Hanare Gatai Kemono - Chapter 5 [v1]

Chapter 5

She introduced herself as Edna.

She looked sensual and elegant in all black, especially with her amber fur. And for the Golden Wolves, black was a color of mourning.

Someone important to her may have died recently.

"My husband died in the war six years ago."

Edna's eyes were sorrowful, but she still managed to crack a big smile. Dyria glanced at her and thought that this woman was a very strong and beautiful being.

"Do you remember me? I was at the gate the day you arrived."

"Yes, I remember. You were with someone else.."

"Ah. That's Liliessel. She is the daughter of my grandmother's niece and Surdo's wife. Or should I say, his real wife?"

"I never intend to be the king's wife."

"I see, sorry about that."


The lovely Ash sniffed Edna's tail and clothing as he burrowed himself in them.

"I'm so sorry, oh my God... Ash! Don't do that to the lady."

"It's okay, don't worry. So Ash, what do you think? Do I smell comforting to you?"

"Yes. You smell just like Yudha!"

"That's right. Because I'm Yudha's sister."

"I like Yudha's smell! I also like Edna's smell!"

"I love Ash's smell too! Come on, come over here. Let me see your face properly."


Edna picked him up and stuck her forehead to Ash's.

"Oh, how cute you are~ Look at this blond hair with strawberry-colored streaks. You have Dyria's blood in you. The red and gold complement each other beautifully, and it looks delicious!"

"Hahaha, you’re tickling me~"

Tickled by Edna, Ash gave up and started laughing.

"Let me see your eyes. Your sparkling eyes are the proof of my clan. Do you know? My eyes have a gold ring in them, your father had golden sand grains, Yudha have stardust, and Ash... Wow! Your eyes are absolutely stunning. Ash's stardust eyes must have come from your grandpa."


"Yes. He's gone now, but he had three children―Surdo, Yudha and me."

"So Ash and Edna are related?"

"That's right."

"Then, will Edna be good friends with Ash?"

"Yes, of course! I want to be good friends with both you and Dyria, that's why I brought sweets for you guys today. Do you want to try some of my baked goods? I also have quiche and bread. The weather is nice today so why don't we eat outside? Is it okay, Dyria?"

"Yes, of course."

"Good. Can you guys please make some tea?" Edna told her maids, who swiftly gathered all of the necessary items for a tea party and made their way to the garden first. "There's a beautiful place in the garden I want to show you."

"Can Ash go out to the garden, too?"

"Sure, baby. This garden was made especially for you and Dyria. Yudha remodeled it to make it more comfortable and safe for the two of you."

"Yudha did?"

"That's right."

"And this room...?"

Dyria looked at Edna, who then responded with a nod.

"Yes, that's all Yudha's doing."

"Yesterday, all furniture in the room was urgently replaced― Oh, I'll explain more later. Shall we go to the garden first? I want to show you the rose path. Oops, I forgot this was a secret."

Edna deliberately put her hand to her mouth as she smiled.

"Why is it a secret, a secret from Ash?"

"Oh, yes, it's supposed to be a secret. Yudha said he wanted to show you himself later since you seem to keep your distance from everyone here."

"Sorry for being difficult..."

Dyria was right behind Ash as she followed Edna out to the garden.

"You're not difficult; you're considerate. You're wise enough to consider who you want to be friends with, who you can trust, and who you should care about. But, Dyria… you can trust Yudha."

Edna continued her steps into the garden and walked a little further to a four-legged shed made of reddish brown stones with ivy and grasses. There was a man-made lake beside it, and the water's ripples gave a pleasant and calming effect.

Edna's maids were quite deft; they had already prepared the tea on the table.

"It’s delicious, Edna!"

"I'm glad you like it! I can only make sweets, though."

"Ash, eat slowly. You won't be able to eat dinner if you eat like this."

While taking care of Ash, Dyria also ate Edna's sweets little by little.

"Hey, Dyria, I... I don't want to sound nosy, but how is life here for you? Is it difficult? Is there anything that is bothering you?"

"None, thanks to you..."

Dyria shook his head. Thanks to Yudha, he had no inconvenience. Everything was thoroughly taken care of that it came as a bit of a surprise.

Edna sipped some tea, then replied, "All you have to do is ask. Yudha will do anything you want."

"Why would he do that?"

"It's because he cares about you. You can ask Yudha for anything you want. You have the right to do so. He's just a stupid, helpless man who would do anything for you."

"...Is that why he replaced all the furniture? Did he think it was going to be uncomfortable for me?"

"Ah, that's right. But we do have problems with... Um, my grandmother... Well... Ash's great-grandmother is a bit..."

"She refuses to accept us?"

"Well, I'm not the right person to... But isn’t it easier to use these new furniture than the ones you saw the first time?"

"I don't think there's much difference, but, yes. I think the current furniture is easier for both Ash and me to use."

The children drawer for example. It's new to the room, but it's the perfect height for Ash. It includes soft leather-covered corners, tiny safety brackets, and can be opened and closed. And for Dyria, an easy-to-use adult closet with a light sliding door handle.

"Grandma first refused to allow us to change the furniture in the building where you currently reside. But, she let us at the last moment... Well, she's a real pain in the ass, that old woman."

"Ash is going to meet her the day after tomorrow..."

"Please rest assured, Yudha and I will be there to look after him. But, I think… Grandma doesn't dislike Ash."

"But she dislikes me."

"Well, I'm sorry... She doesn't like humans very much. His grandson had impregnated a stranger, who gave birth to a child on his own, and perhaps she believes that thick-skinned person is now living in this castle."

"I see. Well, she does have a point. If my grandson had slept with an unknown man from a poor village and then gave birth to a child, I'd be disgusted too."


"That's why Yudha won’t say anything to me. He's looking for a proper way to let me know that I disgust his grandma. You know what? Maybe he's just pitying me."

"Don't say that."

"...I'm sorry."

"No, no, I'm the one who should apologize. I shouldn't have said anything to begin with."

"You siblings are the same."


"Yes. You apologize all the time like Yudha, as if you did something pretty bad to me."

"Because we did! We couldn't find you for six years."

"I was living in the country."

"And now, we get you into this trouble. I think apologizing is the least we could do. You've even agreed to cooperate without asking for further explanation."

"No, it's because of Ash. I simply want him to grow up in a proper environment and have more chances for his future than I had."

"Dyria, you know, I want you to..."


"Oh, Yudha!"

Ash shouted. He sprung from his seat before Edna and dashed over to Yudha, stretching out his little arms.

"Yudha... Weren't you busy today with military and political matters?"

"I've been rushing to get things done."

"Oh, dear."

"Because my sister has a big mouth, so I had to come and keep an eye on you."

"Well, that makes sense."

"Dyria, if my sister ever talks about anything weird again, feel completely free to run away."

"He said you're a pervert."

"Please, sister, don't do this."

"Oh forgive me, sweet Yudha. I'm just telling you the truth."

Edna grinned impishly and placed her proudly made quiche on Dyria's plate.

"Thank you."

"It has salmon and spinach in it. Simple, but I really like it. Dyria, please try some and let me know what you think. And, Yudha, if someone as massive as you stood there, they would mistake you for a new pillar. Sit down."


Yudha sat down quietly, unable to resist his sister.

Because it was a small, cute table, when three adults and a child sat at the same time, their knees brushed up against each other under the table.

"Well, it's supposed to be a place where lovers talk about their love..." Edna seemed to be enjoying herself.

She threw a glance at Yudha.


Yudha coughed deliberately and apologized each time Dyria's knee brushed against his thigh, "I'm sorry."

Ash giggled as he sat on Yudha's lap and chewed on his quiche.

"...Yudha was really persistent," Edna opened her voice again. "Oh, did he tell you that he has been looking for you for six years? That's long, isn't it? So heroic."

Dyria wasn't comfortable with what Edna was trying to say, so he looked away.

Sweat was constantly dripping down his neck, and Dyria knew that he would never get used to this warm atmosphere.

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