Five Kings - v1c1 part 2

Hisoku the Star Seer

"You have dark skin. Are you a slave? Well, sometimes playing with dirty children is a good distraction. You guys, stop looking and take him away."

I gulped.

"You can't."


The Green King glared at me as if it was a wonder that I was talking.

"I have to see the Blue King at all cost. I'll be in trouble if you take me away."

Then there was a loud thud. I fell to the ground. Sparks flew behind my eyelids, followed by a pain in my cheek. My head was numb and sore from the Green King's blow. Blood spilled from the cut in my mouth.

"Master Hisoku!" Ruri muttered under her difficult breath.

"You still alive? What an insolent servant!" The Green King was enraged. Then he looked down at me curiously. "Hm, Hisoku you say? I've heard that name before. Something about a person with mysterious powers in the west. So, it's you?"

He turned his head to another side and let out a belly laugh. "Hahaha, this is great. The womanizing Azure has brought a child! I'm sure he'll be very disappointed when I take his star seer away."

With that, he bent down to lift my body. But the Green King's body swayed slightly.

Then, in a split second, his thick neck was pierced by a long sword, until it passed through his mouth. As if there were no bones. The bloody sword tip stopped in front of me. 


The Green King spat out blood, his body twitching like a fish out of water. There was a huffing sound as he forcefully sucked air in before he stopped moving. Completely.

The tip of the sword swung out of the head, making the Green King's body roll toward the corner of the corridor.

"Hold the Green guard. I don't mind killing him if he resists. He's so stupid he can't even inflict a fatal wound on a woman."

I heard the sound of hurried, jumbled footsteps. I still couldn't look away from the rolling Green King.

"Are you Hisoku?"

I was barely able to look away when a voice called my name. I slowly turned my head away from the Green King and when I looked up, I saw a tall man swinging a sword, splashing blood from the blade.

Short blond hair and blue eyes. The high bridge of his nose and fair skin even after being tanned, were the most common features in this country. It was indeed typical, but he was so well-dressed and seemed to represent the country itself. He wore a loose-fitting indigo dress over his well-built body, with a sky-blue cloth slung over his shoulders.

Behind him, Cyan appeared.

"Shah, what have you done!"

He put a horrified face as if he had never seen anything more wrong than the Green King getting killed.

"Lord Green had been disrespectful to Ruri, but you are not allowed to kill him. Ruri is not a Blue Princess, she is only a maid."

"It's not because of Ruri. I just don't want to miss the chance to kill the disgusting Vert. Now I won't have to deal with his nonsense anymore."

"You've got to be kidding me!"

"Well, I am. I don't want to end up like Vert either. I'll take care of this before Sable finds out. He's got a nose for the Blue Palace like a dog."

The man sneered, as if he had forgotten that he had taken a life, and put his hand on Cyan's shoulder in a friendly manner.

On the back of his hand was a tattoo of a man with wings. The pattern of the tattoo was the same as that of the Green King, but the color was blue. One thing came to my mind: this person must be the Blue King Ruri was talking about. The characteristic that distinguishes a king at a glance.

And I've come to this palace to meet the Blue King.

"And?" The Blue King turned to look at me. The sharp tip of his sword stopped at my neck. "Who are you? The star seer I summoned named Hisoku is a girl."

"Hisoku sister. Please don't take my sister away from me."

I rubbed my forehead on the marble floor and pleaded.

"She is too young to understand many things, she will never be able to please Lord Blue. I have heard that if she is taken away, she will not be allowed to leave the palace for the rest of her life. I cannot let that."

I let out the words I had been thinking over and over again in a single breath. The palms of my hands on the floor trembled.

"What a foolish boy if you think that such a wish will be granted to you by The King."

A cold voice replied.

"If it were my life you want, I am prepared for it. You can kill me, make me your slave, or do whatever you want to me. But my sister has only lived ten years. She has no parents and doesn't know how to have fun. Please have mercy on Hisoku."

"Because of you, my maid is dying."

I looked at Ruri who was lying on my side, her neck stained bright red. I suddenly became horrified, wondering if she was going to make it after all that blood.

"If you think you can atone for Ruri's death with a life you can throw away so quickly, then I, her master, have been taken very lightly. Everything that belongs to The King has the right to live or die. But I will never forgive the ones who caused the death of my servant."

Hisoku, I called out to my sister in mind. I wanted to protect her no matter what.

"I very well know that I am worth nothing. But even if my life is meaningless, I would never give it up for anyone but my sister. I always thought that my life is like a candle, and that's why I came here to ask for your mercy."

The tip of the sword was placed right under my chin.

When I looked up at the Blue King as he urged me with the sword, he said calmly, "I'm surprised that the one who came to beg for his life is whining."

I wondered if it would be any easier if he just kills me.

During the time I was in the cart after leaving my sister, all I could think about was what would happen to Hisoku? Will there be someone to comfort her when she cried? My heart felt like it would crumble any time soon because of the thoughts.

"I wondered if the soldiers mistook him for his dress. Cyan, didn't you tell them that I summoned a star seer? I thought you had me figured out, but I guess not."

"With all due respect, I told Shah that summoning the star seer would be like inviting fire into the Blue Palace. And the message to the soldiers must have been sent by someone other than myself."

"Oh, is that so ?"

The Blue King crouched down before me and looked into my face.

"I've been told that Hisoku is a girl, but you look very young for an older brother. Maybe twelve or thirteen at most."

I was not sure of my own age, but I must be at least a year or two older than Hisoku. I didn't think there was any point in talking back, so I kept my mouth shut.

"You said you were ready to do anything for your sister."

"I am."

"Then you are my property now."


"You disagree? You said you were willing to die or be a slave, hm?"

"What are you going to do, Shah?" Cyan asked in a stern tone.

"A nice idea, don't you think? If Vert gets his hands on the Blue King's property, I'll have an excuse to kill him."

The Blue King said this with a certain amount of pride. Then he looked at me, asking, "What's your name?"

I uttered a name that I thought I would never use again. "Sage."

My sibling and I were abandoned near a lake in the mountains of the west.

In a town where children's corpses were common, it was quite fortunate that baby Hisoku and I were able to survive. Our foster mother, who had just lost her baby, took pity on us and brought us home. They were a family that raised goats and sold milk and meat to make a decent living.

However, before Hisoku turned seven, the goats were wiped out by a plague. We couldn't survive any longer, she sold us to a slave trader. As slaves, we had to work in a new house. Even though my new master was well-known to be a generous and kind philanthropist, my condition has become much worse since working for him.

He would occasionally drag me into the back shed to indulge in his special taste for boys, but other than that, I was fed and given a place to sleep.

Sometimes Hisoku would start crying before our master arrived. "Sage, don't go. If you go outside, something bad will eat you. Please stay here."

I would lull her until she cried herself to sleep, and then I mumbled in mind, "Master will come for me again today."

Hisoku was a strange child. Even when she was under my care at our previous home, just before the plague broke out, I told her to not lay her hands on mother's goat meat ever.

Goat meat was a commodity, so most of the time we ate only fish from the lake. However, one time, our mother sliced and diced goat meat. Hisoku brought it to the lake and sank it.

She was horribly angry, but she did not shed a single tear, saying, "Sage will be gone."

One night, she looked up at the stars, "Something terrible is going to happen in the east. Cows and snakes are fighting," she said. Talking about a faraway place she didn't know.

A few days later, I heard that a battle had broken out in a city to the east. I learned that one party had a flag of a cow while the other one is a snake.

When we were a bit older, some men who knew Hisoku's talent abducted us. It was a group of hoodlums living in a poorhouse on the outskirts of town led by a red-haired man. They claimed to be seers and were trying to get food from the downtown, but none of them were as good as Hisoku. And having my sister in their hands, the reputation of the group was quickly restored.

They taught the two of us that Hisoku was a "Hoshimi", a type of ability called "Shakyamuni", which is the name of a seer who can predict the future. He was valued by the royal court and nobles, and in times of war, Shakyamuni was employed by the military.

The hoodlums asked Hisoku how to read the stars, but it was obvious. She disappointed them by saying she couldn't explain it. However, they still took good care of Hisoku and me.

Until I received a message from the royal palace to bring "Hisoku Hoshimi".

-     N O T E     -


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