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Five Kings

Chevron is a land ruled by five kings carrying the blood of God.

Each king has a special power. They are called the Blue King, the Red King, the Green King, the Purple King, and the Black King.

Azure, the Blue King, is the most arrogant and ruthless of them all.

The story begins when Sage, a young boy who has taken the place of his sister as a "star seer", is sent to him. However, he meets the gentle and caring Red King Gules by chance and slowly falls in love with him.

The Blue King does not forgive Sage's intentions, who is still his property. And as if to ridicule him, Azure starts toying with his emotions.

What will become of Sage's future?



Name of the country ruled by five kings. It is divided into central, eastern, western, southern, and northern regions.

Each region is under the administration of the five kings.

The ones who carry the pattern of "tincture" of Or on the back of both hands.

When a person is chosen as king, they have to abandon their previous name and take on the name of the king. As soon as they die, a new king with the tincture marks will appear.

An honorific title used by the servants to address their king.

"When two kings embrace each other, they will die" is a curse that has been passed down in the royal palace.

It is said to be a curse that was brought by the first Purple King.

The most powerful king who rules the center of Chevron. The position is currently held by the Blue King.

Name of the God who created Chevron.

A pattern of feathers in the color of the king. Appears on the chest of the person embraced by the king.

Map of Chevron

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I was having difficulties on how should I translate the characters' name. I thought I'd just gonna follow the manga but then I decided to do some research first.

The subjects (characters & places) in this novel are mostly named after "heraldry": discipline relating to the design, display and study of armorial bearings (known as armory). But I'm still not sure of all though.

So pleaaase if you feel itchy because of some mistranslations, don't hold yourself back to tell me! 🙈

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