Hanare Gatai Kemono - Chapter 1 [v1]

Chapter 1

Six years later.

Hira, the capital of Uruka, was ruled by the Golden Wolf tribe. A small town about seven days from the capital by carriage. A quiet, rural place where the landscape stretched far beyond the forest.

Dyria lived in a small house on a hill, on the outskirts of the village. A place to cook, to eat, and to relax. From the front door, you will find all three in one place of the wooden house. From the back door, you would find a bedroom, a bathroom, and a staircase that leads directly to the attic. There were no rain leaks because the roof was repaired on a regular basis. Water and wind aren't a problem for Dyria because it rarely snows in this area. Winds would blow in during the winter, but because there was a chimney, it wasn't a major concern. It was a small, run-down home, but it was nonetheless a pleasant place to live.

In the morning, Dyria would wake up before dawn and start doing laundry in the well outside. After drying the clothes by daybreak, he would light the fire on the cooking pot to boil water before preparing breakfast and lunch. 

Just before the table was set for breakfast, he would go to the back bedroom.

"Good morning, sweetheart. It's morning already, please wake up."

Dyria called into the bedroom.


A sleepy reply could be heard from behind the bedroom door.

"Breakfast is ready. Go to the table after changing your clothes, washing your face, and brushing your teeth."

Dyria stood behind the door, listening intently to the gentle sound before returning back to the kitchen.

Dyria checked the little one's stuff on the desk next to the window while waiting. Even though the person who lived with him was very attentive and tidy, he checked everything anyway in case he had forgotten something.

"Dyria, good morning..."

"Good morning, Ash."

The little one has appeared.

As Dyria instructed, he seemed to have changed his clothes obediently, but the buttons were on the wrong side. The little one approached Dyria’s feet steadily, hugging his plush friend in his right hand and shuffling as if he was still very sleepy.

"Ash, you put the buttons wrong."

"Fix it, Dyria."

"No, fix it yourself."


Ash handed the plush wolf to Dyria and fixed the wrong buttons one by one himself.

"Can you fix my friend's clothes?"


Dyria lifted the plush animal's pants. It has the same clothes that Ash wore. The plush animal has been with Ash since he was a baby.

"It's done. Let's get some breakfast."

Dyria took Ash's hand and sat him down in a child's chair. He placed the plush wolf on the chair next to the little boy to keep him company.

"Let's eat!"

Once he was seated, Ash pulled his knees together in a well-behaved manner and scooped up the soup with a spoon. He's pretty handy for a five-year-old.


"Ash, please eat without wagging your tail and ears."

"But they do it on their own."

"Try to make them stop."

"They wag because Dyria's food is delicious!"

The little boy’s triangular ears perked up. His tail swayed from left to right repeatedly as it dangled from the gap at the back of his chair.

Ash, as reflected in the teaspoon he held in his hand, was a wolf beastman. An adorable, small and soft-furred cub. His honey-colored fur shone and looked wonderful in the morning sun that entered through the open window. His eyes, studded with golden stardust, twinkle and gave Dyria a carefree smile.

"Focus on your meal, Ash. I don't want any bread to go to waste."

Dyria, who sat in the chair across from him, did not return his smile.

"Dyria, what will you do today?"

"I'm going to town. I'll be back late, so after church, go to Neira's house and spend the night there. so all you have to do is bring your study materials to your desk, okay?"

"Can I take my friend too?"

"Then I'll put him in your bag."

"Thank you."

"You're welcome. Ash, do you want some more?"

"Eggs, beans, and bacon!"

"That's great, you're eating a lot."

Dyria got up to make hot chocolate for Ash after putting everything the small wolf asked on his plate. Even though it was late spring, the mornings were still cold.

"Dyria, I prefer it cold. I don't like hot drinks."

"You’ll upset your stomach. Just drink this."

Ash had fur, so surely he would be comfortable even at this low temperature. Still, children—young beastmen and humans are creatures that are susceptible to the cold. He should keep the little boy warm as much as possible.

"It's hot so be careful."


"What's wrong, sweetheart?"

"Can you wipe my mouth?"

Cocoa stained the short fur around his lips.

"Please do it yourself, what will you do if this happens when I'm not around?"


"No. Do it yourself."

"...Okay then..."

Ash wiped the area around his lips with his plump, little round hands using the napkin Dyria had previously placed on his knees.

"You did well."

Dyria took a seat beside Ash and began to wipe him with a damp cloth and dry napkin. Ash smiled, his tail began to wag up and down.


"My tail is excited, too. I can't control it, thanks for the food!"

Ash jumped out of his chair after finishing his food. "See you at Neira's later," he said as he picked his companion from the seat next to him and walked to the study desk near the window, caressing the plush wolf and placing him in his usual spot.

"Ash, brush your teeth again and get ready for school. I'll go check after you’re finished."

Ash's footsteps could be heard heading to the restroom behind Dyria, who was washing the dishes. His steps were very tiny, but  Dyria was confident that Ash would grow into a tall, strong, wise man. Dyria's womb was too small to accommodate a baby beast. Ash was a little baby when he was born, and his breathing was labored. So Dyria was very glad that Ash made it this far.

He was glad he gave birth to him.

Ash was the child of that night. Conceived during the time Dyria was with the wolf king.

Dyria had no choice but to give birth when he discovered that he was pregnant with Surdo's child. It was a relief when the baby was born with the perfect golden wolf appearance. If the baby's looks had not been wholly wolf or fully human in these tough times, he would not have fit into either society.

Dyria chose to raise Ash in this village. An idyllic, peaceful, and welcoming community. The best place among the villages inhabited by the golden wolf clan.

Dyria grew up in a mountainous area more remote than this village, and had never left the house or went to school until he started working. At best, the adults in the village taught him simple letters and mathematics before he turned twelve. But in this village, he felt that he was also growing gradually. He was able to secure a decent job properly. He was able to find a job that would allow his son to live a normal and happy life.

Dyria was grateful for that.

Of course, there were times when living expenses were not enough. In such cases, he would leave the village and travel an hour to a larger town to work. He never did anything bad, but if Ash asked him about his job, he would be stumped. But it was better than starving to death. It's a lot better than seeing his little Ash starve to death or succumb to illness.

He wasn't involved in prostitution or the sale of unlawful goods. To make a living, Dyria simply utilized his natural athleticism, hunting abilities, survival skills, and an appearance that was easily recognised by others.

Even so, his worries never ceased.

He couldn't give Ash too many luxuries. He wasn't sure how far he could afford to send him to school or to church in the future. Or if Ash gets a serious illness...

"Dyria, Dyria!"


"What happened? Does your tummy hurt? Are you all right?"

"I'm fine. I was just thinking... Have you brushed your teeth? Make sure you're ready and put your shoes on so we can go now."

"Dyria, can you come to church with me today?"

"Yes, I'll walk you there."

"Can you hold my hand?”

"Yes, baby."

"I'm gonna take a bath with Neira today, so we’ll take a bath together tomorrow. You and I!"

"I understand."

"I'll wash Dyria's hair."

"Please don't get soap in my eyes."

"After that, we’ll go play at the river!"

"If it doesn't rain the day before and the water isn't too high, we'll go."


"Do you remember the rules when playing at the river?"

"Um... stay with Dyria! Don’t go into the deep water, no running around!"

"Absolutely right. Great job, baby."

"Dyria can be in danger too, so stay next to Ash."

"Yes, I'll always be by your side."

"And Dyria, when you're done with your work, please pick me up soon. Very, very soon~"

"I'll do my best."

"Ash will do his best, too!" Ash couldn't stop his enthusiasm. "And you know, Ash loves you so much."

"Thank you, Ash."

Dyria placed Ash's plush friend in the sleepover bag and headed out the door holding the bag in his left hand and Ash in his right.

For the past five years since Ash’s birth, this is how the two of them lived.

It was a typical spring day.

His small beloved Ash looked at him with eyes dazzling with golden stardust. Dyria wished that they would always be this happy for the rest of their lives.

"Dyria... There's someone there."


Ash suddenly pointed to the forest from the straight path where Dyria and him were holding hands. Dyria had very good eyesight, but he couldn't see or hear anything. However, he heard horse neighs on the breeze as he gazed in the direction where Ash had pointed. Soon after, a group of warhorses appeared on his right side, emerging from the forest. They completely surrounded Dyria and Ash in the blink of an eye.

"Dyria, who are they?"

Dyria remained silent and hid Ash behind his back.

A warhorse, bearing the emblem of Uruka's army, was steadily approaching Dyria and an exceedingly terrified Ash. Still mounted, the wolf beastman reached for the sword slung around his waist.

Dyria laughed inwardly at the very deliberate threat. A medal indicating that they were the 8th Regiment hung from his emblem and collar. It seemed like a squadron since there were a little more than ten of them.

It was a somber atmosphere, but the number was smaller than Dyria had anticipated. Despite the fact that they were merely a normal army, they appeared to have a great level of skill in handling warhorses and approaching so softly. Dyria, who was hiding Ash and had no weapon, would not be able to defeat this number.

"Red hair and red eyes, you must be Dyria of the Asriff tribe."

"I am."

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