Kinjirareta Alpha - Chapter 2 Part 3


chapter 2 part 2

Somehow, Keith's eyes did not work properly. He groped his way to the wall and tried to walk. And when Yuan realized Keith might slip on the cobblestones, the boy immediately hid the knife in his pocket, stretching out his hand.

"Watch out, it's dangerous here."

"Ah, thank you, you are...?"

'I'm a student of the academy', Yuan wanted to say that, but right as he touched Keith, the heat became so intense that Yuan could do nothing but breathe heavily, kept repeating his panting breaths.

“This sweet smell…omega heat? Where's your suppressant?”

"Nn- I don't have one."

"I see, so that's why you called me here?"


“I smelled sweet. It was so tempting that I felt like I could see it even though I'm blind now, so I came this far as if I were being guided. Then I heard your voice."

Sweet smell? Does that mean he's been led here by the scent of my heat?

"I'm sorry...but what did you hear?"

“Your voice against those people. You said if they touch you, you'll kill yourself. You also don't want your pride as a human being to be trampled on. Despite your sweet scent, I was captivated by those words and thought that I should help you without thinking. I want to protect you... The next thing I know, my feet were moving on their own, even though I'm blind.”

More than the pain from the heat of estrus, his words made Yuan's chest ache from the overwhelming joy.

"Thank you, suddenly...things just turned out like this...they forced me... I couldn't fight them back..."

"I can't believe your friends almost committed a crime."

Friends? Is he referring to the sailors? Does he think it was a joke of friends, an internal fight, or something?

"Um...they are..."

He wanted to say that they weren't his friends, but then a sound of a car engine from down the street was heard. Keith huffed and grabbed Yuan's shoulder.

"I trust you. No one other than you, will you listen to my request?”

"I― Okay... If it's something I can do."

Seeing his desperate behavior, Yuan could tell that something was wrong. The sailors mentioned something about mafia before.

"There's a place I need you to take me. Right now…I'm being chased by an organization…they're aiming for my life. ”

"Then...let's call the police..."

"No. I'll explain it to you later. There is a safe place on Kensington Street that I want to go to, but my eyesight is so bad I can only see silhouettes. I need you to take me there. It's probably not too far."

Kensington Street? Yuan looked around while enduring his estrus symptoms. It turned out to be the next back street from where he was now.

"It's over there...straight down that road."

"Then take me to address number three, please."

"Yes, this way."

Yuan continued down the alley leading Keith to the back street.

"―We've arrived."

In less than five minutes they had reached their destination. Yuan was barely able to withstand the heat in his body, but the desire to led Keith was much stronger.

"Is there anyone around?"

"Ah, no one. All the houses around us have their windows closed."

The building marked number three was a huge house with an elegant gate. Keith took the card key out of his pocket.

"Then, open the door with this."

"Ah yes, okay..."

"Could you take me to the back?"


It was a beautiful house with an elegant Victorian-style interior. The shutters of the windows were all shut, so people wouldn't know the inside. Yuan turned on the lights and sat Keith down on the couch. He grabbed Yuan's wrist.

"Thank you, you've been very helpful. This is my villa. We'll hide out here for the meantime. I know very well the structure of this house, so even if I can't distinguish the room just from its silhouette, it's safe.”


While enduring the heat of his body, Yuan checked the house to make sure the water supply was working properly, checking if there were groceries in the refrigerator or the shelves, then turned the dishes upside down and laid them out on the sink.

“You should drink something, sir. I'll open a bottle of wine. I also turned on the electric kettle, and put black tea leaves… There's croissants here, plus ham and vegetables in the refrigerator."

"You're checking all well, that's very helpful. Thank you."

"It's alright…"

"You saved my life. I will definitely repay your kindness.”

"You're exaggerating it, sir. I just...took you here. And I happened to be near you, so please don't think too much about it.”

"But if you hadn't done what you did, I would have been killed by the mafia."

"Mafia? If I'm not said they were trying to kill you?"

“Yeah... I couldn't give this address to someone since I'm blind at the moment, and the police were bribed."

“Thank you for trusting me. I also feel grateful because you've helped me... I'm not gonna tell this place to anyone, so rest assured."

"Oh right, we don't know each other yet. I belong to the Haddington family, who run the Omega academy on this island. My name is Keith Theodore Haddington."

From his self-introduction, Yuan could tell that Keith did not suspect Yuan being a student of that school. It was only natural. An omega that breaks the rules and is in heat outside the academy is no longer an elite omega.

"I know about Mr. Keith...since you’re famous."

"Tell me about yourself."

"Huh…? Me?"

“You said they are your friends. Did you suddenly go from beta to omega? That happened sometimes. They mutate when they grow up."

"Eh? Umm, well, something like that."

"Are you from the main island?"

"Ah, no, I grew up here. Born…on the main island. Oh right, well…I'd better be going now.”

It's time to go. If he doesn't leave the house immediately, he's definitely will be accused of committing a despicable act. Yuan staggered his way to the door.

“Wait… You want to leave this house in that state? Do you have any inhibitors?"

"I'll manage...somehow."

Compared to earlier, Yuan's body heat had gotten even stronger.

"You'll be in trouble. You were just about to be attacked by beta males."

"Ah, yes...I'm so upset...everything just suddenly turned out this way..." Tears welled up.


“Ah, no, I'm glad…to help you. I'm glad I've done something good.”

I can't do this anymore. I don't think my body can hold out until I return to the academy in this state. I don't want to lose my pride at least. Fortunately, I still have the knife in my pocket. I'll take my life with it and say goodbye to this damned body. I was already prepared for this when I told the sailors "If you touched me, I'll die." anyway.