Ookami Papa - v1 chapter 1.1


part 1

“Uh...is the client an alpha? Is it really okay for me to go?”

December 23rd, just before Christmas. Chiaki's originally big eyes fluttered as he asked the woman in front of him.

Rinko Igawa, a clerk and vice president of Magic Maid, a housekeeper service where Chiaki worked, created wrinkles between her neat eyebrows.

“There's not enough people to send because of the sudden request. The only free housekeeper suddenly took a leave since her parent is sick. The client said he needs someone who can stay and take care of his house until he gets a new housekeeper. Conditions are someone who can cook and take care of children. Of course, I told him that we will have a new year's holiday from December 31 to January 3 but he insists. And Sunday is our day off."

This time of year was a very busy time for them since it is the end of the year, cleaning season. And all requests were almost at full capacity.

“The only person who meets those conditions is you, Chiaki. If you accept the request, I'll leave your current responsibilities to another staff. What do you think?"

Chiaki may not be able to cook fancy dishes, but he can make ordinary home-cooked menus just fine. Some of the staff refused to take the job because they are not good at taking care of children. Chiaki is good at dealing with them since he has worked as a nursery school teacher before.

Above all, since most of the staff are housewives, they did not meet the conditions that they must reside in the client's house. If someone has to start working from today, the only person who could accept the request was Chiaki, a single. It is said that the owner of Magic Maid was an acquaintance of this client, so he pushed Rinko to do something about it.


“Does the client don't mind if that person is an omega?”

“Your heat ended two weeks ago, right? I don't think there'd be any problem, but if you're worried, you can say no. It's a sudden request, so the owner must know that it's a reckless condition. Later we can tell the client that currently Magic Maid can only do daytime work in his house.”

"No, I'm fine with it."

If the client has children in their house, it was worth working for Chiaki, a former nursery teacher who loved children. They must have their own reasons to ask him to come as a housekeeper. Perhaps the parents were so busy with work or having a hard time taking care of the children.

Besides, Magic Maid was a company that gladly hired Chiaki, who had been struggling with no job since leaving the nursery school. He wanted to repay the favor by devoting even a little to the company.

"Thanks. Geez, the owner really doesn’t know anything about field work!” Rinko was irritated and bit her clean manicured nails.

“Actually, Chiaki, I wanted to send you to the house of an elderly female client, not an alpha. You're cute, so even if you're not in heat, I'm afraid he might attack you...”

Chiaki smiled bitterly without saying a word. Due to the nature of omega, many have a slender and pleasing appearance. Chiaki was no exception. White skin, black hair, and black eyes. He has a lovely appearance for a twenty-three-year-old.

He was even misunderstood by people at his previous job. The thing that made Chiaki finally resign.

"Sorry. When the year-end season ends, other staff members will also have a little more time. Maybe you'll take turns then...”

Chiaki nodded, understanding Rinko.

Usually, it was rare to send an omega staff to alpha's house as a housekeeper. Many people still think that omega will "seduce" alpha, even though there was never such a case after their estrus ended.

"Then please contact me immediately if another staff is free. For now, I'll prepare stuff I need to stay at the client's house."

"Please do. You're gonna prepare dinner for them tonight. I'll prepare the necessary expenses in advance, so go and buy the ingredients."


Rinko handed Chiaki a document printed with the client's information. His name is Natsuhiko Oogami, thirty-seven years old.  An alpha male.

Chiaki checked the address, it was a high-end residential area lined with quaint spacious detached houses. Even Magic Maid often dispatch staff to this area.

The request in the document includes all housework and child care―seven, six, and two years old. All three are boys. No pets, no allergies, or any kind of illness.

In the special note, it was written that the staff should not be allergic to animal fur. Chiaki shifted his gaze to other information, thinking, Why? When there are no pets.

Seeing that the spouse's column is blank, is this alpha a single father? He may be divorced. If he has three children of their age, it would certainly be difficult to take care of them while working in a university.

Chiaki read through the papers, thinking about what to make for dinner.

Children's favorite hamburger steak or fried chicken would be easy, right? But it's a cold season, so he thought hot pot would be good. Each time Chiaki thought about children, his heart pounded as to what would make them happy.

“Oh, Rinko-san. Tomorrow is Sunday, my day off, but if possible, could you ask the client if it is possible to change the schedule to work tomorrow and rest on Monday?”

Housekeepers are free to spend a day on Sunday. They can go back to their home if they want. However, since now Chiaki in charge of the sudden job, he wanted to make a nice meal for children on Christmas Eve. He wanted to spend the first night with his client's family to look into the situation.

“Oh, that's on Christmas Eve, are you okay? Do you have any other appointments?”

At the teasing words, Chiaki puffed up his cheeks.

“Knowing that I don’t have a lover. That's too much, Rinko-san.”

"I'll contact him." The woman smiled.

Chiaki smiled back at Rinko who then left the office.

Once again, the omega read the document containing the client's information. Chiaki is an omega and he's a little nervous to stay at an alpha's house. But as Rinko said, if he is not in estrus, it won't be a problem.

Alpha and omega are special genders.

Once upon a time, a virus of unknown cause spread all over the earth, mankind went on a path of decline. S*xual desire has decreased dramatically, and it was physically difficult to have children.

At that time, researchers gathered together and discovered a solution: transplanting wolf cells into humans.

Although the appearance of the lycanthrope species produced in the study was more similar to that of a wolf than a human, it showed excellent effects in many ways. Such as a high s*x drive, high fertility rate, and resistance to disease.

In order to make it easier for the lycanthropes to conceive, the females were given hormones to induce ovulation, which resulted in succession of pups.

The wolf's cells may have done this, or the hormones may have been abused, or probably both. As a result, although the species almost completely returned to human appearance, repeatedly cross-mating to humans throughout several generations, came to exist three other sexes in addition to male and female: alpha, beta, and omega.

The overwhelming majority of "normal people" are called beta.

Alpha, who make up around 2% of the human population, both the male and female can impregnate omega. While omega who make up around 0.05% of the human population, either female or male can conceive and give birth to children.

Perhaps as a remnant of hormones, omegas have the tendency to experience intense heat every few months. Gives off a pheromone that people call a "seducing scent" because it attracts other people. Especially for alphas, those who have a strong libido. The scent couldn't help but make them attack omega without a second thought.

Not like any other omegas, for Chiaki, such strong s*xual desire is beyond his imagination. As long as he takes suppressants, his body wouldn't experience unbearable pain even during estrus.

There is also a s*x drive suppressant for alphas. Although they are not recommended, as they may impair sexual function when needed. For that reason, it's best to stay away from non-partner alphas when omega is in heat, to prevent unfortunate accidents to each other.

Fortunately, Chiaki's heat ended two weeks ago. The estrus cycle stabilized at about once every three months, so now, working at an alpha's house is no problem at all.

Even so, it was frustrating to think that he might get into his heat all of sudden. But then again, he had no choice.

Being an omega is the same as some people who have to limit their work due to illness or injury. Self-comfort is necessary because it is a condition that follows a lifetime.

"Come on, I need to change clothes and go."

Chiaki looked up and left Magic Maid to get ready.

Two o'clock in the afternoon.

With a large Boston bag over his shoulder, containing a change of clothes and necessary tools, and plastic grocery bags in hands, Chiaki looked up at the house in front of him.

This residential area, located on a hill overlooking the ocean, had spacious streets with trees planted on both sides, each house had a wide lot. All the houses were lavishly decorated with beautiful trees and gardens, indicating a relaxed lifestyle. In spring, the flower beds would be in full bloom.

The December air was cold, but it accentuated the beauty of the streets, which were neatly arranged like a housing exhibition hall.

Chiaki was not in heat, but the boy took some estrus suppressants just in case. Also taking a bath to wash away the small amount of the "seducing scent" that might come out even if he wasn't in estrus.


Soon as Chiaki rang the doorbell, the loud voices of children were heard from the intercom.

"Yes yes-!"

“Hello, this is Harigaya Chiaki from Magic Maid.”

As he greeted them over the intercom, the high-pitched voice of a child welcomed Chiaki.

"Welcome! Please come in!”

"Papa papa~ The housekeeper is here!”

Since he was told to come in, Chiaki opened the gate and went inside. He waited in front of the front door. The sound of footsteps of several people running through the door mixed with a low male voice approached.

The moment the door opened, Chiaki straightened his posture. He had to greet his client with a bright smile, sincerely looking at him in the eye.

"Nice to meet you. Magic Mai―!”

He thought he was going to stop breathing.

No, he actually did for a few seconds.

The moment Chiaki saw the person in front of him, a hot, throbbing shock hit his lower abdomen.

The face of the man staring at the stiffened Chiaki from a high position was―

“It’s Oogami. I'm counting on you."

―Wolf! Chiaki was so surprised that his vision became distorted.

“You are...”

Oogami's eyes widened when he saw Chiaki. He said something, but it did not reach Chiaki's ears.

A huge body of nearly two meters covered in gray-brown fur with triangular ears perched on his head. The beast has two sharp golden eyes and a wet black snout. Wearing a pair of Lloyd's glasses over his nose, he looked like a wolf in a fairy tale.

The human words coming out of his deeply slit mouth didn't feel real.

“Hy...hybrid alpha...”

Oogami frowned at the words that subconsciously slipped out of Chiaki's mouth. The omega covered his mouth in panic, but it was already too late.

Oogami snorted, turning back into the house. His thick tail wagging at the back as if he was angry, wearing a pajama that did not suit the house at all.

This is bad...

Chiaki stared at the client's back with a pathetic expression.

Hybrid alphas are alphas that have retained their lycanthrope appearance, the so-called ancestry.

Hybrid alphas are extremely rare among alphas. They are even worshiped by some because of their small number. The term "hybrid alpha" has no derogatory connotations, but many alphas do not like it because it is like calling a person a "werewolf" directly.

It was rude. Chiaki wouldn't feel good if someone also called him, "Hey, Omega." or something like that. He must apologize when he get the chance later.


In Japanese, wolf is translated to Ookami. And our male lead's name is Oogami.