Hanare Gatai Kemono - Chapter 7 part 2 [v1]

Chapter 7 part 2

Yudha rubbed the tip of his nose against Dyria's. Kissing him repeatedly before wrapping his tail around the younger's thigh and sniffing him. Dyria was swallowed by the waves of pleasure and was utterly reluctant to wake up.


"I just checked on him."

Dyria had lost in time. He thought Yudha had always been by his side, on the bed.

"Ash was a bit late, so I woke him up, fed him, brushed his teeth, and bathed him. We played a little, then put him back to sleep at his nap time."

"Thank you," Dyria said in a weak voice.

"He looked so worried about you, so I told him you were tired and asleep. Ash is still in the next room. He'll hear you right away if you call him from here."

"I see..."

That said, Dyria realized they were in the master bedroom. He must have been carried in while he was still sleeping. The room they had been given upon arrival was small but it was adequate for two small people, Dyria and Ash, to sleep in. But since that one is for the child, this was probably the room that should be used as the couple's master bedroom. And since it was built with the assumption that a couple of beastmen would use it, everything was wider, stronger, and more significant than the things humans used.

"You can go see him if you want."


Dyria tried to lift his body with Yudha's help.


"Can't you stand up?"

"My legs..."

As he lay back down on the bed, Dyria looked at the decoration on the ceiling of the canopied bed.

"Are you hungry?"

"I don't know..."

Yudha put his hand on Dyria's stomach. It felt spongy and plump. As if Yudha's offspring had successfully entered his womb.

"The semen should come out gradually. Don't worry about that. But if you get up now, it may leak and stain your clothes. Just rest for now."

"I can still feel you're inside..."

"Does it uncomfortable?"

"It's good..."

Just by breathing, trying to turn over, and feeling a few of the man's caresses, Dyria was excited... His back ached, but the sensation felt good.

"You're cruel..."


"You're seducing me to do you again."

"It feels good. I'm just saying that..."

Each time Yudha put a slight press on Dyria's lower abdomen, it felt so good that he even started to close his eyes.

"I'm not strong enough to watch you masturbate in front of me."

"I'm not..."

"Don't you like it when you squeeze my cum inside you without my touch? With that face, almost drooling, how can it not be called masturbation?"


He was right. That could be the case. After all, it felt good to be addicted to this stuff.

He couldn't stop.

"The feeling that lingers in your body? Well, it won't go away completely, but it will fade over time. You're going to get along with my bed for three days."

"I understand, but Ash..."

"I was the one who did this to you. I'll take care of Ash."

"...Ash." Dyria turned his head to the next room.

"It's okay, you'll see him in time. Or are you going to show such a messy figure to your son? Leave him to me. I'll give you a bath when I get back."

Yudha whispered in Dyria's ear and then bit his lobe. Yudha wore baggy pants instead of the military clothes he usually wore. His upper body was bare and the beautiful golden fur melting in the heat still looked damp. Yudha then pulled a thin cloak over his muscular naked body.



"Let go of my tail."


"My tail."

Yudha giggled, his eyes glittering with golden stardust, and gently began to peel off Dyria's fingers, which held his tail, one by one.

"Come back soon."

"I will."

Their lips overlapped. Yudha's fluffy lips touched Dyria's softly and compassionately, trying not to abuse them.

"You can't show that face to Ash."


"It's the face of a person in ecstasy."

"I don't have that kind of face."

"Then, I'm the only one who knows what you look like. It's special only to me."

Besides kissing him on the lips, Yudha went and kissed Dyria on the chin.

Yudha then walked into the next room, laughing with his face in disarray and tail dancing back and forth. As Dyria stared at the man's back, he touched his lips using a couple of fingers. When he did, he finally realized that he was smiling from ear to ear.

"...Yudha." His lips called out to the man without permission. The bed was too big to sleep alone, and it was too cold to be without Yudha's warmth.

I wish Yudha would come back soon...

Dyria thought that was a rather sweet way of thinking, stemming from the joy of knowing that he was never wrong about Yudha. As if they were true soul mates.

If his legs could move now, Dyria was sure they would run to Yudha. He will. And Yudha would giggle at Dyria, seeing him running in a hurry, then laying on the bed in the arms of the man.

Dyria pleaded impatiently. Waiting for Yudha to arrive again with his son.