Kinjirareta Alpha - Chapter 2 Part 4


chapter 2 part 4

It's alright if life is ephemeral and short. If I die now, I don't think this life is vain. Because now I feel content, being helped and helping the person I like the most at the last moment, talk to him even only for a short moment.

That was how Yuan felt inside, looking at Keith's figure which made Yuan's eyes burn.

The person I admire. If only it wasn't for the omega estrus period, I definitely would have not been able to meet this person. If not because of the heat, I wouldn't be in that place, nor would I say 'I don't want to lose my honor'. If it wasn't because of the estrus either, I wouldn't have been able to lead this guy here. Therefore, I'm grateful to be an omega.

"Then...I'll take my leave... Excuse me."

"Wait. I can't let you go without the suppressants.”

"...No...I'll go back to the dorm."

"Dorm? You mean the sailors' inn? Aren't the betas who attempted to attack you there?”

"Ah, no."

"Don't you have a partner?"

"N-no, I don't have one..."

"Ah, right. If you have a partner, there's no way your sweet scent can captivate me.”

" looks like I can't stand it any I'll go now... Goodbye."

As Yuan was about to open the door whilst tears streamed down, Keith hugged him from behind.

Yuan's heart was pounding. The heat that he had endured with all his might seemed to overflow and spread forcibly throughout the body with one breath.

"You plan to die, don't you?"

As if Keith forbid him to not take his life, Yuan stuttered.


‘So you know?’ Yuan wanted to ask such a question, but he even needed a lot of energy to just keep his body balanced.

“Didn't you say you were going to die? But…if you leave it like this, even if you don't take your life, your body and nerves will lose to the heat of estrus.”

"A― umm. But, this is my own matter."

"I won't let you die. I don't want you to go crazy either... So, can you let me take care of you?"

Keith whispered in Yuan's ear still hugging the omega from behind. His breath made his body tremble even more.


“I'm sorry, suddenly, I just blurted out like that. I know I said something shameless but… I really don't want you to die or go crazy… More than that, I want you, I want to know more about you.”

"But... I...I'm just nobody."

“Right, we don't even know each other yet. You only know my name. I only know that you are a sailor who suddenly mutated into an omega, then experienced estrus, and maybe, is still very young…thin and small.” Keith said honestly. " caught my attention. I don't know your face...but you really hooked me."

Yuan's chest got hot. He, too, starting to be captivated by him. Should I break the rules, or go crazy and die? I made up my mind to die but before that, this person...

"I understand. If I act like this, then I'm no different from those bastards, your friends…"

"...That's not ri..."

That's because Sir, you’re an alpha, and I'm an omega. The estrus just unconditionally captivated you. This is simply a push from the opposite sex, as a desire for biological intercourse.

Before Yuan was able to explain, Keith said, “Until now…I was hit by a lot of omega's pheromone but I never felt this hooked. Before I met you, I thought I was an innocent human with common sense. Because, regardless of omega, they never stimulate my sexual desire. So why do I feel a strange attraction toward you?”


A lot of omegas? Is it true?

"A special feeling that seemed to aim only on you, run through my chest."


"Is this...punishment?"

Yuan shook his head at the question.

"Um, no...but―"

“The words you spoke about not wanting your dignity as a human being lose, a strong statement that you better die if they take it from you, and from your words and behavior since I came here, I can feel your intelligence and kindness. I don't even know your face...but why am I captivated by you? I don't want to let you die. Instead, I want to know more about you."

Now what? My heart trembled as he said something crazy as that. It's against the rules I know, but I want to be hugged tightly by his arms. Choose to die, have sex, or lose control—those are the only choices. If so, is it wrong for me to think that I want to bond with this person? Although we are not a couple. Only an act to relieve this heat.

"Sir... you said something like's difficult for me..."

"You're right. Sorry, I said such a sad thing to a person who was ready to die if they get attacked. I'll go look for a suppressant now. You wait here. It might be painful, but hang on."

“Oh…? Sir, you're gonna go outside...?"

"I'm going to the omega private school nearby, there must be anti-estrus pills." Keith moved away from Yuan, touching the doorknob.

Go to school? How? He couldn't even see. Even though Keith asked someone to help take him there, what if he meets the mafia instead? For a person who's been desperately running away to get here, Yuan couldn't let the alpha out.

"Wait, you might get killed by the mafia... Don't―" Yuan grabbed Keith's hand.

"But, if it continues like this you...might..."
Keith stuttered. However, what Yuan heard in his ear was, "If it continues like this you will be in trouble, if it continues like this I will end up having sex with you."—Yuan felt he could hear Keith's heart told him that.

“If…if it's not troublesome, sir. Please...” Yuan unconsciously stretched his hand to Keith's cheek.

"Please...take care of" Hot tears flowed from his pupils.

Aah, I finally said it. I'm a student from this person's school. It's like he's breaking the rules he made himself.

"…Can I?" After taking a shallow breath came Keith's low voice.

"Yes, please." Yuan nodded slowly.

Let's cover all our sins ourselves. This action must also be a charity from him. As an alpha who helps an omega from pain during estrus by having sexual intercourse.

Yes, it must be charity. He will only have sex to save the life of an omega who planned to die. That way, I will be able to entrust all of my life on this one night.

“I want to…have sex with you. I want…you to stop the heat. So…please...”

I've been struck by Mr. Keith from the first time I see him, attracted by his statement. Then I was very happy and grateful when the essay I wrote was chosen by him. And now, by doing this, I like him even more. So―

"Are you sure?"

" me...from this pain."

Yuan clung to Keith as if imploring.

"Helping you or not, I just want you."

"Mr. Keith..."

“Without knowing your face, only attracted by your scents. Then from your words that thrill me. It's obvious this is fate."


A fated encounter―?

Is it…truly like that?

Perhaps. I indeed want this to be our fated night. But, it shouldn't be like that. I somehow understand how sinful this is. A one-time mistake, I don't expect anything else more than this. Yuan told himself that he shouldn't expect anything extraordinary.

"Come on, come closer."

Keith said he could only see silhouettes, so if he knew the structure of the house, he would be able to lead them.

Keith took Yuan by the shoulders and headed for the back room.

There was a bed. Yuan's feet froze at the thought that he would start having sex with Keith in that place. All feelings of shame, pleasure, and fear mixed into one in the chest. Keith took off his black coat, showing off a blackish suit. A high-quality-looking tie, then a shirt and a vest sewn of fine fabrics.

"Can I kiss you?" Keith asked in his passionate voice.

Yuan's heart was pounding so badly that it felt strange.

"Ah, yes..." Yuan nodded and smiled gently.
Keith took off his gloves, grabbed the omega affectionately. There was a subtle aroma from a fine perfume. A sweet scent like roses. Keith wrapped his hands around Yuan's face, stroking lightly to make sure, and when he touched Yuan's lips with his fingers, Keith pulled Yuan's chin and brought his face closer.