Five Kings - v1c1 Part 6

Hisoku the Star Seer

LORD Azure noticed Ruri’s voice too. He told the woman, who was about to get up, to lie back.

"Shah, what are you doing here?"

"No need to speak, you'll hurt your throat more. I'm just here to see you. I'll be leaving soon. Sleep and get well quickly."

He pressed his palm against Ruri's forehead. And as soon as she fell back into her deep slumber, the room became quiet again. I let out a deep breath.

"Hisoku, come here."

The Blue King turned to me as he stepped out into the hallway. I guess he was trying not to wake Ruri up with our talk. I followed him into the hallway. And before I knew it, the hallway was already brightly lit. I could hear the faint crackle of burning torches.

"How's Ruri?"

"She had some food today. It seems that her throat still hurts, so I thought that something she can swallow without chewing would be good."

"I see. I'll let the kitchen know."

I glanced at the room in case Miss Ruri was awake and was eavesdropping on our talk.

"Um, Shah. Do you mind if I prepare the meal for Miss Ruri instead?"

"You can cook?"

"When my sister was little, I used to make her a grated meal—so that babies whose teeth haven't grown can also swallow easily. I think this is right for Miss Ruri whose throat is still hurting."

The Blue King stared down at me.

When I looked back at him without averting my eyes, he replied, "All right. Do it. But be sure to consult with the doctor before deciding what to feed Ruri."

"I will!"

"Strange child. Do you enjoy taking care of people that much? Or do you just want to take responsibility for Ruri's injuries?"

I couldn’t tell if it's one of those two or if it's a completely different emotion.

"Um, is Shah about to go to bed?"

"What do you mean?"

"Can you tell me about the stars? Why do the constellations Gemini have people's names on them? I can't find it in any books, so I want to know."

The Blue King blinked once, and then his eyes suddenly turned dark.

Perhaps it was the torch light, but his blue eyes seemed to have deepened and turned a dark indigo, like the clothes he wore.

"It’s a myth from outside Chevron." The Blue King started his story. "Castor and Pollux, the constellation’s origin, are the children of God. Pollux, the younger brother, had the blood of God and was immortal, while Castor, the older brother, had only the power of a man. He was destined to die sooner or later."

"Does it make any difference if they are children of God?"

The blue king said, "Yes," and averted his gaze from the book.

"The younger brother, who possessed divine power, shared his immortality with his older brother, who then spent half the year as a God in heaven and the rest as a human being on earth."

It sounded like a good story, but the atmosphere was gloomy.

"Does Shah like stars?"

If he could recite it without looking at the book, I figured he must.

"I heard about it from Cyan. He's better suited to be a scholar than a king's guard. He loved talking about the stars so much."

"Does every star have their story like that?"

"Unfortunately, this is the only one I could remember. You can ask Ruri about the others once she gets better later. She was also a victim of Cyan's crap, so she probably still remembers them."

Suddenly, I remembered the rumor going around in the kitchen. If the two had known each other since they were children, it must have been more than ten years ago. And Lord Azure's attitude toward Miss Ruri also seemed very kind.

Miss Ruri, however, had no blue tincture. I wondered why she didn't have it, even though Lord Azure cared for her enough that he came and checked on her.

"Shah also has the blood of God too, right? Does that mean you will never die?"

"What nonsense are you talking about now? You saw Vert die with your own eyes. This is a story about a God other than Or."

"Ah, right, right."

I had even forgotten about the book I just read. It said that when a king dies, the tincture will disappear and then appear on the successor king.

"If Lord Green dies, will the green tincture be passed on to his children?"


The Blue King seemed surprised.

"Vert has no children. Have you not read the book Cyan gave you?"

"I'm sorry..."

"Anyone can succeed to the throne, as long as they have the blood of Or in their veins. When the previous king dies, a tincture will soon reveal itself on the next king, and that person is welcomed into the royal palace."

I nodded. He continued.

"It's been seven days since Vert died. And since no one has come to the palace, I'm sending my soldiers to search for the king. The old man's death has been a pain in the arse since then."

He spoke as if someone else was responsible for Lord Green's death. And the way he said it contradicted the gruesome fact of Lord Vert's death, this suddenly made me feel funny.

"What can your sister do?"

I huffed and stared back at the Blue King.

"What is your intention with such a question?"

"I'm interested in Hisoku's abilities, so much so now that rumors from the frontier have reached the royal court. She must be very powerful."

"But you promised... You promised me you will leave my sister alone if I pretend to be her."

I timidly spoke about his promise, but there wasn't the slightest bit of empathy in the Blue King's answer.

"The king makes no promises to his people. Remember, only the king can decide his will."

I didn't want to be provoked, but I couldn't help the fact that I was always distraught when my sister's name was mentioned.

"I'm begging you. I'm going to learn a lot about the royal court and the stars. I will do whatever Shah wants, just please forgive my sister."

"Then act perfectly as a star seer. If you can convince everyone that you are Hisoku, no one will have any idea who the real Hisoku is."


I blinked, unsure of what he meant.

The way he said it felt as if he wanted to protect Hisoku, and not for his own matter.

"I was just joking. Did you really think I'm doing this for you?"

I was ashamed of myself for looking at him with such anticipation.

"You're cuter when you're pouting."

The Blue King smirked. He seemed to be amused by my reaction, so I figured he was teasing me again.

"Hoshimi is not a magic power. It is the ability to have knowledge of the celestial bodies' movements, to compare them to the past, and to decipher changes." The Blue King explained.

"Once, someone predicted that a river would rise during the season of the year when the red star shines brightest. Later, it was discovered that the flood season of the river coincided with the rising of the star, and the one who noticed the red star was then called star seer. By continuing to study the records of the past, he was able to determine the exact number of days in a year and create a new calendar. This has become an indispensable part of today's agriculture."

"So you're saying that if I read... books about the stars, I could become a real star seer?"

"That person said that if he had not read books and observed the night sky, he would not have noticed the red star. Hisoku, can you guess what was painted on the Fountain's entrance?

I was puzzled by the sudden question. I opened the book I still had in my hand and flipped through the thick pages. In it, I found what I was looking for.

It was a picture of a scale.

"Same thing was carved on the Fountain's door. A balance for measuring justice?"

"That's right," said the Blue King as he read the words in the book.

He pointed lazily to the sky. I followed him and looked up into the dark sky.

"The constellation of Libra is made up of four not-so-obvious stars. The brightest one is Zubeneschamali, a green star like your eyes."

"...Do you always say things like that to impress women?"

The Blue King suddenly smiled. It wasn't a gentle one, but a smile like he had found his prey.

It sent a chill down my spine so I immediately backed away. My head was knocked against the wall behind me, making the book I had in my hand slip down and hit my foot.


I tried to scream, but my mouth was suddenly blocked. By a tongue that was forcibly twisted into my mouth, tracing my teeth.

There was a sticky feeling that was close to the feeling of being penetrated in the stomach. I got goosebumps.

It was impossible to escape while being pressed against the wall. And due to our difference in height, I was looking almost straight up.

"I-I'm sorry."

I must have offended him.

The Blue King didn't seem to hear my words and continued to devour my mouth. His hot breath still smelled of alcohol.

"Don't close your eyes," he whispered in a low voice.

Without pausing, he licked my eyeballs and probed the thin skin around them with his tongue.

My throat gurgled. A disgusting feeling welled up in me, but I couldn't close my eyes because my throat was clamped up tight by him.

Unconscious tears trickled down my eyes as the Blue King played with them. He licked my eyes as if they were sweet wine.

He also stimulated my manhood with his knee. I wanted to close my legs to resist, but the way he pressed my crotch to arouse me made my legs weak.

"Ha— Ah!"

I almost squirmed but the Blue King covered my lips again.

Then, he let go of me.

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