Hanare Gatai Kemono - Chapter 6 [v1]

Chapter 6

Six days after arriving at the castle, Ash met his great-grandmother, Kushinada.

Because of the presence of Yudha and Edna, or possibly because of Ash's warm personality, his encounter with the old woman went off without a hitch.

Dyria was unable to attend due to his status. He waited in the next room, but it seemed to go well based on the sounds of Kushinada and Ash conversing, Yudha and Edna's worry for Ash, and the voices of several other attendees.

An awful feeling crawled into Dyria's stomach and heart, but when he heard Ash's laughter, as loud and beautiful as ever, he felt a little more relaxed and could finally breathe. The sound of his child's laughter was enough to put his mind at ease.

"Don't let anyone hurt my son."

Dyria entrusted Ash entirely to Yudha. And as promised, the beastman returned Ash to his arms unharmed.

"Grandma was so kind. She told me that Ash's grandpa and grandma had already passed away. I wish I could have met them... Ash’s Grandma and Grandpaare Yudha and Edna's father and mother. Did you know that, Dyria? Ash's dad died and I didn't get to meet him. But, but grandma, she gave me some candy and a souvenir from my dad. She also gave me the clothes and toys he used to wear when he was little! And next time, she said she would give me a horse! Ash can practice riding, too! Yudha and Edna will teach me! I promised to show grandma how to ride when I get good at it. Grandma is using a cane, but she also promised to take a walk with me around the garden!"

Ash told Dyria everything he had seen and heard during the two-hour visit. 

Kushinada even let Ash to sit on her lap and read a picture book to the boy. Yudha and Edna were surprised because Kushinada was a difficult person and did not do such things often. Of the many grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great-great-grandchildren, only a few have ever sat on Kushinada's lap.

On the way back to the Western Palace from Kushinada's chamber, Ash, who was hugged and pampered by Dyria, told him many more things using an overjoyed tone in his voice. However, on the long walk back to the room, Dyria found that the boy had fallen completely asleep without giving him some sort of signal. It must have been because Ash was too excited about the meeting with Kushinada.

By the time they reached their room, although it was earlier than Ash's usual nap time, he was already in  his deep slumber. Dyria put him on the bed. The little boy wagged his tail and ears as he slept soundly. He talked while sleeping, puffing up his mouth and nostrils.

"Good night, my Ash."

Dyria kissed the tip of Ash's nose before leaving the room.

"...Is Ash asleep?"

"Ah, Yudha, when did you get here?"

When Dyria returned from the bedroom to the living room, he saw Yudha waiting for him. He was a busy man, so he thought he had returned to his official duties.

"There's something that's been bothering me."

"You mean...Ash? Did he misbehave in any way?"

"No, Ash behaved wonderfully. I can see how hard you taught him every day."

"Well, I'm glad to hear that."

When his young one was still around, Dyria had been cautious not to act in such a crude manner so that he could be a proper role model for Ash. Now he put off all that manner.

Yudha sat diagonally across from him and began to prepare a cup of tea. This guy seemed really good at being elegant.

"You look more nervous than Ash."

"...Ah, yeah. Maybe... It's just, it's hot..."

He wiped the bottom of his jaw with the back of his hand. There was no sweat, but it felt clammy.

"Do you want some tea?"

"No, thanks..."

Flap flap flap

Dyria tugged at the collar of his clothes to let some wind blow.

"Maybe... Um, water?"

"I'm okay... Just be a little...quieter, please..."

Dyria had been restless and agitated after leaning against the back of the couch, so he sat up straight, put his elbows on each of his knees, and began breathing heavily.

He felt hot and sluggish.

He couldn't breathe.



Yudha's hand touched him and his voice somehow seeped out shockingly. He almost slid off the sofa but Yudha held him by the shoulders.

"Are you all right?"

"It's...nothing. It's just that I'm...a little out of breath, and I'm getting chills...where you touched me..."

Yudha moved his face closer to Dyria's neck. The tip of his long snout brushed against the shorter's neck, under his chin, and behind his ear.

He sniffed and smelled Dyria.

"Your scent is different."



A thin, long tongue licked Dyria's sweat.
"The taste is different. It tastes like medicine."

"Taste... But why, I'm not taking any medicine."

"Did you eat something different than usual?"

"Unlike usual... No, nothing... I've been...eating the same as Ash since day one..."

As he was trying to tell Yudha what had seemed strange since his arrival here, a shocking feeling struck his lower abdomen, "Ah, no, I can't..."

Then his eyes closed by themselves.

"Hey, get a grip."

"It's hot... Don't touch me..."

Yudha's body temperature was high and combined with his, it seemed to create an intense fire.

"Dyria, listen carefully. Someone probably gave you some kind of stimulant."

"What the...hell is that? Did you...mean they make Ash take that too?"

It was sweltering hot a while ago, but now it has become quite cold.

The cold was supposed to be better, but Dyria was shivering. It's almost as though he's freezing. His skin was cold to the touch, and he was restless for no apparent reason. Even so, the bottom of his stomach was hot, the back of his eyes felt like they'd turned red. Dyria couldn't think straight.

"Drink some water, okay? You're sweating like crazy."


He had no idea if he was sweating or not. Was he sitting or standing? Which way was he looking at? Did his eyes close or open? He just felt so lost.

"Yudha, where are you?"

Dyria grabbed onto Yudha.

"Here, I'm holding you."

"I-I don't know..."

He almost couldn't feel anything, but Dyria was sure their lips had touched. Then, water flowed into the back of his throat and fell into his stomach.

"Drink it..."

"...Umf, um...fuh..."

Dyria choked and spilled it back out but soon, their lips came into contact again. More slowly, much slower than before. As if to moisten Dyria's dry lips, to wet Dyria's thirsty tongue with Yudha's. The wolf patiently, repeatedly, and much more cautiously gave him less water than a newborn can suckle at once. The more the water spilled, the more Yudha forced Dyria to drink through his lips.


"I'm here."


"Don't worry about Ash. I'm going to take care of him. We'll talk about that later. Focus on yourself first."


If this guy said he would do something, then he would do it. And if he was the usual Dyria, he would have felt strongly that "I can't leave everything to Yudha," but for some reason, his instinct determined that "I can leave this to him." He would lose his support and fall into Yudha's arms if he could simply drop his ego this time. 

Then, everything would be easier.
So Dyria closed his eyes. Dropped his body to a wide, fluffy chest to keep from falling to the floor or hitting his skull against the table's corner.

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