The world has no mercy on omega, the small and weak ones.

While the hybrid alpha, which has a different appearance than humans in general, is very highly respected by society because of their superiority―abilities, proudly large body, and above all, they have sacrificed in order to save humankind from destruction.

Ah, but I also accidentally called him hybrid alpha right in front of his face.

Oogami must have felt upset too. So even though he had offended Chiaki for being an omega, there was nothing he can do about it. He brought that by himself.

Chiaki bit his lips tightly. He then turned his body around and went down the stairs. When he returned to the kitchen with a somewhat sad expression, Jun lowered his eyebrows.

“Just like I said.”


Chiaki's heart was still pounding. Their first meeting a few hours ago and the incident that had just happened, for Oogami, Chiaki must the most disliked staff member of Magic Maid.

It seemed that his determination would be broken, but he had no choice. He has to make up for it with his work skills.


A small sound was heard. When Chiaki lifted his head, Ryota was seen had spilled his soup and got his clothes dirty.

The little boy looked at Chiaki with fear in his teary eyes, thinking that he will be scolded.

Chiaki smiled softly and squatted next to Ryota, looking up from below.

"It's okay, I'll clean it up.”


He patted Ryota's head, making the boy's triangular ears perked up.

Jun licked his lips and furrowed his eyebrows again.

“My dad is not angry, but he often puts on a bad face a lot. That’s why Ryota thinks you're angry too, he’s scared.”

Given Oogami's attitude, he might also treat the children the same as Chiaki. He seemed to be busy, so he must have left all the child care to the helper before. He is a typical father that did not know how to take care of children.

"I see... Ryota, Papa won't be angry just as your nii-chan said. I'll clean up everything, so don't worry and eat your food, okay?"

Nodding his head, Ryota clumsily moved his spoon and ate the soup.  Although covered in wolf fur, his hands are shaped like a human.

Jun and Ren talked to Ryota to cheer him up.

“Ryota, you use the spoon well. Can you use a fork too?”

"Isn't the food Chichan made delicious? He made milk jelly for dessert. He loves Ryota!"

The boy then smiled ear to ear and said, “Chichan, thank you for the food...!”

Chiaki suddenly felt the urge to pet him at how cute his voice was.


In the middle of the night, Chiaki woke up feeling thirsty.

His body was strangely hot.

After dinner, Chiaki cleaned up and took a bath with the children. The four of them played in the bathroom for quite a while. Maybe that's what caused his body felt a bit hot and his head dizzy.

After brushing his teeth and trying to calm the children who made a ruckus wanting to sleep with him, he put Ryota to sleep before going back into his room.

If they sleep together, Chiaki won't be able to let them go.

It was nice to be welcomed warmly by the children of this house, but Chiaki is the type of person who gets anxious easily if they separate later. And if they had been sleeping without an adult until now, it is better not to break that habit.

Of course, he left the children's room with a promise that they could call him right away if anything happens.

The residential area, which had little traffic even during the day, seemed to sink into silence at night.

The heat was not because of the luxurious feather quilt, but it was as if Chiaki's body had a fever. Feeling uncomfortable, he kept tossing and turned his body around in bed.


The lower part of his body stood tight.

Did I have a wet dream?

Chiaki put his palm inside his pants and rubbed his penis slightly. A throbbing sensation spread. There was a sweet smell of wetness coming from his lower body.

When excited, the male omega buds release a scent as soft as female genitalia, and honey-like-lubricant oozing from the inside.

Chiaki had never put his finger inside because he's scared. Instead, he stimulated his penis and rubbed his nipples at the same time each time masturbating. However, his bottom hole that started to twitch now felt like burning. The desire to put his fingers in swelled rapidly.

I'm sorry about what I'm going to do at your place, but...

It was too hard for Chiaki to endure.

Sorry..., apologizing in his heart, Chiaki squat up and spread his legs wide open as if he was riding on something. It felt good that his soft scrotum and hole were stimulated at the same time.


Chiaki swayed his lower body part back and forth, rubbed it on the sheet, then put his hand into his pants again and grabbed his penis.

To prevent the pajamas and sheets from getting dirty, he bit the end of his shirt and rolled it up, also stretching out his left hand and grabbed several layers of tissue.

"Ah... uh..."

The omega held back his voice with the shirt on his mouth, but it was even more exhilarating as he was having trouble breathing. Even though he didn't prepare anything like some s*x tools, his young body easily got excited just by imagining it.

A glimpse of adult videos and magazines he had ever seen flashed into his mind.

Among all sexuality, omega's sexual desire is probably the strongest one. And rather than hugging a sexy woman, Chiaki was swept away by the delusion of being caressed by a dashing man.

In his head, Chiaki imagined a scene beneath the face of his faceless lover. His lover stroked Chiaki's body with his hot palms, wetting his sensitive parts with his tongue, and whispered him sweet words.

"Ugh... Huff...”

His breathing became harsh.

His hands moved faster.

His inner wall, which had never been touched by a man's heat even once, was throbbing by the delusion―a man who kissed his lips gently and Chiaki who cried sweetly clinging to his lover.

"Oh great... It feels so good... I love it...!"

He fantasized about having happy s*x with his lover, deeply in love, saying that they love each other.


Just a little more.

In a flash, the face of the lover in Chiaki's delusion suddenly changed to Oogami's.

Right at that moment, a warm white liquid spurted on his hand and in an instant, Chiaki was enveloped in melted pleasure.


He adjusted the end of his shirt to its original place.

“Huff... Ah...”

The omega was still aroused even after his ejaculation. Goosebumps rose all over his body, making him trembled.

Why...why it had to be Oogami-san?

He met the alpha for the first time just today. Moreover, Oogami was such a scary person.

"I'm sorry..."

Even though Chiaki didn't think of the man on purpose, but remembering his face just now in his fantasy, Chiaki subconsciously apologized for using him to reach his climax. Still, it felt really good.

A moment later, Chiaki started to clean up the mess sluggishly.

When he threw the tissue paper into the trash can, he remembered that he was feeling thirsty.

He went out into the cold, quiet hallway and into the kitchen to relieve his throat.

The dinner that Chiaki left at the table for Oogami disappeared. Instead, there was a note.

It was a note that Chiaki left in front of Oogami's room.

[I’ll heat the food, so please tell me whenever you’re hungry.]

Below Chiaki's memo, Oogami's writing continued.

[Thank you for the food.]

Dishes were washed and placed neatly on the drying rack despite it is okay to just put it in the sink.

Chiaki was, indeed, hurt by Oogami's words, but it was also Chiaki's fault for interrupting him in the middle of his work.

"So Wolf-san, you're actually not a scary person."

As he mumbled that, somehow Chiaki's lower abdomen tightened again.