Five Kings - v1c1 part 9

Hisoku the Star Seer

TW: r*pe & blood.

"Take him to the bathing place now. I'll go and tell Shah that Master Hisoku has been found."

One of the maids gave instructions to the others. Then she turned her body to leave us. But she stopped after only a few steps.

Seeing the maid lower her head, the others quickly followed. The Blue King was seen approaching me.

"I allowed you to prepare Ruri's meals, but I did not give you the right to walk around freely," he said firmly, grabbing my clothes.

"I'm sorry."

"You smell like blood."

He found animal blood on my clothes and I lost my way to excuse myself for it.

The Blue King suddenly seized my upper arm and dragged me just about to leave.

"Ah, wait, Shah. Master Hisoku is not prepared yet."

The Blue King stopped. "I don't have much time."

I felt a shiver run down my spine as he roughly pulled me to himself and bit the soft bone of my ear.

"You don't have to do anything to accept this, do you?"

It was more of a command than a question.

*   *   *

The stimulation from my behind was so strong that I held my mouth with my hand to stifle my moans.

My nostrils were filled with a sweet smell.

When the Blue King pulled away, with almost all of his length withdrawn from me, my lower hole twitched and contracted hungrily, as if begrudging the fact that only the tip remained embedded now.

"Ugh... Ngh..."

I rocked my body impatiently, but the Blue King didn't readily shove his d*ck back into my tight entrance.

Without my knowing, tears rolled down my cheek as I couldn't get what I wanted. The Blue King gripped my waist with both hands, then twisted me around so that my back was pressed against the bunk.

I was shaking in my uncomfortable position, but it still felt so good that it made me dizzy.

"Focus," he warned as he grabbed my hair.

It was such an utter disrespect to my dazed state when he flipped me around when I was still connected to him.

You are forced to see your predator when you're made to lie on your back.

"You look so disheveled. You are weak against pleasure."

The half-naked man had a sharpness in his eyes that was disproportionate to his well-groomed face.

Shah pulled me up by the arm and made me sit, straddling his body. My hips sank with the my weight, swallowing his shaft completely.

I quickly tried to lift myself with the support of my knees, but he grabbed my thighs with both hands and pulled me closer without hesitation.

"Ah no!"

All of the pleasure that overwhelmed me dissipated in the pain. The way I was held while face to face by this large man only induced pain in my anus.

The intensity of the soreness doubled. Yellowish liquid mixed with blood oozed out of my bottom hole.

"Please forgive me..."

Instead of sympathy, the Blue King only returned a cruel smile to my broken voice.

"If you know how to talk to a man in that way, then you are suited to be his side woman."

I wish this man would die.

My insides stirred as he rocked me back and forth to the hilt. The pain was so intense that I cried out.

"AGH NO!!!"

I put my hands on The Blue King's stomach, trying my hardest to escape. But he was quick to grab my wrists, looking annoyed.

He twisted me up, tore the coarsely woven linen cord that was used to bind the sheet surrounding the bed, then tied me tightly with it.

The string was wrapped around my neck and connected to my wrists that were in front of my chest. It was like the position of someone praying and it made me unable to move

If I moved my arms, my neck would tense. My bared teeth made a crunching sound. The horrible feeling that there was no escape made me think of death.

Even a little shaking caused the string to strain in my throat, and my body stiffened with the tension.

"Take it off. Take it off, please."

"Don't be scared. You'll lose consciousness at most. If I don't do this, you will only think about yourself."

The man seemed to enjoy this. His hips moved faster, catching me off guard.

"Ngh... Ah, hah..."

His movements touched my prostate, giving me goosebumps all over. My eyes turned white.

The repeated thrusting caused the oil to trickle from inside, spreading a strong sweet smell.

My inner wall was spasming.

"Hah... Ah, ah."

"You're getting an erection. You're quickly getting used to this, huh?"

The Blue King stroked my engorged phallus with his oil-slicked hands, creating a stimulation that made me forget about the pain. Chills of pleasure came over me.

I tried to turn my head away but the string around my neck was pulling me back .

Due to my fear, I subconsciously squeezed the Blue King's member. Even my breathlessness turned to sweetness as I was gouged deliberately in the most stimulating places.

"Try to lift your hips so I can pull it out."

"Huh, ah!"

"Come on."

I planted my knees on the bunk and tried to lift my hips, but I didn't have the strength.

I carefully pulled myself from Shah's big pen*s, and the sensation made the hairs on my body stand on end.


"Hold still."

I stopped my movement halfway, holding my legs wide open. My hot, throbbing canal would still burn when exposed to the open air.

A sudden desire arose in my heart. I badly wanted to drop my hips and bury myself to Shah's c*ck once again.

I tried to brace myself, but my inner thighs were shaking.

"You can lower your hips now. Move and make me come."

My body responded to the permission. I slowly took him in while holding back a scream.

Even while feeling frustrated, the backs of my eyelids flickered. When I opened my mouth, I almost heard an ugly voice come out.

Shah pulled his hips back, the same awful way he had just done, and the feeling went right to my head.

"Oh, my God..." I pleaded. "Don't let it out yet... I'll move."

My inner wall clamped on Shah's manhood so needily. I wanted to make him cum, so I rolled my hips madly, but it was useless in the awkward position I was in.


I undulated my torso up and down, rubbing my hips against my weakest point. Yet I couldn't get a satisfying sensation with my own movements, so the feeling of being killed slowly came back.

Shah teasingly traced his fingers along the lines of my genital that I couldn't stand the stimulation any longer.

I unconsciously tried to move my hand but the linen caught my throat right away. I gasped in pain.

"If you want me to touch you, why don't you tell me?"

"I don't."

The Blue King's eyes squinted as he pulled the corner of his mouth.

"You think so?"

The mocking smile almost made my head boil. When his hand was about to leave my  sensitive c*ck, my hips moved invitingly.

"Ah... ah."

"I haven't heard your answer yet."

Our bodies were supposed to be connected but the blue king was looking up at me with a calm expression, and did not look to be in heat at all.

He squeezed me so hard that his fingernails felt like digging into my glans. I cried out at the misery of my own anticipation.

"Touch me, please."

"Not enough. Say it again."

I shuddered, biting my lower lip and said, "Please... Touch me and you can do... anything. Shah, please touch me. Please..."

The blue king laughed at my interminable plea, "Not bad."

He rubbed my aching member skillfully, even squeezing the round bulges together. I squirmed at the dizzying sensation.

"Do you know Vert's vices?"


"The dead Green King used to buy beautiful boys, cut their pen*ses off, and treat them as women. When the male organ is gone, you become as quiet as a girl. Maybe your strength of character will fade as well."

His voice sounded happy, but the heat I just felt dropped drastically. The hand that was touching my manhood felt terribly cold.

"That's how it was supposed to be for the menials in the palace. After all, you won't be able to embrace a woman while you're here, so it doesn't matter if you lose it."

"No, no!"

My body began to tremble at the thought of being cut off. Tears of fear ran down my cheeks. The throbbing hard-on that I had been asking to be touched shrank.

"I don't want to. No, no, no. Please forgive me."

"What were you doing tonight?"

"T-that... Red Army came back but the cooks were out of hand, so I helped out."

"Helping out Red Army, huh?" The Blue King said quietly, fondling my shriveled manhood as if to rebuke me.

"Forgive me."

"You are not in the palace but did menial works instead. Have you not heard from Cyan? I'm leaving for the West tomorrow."

I nodded.

"If you know that, stay in your room. Didn't you think I'd come for you?" He asked. "If I cut your pen*s off, I heard it will slow down your climax. I can't wait to see how you've changed when we get back from the West."

"No, no!"

I screamed in fright. But the Blue King suddenly grabbed my waist and started to shake his hips, violently thrusting inside my bottom hole.

Tears continued to flow uncontrollably. But my body responded to the ruthless stimulus, causing me to ejaculate with a dull sensation of pleasure.

I shuddered as I felt thick white liquid escaping into my stomach, but that didn't stop Shah from pumping on me. He was releasing continuously , spurting his semen into my abdomen until he was completely satisfied. My lower body felt numb.

The Blue King freed my hands from the linen that bound my hands, but I was still shackled by the fear of his threat of cutting my genital.

"Are you being serious?" I asked.


"Cutting off my—"

I groaned. The Blue King removed his body from me, got up from the bed and changed into his clothes.

"I heard from the doctor that Ruri's condition has improved under your care. But according to his assessment, it should have taken another month. I'll give you credit for that. And..."

The Blue King patted me on the neck.

"I hope you don't cause me any trouble while I'm away."

His tone of voice was the same as always, but his gesture was strangely gentle. I was in a daze, unable to move.

"Um... how's the Red King's condition?"

"Why would you want to know? It's none of your business."

For a moment, I wondered if it would be easier if I told him about Haku, but I didn't think the man would readily tell me if I told him honestly in the first place.

That much was to be expected.

"I'm worried about Shah."

The Blue King smiled slightly.

"What are you up to? Saying something cute, you must have a plan. What do you want? Stop me from overrunning the West?"

"I've heard that the Blue Army is the strongest in the palace. People in the west are poor and have no weapons."

"You're from the West, aren't you? Your sister must have run away from there. Do you have someone living in the West you want to protect?"

"If there is someone I care about, will you spare them?"

"You know what?" He said. "You should live obediently rather than fear for someone else being killed. That's what I'm going to teach people in the West. Even if you are a real star seer, I don't need an oracle."

He chuckled. I could see that he was sincerely thinking that, instead of enjoying himself watching my reaction like he usually did.

For some reason, tears welled up in my eyes.

"If Ruri-sama says the same thing to you, will you still go and kill your people?"

"—What do you mean?"

"Can you consider other people's feelings just like you consider Miss Ruri? I might stop and kill you if Hisoku is in the West."

My sight was blurry, and my head was heavy.

"I don't feel well for a bedtime story," The Blue King responded. "Don't forget, Hisoku. As a king, I have a duty to protect this country, just as you have a duty to protect yourself by killing others."

With that, he patted the tincture on my chest.

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