DTR - Chapter 2.3 (ENG)



There are only a few people in the cinema. Ash takes the lead and walks towards the back row. Since the size of the cinema itself is not that large, the screen looks just right. As he stares at Carlyle's side profile who is sitting quietly right next to him, Ash breaks the unnatural silence.

"Are you okay?" He whispers.

Carlyle nods. Eyes do not meet. He feels like walking on a dune, losing control of himself and being buried together.

"Carlyle, look at me," says Ash in a lower voice. Carlyle turns his head. Ash is smiling, looking calm. "Was my attitude too offensive?"


"Then why are you avoiding eye contact?"

The lighting in the cinema gradually diminishes before going dark. In front, a bright white screen light bursts out and colors one side of Ash's face.


Carlyle almost squints his eyes unconsciously but is quick to come to his senses. I cannot lose my composure. It is just a one-time relationship. He is even the same as me, an alpha. We won't see each other in two months. I've kissed him before, but he doesn't even seem to remember...

"Carlyle, if you don't tell me the truth, I won't know what I did wrong."

"You didn't do anything wrong."


Ash touches the back of Carlyle's hand on the armrest of the chair. Carlyle looks down at it.

"You don't hate me touching you, do you?"

No. Carlyle shakes his head a little faster without realizing it, then adds, "I made it clear the other day that that is not the case."

"Well then, please don't avoid my eyes," says Ash, in a low, subdued voice. "Because, Carlyle, it makes me upset."

There is something tangles up in Carlyle's stomach. He doesn't understand Ash's intentions. The man clearly does not remember their past encounter, he just deals with Carlyle at his request. But he treats Carlyle as if he is dealing with someone he really likes―that Carlyle knows is not true.

Because Ash loves Nicholas White. There is no way he could have feelings for Carlyle this early. Then, the question he avoids really hard finally comes out. "Is this how you normally act?"

Ash raises his eyebrows slightly, confused. "I know you don't like me that much."

"I used to. But I don't mind now. But, the attitude you're showing now..."

Ash relaxes his expression slightly as if he knows what he is going to say. "Right, we'll only meet a few more times in the future."

His tone is so sweet but firm, that it causes a tingle in the middle of Carlyle's ribs. Carlyle closes his mouth.

"But you're the only person I'm seeing right now."

Ash's hand rubs against the back of Carlyle's hand, clasping their fingers together.

"At least, for this short time, I want to treat my sex partner right."

Sex partner. Carlyle echoes Ash's definition of their relationship. The word rolls over his tongue and gives him a weird feeling.

"Don't worry though," Ash raises Carlyle's hand and put his lips on his fingertips. "As you requested, I won't add any unnecessary feelings."

Ash's voice has a power that somehow contains trust. And funnily enough, Carlyle feels a strange emotion in the words that clearly reflected his own request. A sense of relief and other unknown emotions.

Carlyle nods slowly. Just in time, the preview goes down and the movie starts. Ash presses his lips to Carlyle's fingertips once more, smiling, then places Carlyle's hand on his thigh and looks to the front. Too focused on his gripped hand, Carlyle almost doesn't bother to look at the big screen.

And even after the movie is running, Carlyle cannot concentrate at all. He is still paying attention to the hand that is holding him with the right amount of force. As far as he remembers, except when he held his brother Kyle as a child, Carlyle never held someone else's hand this long.

He has never made a lover. Hardly ever held hands when going on business dates or casual meetings. That, Carlyle thinks, is too intimate an act. He always acted carefully so as not to accidentally offend the omegas he met. But now, he doesn't know how to deal with Ash's attitude. It feels strange because the man is a fellow alpha, and at the same time ambiguous.

As Ash said, Carlyle insisted that their relationship should be free of unnecessary emotions. However, it is honestly more of a rule than a remark specifically aimed at Ash. From the very beginning, there is no way Carlyle can do anything with a fellow alpha. Granted, due to special conditions, sooner or later the two would have sex, but that is the end of everything.

Carlyle's future is certain. Now that the right age is slowly approaching, his fiance will be decided in the near future, and his life with an omega will begin.

As he thinks about this, Carlyle turns his eyes sideways to a breath that suddenly touches his ears―Ash's lips.

"Is the movie good, Carlyle?"

A warm breath tickles Carlyle's ears. Chills run down all the way to his spine as the man whispers. Originally, Carlyle's ears are sensitive. But he who dislikes being caressed is unfamiliar by this kind of stimulation. The pleasure is soon replaced by a feeling of discomfort.

"I'm not really paying attention."

Carlyle's neck tightens, his voice comes out hoarse. Ash moves his lips again. This time, those soft lips bite Carlyle's earlobe.

The soft, smooth skin moves slowly. Carlyle tightened his hand that is still in Ash's grips. His body stiffened.

"The movie isn't good?"

To his embarrassment, Carlyle cannot concentrate on the movie at all. If someone asks him the most basic questions such as the main character's name, he will not know. The movie just doesn't catch in his head. Pretty unusual for Carlyle Frost, who is always good at remembering anything.


Ash's tongue stretches out slightly, licking Carlyle's earlobe while Carlyle himself closes his eyes and clenches his teeth in the stimulus. He swallows his shaky breath. Why? What is wrong?


Carlyle needs to stop this action by calling Ash's name. But worrying that he would make unintended noises instead, Carlyle remains silent and patient. He just trying to hold back because he thinks it would be over soon.

"I think the movie is not that good."

Ash kisses Carlyle lightly on the cheek, then looks into his eyes.

"Shall we go?"

Carlyle's neck is burning, but he manages to at last nod at the question. Then, Ash leads him outside.

As they walk out on the dusty carpet-scented corridor, the two also run into people who are also escaping from the room. Carlyle is attached to the walls of the corridor. Ash turns his body slightly to block the crowd from Carlyle, a smile is in his eyes. Now, that the people have passed by, the corridor is quiet.

"I'm sorry," says Ash suddenly. Carlyle looks up at him.

Not aware of his position between Ash and the wall, he asks back, "For what reason are you apologizing?"

"For choosing a boring movie."

Carlyle, who cannot judge whether it is true that the movie is not good, smacks his lips.

"It was okay."

Carlyle's conscience is pricked by an answer that is nothing more than a lie. Silence and lies are different. For some reason, he who has little memory of telling lies feels like he has made a huge mistake.

"I'll choose something more interesting next time."

Carlyle is surprised by the word next time. Catch in a tangled gaze, he lowers his eyes.

"No need," he responds, instead of saying that there will be no next time. Ash smiles and lowers his upper body slightly. Aligning their eyes.

"Then, maybe not outside."

"Neither is...”

Carlyle is at a loss for words. Their faces are getting closer as if their noses are touching. The soft red color of Ash's lips catches his attention. Perfectly closed upper and lower lips, as if painted.

Carlyle calls his name in a strange rush of air. Ash responds with a smile. He raises his hesitant hand and grabs Ash's shoulder. 

"Doing this kind of thing in public..." says Carlyle, giving a little force to push the man away.

"This kind of thing?"

Carlyle feels a sense of frustration at his innocent voice asking back. His back is burning. Ash hasn't done anything yet, so it feels as if Carlyle himself is the one who expects something first.

"What kind of thing, Carlyle?"


"Is it something like this?"

Ash's lips touched Carlyle's lips lightly. Carlyle's eyes are fixed on the man. He tries to restrain him by putting his hand on his shoulder. Even though it is a minor and concise contact, his body stiffens.

"Or maybe something like this?"

Before he can react, Ash moves again. He sucks Carlyle's lower lip lightly. The sensation is chilling. His back is tingling.

"Ash... someone might see..."

His breathing unexpectedly becomes ragged, making Ash's eyes fixates on his suffocating gasping sound. His large hand wraps around Carlyle's cheek, arm around his back. Their bodies touch. And before long, their lips meet again.

"Hah... hah..."

Ash swallows Carlyle without giving him a chance to escape. His tongue digs into the gaping lips. Skillfully licking the teeth first, then rubbing the roof of his mouth. Carlyle's body trembles due to the tickling sensation coming from the friction area. His eyes are distorted without realizing it. He holds on to Ash's shoulder blade so hard that his hand is hurt.

This time Ash presses his tongue more firmly against Carlyle's. At the same time, Carlyle's lower abdomen feels heavy. Wait, wait, an alarm rings in his head. It's weird. It's...his tongue just entangled with no time to react. There is a sensation as if the floor beneath is about to fall. His feet feel empty. His eardrums are ringing. Not a sound is heard. Only the sound of two tongues intertwines in his mouth. Saliva gets tangled up. Carlyle has kissed people countless times before, but this feels different. To the point as if he is going to collapse. If only Ash's arm hasn't been supporting his waist tightly, he may have fallen to the floor. This man's kiss is too...

"I guess this is the answer."

The moment Carlyle feels a stronger burning sensation, Ash parts his lips and pulls back. His tongue that has been churning in Carlyle's mouth leaves without hesitation. Ash whispers with a bright expression as if nothing was happening.

Carlyle breathes out, his lips are burning. The man doesn't even pull his tongue hard, but it tingles. And strangely, he feels something is missing. Carlyle frowns at the thought of it, and Ash laughs at his reaction.

“I'm sorry if I surprised you."

Ash's hand moves from Carlyle's cheek and gently brushes his lips. He can feel his saliva dripping from Ash's thumb.

“I couldn't concentrate because I thought this would be more fun than the movie."

Ash's soft tone makes Carlyle's back tingle again. Seems like he is excited. Don't show it. Just don't.


"Yes," replies Ash satisfied. He lets go of Carlyle.

"This is the most fun I've had lately."

With the thumb that stole Carlyle's lips, Ash sweeps his lips. Carlyle's eyes are fixed on his lips, which had become redder than a few minutes ago. For a moment, he has an illusion that Ash's scent is pouring down.

Carlyle pushes Ash away with a giddy sensation. He looks at Ash and says, "I've got work to do..." making up a ridiculous excuse. "Excuse me."

Carlyle quickly turns away, leaving Ash with a questionable face. His lower abdomen is throbbing. Trying to ignore the hard-knit sense, Carlyle quickly put his hand on his lips, forgetting to save his messed-up face. Rubbing his burning lips.

This man is dangerous, his instinct warns him.

As Carlyle walks out and away from the cinema, he looks back abruptly. Ash is not following. Feeling relieved and uncomfortable at the same time, Carlyle sweeps his hair with a look of dismay.

This is not the usual him. After only two, no, three encounters, Carlyle is finally losing composure.

I need to change my plan, Carlyle thinks, staring hard at the back of his saliva-stained hand.