Hanare Gatai Kemono - Chapter 7 part 1 [v1]

Chapter 7 part 1

His pants only lowered a little, but that was more than enough to show the state of Dyria's lower half. Yudha was about to take off the clothes with his claws, too, but Dyria grabbed his hand.



"No, no, no..."

As Yudha grabbed Dyria's chest using both hands, he could feel the younger clothes were damp from the sweat.

Dyria didn't want others to touch him.

He didn't want to remember that night.

He would feel sad and just want to die each time he remembered that night.

"Don't touch me, please..."

"It's okay. I won't touch you if you don't want me to. But let me ask you...don't you want me to save you?"

Several fragments of memory then entered into Dyria's head...

No more suspicion. It was no longer just about the familiarity of his aroma. Or about a feeling as if he had found his soulmate. Dyria was now genuinely convinced that this voice was of the man who embraced him that night. The warmth of the touch of his hand, the soft fur that enveloped Dyria, and how the tip of his nose rubbed Dyria's neck. Everything is too similar, almost like a perfect copy. So he is definitely not crazy if he start pointing at Yudha now.

Yudha reminded Dyria of love. The pain caused him to want to cover his eyes and ears and rip out his heart. Shrink in place and scream. Screaming loudly. No matter how many times he runaway from the memory of that night, Yudha would overwrite it and turn it into something different.

Having a thought like this, Dyria knew it was indeed impolite for Yudha and Surdo. However, it seems that the fate of that night continues to pound in front of him. His brain kept screaming again that he couldn't be wrong with all his assumptions. Not when he's experiencing that same sense of security as when he got embraced the first time. The sweet and comfortable experience. Being embraced by a powerful force. Being dominated that it felt majestic.

Majestic since the feeling of that night revived just like that.

The fingers touching Dyria, the lips, the breath, everything had come together. And now it felt as if he was living there again, six years ago. With Yudha...

When he arrived at the palace, he knew.

When he saw him, he knew.

When he heard his voice.

He felt it...

But then there was Surdo, swirling around him that it ended up confusing him.

And he was still confused now.


Dyria leaked memory from his mouth. Yudha responded by placing his hand on Dyria's, which was scratching the fabric of the couch.

Then the heat hit him again.


Yudha licked Dyria's pubic area. Saliva dripped, wetting the younger's bottom hole until it became as sensitive as it could be. Warm and rough, but felt soft like fine silk at the same time.

"Are you okay?"


Something began to enter.

Something warm in a place that throbbed but didn't hurt. It was soft and nice and wet.


"Is it good?"

"It feels good..."

"You make me want to do more."

Dyria's tension finally relaxed.

"Yudha... Yudha, where...?"

Dyria realized that the hand he was supposed to hold had shifted. Panic, he tried to find the hand by his fingers. The tip of his finger caught in Yudha's shoulder or arm. Unfortunately, Dyria's muscles were so stiff that he couldn't grip them. Dyria was frustrated. He could only tap Yudha's hand with the energy of a newborn baby.


Seeing Dyria in that state, Yudha laughed. A laugh like a child who was about to commit a prank.

And so the low laugh overlapped with that night.

What is going on?

Is this a memory of that night? Or is this what happen now?

Searching for the difference, Dyria tried to remember everything and force himself to understand and look back on that night. He started to get so scared that he immediately stood up.

It can't be.

It's impossible.

"No, no, no, Yudha. No..."

They never, not once, even told each other names.

Now reality hit Dyria in the face. It really was him, it was this wolf and not Surdo. It was his baby. Ash is his baby.

But Dyria did not want this. Because everything will be going to be rewritten.

Everything will be going to be repainted.

He wanted to keep that whole night as it was, as beautiful, as it was then.

This did not seem right. And yet...

"Ah! Ah, ah, ah, ah!"

It felt so good.

It felt incredibly good.


The manhood then pierced up his narrow place. The fur touching his open legs while he held by the waist.

"Huff... Ah, ah."

Slowly, slowly, it sank into Dyria's body. The heat mingled, and everything was rewritten, repainted, and made different.

However, it also felt the same as that night.


It felt so good.

When Yudha's flesh rubbed and thrusting to his open lower hole, it felt amazingly good.

It felt so good.

After this, there will be some pains...

Yet Dyria's body knew it would still turn into a good feeling, and that the pleasure would take him over from his head to toe.

Until today, I never knew...that I am such a disgusting creature.

I had no idea that this body had been reshaped so much in just one experience.

I never knew that it wanted to be hold so bad.

"This is... No, no..."

"What you feel, it's not wrong. You were never wrong."


"I am Yudha. I was always Yudha."


"Yes, I am Yudha..."


"I was the one who made you this way. I was the one who made love to you that night in the tent. You're not wrong at all. Your instinct was never wrong. Do you understand me?"

"I wasn't wrong..."

"You were never wrong."

"I knew it! I knew it, knew it..."

"You didn't have to talk. You weren't wrong, you didn't do anything wrong..."


Yudha's hot breath touched Dyria's neck. His manhood grew larger and larger inside Dyria's stomach. It felt good inside, although he was patient and gentle with his movements. Holding back while gritting his teeth.

Dyria's inner wall grew as it adjusted to Yudha's new form. And that feeling alone made him feel good.

"It feels so good."

Grabbing the hair near Yudha's ear, Dyria's curled his toes.

He should have tugged hard on the wolf's hair, but he was stroking Yudha's head instead before he knew it. As if congratulating him on doing such a good job.

More. Get bigger. He was stroking Yudha's head as if telling him that.

Right now, he was no longer Dyria.