Hanare Gatai Kemono - Prologue [v1]


THE golden wolf tribe is a group of creatures with a human body but the head of a wolf.

They are like humans with their wisdom, how they walk, speak the same language, and the way they use tools as skillfully as humans do. However, their body is greater than that of a human, making them advantageous in winning competitions. They have built a culture and civilization distinct from that of humans resulting in the establishment of  a prosperous and strong country.

But now, the golden wolves were at war.

Apart from them, there are many other creatures in this world including the tiger-headed clan, lion-headed clan, dragon-headed clan and, of course, humans―all in wars with each other, but live in peace now and then.

Dyria was a human being.

He was one of the "tributes" presented to the King of the Golden Wolves.

It was common to offer expensive and valuable gifts to build a friendly relationship with the mighty Golden Wolf.

However, Dyria was not a mere gift. He was a gift intended to kill the Golden Wolf King, Surdo. An assassin disguised as a gift.

Dyria was not a natural-born assassin. He was born and raised in a mountainous area, an ordinary person who only learned to hunt as a means to fill his stomach. By the time he was twelve years old, Dyria was already working as a migrant worker.

Around the age of twelve, it was customary in the village where he was born for children to leave for the city and make their own money, so Dyria did the same and settled outside. Dyria began working during the war with the Golden Wolf, and the quickest way he found to earn money was to join the army. For the first few years, he worked as a subordinate in the army before being promoted to soldier at the age of fifteen.

Then, two more years passed.

Seventeen-year-old Dyria was very tall for his age, and it showed when he mingles with his own kind, yet he was still a mere child in the eyes of the golden wolf. A delicate and pretty boy, an appearance that caught people off guard.

Because of his attractive features, he was chosen as Surdo's assassin.

"Ugh... Ah, ah..."

A male wolf, thrusting through the narrow space between Dyria's legs.

The beast's p*nis was spreading his virgin region, which had never allowed even human visitors... An innocent body was now covered in the wolf's semen.

The wolf was half-dressed. His thick arms lifted the boy's a*s to continue piercing him from behind, etching his form inside Dyria as if to remind him that his first time had been spent with him.


It feels so good.

It was Dyria's first time yet it felt so good.

Then, after a short pause, he got struck by a painful, heavy feeling.


The rough breath of the beast blew against the back of his neck. His breath was so hot that it almost burned, so did Dyria's inner heat.

Saliva dripped from the wolf's open mouth and repeatedly landed on Dyria’s spine, turning him into a real mess. The beast's saliva dripped from the back of Dyria's neck to the tip of his chin, mixing with his sweat as his buttock was high up.

It made Dyria feel...crazy.

"No, no... No, not anymore..."

What is this?

What the hell is this?

It's different from what they told me.

"You can't be safe in the arms of a wolf." A big army man told Dyria this. "Your pelvis will collapse, your hips will remain open, your buttocks will be ripped open in a bloody mess and you may not be able to survive."

"But what if the wolf is happy with the mating? Well, if he likes you, I'm sure he'll hold you in his arms and try to put you to sleep. Kill him then."

"You, who killed the king, will also die. However, I will give your village a reward for your sacrifice."

Having said that, the soldier gave him an initial deposit. Deposit that worth years of migratory labor.

Dyria sent all the money back to his hometown. Sighing, he decided that even if he was told he would be killed, it was worth the trouble just for the money.

"Well, some of the people who went to him never come back, or they came back but only as a pile of bones and mementos."

In Dyria's birthplace, the higher-ups had been feeding the poorer ones for hundreds of generations. So, now, he finally felt like an important person. Someone the others could trust...

"Oh, yeah... Huff, there..."

Then, after this, he kills, he dies, and that's it.

But it never ends.

The mating seemed to go on forever. Hours, hours, never ends... It felt so good that he wished it could go on for eternity. His mind and body were so calm that all the experiences he had lived so far were erased, rebuilt inside his chest. It felt as if he was reshaping his life with just these insignificant actions.

It felt so good that it killed him.

"Mmh… ahh..."

The wolf chuckled above his head.

He rubbed and massaged Dyria’s crotch repeatedly with his large palm until it became as wet as the wolf's p*nis.

Fwap fwap fwap.

Dyria's butthole was foaming with semen that came in and out as Surdo slowly penetrates him. Their semen soaked the ground.

There were many long piles of rugs stacked up in the Golden Wolf King's tent that Dyria almost forgot that he was in a tent erected on hard ground outside. It didn't hurt to kneel down and was not cold despite lying on the ground.

The two were connected for a long time and remained sunk in the depths of their pleasures so intimately. Secretions gushed out onto the carpets that were piled up as if it were something natural.

"...Hng, you..."

It indeed felt good, but it was also painful. Dyria furrowed his eyebrows, flipped his body over, then rubbed his forehead with the rug below.

No more...

He was sick… but he was also so hungry.

"...No more."

But what came out of his mouth was a sweet moan that he never heard before.


The wolf let out a chuckle.

He was not being sarcastic, he didn't sound angry. It was a gentle asking tone. Like someone talking to his spoiled lover.

"No more..."

"Shh... It's all right."

"No, if you don't take it out, I'll..."

As the wolf recoiled and tried to break away from him, Dyria subconsciously grasped the wolf’s furry hand with his weak fingertips and dragged him back.

"Doesn't it feel good?"

The wolf laughed again.

"No, don’t move away from me."

I want this to stop.

I want this to be over...

But I don't want to go.

Don't leave me.

"I'll be in trouble."

The wolf pressed his nose against Dyria's neck and kissed the boy's lips.


It feels so good.

I feel as if I'm melting.

It's warm.

He smells good.

The wolf's p*nis pressed on Dyria's stomach. From the beginning, both of them fit together perfectly well and even look as if they were a single being.


Dyria pushed his bottom against the bulge swelling at the base of the wolf.

"Any more than this and I'll break you."


"Your pelvis will collapse, your hips will remain open, your insides will split open in a bloody mess and you may not be able to survive."

Remembering those words, Dyria shuddered.

"I'm not gonna hurt you."

Surdo gently licked his cheeks and kissed him on the mouth, showing that he felt Dyria’s uneasiness. It was soft enough to put him to sleep.


"I want to stay like this with you. Is it okay?"


What is this? Dyria wondered why he was answering so honestly. Where does it go...? Where's the dagger I had put in my waistband? Where did the spare dagger go?

This wolf has a rich coat of fur around his neck, with exceptional softness. Each time they came together and became a single clump, the fur felt like a fine futon. Being held like this made Dyria feel incredibly calm and comfortable to the bottom of his stomach, especially given his high body temperature.

"Do you know why we do this?"

"...I...I don't know."

In a mellow voice, Dyria replied.

"We soothe and warm the body of our mate, protecting their body with ours so they can conceive a healthy child."

"...Ah, I see..."

But does that mean that Dyria has now been impregnated by this wolf? Does this wolf want him to bear his child? And why was Dyria simply accepting it like nothing?

"What's wrong?"

The wolf asked Dyria who frowned and put an awkward smile with a worried look on his face.

"It's just strange..."

A night with this wolf was a mysterious one. It felt like he was in heaven, as if they were normal lovers. Of course, Dyria has never had a lover But maybe, just maybe, this was what it felt like...

In Dyria's birthplace, some occasional lovers were reluctant to say goodbye. A young migrant worker would return to the town every few years, take the woman in his arms, and kiss her as if his life depended on it... And after a few days, he would go back to work.

"You're everything to me, I don't want you to go..."

Then the woman would cry...

And this feeling was probably the same.

It was hard to leave the person you love. You want to live with him all your life, at a distance where you can feel his body temperature and breathe in his scent...

Dyria didn't really understand the desperate feelings of those young people at that time, but now―now it felt like he can understand a little.

He didn't want to leave.

Dyria has been thinking about what he wanted to do for a long time, about happiness that would never come and the joy that felt practically impossible. But, if Dyria was ever allowed, he now desired to live at a distance where he can feel himself connected with Surdo...

He had no idea what kind of emotion this is, but it was all over his body. He was so immersed in it that he feared it would corrupt him. It will turn Dyria into a shy, stupid, helpless, sugar-sweet creature. And once he indulges in this, he will become addicted to the feeling.

He will never be able to break free from it again.

"Why don't you come to my country?"


Dyria closed his eyes and pretended not to hear. However, he used his low, gentle voice that made Dyria about to drift off into a comfortable slumber.

This wolf is the king of the enemy country.

Even if Dyria goes to the land of the beastmen, the future was uncertain for both of them. They will not be welcomed with open arms and people will not want to be involved with them.

In the first place, this wolf would only find Dyria unique because of this particular environment. Once they return to their own countries, they will wake up from their dreams.

Dyria knew that everything the wolf said were sweet words to please his mate.

The wolf could say such irresponsible things because he knew that this was only a one-night stand. Dyria wasn't stupid enough to take those liesseriously.

"I'll be back soon. Wait for me."

How long had they been doing this? Exactly how long had Surdo been embracing him?

At dawn, the wolf told Dyria to stay still. Mainly because it suddenly became noisy outside.

It was the battlefield after all. There must have been some kind of change in the war situation.

The wolf, gentle to the end, dressed Dyria in his beautiful clothes and said, "Don't show your skin to anyone. I'll give you a bath when I return."

Surdo whispered something in Dyria's ear before slowly biting the boy's earlobe. He rubbed his nose against Dyria, who was tugging and squeezing at the collar of Surdo's clothes,watching him as he tucked his tail around Dyria's ankle.

"I'll see you in a moment."

"I know."

But Dyria has to go, he couldn't stay.

It felt as if that wolf had to stay with him forever. Surdo stared at Dyria, his eyes glittering with golden stardust.

"Your eyes are beautiful..."

"So are yours."

"Get going..."

Urged by Dyria, the wolf started to get dressed. Dyria watched him closely the whole time: his broad and strong back muscles and fur that covered them looked like a layer of gold melting in the heat.


The wolf, now fully dressed, glanced back again.

"Go quickly."

Quick. Get out of my sight, or are you waiting for me to go mad?

You're driving me crazy.

Hurry up.


"...I can't leave unless you let me go."


Dyria's fingers gripped the wolf's tail.

"Can you let go of me?"

The wolf asked Dyria with the same tone as someone who would talk to a baby.

"...I can―"

Dyria removed his fingers, one by one.

"I'll be right back."


Dyria grabbed the tail he had just released again. He grabbed it tighter than he intended, making Surdo take a step back.

"What are you...?"

Dyria pressed his lips against Surdo's tail. Kissing and rubbing it against his cheeks… and then let go.

Dyria didn't know why he had done that. He just wanted to―to remember Surdo with his lips.

That's all.

"Go now."

If another word slips out, Dyria will probably express more embarrassing feelings so he just repeated the same words over and over.

The wolf regretfully left Dyria.

Dyria stared intently in the direction of the exit until the tip of Surdo's tail he had just kissed vanished...

Then he ran away.

Dyria was able to get out of the wolf's territory without anyone stopping him, either because he was wearing the Golden King's clothes, or because Surdo’s scent clung all over his body... Whatever it was, Dyria was very sad because he had to run away. He didn't know why, but he...he just felt like wanted to die. But he had wished to die before, so he felt he should just ignore it, like always.

Dyria couldn't forget Surdo. No matter how long it took, no matter how long he tried, he just couldn't... It must have become a very sad memory, being separated from Surdo, the only warm memory for Dyria...

Soon after, the war between the Golden Wolf and the humans ended. There were rumors that the Golden Wolf King, Surdo, had died. That was probably the reason for the end of the war.

Dyria didn't believe that Surdo had died, he refused to think about the rumor. He didn't want to remember, but it won't get out of his head...

If he couldn't forget, he made the decision not to remember that night.

The big army man who hired Dyria apologized to him when he returned safely and paid him the promised money.

"I didn't kill him."

He told the man honestly.

"The war ended anyway. You just have to take what you have left and move on."

The big army man told Dyria to keep the money and return to his hometown.

After all, the migrant workers hired for the war will be useless once the fight is finished. Dyria sent the large sum of money he earned―just from being held by a wolf―back to his hometown...

However, Dyria did not return to his hometown.

He couldn't go home.

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