Kinjirareta Alpha - Chapter 2 Part 2


chapter 2 part 2

As usual, that day someone poured water over his chair, tore the buttons of his band's uniform, but whatever it was, Yuan kept his composure and returned to the dorm.

…Just a bit more. C’mon, hang in there!

However, while preparing for dinner, then opening his bag, Yuan felt like he might pass out.

The medicine that was placed in the inner pocket of his bag was gone. Instead, there was a memo in it.

It said, "If you want your suppressants back, come to the cliff on the other side of the island."

"No way…"

Yuan opened the desk drawer. He always kept some spare suppressants that sold freely in the market, just in case, even if only a few. Because it is not a prescription that is adapted to Yuan's body condition, its effect will take a little late, and even though it expires quickly, that doesn't mean it can't be used.

" spare suppressants too...they're gone."

Another memo. “It's useless if you ask anyone for help. There will be no students who want to help you. If you wish your suppressants back, just come to the place we've shown you."

Yuan's whole body was trembling in fear. He was not sure what to do, so he hugged his body unconsciously.

"N-no way..."

In order to control the body in heat, omega has to take suppressants twice a day, morning and night. It was eight o'clock in the morning when Yuan took his first dosage. That's not good. In another hour, he'll be in heat. The boy thought about going to the doctor's office but soon remembered what Dr. Edmonds had said.

“The clinic will be closed after 6 p.m."

Which means they won't be available at night for a while. That's why he was told not to lose the medicines.

Yuan could go to the pharmacy in town, but it would be very dangerous if he snuck out and had a fit of the heat there. It will be like walking around asking to be rap*d. Of course, no rational alpha would dare to do such a thing.

What do I do? One more hour...should I get my pills back?

To get to the cliff it will take approximately 10 minutes using a bike. Fortunately, the snow on the street was almost melting. If he takes the road through the downtown area near the breakwater, he can buy over-the-counter medicine at the pharmacy.

Yuan made up his mind and walked out of the school through the back door. Students need permission to go out, but they have to write down the reason in detail, so most of them sneak out through the janitor's service entrance by the back gate when they need to buy office supplies or run some other small errands. As long as they are back by the time of the lights-out roll call, there will be no problem.

Luckily again, there were a few bicycles for the janitors, so he borrowed one and headed down the slope to the dockside area. Normally, it was an area he would stay away from as it is dangerous during the heat period to go to the downtown area where sailors hang out. But since it was still early evening, there were no people around.

Yuan pedaled his bike frantically to the pharmacy he was looking for. But the shutters were down, and Yūan's face scrunched up. The store was only open until three in the afternoon. It was a shopping street near the docks where only sailors lived. The operation hours must be short.

It's no use, I'll do whatever I can to get my medicine back.

Yuan got back on his bike and headed up the slope to the cliffs. At the end of the slope, there was only a narrow asphalt path that led to the border of the island, but there was still snow on the road surface due to the lack of traffic. Still, it was a relief that the road was not frozen.

However, the wind was strong this time of year, making it difficult to pedal the bike. The sea began to swell at dusk, and the strong wind was blowing white spray off the cliffs. When he reached the top of the cliff, three students were waiting for Yuan. Within the blowing wind, there was the chief bully―John and his friends, then Timothy.

"Timothy…you're one of them?"

Imagining John and his friends was not a surprise, but Yuan was stunned to find Timothy there. The boy awkwardly looked away from Yuan and hid behind John.

"I beg you, give me back my medicine. If not, I'll..."

It was almost time for the effects of the morning medication to wear off. Gradually, Yuan's body was overpowered by the lust of very intense heat. He desperately stretched out his hand.

"Please...give it back... I beg you..."

"Then, will you promise not to go to Mr. Keith after graduation?"


"It's not fair, Yuan." Timothy spoke from behind John's body.

"Yes, why is it only you who will go to continue your study, and in a famous French confectionery school?"

“I don't know what Mr. Keith likes about you, but the problem is, you're the only one who gets special treatment. Did you seduce him with that face of yours?"

Impossible. Lord Keith didn't even know what Yuan's face is like. He only read the report then chose it. Yuan was so happy about it.

"O-omega too...should be able to choose a job...and choose their future...freely."

Yuan spoke out of breath. His head was going blank. He had never felt such pain before. Ever since he went into estrus for the first time when he was fifteen, he had been taking medication to suppress his estrus for the past three years. So it was only natural for him to feel so much pain.

“What's more…Mr. Keith didn't choose me…just from my face or whatever. It was because of my report…he chose me. But it's an insult talking about him in that way. That person is fair...noble...and big-hearted."

Yuan understood very well if he talks like that, he will only get John even angrier. But―

"What? You sound like you know what you're talking about. Are you saying he's already yours?"

"'s not like that...urgh..."

Oh, no, I don't think I can stand it anymore. I'm scared that the lust inside of my body will rise up. If my body gets any hotter than this, I might not be myself anymore.

The three of them there is all omega, they should know very well what state Yuan was in, but they hid the suppressant instead. So tragic.

“How cocky of you, Yuan. You’re an omega yet you want to be a pastry chef."

"Please, give it back... Without it, I'"

As the strong ocean breeze ruffled his dark hair, Yuan struggled to endure the heat that was coming over his body. Without the suppressants, the only way to release the heat is to have sex. Otherwise, his body would not be able to withstand the heat and eventually would die or suffer brain damage.

What am I supposed to do without the medicine... I never thought the pain would be this much...

"Please...I beg you."

"Then promise, decline the scholarship."

"N-no way..."

“Then, I won't return the medicine. Right, Timothy…?”

Just as John tapped Timothy on the shoulder, a gust of wind blew up from the cliff.


The bag of pills came off Timothy's hand and was swept up by the strong wind.

"Ah, no...w-wait!"

Yuan desperately stretched out his hand. But the white bag was carried away by the wind and headed across to the cliff―cruelly disappeared into the night sea.

"...No way... What should I do?"

Standing still on the edge of the cliff, Yuan looked down at the dark cliff with a pale face.

"Please...if anyone has any...suppressants..."

"H-how do I know, this is your fault, Yuan."

John threw the bike that Yuan rode into the ocean.

"Please...I beg you... What should I do...?" Yuan begged desperately to death.

However, only cold answers left the mouths of his classmates.

"Take care of it yourself." John sneered, followed by Timothy in a small voice.

"Sorry...but it's your fault. Because Mr. Keith chose only you."

"That's right. If anti-estrus pills are that important, it's better to take them wherever you go."

"See you later."

They then left Yuan alone on the cliff.

"No...wait...don't leave me..."

What should Yuan do? He was in the throes of a bizarre heat fever. What will happen if he was left there in such state?


It would take Yuan at least thirty minutes to walk to the academy. There was no bicycle.

And it's the time of day when sailors are beginning to gather in the downtown area. Not only alphas, omega's pheromone can also attract beta males who are usually considered safe. Especially when they are drunk from consuming alcohol, the men may attack like they are driven by lust.


It's really painful. What should I do? Things have already become like this. Will I be able to make it back to the school? No, I have to go back no matter what. If I make it back to the school and desperately ask whoever is in the dorm, they might be able to share some medicines with me. If I don't, there's no other choice but to have sex, die, or go crazy.

However, since he was already chosen by Lord Keith, Yuan was like turning all the students into enemies. Would anyone share their suppressant with him? Even so, Yuan wanted to believe that all the students in the academy do not wish for his death.


While enduring the pain to death, Yuan trudged down the slope with trembling legs. As if dodging the city street lamps, he continued making his way through the muddy streets of an empty alleyway.


Even breathing was difficult. Yuan wondered what will happen to him. Despite being haunted by anxiety, Yuan knew he would reach the school in about fifteen minutes.

The street out front was noisy. It was a corner with a large bar. Whatever happens, I have to go through without anyone knowing.

Unfortunately, a few drunk men who had just come out of the bar noticed Yuan and came to the back alley.

"Oh ho? I thought I smelled a sweet scent. Turns out there's an omega in heat here. "

"You can't come to a place like this covered in omega pheromones, ya know."

"Well, you must be dying to have sex, right?"

Several large men surrounded Yuan. At first glance, they looked like sailors from a foreign ship. Tanned brown skin, bushy beards, different uniforms, and a rough, southern look to their faces.

Anxiety, shock, and fear merge into one. Even so, Yuan still stepped forward. But somebody grabbed him by his shoulder. The boy stiffened up.

“Wait, this omega is a student from the academy around here, right? Look, he's wearing a uniform. This is bad. If we mess with him, we'll be thrown into jail."

“But why wandering around like this in heat, isn't he the bad guy here? He must be someone who likes to mess. It's a good thing there are so many of us, he won't know who does it to him."

"Well, you're right. Then, let me do first."

"Don't worry, we're all betas. We can't impregnate you."

Suddenly Yuan's body was gripped by a couple of large hands and fell to the ground.


He was knocked to the ground from the chest down. The muddy water from the melting snow splashed on his face. Still, Yuan desperately holding on to his hands, trying to escape.

"Hey, if you run away, you'll only get raped by greedy men, you know. Just play with us, we'll treat you gently."

Yuan's waist was gripped from behind, and his body was flipped over.


Yuan plead with tears streaming down his face. But no one listened. One man pushed down on his body, whilst several others lean down on him from above.

" Stop!"

A desperate plea echoed through the back alley. But no matter how hard the boy struggled, there was nothing he could do. His uniform began to be stripped off, exposing his lower legs. And probably because of the effect of the heat, Yuan's genital was already dripping wet with precum.

"Look at you, you're all wet and slippery."

“Wow, that's some omega you got there. So this is the body that can get pregnant. I thought he wasn't a boy. "

The man began to stretch his fingers towards the back. That was enough to make his insides start to burn in an odd way.

"Rumor has it that omega is better than girls here, I see."


It was so frustrating. Until now, Yuan had been thoroughly educated to protect his honor. Never once he had such an experience. Yet his body gave a lecherous response that it made the rap*st pleased.

Why was he born an omega? Is it true that omega doesn't have human rights? It's really frustrating and sad.

Mr. Keith... Turns out it's true…the thing called human rights…doesn't exist.

Then, Yuan was reminded that he is a 'sexual creature'. Despair and sorrow threatened to tear his heart out. If he lost his physical purity, he would be expelled from school as a defiled omega. In the worst case scenario, he would even be removed from the government's list of omegas as a dead person. Relegated to the lowest level of male brothels, where he would be forced to work as a machine just to make babies.

There, he must have sexual intercourse with a very small number of alphas in the working class each time he is in heat, just to produce babies. Omegas who have had more than one partner do not live long. They usually die of weakness in their twenties.

I don't want to live like that. I can't even live or die by my own will. Such a life is...

As if his prayer was heard by heaven, Yuan noticed a survival knife on one of the men's chest pocket and immediately picked it up.

The sailors froze. Yuan took that chance to put the tip of the knife in his own neck.

"Get away… If you don't…my neck…I'll cut my neck."

"Hey, you gotta be kidding me. What the hell is that?"

"I'm serious. If my pride as a human can be trampled...just because I'm an omega...I'd better die."

That's right, I'd better take my life in my own will. My life and death could still be saved if I could do it freely according to my own will.

"Die…if you touch me…more than this…I will die."

Yuan suddenly felt a surge of power that he didn't even know existed.

The heat of the estrus was agonizing, but he felt like he was going to lose control. The tiny bit of human reasoning he had left was barely supporting him to survive.

“This guy looks serious. Look at his eyes."

"Hey calm down, don't do something dangerous like that."

"I'm not gonna stop... I won't let you treat me as you please."

As if being enveloped in fear by Yuan's spirit, the men stopped moving on their place.

"Hey, what are you doing!"

A tall man stood at the entrance to the alley, shouting.

That voice―!

A familiar voice touched Yuan's ears, made his heart thumped loudly. It was a foggy evening, but he knew exactly who it was.

Could it be...could it be...

The one who appeared was a tall man wearing a black coat—Lord Keith. His silky blonde hair swayed in the wind. Just standing there, spontaneously created the distinctive aura of the ruling faction, which immediately made the sailors forced to retreat.

"Stop it, he doesn't want it."

A low voice echoed in the alley.

The bearded sailor man who was in the middle replied with a slightly frightened but strong tone.

“W-what's the matter with you? We're just messing around with our buddy. Go away!"

"He's our fellow sailor, don't bother." Another one said.

"Fellow? But I heard him say that if you touch him he will kill himself." The man's words were refuted by Keith in a gruff voice.

"Shut up, this is our matter, you outsider just ignore it!"

One of the men approached Keith in a rage and tried to raise his fist, but another guy rushed behind and grabbed his arm to stop him.

“Don't do that. It's Keith, the Young Marquis."


“What a troublesome man. If I'm not mistaken, he's looking for the mafia, isn't he? We'll be killed if he thinks we are part of them."

"Let's run!"

The men left the place at once. In the blink of an eye, there were no more shadows, only a cool gust of wind from the sea blowing in the dimly lit alley. Still pointing the knife to his neck, Yuan widened his eyes. Dumbfounded.

Lord Keith. In this kind of place. Came to save him.

Yuan did not understand what those guys meant about mafia, but he did understand who stood right in front of him now is the young marquis Keith.

"Are you alright?"

The gentle voice brought Yuan to his senses.