TMA - Chapter 6 Part 3


part 3

Miller grabbed Ben's butt and clamped his flinching body. Moving his lips to the side of Ben's navel, he bit the soft belly fat with his teeth, and sucked it in. Red tooth mark remained.

The way Miller left the marks on his body felt sensational, so Ben covered his mouth with his hand to hold back his groan.

Miller raised his head to see Ben's face. It was only just the beginning, but his face has turned red, and the way Ben's body acted honestly fueled Miller's dark desires. Miller put his hand on Ben's belt and made eye contact as if asking for permission.

Ben nodded, slightly biting his lower lip at the guy's pleading eyes. Miller had not done much but Ben was strangely feeling embarrassed. His pounding heart already made him exhausted, he just wanted to lie in bed quickly.

Miller deftly moved his long fingers to loosen and unbuckle the belt. Ben's pants slid down his thighs and fell to the floor.

Miller put his nose between Ben's thighs. He rubbed his nose lightly as if sniffing, then licked the inside of the other's thigh with his tongue.

"Oh, shit."

An unbearable groan burst out along with cursing. Ben couldn't stand it anymore, his legs were shaking.

Miller moved his lips, blowing a breath over Ben's underwear. He buried his face deep between Ben's legs as he felt the hands on his shoulders tremble with excitement. When Miller bit the tender flesh inside the thigh, Ben felt his body shudder even more. Miller, too, was heating up at the open response.

The man raised his body, holding out one hand to Ben. Ben grabbed the hand, pulled his legs out of the fallen pants, then walked to the bed.


Miller asked Ben who had no sign of taking off his shoes. Sitting on the bed, Ben stuck his foot out to Miller. Of course, Miller gladly loosened Ben's shoelaces and took off his shoes by moving his long fingers flexibly.

Somehow, Ben was feeling more nervous than when Miller taking off his pants, trembling hard. His heart thumping so fast that it couldn't get any faster because he thought this would never happen in his lifetime—that someone would take his shoes off like that.

As Miller took off both his shoes, Ben laid his back on the bed. Then, it was Miller's turn. He began to take off what he was wearing one by one.

Ben didn't take his eyes off the guy's body as he took the clothes off.

Miller took off his shirt, revealing his parched skin. He climbed onto the bed and took a seat between Ben's legs. Rubbing Ben's buttocks over his underwear, feeling the soft texture. Miller licked his lips, grabbed Ben's ankles, then spreading his legs wider.

Miller slid down Ben's underwear, revealing the insides of his thighs. Sucking with his lips deeper than before, leaving a mark.

Every time he sucked in, Ben was out of breath. One sharp tooth bit, followed by another press of Miller's lips, sucking until it made a squeaky sound. It was a repetitive act as if the guy was painting stamps.

Miller repeatedly bit and sucked the entire body of the man below him. Ben let out a series of harsh breaths toward the ceiling. A hot lump of heat was spreading from his lower abdomen to his whole body. The part where Miller's lips touched was so sensitive that it's hard to get even more than that.


The sensation that seemed to exist to feel the pleasure was strange, tears welled up on the tail of Ben's eyes. The uncontrollable excitement was overwhelming. He couldn't get a sense of what he had to burst, just kept on getting excited.

By the time Ben's whole body, which was breathing hard, turned red, Miller slowly began to take off his underwear.

The underwear completely fell off Ben's body and his exposed penis glistened with pleasure, it stood up tighter than ever before, making its presence clearer.

Miller slowly ran his fingers down from the top of Ben's penis's head to the tip of its root, then raised the corners of his mouth, smiling as if he had found something funny.

He grabbed the back of Ben's right knee and pushed it up so that Ben's ass was completely exposed. While fiddling with the chunks of flesh that overflowed in one hand, Miller lowered his head and took a full bite as if eating fruit.

With his front teeth, Miller bit Ben's testicles. It was gentle at first, but soon getting tighter. The pleasure of being touched in his genital along with the subtle pain ran through Ben's whole body.

As Miller pointed his tongue out to stimulate his buttocks, Ben bent his waist, squeezing his thighs. Noticing Ben who reacted too sensitively to every single gesture, Miller asked.

"Is it your first time?"

"No way..."

At Miller's question, Ben's face heated up so quickly that he couldn't turn red anymore. He was saying no, but Miller didn't seem to believe it.

The guy then cast his gaze around Ben's room and opened the drawer of his desk. Taking out a hand cream Ben didn't even know when he had put it in, Miller said,

"I didn't prepare in advance, so I'll use this."

As he finished speaking, Miller squeezed the hand cream bottle between Ben's buttocks. The smell of vanilla filled the room.

Miller began to move his fingers back and forth from Ben's perineum to his hip bone. A ticklish sensation started to spread throughout his entire veins as Ben twisted his body and grabbed the bedsheet.

An unbearable sensation was spreading. It was the first time he had never thought of anything like this. Miller, fiddling with Ben's anal wrinkles, then shoved one of his fingers in and kissed Ben's face.


A faint moan of pain escaped Ben's mouth. A pure body and innocent face who had said that it was his first time looked so sexy.

Miller wiped the sweat off Ben's forehead with his palm, whispering in his ear.

"I'm sure it's your first time."

"Oh, no, it's not..."

"Lie, I'm gonna be your first man very soon."

A chuckle.

Ben twisted his waist, unable to respond as Miller moved his fingers inside. Miller was strangely feeling better with the unfamiliar gesture in his arms.

It stimulated Ben's inner walls to the point Miller got persistent to see him feel more sensitive. A mixture of hand cream and love liquid that had flowed out suddenly made a lascivious squeaking sound with every movement of his finger. As the number of his fingers increased, beads of sweat formed successively on Ben's forehead.

Miller constantly looked Ben in the eye, feeling the inner wall loosened to the point it got mushy. A sweet, low sigh flowed into Miller's ear.

Miller put three of his fingers in and out at once, checking for the loose hole, then pulled down his own underwear, putting himself on Ben's body.

Ben's body began to heat up again feeling Miller's body on his thighs. Ben sneaked his eyes and stared down. Miller's penis looked hot with red veins. Ben swallowed a lump of saliva unconsciously when he saw it. His whole body tightened with excitement.

Miller, spreading Ben's legs a little wider than before, shoved his penis into the hole he had released with his fingers. Then started pushing it slowly from the tip of its head.

Miller licked his lips, staring intently into the tight gaping hole. Ben was feeling thirsty when Miller inserted it. As he squeezed in, the damp inner wall clung to the guy's penis. Miller's breathing began to get rough at the sensation of being sucked in by Ben.

Miller was dazed by the tightening sensation he couldn't say anything. Seeing that, Ben chuckled and asked in a playful tone.

"Are you holding yourself back?"

"Do you still think I'd bite your neck like a vampire?"

Miller replied with a small smile. He looked into Ben's blue eyes filled with pleasure and slowly pushing his penis in a little deeper. Ben's wide-open legs trembled like convulsions as the penis cut through his body.

"Would you believe that I actually wanted to do this the first time I saw you?"

This time Ben's eyes widened. It was something he never thought of. When was the first time this guy saw him?

"I wanted to feel the deepest part of your body like this and rub it to engrave my mark. From the beginning."

Miller continued to move inward as he spoke and growled, emphasizing each syllable at the end. He stopped his movements when he felt he had entered the depth he could no longer reach, looking at the man under him and put his arm behind Ben's neck to hug the blue-eyed man. As their chest and stomach touched each other, the bodies of the two were tightly intertwined.

The moment their eyes met, something like an unknown emotion bloomed. Ben always thought it was a misfortune the time he was born. But now the fate that he had thought a curse the whole time suddenly felt like a blessing. He met Miller because he is a dampir.

Miller kissed the nape of his neck and looked at Ben's side. A heated face, a hot breath, a squeaky body, and a lewd tightening inner wall. He was so lovely that Miller couldn't take away every gesture, every glance, every single thing of him.

It was really unexpected, unplanned. Each time Miller moved, his shattered breath gently tickled Ben's ear. He clung to Miller by the shoulder.

His stomach tightened and Ben couldn't stand it any longer. Miller moved slowly. The long thing slid out from the depths of the inside to almost the end, then came back again, and strength entered Ben's toes each time it thrust in.

"'s too...long... Huff, hah..."

The lewd inner wall that tightened as if it wanted to grab him whenever Miller moved his waist outside made him lose his mind. The unadorned husky moaning sounded sexier than any other women's shrill voices.

Miller accelerated his lap and hugged Ben's body tighter. The faster he thrust, the more Ben moved his hips to match the beat.

Miller bit Ben's neck so hard it bruised him. He licked the tooth mark he left with his tongue. He did the same several times more to make red marks all over Ben's neck.

"Mill-leh...Ah...Miller, Hah..."

Ben grabbed Miller by calling the guy's name through his broken breath. The orgasm that was about to overflow through the blood vessels made him feel like he was going out of breath.

Miller squeezed Ben's penis with his soft palm, pushing his waist up toward the correct point.

After a few rubs of his penis, Ben's head started spinning and a feeling of pleasure ran through his whole body. Ben ejaculated while trembling with leftover strength. Miller, too, could not stand the squeezing in the inner wall, he ejaculated and reached his climax.

Holding his trembling body tightly, Miller bit Ben's earlobe again. His body was so soft that he wanted to eat him whole. The delicate, sensitive, and pure body has caught Miller's heart.


A groan of sigh escaped. As Miller slowly pulled out and gently rubbed his thighs, Ben grinned. He was so gentle and kind that Ben wonder if this guy is the same person who spoke hatefully every time they ran into each other.

As he pulled away from Ben's body, Miller lifted Ben's ankle and kissed it. He bit Ben's Achilles tendon while rubbing the bridge of his nose against the ankle.

Ben's eyes widened in surprise at the act of rekindling the fire in his drunken slumber. Miller whispered in a sly voice.

"Since the night is long. I'm still curious more about you."

Then he moved his lips to Ben's calf and bit again, leaving marks and sucking hard at the back of his knee.


With a breath of hot air escaped toward the ceiling, Ben once again prepared to accept Miller. The doubts, boundaries, and constant questions all slowly wanted to back off, leaving the body entirely to the pleasure and comfort he gave.

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