Ookami Papa - v1 chapter 1.2


part 2

Upon coming back from surprise, Chiaki's legs felt weak. He placed his hand on the edge of the door and leaned his body against it.

This was the first time he had seen a hybrid Alpha in real life. Only a few seconds, yet Oogami's form was strongly engraved in Chiaki's mind. It felt as if something in Oogami had jumped into his chest and lodged there.

Chiaki's heart, which had stopped, started beating again. It made a loud pounding sound as if something hitting his chest. Beads of sweat slowly trickled all over Chiaki's body. The heat in his lower abdomen, which he had felt a moment ago, returned.

He put his hand on the lower abdomen, feeling a strange sensation, like a throbbing pulse.

'What is this...'

Oogami's eldest son and the other boy, who seemed to be the second, held up Chiaki's bag of ingredients without being ordered.

"Sorry. Papa is always like that.”

“Come in, come in. Uh, Hari... What's your name again?”

Chiaki hurriedly said his name again.

“It's Harigaya Chiaki. Call me Chiaki-sensei...” He bit the inside of his mouth as he spoke.

The children looked up at him with a strange expression.

He shouldn't do that. However, each time he sees a child, Chiaki unknowingly gets into the habit of being in a nursery school. It's been a year, but he still had the habit of repeatedly telling children to call him sensei.

"Just call me whichever you think is easier, whether it’s Harigaya or Chiaki. Would you tell me your names too?"

As soon as Chiaki changed his way of speaking to a childish tone, the eldest son looked slightly embarrassed, but the second son responded with joy.

"I'm Ren!”

While the eldest son replied briefly, “Jun.”

Ren turned his body into the house and beckoned to the little shadow sticking his face out of the console table in the corridor.

“Ryota, c'mere.”

Chiaki was genuinely surprised to see the youngest walked out of his hideout.

‘This child is also a hybrid alpha!’

The youngest, with the face of a little brown wolf, ran and hid behind Jun with plump, light footsteps as if he was crossing a hot road quickly.

The little hybrid alpha looked at Chiaki from behind Jun's back. But it was clear at a glance that the boy was interested in Chiaki.

He saw many children like this in the nursery. They actually wanted to talk to Chiaki. And Chiaki wanted to talk to them too. They're not a bad kid, just need a little more time than the other kids to get used to him.

No forcing those kids to make eye contact and keep telling them that Chiaki hasn't forgotten about them. Once they get used to it, a child like Ryota will become even more clingy.

Chiaki squatted down, looking at Ryota's level, spoke slowly, in a voice as friendly as possible.

“Ryota, my name is Chiaki. Starting today, I'm the one who will help with the housework.”


It's lovely that the youngest one was not very good at pronunciation. Some said that hybrid alphas learn to speak late. It was difficult to pronounce words with a wolf's mouth. That may be one of the reasons why Ryota hide his face.

Seeing Chiaki smiling at him, Ryota was embarrassed and buried his face near Jun's waist.

Ren exclaimed, “Then let’s call him Chi-chan! So Ryota can also call him that, right?”

Ryota didn't raise a voice to answer, but he wagged a fluff tail from his trousers with an extra hole.


"Thank you. I'm glad you gave me a cute nickname."

“Come in, I’ll show you to Chi-chan’s room.”

Chiaki was urged to go into the house with the three kids.

The living room was messy with games and toys, but Chiaki thought it would be worth it to organize. On the wall stood a foreign-made rechargeable cordless vacuum cleaner, popular for its stylish design.

‘Do wolves shed a lot of hair in winter?’

Chiaki unconsciously replaced Oogami with 'wolf' (Ookami) before hastily corrected himself in mind.

But indeed, Oogami's huge stature was fit him well each time Chiaki thought of wolves, to the extent he did not realize that both had almost the same vocabulary.

It must have been a coincidence, but it was easy to imagine that Oogami might have been teased a lot as a child.

Be careful not to address him Ookami. Chiaki warned himself as the word "Ookami-san" keep repeated in his head. Their first meeting really left a strong impression on Chiaki.

No, Chiaki shook his head and drove "Ookami-san" out of his brain.

Chiaki moved his foot to the kitchen and opened the bag of ingredients, putting the necessary stuff in the refrigerator. When he checked the seasonings and cooking utensils, he was relieved that nothing was lacking.

“Papa works on the second floor. Chi-chan will use the guest room on the first floor.”

Ren took Chiaki's hand and led him into a western-style room with a separate lock along the corridor.

The window's screen was closed as it had not been used for a while. Chiaki turned on the light and set the Boston bag down on the floor.

"Thank you. I'll go to the living room after I pack up my things, so wait there."


Ren's smiling face shone like the sun. Looking at the boy, Chiaki's heart brightened.

They're so cute. I'm glad I came to this house.

With a smile, Chiaki opened the window to ventilate. Feeling the cool breeze gently brushed his cheek.

―Will I ever have children?

He didn't know.

Omegas without a partner will keep on taking their suppressants during estrus, which usually comes once every few months.

Especially in the early stages of estrus, when strong pheromones are released, it is normal for omegas to take a break from work and stay at home. This is what people call estrus leave. It's also recognized by the Labor Standards Act.

Without taking pills, Chiaki's sexual desire is at a level that he can handle on his own, but he still took them to avoid getting assaulted by someone who has lost their temper.

It's easy for alphas to just break up if they have a lover or spouse. However, omegas, without a partner, wanders the streets, spraying pheromone for a man. Suppressant is of great significance for preventing such behaviors.

Chiaki vowed that he will never open his body to anyone unless that person is someone kind and sympathetic.

Indeed, he was often ridiculed for being stiff, for his stone head. But he just doesn't want to be promiscuous.

Some people still treat omega with a judging look because of the historical background―omegas were treated as sexual toys or tools for childbirth. In foreign countries, it is said that omegas are sometimes even traded at a high price as a pet.

It doesn't matter if he grows old alone, as long as he doesn't lose his dignity as a human being swept away by carnal lust.

'It's lonely, but...'

For some reason, Oogami's face flashed through Chiaki's mind. He did not know why. Was the hybrid alpha he saw for the first time a while ago that impressive?

When he thought of Oogami, Chiaki's waist was churning for nothing. He couldn't calm himself down. He was afraid because he couldn't figure out what kind of emotion made his heart throbs, similar to anxiety.

Chiaki tried to change his mood by putting his hands together to suppress his chest, which was starting to pound.

“Okay, I don’t have time to slack off. I've got a lot of work to do.”

He picked up the duvet by the bed and, after spreading it out, patted it a few times for air circulation. He moved his change of clothes from the Boston bag to the closet in the room and put on his favorite blue apron.

When Chiaki went back to the living room, the children were playing games and chatting a lot.

“Jun, I’m sorry but I need to talk to your Papa.”

“Uh, Papa would be very upset if you interrupted him while working.”

Come to think of it, earlier Ren said that he was working on the second floor.

Before starting to work, housekeeper must get detailed instructions from the owner of the house, including where they can and cannot enter the parts of the house. What they can use and what they can't touch. Besides, Chiaki made a mistake in their first meeting, so he needs to greet Oogami properly.

"Is that so... What time your papa finishes his work today?”

“It will probably never end.”

'Never end?'

"Well...may I ask what your papa is doing?”

“Write a book.”

'He's a book writer? Then better not to interfere.'

Well, the content of the request was to take care of all household chores and children, so let's use only the minimum necessary tools and consumables as far as common sense is possible.

He'll be out of the room at dinner time, so I can ask him later.

"Okay then. Now, I need to clean the living room. It gets cold when I open the window, so could you three go to your own room? I'll go call you when dinner is ready. And if anyone knows where the bucket and the mop are, I'd love if you tell me."

As the eldest son, Jun ordered the other two to go to the second floor, then led Chiaki to the closet in the hallway. Inside there were cleaning and woodworking tools.

Chiaki returned to the living room, tidying up the toys, opening the window to ventilate, dusting the furnitures, and running the vacuum cleaner. He put the piled-up laundry in the washing machine before cleaned the toilet and bathroom. After that, he made dinner.

The dinner menu was hamburger steak simmered in sauce, pumpkin soup, and macaroni salad. They were popular dishes among children in nurseries.

On top of the hamburger steak, Chiaki made eyes of boiled eggs while boiled carrots were placed like a mouth to shape the face of a surprised person. Children are delighted with even the smallest decorations.

“Let's eat dinner.”

Chiaki half-shouted to the children. Soon, they came down from the second floor saying that they were hungry.

“It's a hamburger steak!”

“It looks like your face!”

All three of them have their eyes beaming with joy. And fortunately, the kids love the hamburger steak.

“Uh, how about Ookami-sa―Papa?”

“We can leave Papa alone. When he's hungry, he'll come down and eat as he pleases."

"I see."

Oogami had not been hydrated since. Chiaki realized that the alpha had never come down to the first floor. Shouldn't he at least bring something to drink?

Chiaki put the food and tea on a tray and took it to the front of Oogami's room. He will apologize if he interrupted his work. And if Oogami wants to eat later, he just has to take the dinner back.

Chiaki knocked in very low noise and spoke carefully.

“I brought dinner. Would you like a drink, Ooka―Oogami-san?”

No answer.

Chiaki called out a little louder, wondering if the alpha didn't hear him.

“Oogami-san, what would you like to eat? I―”

“Noisy, leave!”

A loud sound, like a roaring beast, echoed through the door. Chiaki almost dropped the tray.

“I'm sorry, I’m sorry.”

He was really surprised.

Oogami's face in the form of a terrifying beast came to mind, reminded him of a howling wolf.

The words that followed soon after made Chiaki froze.

“You omega stay away from me.”