Kinjirareta Alpha - Chapter 2 Part 5


chapter 2 part 5

"Ah... uh..."

Keith slowly brought their lips closer until they joined in a kiss.

Keith bit Yuan's lips. The omega was nervous about his first kiss and his body started to tremble. However, due to the warmth of the hands on his cheeks, the tension seemed to ease immediately. He was embarrassed by the sensation of his lips being sucked with a slight sound, making his heart skipped a beat.


Feeling the warmth of Keith's lips, Yuan slowly collapsed on the bed.

As if a rose petal had been planted on his heart, a soft, honeyed feeling of happiness spread throughout his body. Why did he feel so happy? It was the first time in his life that Yuan was able to overcome with such a comfortable feeling of contentment, as if he had soared into heaven.

Did he feel this way because he is an omega and Keith is an alpha? Or is it because he had always been attracted to this person?

However, Yuan was overjoyed when he felt the warmth of the alpha's body. Lips intertwining, embracing each other with kisses.


"...You're trembling, are you all right?"

Keith took off Yuan's tie and shirt, touching the skin of his chest. Yuan stiffened at the touch of his palm.


"It's also...twitching here. So small."

Groping around, Keith touched his nipple. Yuan's breath hitched as he felt a frustration similar to a tickle just by the touch.


Keith laid Yuan down and cupped one of his chests in his palm as he brought his lips to the small nipple. Licking lightly with the tip of the tongue. Feeling pleasured, Yuan couldn't help but squint his eyes and bite his lower lips.

"Oh...there, yes..."

"Your skin is sweet... I don't know if you have other such sensitive places since I can't see, but it feels very sweet. Especially, here. It's as sweet as honey, like melting."

Keith twirled his tongue around Yuan's nipple.

The omega could feel his nipple stiffen from the tickling and the bittersweet pleasure.


Keith squeezed and sucked on one of Yuan's nipples like crazy, biting down lightly with his teeth. The sensation made Yuan curved his back and grabbed the sheet.

"It's nice...your whole body. Maybe it's because I can't see...I feel your body trembling more makes me like you even more."

It's embarrassing to be told that. But Yuan was happy. It's a once-in-a-lifetime chance, so he was glad Keith find it pleasant. He felt loved and wanted.

"...Do you sensitive here?"

"I don't know... it''s my first time..."

"Then remember this is your sensitive spot."

As Keith fiddled and squeezed his nipples, a sweet sensation spread through the omega's body, and heat began to slowly build up under his waist.


Keith's sucked Yuan's nipples until they were swelling and turned pale to a point where Yuan couldn't recognize them as his before turned back into light pink color.


It felt unbelievably amazing.

"It's just a touch. But I didn't expect this reaction..."

Keith's hand groped between Yuan's thighs.

Before he knew it, Keith's fingers began to stroke the tip of his fluid-soaked penis. The man simply passed through the crevices of his glans, making Yuan's waist shook and bounced.


Keith's hands and thighs were soaked from the flowing honey from Yuan's penis.

It was embarrassing. His lower limbs were also soaked while his body kept shivering and twitching. Every time Keith's fingers moved, there was a sticky, lewd sound coming from his nether region.

It echoed in the spacious bedroom, fueling Yuan's embarrassment. However, his body melted under Keith's stimulation as if it had lost its strength.

The body of an omega male, who is in heat, naturally changes to adapt to alpha males. When mated, they have female-like reproductive functions, and naturally become as wet as a female to accept the other person's genital, becoming more prone to pregnancy. Even if they are not mated, when sexually stimulated by their partner, an omega's body will react sensitively to accept them.

It is a place where omega feels pain outside of their estrus period. But once an omega enters their heat, the pleasure is immeasurable.

In other words, they can easily accept a man and have sex with him.

When that happens, even if they are not mated, they can't forget the pleasure they felt with the first man they slept with, as if awakened his omega's obscene nature.

That made Yuan, an elite omega, will not be able to be an upper-class alpha's partner. He is not worthy of them.

That is why, during the heat period, students of his school must never touch an alpha other than those introduced by the Academy.

Under such strict instruction at the academy, Yuan learned what an omega's body looks like, but now he could clearly see that his own body was changing.

"It's amazing... You're already like this. I can't wait to feel your reaction more."

Feeling by his hand, Keith reached between Yuan's spreading legs and began to loosen the back of his ass―the entrance to his secret place.

"Oh, my God... Ahhh..."

The region squeezing Keith's fingers gradually warmed up and, although Yuan couldn't bear it due to embarrassment, his inner walls throbbed. The sensation of the fingers rubbing inside was unbearable. Yuan's head went blank. He wanted to get a stronger friction. He wanted to be filled with something rougher.

What should I do? It's so weird. Why is this happening to me?

"Ah... ah ah!"

As if brought back to his senses by Yuan's sweet voice, Keith pulled his fingers out, reaching for the omega's waist instead.

"I'm going to embrace you."

In a low voice, he spoke. Yuan's legs spread open giving a pass.

When Yuan opened his eyes, he saw blue eyes with uncertain vision looking down at him sadly.

"Do you mind?"

The annoying wrinkles on his brow, the sweat on his temples, and his pulse against Yuan's entrance. He could clearly feel that Keith wanted him too. The tip of the hard lump of flesh touching the thin skin of his entrance. The heat and sensation made his heart pound.

From now on, I'm breaking the rules. I've been following the rules of the academy since I was young.

Soon, Yuan will break the rules. The rules of the academy that he had been following since he was young. If he crossES this line, he will not be able to go back to the academy properly in this physical state.

Just how the sailors reacted before, Yuan's body, which was in heat, lures other sexes.

But this person was different. He asked Yuan's consent first. Above all, he had a thought that omegas have human rights and wanted them to be equal to other sexes.

That made Yuan really happy.


Yuan uttered in a faint voice, hands squeezed the sheet around his shoulders.


As the soft skin spread open, a piece of flesh entered the mucous membrane and penetrated Yuan's body.

"Ahhh... Ngh..."

Grabbing Yuan's waist, Keith penetrated deeper. The sensation of a raging mass of flesh expanding inside him. Feeling a faint pain, Yuan grabbed the sheet tighter.


Keith's penis thrusting in and out. It was such a heavy feeling. Yuan couldn't even breathe properly from the pressure he felt inside.

My head is foggy. But it feels so good.

The feeling of heat and the penis entering inside him made Yuan lose control.

"Yes... Ugh...ah..." Yuan gasped as his whole body shuddering.

The person who filled up his body with force. Yuan felt happy that he was the alpha who he longed for.


"Do you feel better?" Keith asked Yuan in low voice.

Just a whisper in my ear makes my body more excited.

"Yes...uh...I like it...ahhhh..."

Keith also felt pleasure, and the penis inside Yuan grew bigger, pressing against the tight inner wall.

"It's so tight...It feels good..."

"Ahhh... Ugh!"

His movements were good. A bit hurt but each time he poked inside, Yuan felt so good that he seemed to lose his mind.

"'s's melting..."

Yuan shook and cried out sweetly. Every time Keith moved, the solid muscles of his chest and Yuan's flat chest met, skin to skin, wet with sweat, rubbing each other. It was strangely comforting.


Yuan's mouth was suddenly covered by Keith, kissing him deeply again.

Keith's tongue, which entered Yuan's mouth and latched onto his tongue, causing him to claw at the man's back as he struggled for breath. Keith's weight on top of him rubbed against his nipples, and that sweet stimulation giving him more pleasure.

"Yeah... Ugh—"

Their silhouettes were etched on the wall, lips pressed together, chest to chest, lower limbs connected, legs intertwined. While clinging to Keith, Yuan watched the shadow as he shook his body. A dark shadow that was so tightly bound that you couldn't see which one is their heads which one is their legs.

Yuan felt so happy. His soul was so full of joy that he felt it was a pleasure completely different from the pleasures of his body and the pleasures of lust, that it didn't matter if he dies like this.

The heat of their lips, their breath, the drops of sweat dripping from each of them, the burning heat of the mass of flesh passing through Yuan's body, all felt so sweet and irresistible.

As the intense pleasure surged through him, Keith parted his lips and stopped his thrusting. Then Yuan felt something hot pouring into the pit of his stomach. His semen, suddenly spurting out, melted into his internal mucous membrane.

"Uh...ah... Ahhh..."

The semen spread inside his body. And at the same time, Yuan also reached his climax.

Yuan learned in school, when an alpha left a mark on an omega's neck, the uterus-like organ that had been dormant in the omega's body wakes up and absorbs the alpha's seeds to procreate a baby. And by continuing to have sex with the alpha each time the omega is in heat, there is a high probability of pregnancy. So if they repeat to have sex every night during the week of heat, it is almost certain that they will have a child.

However, Yuan's choker was still on.

Keith won't bite his neck. So there is no way to pregnant from this one night.

Tonight was not for mating, it was simply an act to suppress heat. However, Yuan felt dreamy happiness at the thought of being bitten by the alpha above him.

If there is such a thing as love within Keith, Yuan would feel beyond happy.