DTR - Chapter 2.4 (ENG)



"I didn't expect to see you here, Carlyle."

Carlyle looks back to the familiar voice.

Standing there is Aiden Haywood, a man he has known since childhood. Looking at his half-blond hair and smirk on his face, Carlyle replies indifferently.

"I have some business here so I just dropped by."


Not that Carlyle is surprised by Aiden's presence. After all, Carlyle is currently at McLaren's party where the guests are mostly investors. Usually, these kinds of parties are divided into two times. Carlyle usually only participated in evening parties for ceremonial social activities and left, because the next party will be a little different.

A little later, this party will be filled with fashion models, sports drivers, and officials. Many people will spend a private night to expand their connections and find sponsors.

Tonight, the lighting is purple, the music is louder. People are seen kissing everywhere, and yes, Carlyle is present at this kind of party.

"Why don't you just stop wasting your time and go back to your seat?"

"Why are you in such a bad mood?"

Since the total number of encounters with Aiden is more than with his own brother, Kyle, this man can understand Carlyle's state of mind just from his tone of voice.

An omega―who seems to be Aiden's current partner―is staring at Carlyle from behind Aiden's back. He is an omega with slanted eyes. But knowing Aiden's tendency to change his partner frequently, he certainly would not meet this omega again.


Hearing Carlyle calls his name in a low voice, Aiden raises his hands and makes a gesture of surrender. Alright. Alright. He clicks his tongue and steps back.

Carlyle breathes a sigh. Holding a martini glass, his eyes wander around the room with his usual cool face. The scent of omega and alpha is mixed and filling the air―yet he doesn't feel anything.

But it felt a little different when he smelled Ash's scent.

Carlyle was alert after the shameless kiss in public. He thought it was not right to continue their meeting. He even tried to see Luther the next day. To his shame, he kissed Ash and got excited. He was seized with a strange impulse. So he felt that perhaps his condition had improved.

However, after Luther asked Carlyle about the progress, the man unexpectedly smiled and firmly responded, "No." And so Carlyle had no choice but to accept the doctor's words, for he could not ignore his current condition.

What Carlyle did next was postpone his meeting with Ash scheduled for Saturday to next week. Ash was okay with it. He didn't question and even said "Have a good weekend," to Carlyle.

Carlyle, who has been touching his lips unconsciously, finally comes to his senses and lowers his hand.

Is kissing the problem?

If even such a small act can make me excited, wouldn't I get better soon? I should cut ties with Ash once my condition is better. It would be good for Ash Jones too. Having sex with someone you're not interested in wouldn't make it enjoyable for them either.

"This is the most fun I've had lately."

Ash's words suddenly come to his head. He who rubbed Carlyle's lips while making eye contact and said that. Carlyle's mind becomes complicated. Maybe it was actually not fun at all. It may be. Unlike Carlyle, Ash seems to be comfortable with holding hands, touching each other's body, and kissing. Maybe for Ash Jones, all of that is just entertainment.

The more he thinks about it, the further Carlyle gets from the right answer. He struggles to shake off the thoughts about Ash and set out to the center of the huge party hall. His black shoes reflect the light and make sounds at regular intervals. Then he bumps into someone lightly. He is a brown-haired man much smaller than Carlyle.

"Ah, I'm sorry."

An omega. Carlyle supports the staggering man's body out of a habit.  His hands are on the omega's waist while the omega places his hands on Carlyle's chest. His brown eyes look up. He blinks several times before his face turns red. There is a faint smell of alcohol.

"Did I spill your drink?" asks the man, looking at the martini in Carlyle's hand.

Carlyle stares at the man with a blank face. The omega's thin, small face looks like a soft deer. Carlyle's eyes are on his white neck.


Carlyle doesn't bother to pull his hand off the man's back. The man doesn't break away from Carlyle either. His omega's pheromone is slightly thickened. It is a clear sign. And so, Carlyle, who has been staring at the man with his cool eyes, opens his mouth.

"If you don't mind, may I apologize for the bump?"

The man blinks and smiles softly at Carlyle's formal tone.

"Yes, I'm fine," answer him friendly.

Carlyle's hand that was on the omega's waist moves to his shoulder. The two of them then start walking toward the bartender. As they walk, Carlyle keeps a light grip on the omega's shoulder whilst the omega leans over to him following the lead.

A boring conversation follows. Carlyle gives a faint smile as he listens to the other person's story. The man's knee on the stool touches Carlyle. Soon, he becomes sick of the situation.

He isn't very interesting.

He is nothing special. Throughout Carlyle's life, his exchange with an omega has always been the same. No matter how well they speak or were fun, they never excited him. At first, controlling emotions was difficult for Carlyle, but as he got older, it gradually became easier. If Carlyle threw all his expressions away, the uncomfortable feeling would disappear.

And if the discomfort is too much for him, then Carlyle would think of something else. Imagining when his parents tried hard to hide their distress when his younger brother was kidnapped, the dark passage where Kyle was kept, the ten-day memory of the possibility that his younger brother might be dead. These thoughts will always calm him down.

Carlyle has a duty. In order for his brother to continue doing what he wants to do, Carlyle must fulfill the role given to him. There should be no weaknesses in those who lead businesses and families. He doesn't want to make his grandfather angry and put his mother in trouble... Each time Carlyle remembers these duties, his mind will cool down. Sometimes, though, he feels rather skeptical. Maybe when his right person finally comes, his heart is already numb.

"Did you say you are an investor too here, Mr. Frost?"

Carlyle, who has been silent, quickly snaps out of his trance at the question. A very predictable question.

"That's right."

"That's awesome. Do you go to parties like this often?"

Carlyle lowers his eyes.

"Sort of. You seem to like parties."

"Yes, but I've never been to a place like this before, and it's really interesting. Thanks to this party, I met you, Mr. Frost."

With a dimpled smile, the omega's hand touches Carlyle's arm. If they exchange a few more words here, Carlyle certainly will end up spending the night with him. And it will be his first one-night. As someone who only meets his business partner or an omega during his rut―

"What are you doing here?"

A hand stretches out from behind. A firm arm wraps around Carlyle's waist. A refreshing scent pours out. Someone hugs him. Carlyle opens his eyes wide. This is the voice of someone he does not expect at all.


When Carlyle turns his head slightly with a questioning eye, the person's lips touch his ear. How could Ash be here?

"I was wondering what was keeping you busy, is this it?"

It is really Ash. Carlyle is confused to run into him here.

"...Mr. Jones?"

"Did I interrupt you?"

Contrary to his words, Ash runs his palm over Carlyle's stomach. There is a burning sensation in the touched area. He also bites Carlyle's earlobe lightly. Carlyle, shivering, opened his lips.

"What...are you doing here...?"

"Could you answer my question first, Carlyle?"

Carlyle shut his mouth as Ash licks his ear delicately. The omega sitting in front of Carlyle blinks at their touches which look more like an intimate contact. Feeling embarrassed, the man stares at Ash's face with a surprised look.

"Uhm, Mr. Frost, this person is...?"

"Yes, Carlyle. Would you like to introduce us?"
Carlyle feels dizzy. It is difficult for him to maintain his composure because of what Ash is doing. But Carlyle manages to pull himself together and moves his body from Ash's intimate touch.

"Mr. Jones is my..." says Carlyle hesitantly. He is hesitant to bring up the word sex partner. He feels like he has lost face―

"Carlyle is my lover."

Carlyle stops breathing at Ash's sudden remark. He hurriedly turns his head to see Ash, but is unable to face the man properly since he hugs him from behind. The omega looks perplexed.

"Oh, is that so?"

"Yes. I'm sorry if you two were having a good time, but may I steal my lover?”

The omega comes down from the stool. He shakes his head hastily and waves his hand. "Oh, no, no, I'll get out of your way. I'm sorry."

The omega's face reddens in embarrassment. He seems guilty he dashes away without listening to further explanation.

Because of Ash's sudden hug, Carlyle's heart gradually starts to beat faster. He closes his mouth, then opens it again. Asking, "What brings you here?"

"You haven't answered my question, Carlyle," Ash whispers in Carlyle's ear. His lips touch the side of Carlyle's chin and down to his neck.

"...You didn't interrupt us."

"Is that so? I could see from a distance you two were about to go to a hotel though. I guess it was my misunderstanding?" says Ash affectionately.

Carlyle's stomach churns. About him saying that Carlyle is his boyfriend and the tone of voice as if he is jealous.

"Why, Mr. Jones? ...Why did you say you're my lover?"

The question comes straight out of Carlyle's mouth. Ash laughs low.

"If you're going to get rid of an obstacle, do it fast. I'm sorry I lied."

Carlyle is speechless. An obstacle, he said. His head is tangled up. It's like...

"I don't mind you having multiple sex partners, Carlyle."

As Ash whispers that, Carlyle feels a very slight tingling sensation in the back of his neck. He clenches his fists as the man's lips are sucking on his neckline.

"But seeing them in person is unpleasant."

"I just...met him now," says Carlyle.

A strange sensation runs down the back of his neck again. It feels like being bitten. The corners of Carlyle's eyes turn red because of this. He struggles to swallow his burning breath.

"My studio was invited to work on McLaren's commercial. I didn't expect to see you here."

Carlyle points out the ambiguity in Ash's words. "Didn't you say you weren't feeling well?"

"Yes, Carlyle."

Ash kisses him again. A moan escapes as his pointed tongue licks the back of her neck. Carlyle reaches out and pushes Ash away. He gasps for breath, with a stern look on his face.

"So Mr. Jones is here for the same purpose, isn't he?"

Ash blinks for a moment, apparently unexpected. But soon draws a charming smile on his face.

"Do you think so?"


“Initially, I didn't intend to come. I've emptied my schedule to see you."

Carlyle's mouth shut.

"I just wanted to show my face for a while and then go back, but Carlyle..." Ash tilts his head. "When I saw you with another omega, I thought...”

His hand reaches out to hold Carlyle's wrist. At first, he is only gently caressing the soft inside of Carlyle's wrist, but then he tightens his grip. Pulling Carlyle. Their eyes meet. Ash's mouth's corners are up, but his eyes are not smiling.

"That maybe I'm being too slow with you, Carlyle."

As soon as the words are finished, Ash moves.

He bites Carlyle's lips gently. He bites and sucks, then lets go. A moan escapes. Ash's tongue quickly goes straight into the gaping lips. This is different from the kiss two days ago. Ash mixes their tongues without giving Carlyle time to breathe. Their bodies are close in contact. The man lets go of his wrist, putting his hand on Carlyle's neck. His hot body temperature melts under Carlyle's skin. Excitement runs through his blood as if he has entered a rut.

I feel like I'm being devoured.

Ash's tongue clenched as Carlyle tries to run away. There is a loud frictional sound as their saliva is mixed.

"I can't...breath..."

A thigh presses and rubs against Carlyle's lower body. It feels like a dam about to burst. Carlyle is overwhelmingly excited. He can't think of anything for a moment because of the sensation of friction below and their tongues intertwining. The surrounding noise dies down. Because his breath has reached its limit, he can only hear the sound of his heart thumping. Ha, ha, ha. Carlyle's back trembles. He feels like his legs are losing their strength. Ash's clothes crumple up badly. And finally Carlyle manages to raise his hand and push Ash's stomach.

But instead of moving aside, Ash becomes even more attached. His luscious tongue continues to devour. Carlyle's tongue is drawn gently. His eyes are opened wide. This stimulation is too much.


Carlyle twists his head, barely catching his breath. Soon, as his tongue is pulled, a flash breaks out in front of his eyes. His vision turns white and his lower body limps. He is undeniably excited.

Ash stares at Carlyle who gasps heavily. His eyes are burning. Carlyle looks back at Ash with a puzzled look.

His eyes that stare down at Carlyle are bent. His eyes that are smiling gently at Carlyle look very dark, probably due to the lighting. His eyes go to Carlyle's saliva-soaked lips. He looks like he is going crazy. Carlyle doesn't understand why, but he just feels that way.


Unlike Carlyle, who is gasping disgracefully, Ash doesn't even make a breathing sound. With a soft voice, his hand moves on the back of Carlyle's neck. A soft-moving finger penetrated Carlyle's auricle. This act somehow gives him goosebumps. Ha, ah, Carlyle's eyes crinkle.

Carlyle shut his mouth and closes his eyes tightly. Ash holds him in his arms and whispers to his ear, "Breath, breath properly now."

Because it's not over yet.

As Ash says that, he presses Carlyle's cheek slightly. He digs again through Carlyle's open lips.