Kinjirareta Alpha - Chapter 2 Part 1


chapter 2 part 1

That day, Yuan woke up feeling weak and hot. Finally, after three months, his heat came back.

During that time, omegas are attacked by a tremendous s*xual desire. There are only two ways that can be used as an option to hold back the desire, having s*x with an alpha or take prescription medicine from a doctor. Until they are sent to their suitable alpha, students of the academy are prohibited from having any s*xual int*rco*rse.

If they violate, they will be expelled from the academy without a second thought.

Therefore, the school is obliged to provide a daily intake of anti-estrus pills, which must be taken twice a day, morning and night.

Again...? Is it time for my heat to come back again?

These pills reduce heat and throbbing pain in the deepest parts of omega's body. They indeed work quickly and capable of healing within minutes, but omega will still have to endure tolerable torments before it really kicks in. An unusual hot sensation appears at the deepest part of the omega's body, short of breath, and their mind turns blank. However, the pills will immediately have the effect of reducing fever if they take some rest. And after that, omega will be able to return to their normal daily life.

It's okay…these pills can withstand the heat. Mr. Keith, that's why you gave me a chance, right? As you said, if omega continues to take anti-estrus prescriptions they should be allowed to live on their own terms.

Once every three months, due to changes in their bodies that occur for about a week, omegas can stop all their activities other than mating. However, if they routinely maintain the heat by taking medicine, then living a common life is not impossible. And if feasible, they can also work normally. With a little management, working while raising children is possible, just like any beta woman.

"Good morning Dr. Edmonds. I'm here to report my heat is coming today."

Before class, Yuan went to the medical office. An expert in omega's specific constitution was placed within the academy.

Dr. Edmonds is a handsome male doctor with average silver-blonde hair, a slender figure, and light blue eyes behind his glasses. There are several male nursing staff working under his watch.

"Alright, let's start the examination."

Usually, students only have to do a monthly physical exam, but during the heat period, they have to visit the medical office every morning to take a blood sample. After that, to monitor the development of their body, students will have to undergo a thorough examination with a CT, X-rays, and so on.

After they were done with the blood test, students then headed to the examination room at the back.

"Is this another new tool?"

Edmonds put on his white robe for Yuan's examination and answered calmly.

“Yes, the academy just got it, a new model. Large sums of money are being invested in this important international project. "

"International? Isn't it national?"

"You know, international collaboration."

The new tools were lined up neatly. During the heat period, anti-estrus pills are prescribed according to the nature of omega body and weight, and their body's condition is checked daily. Seemed like the information will be made into a detailed database. For that reason, Yuan felt as if he is some kind of an experimental animal who had to come here by himself.

“Yuan, this is your today's portion. Please be careful not to mistake the dosage."

Anti-estrus pills, if not taken regularly can be life-threatening, and vice versa. If taken in excess it will cause addiction and make it difficult for the body to get pregnant. And base on that, doctors are prohibited to give them extra.

"Oh right, there was an incident in the city a few days ago. Medical staffs will be hired to help, so the office will be closed after six o'clock."


"Ah, it's resolved already, but some people were injured. Just be careful not to run out of the pills."

Since this place is located on a small island, to minimize casualties when a big incident occurs, the academy medical staff also taking part at the scene sometimes. What happened this time? It seemed so urgent that the medical office had to close.

After Yuan left the medical office, Timothy appeared and went over to him. Looks like he also came to report his heat period.

"Yuan, I'm sorry, I can't help you in class."

“It's okay, don't think about it. More than that, thanks for eating the sweets I gave you. It really gives me courage."


“Eating sweets makes you smile, right? I'm glad."

Yuan then rustling through his bag to give Timothy a cake.

"Thanks, Yuan. You're really nice, huh. Though, I'm still afraid of John… I don't have the courage to protect you and don't know what to do if I get bullied. He seems to like Mr. Keith… since he wants to be chosen as his partner, he gets jealous of you.”

Yuan smiled at Timothy who appeared on the verge of crying.

“It's okay, I'm happy you think of me. Just a little more until graduation day. Think about what is important to you Timothy. If you protect me, you won't know what will happen. "

"Right, Mr. Keith will also give you happiness after graduation."

Happiness? There seems to be a misunderstanding here.

"Wait a second. I'm not gonna receive happiness as what you said, you know. I'm just getting a chance, maybe..."

"That's the same. Everyone's talking about that. People said that you would solely give birth a child to Mr. Keith. That's why John is jealous to death."

"How come? I only got a chance to work…and that doesn't mean I will pass anyway.”

"They say it has nothing to do with whether you gonna pass or not. John and his gang said that. He said Yuan is after Mr. Keith and has an ulterior motive of raising children from him in a dirty way."

"No way…"

He did have feelings of admiration toward Keith, as someone who got an opportunity from him and has a purpose in life. And to Keith's personality who thinks that omega also has human rights.

Because for the first time...there's a person who agrees on the thought that omega also has human rights.

However, to bear children from such a person, a thought like that never even crossed once in his mind. He only thinks of how it will be when he finally gets a job, a chance that Keith had given to Yuan.

Is it because they don't know the details? That's why they misunderstood?

Even so, now Yuan knew how John must have felt. He too, deep somewhere in his heart, if Keith ever chooses another student beside him to be a partner…it felt as if the lower part of his chest being sliced. Albeit the thought that he never wanted to be Keith's partner.

Is this what people called love? Or is it simply an admiration?