Five Kings - v1c1 part 3

Hisoku the Star Seer

WHEN I was told that the royal's seer was often treated as a courtesan as well, I made up my mind.

I feared and couldn't bear the thought of my sister being used as a plaything. Even then when our "philanthropist" master tried to get his hands on her, I did everything I could. And now, with her being a seer, the royal people would not let her go so I begged the hoodlums to take Hisoku and run away.

If I escaped with Hisoku, they would catch up with us as soon as the royal soldiers set their foot outside the palace. In order to buy time, I came up with the idea of wrapping myself in a woman's garment and pretending to be Hisoku. Because if we refused them, death would await us  anyway.

The night I left Hisoku, I clasped my small hands under the falling stars. I knew it would be the last time, so I kept staring at my sister's sleeping face.

It was my first time to be on a bed with a soft sheet. The places where people sleep in the city were only made of stone or wood. Here although I had only laid out a cloth for a sheet, it still felt very soft. As if the cloth had been placed on top of each other. My knees didn't hurt being pressed against the bed even while bearing all my weight.

The Blue King laughed at me and said, "You're pretty good at this."

The oil, which I was told to pour into my asshole myself, filled the room with a nice, clear, and sweet scent. I pushed my fingers in until it felt squishy. I had to do that because I knew it would make the rest of the night a little easier if I stretched out that narrow part.

The Blue King ordered me to sit on all fours, then he started to penetrate me hard. I was careful not to make a sound, just as he told me.

My toes twitched as his aroused male part pushed into the narrow entrance without hesitation. The oil that I'd put in spilled and slid down to my inner thighs, making them a slimy mess.

I thought the king had slowly reached the deepest part of my bottom hole, but then he pushed even deeper. I groaned as he squeezed my stomach.

My insides screamed in the torment. The Blue King stopped his thrusts and remained still, I let out a gasp as my now gaping hole and insides started to feel painful.

I was afraid that I might make a faint noise. He covered my mouth with the palm of his hand. I wanted to say that I didn't mean to make a sound, but it seemed like he was onto some other thing. His big palms smelled just like oil.

"Breathe in," he said.

There wasn't much air coming in through the gap between his fingers, but I couldn't bear the pain, so I did as I was told and filled my lungs. And as soon as I did that, I felt a shock that made it feel as if my eyeballs were spinning.

The sweet smell that I just inhaled melted into my blood and created a sensation that ran through my body. I could barely take it. My head was spinning, my arms that were holding my body up were losing their strength. I almost collapsed, but the arm around my stomach wouldn't let me.

"Hah... Ahh..."

The back of my ears were throbbing noisily.

My clenched lips were trembling. The place that had been accepting his p*nis was now tightening on its own, it didn't feel like my own body.

"Seems like this works better than putting it in. Soon you'll give up your high pride and no more cling to it."

"I don't have any pride, sir."

"The fact that you're so quick to retaliate when provoked is proof of that."

I had never been told that by anyone, and somehow that hurt more than the physical pain I was feeling.

"Is this your first time in Anbar?* Animal secretions will be hard on your back."

In a city of poverty, where medical herbs were too expensive to obtain, there was no way I could have experienced being smeared with this stuff.

As my insides finally got used to his size, the king pulled out half of his manhood. My inside was so used to the shape that it tightly clung to it, as if forbidding his c*ck from pulling out.

With goosebumps all over my back, I bit my lip and tried to endure the sensation. However, after holding my breath for so long,my throat hurt; I accidentally let out a high-pitched "Ahhh" when the king suddenly hit me in the pit of my stomach. My voice sounded pleasant even to my ears, and my body responded.

"Fuh, ah...ahn... Aahhh..."

I let out a squeal each time the king pulled out his p*nis. We had only begun, but my body had quickly turned hot. Sweat trickled down my neck.

"Your high-pitched voice is awkward."

The Blue King changed my position. He   firmly pressed my hips against the mattress, so that the impact on my lower abdomen was stronger.

"Ah, no―"

The sweat that was dripping down on my body turned cold, while my shoulders began to tremble.

My face and back felt unusually hot, but the king kept thrusting in and out, ignoring me. I couldn't even feel the pain anymore, my hips went numb with every thrusting sound.

I rubbed my hips against the fabric, losing the stimulation of my erect p*nis. I hadn't felt the ejaculation, but I was slick with my own semen, and even that felt good.

Just when I noticed that my hips were already released back down, the man above me held me up again by the waist.

The intermittent stimulation of my c*ck suddenly stopped, and I, who had been preoccupied with chasing the pleasure, became distracted.


I want more, more... My head was filled with those words.

I hadn't thought about what I wanted to do during the act, I was just being impatient with my own desire.

The king told me not to make a sound because people outside the room would hear. I took in a shallow breath. The sweet scent was everywhere, so I sucked in more air.

"Oh, my God, that feels so good."

I couldn't resist bobbing my hips, but the king suddenly blocked my mouth again. Only a hint of the nice scent rubbed my nostrils, but I jerked and spasmed as I ejaculated and released the white stuff.


I let out a muffled cry, as I couldn't let out even a a ragged breath―the lack of oxygen was making me feel dizzy.

"Death or slavery, you say?" The king laughed contemptuously. His breath was hot against my ear. "It's a good thing there's an easy road left."

My feverish mind came to its senses.

I crawled between the king's legs and took his greasy shaft into my mouth. Carefully licking off the oil with my tongue. As I struggled to please him, he grabbed my hair and made me look up.

I thought he would pull me away from him, so I held my jaws with both hands and strained my lips. The Blue King frowned slightly as my teeth brushed against his p*nis.

"I guess Vert was right. These green eyes are not that bad."

I was surprised to hear his unexpectedly pleasant remark. Tears loosely fell from my already watery eyes, which he wiped off with his thumb.

Surprised by the king's act, I rushed to wipe the tears away with my own hand. I didn't want to cause any unease.

As I drew the king's p*nis inside my mouth, I could feel its unusual taste due to the oil. I sucked on the glans and let it slide down to my throat.

I felt like I was starting to feel good again, letting out tears as I struggled to keep my hips up. I tried my best, but the king wouldn't let me ejaculate, he made me lie down on my back instead.

The sooty reddish-brown ceiling above us was covered with a pale, yellow cloth that I had never seen before.

I cried out as I was forced to drench myself again in the slimy oil. I dipped my shaking fingers in the liquid and spread my knees. I had already loosened up enough to be able to accept the king's p*nis without having to do so, but the cold-hearted gaze of the man would not let me.

When I buried my longest finger deep inside, I felt a chill run down my spine even though it was my own.

My knees trembled, but I opened them further. And in my disheveled state, I thrusted my fingers in and out, revealing my lasciviousness as if urging the man to do the same.

"Please put it in," I cried.

I felt like I was going to pass out from the sweet smell. I realized how much easier it would be if I could just pass out. And it felt so good to be shaken to death, with my arms pinned to the sides of my body, with no way to escape.

I wanted to forget everything, just for now. I couldn't even let out a proper word as I cried from the heat of the pressure on my waist. The area around my chest, below my collarbone, began to heat up rapidly. The pain increased to the point where I wondered if I really got burned.

When I began to shake and cry, the Blue King said, "Be still. You will only feel the pain for the first time."

He scooped up the mixture of oil and semen that had been splattered on my stomach and smeared it on my mouth. The sweet smell took the edge off the pain.

The night breeze blew in, and the scent of s*x finally faded out a bit.

As I dozed off, the Blue King nudged me in the chest. Underneath the protruding collarbone, wings reminiscent of birds' feathers were displayed.

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