TMA - Chapter 6 Part 2


part 2

As Ben entered the entrance of his flat alley, a black sedan was coming from the other side, which is no longer unfamiliar to him. Ben laughed, admiring Miller's exact timing as if he had calculated that himself.

Ben waited against the front of his flat when the car door opened, a long umbrella came out first. Then a pair of long legs stretched straight out, followed by Miller's entire body. Even though it was nothing special, his eyes were caught by the smooth movement, and Ben was staring at him unintentionally.

"I think you got the time right."

As Miller spoke with a smirk, Ben nodded his head, opening the door, and stepped in first.

Entering the not-so-clean living room, Miller leaned his umbrella against a wall and found the umbrella he had left before.

"Oh, take that with you on your way."

Miller nodded and looked around the living room.

"What do you want to drink?"

"If you have black tea, please."

"I'll look for it, but if I don't have it, just drink coffee."

Ben answered back and headed to the kitchen. He told Miller to drink coffee if he doesn't have what the guy wanted, but he still poured water into a kettle to make tea, put it on the gas stove, and started to find the tea bag he once bought and open the cupboard.

Listening to the bustling sound, Miller slowly examined Ben's space. He has been there before but somewhat got kicked out, so he didn't see it properly.

It was poorly organized just like a house where a man lives alone, but it looked empty overall because there were only a few pieces of furniture.

It's only a place for Ben to do nothing but chase vampires, yet there seems to be anything to spend time with.

Normally, there is always a sense of life in the space where people live, but there was no such atmosphere in Ben's house, where he doesn't even take his shoes off at home. Instead, many things were hanging on the desk.

Most of them seemed to be case files involving vampires.

Miller, who had been scanning the papers scattered here and there, glanced at a file. He wasn't really looking for it but when he saw that certain file, he was annoyed.

Miller felt nervous and oddly sad. He thought Ben already believed him perfectly, but he still hasn't.

Ben found a tea bag in the corner of the cupboard that he had been looking for after a while, put water in the mug, and brought it out.

When he got back into the living room, Miller was looking at something on his desk. All that was on the desk are case files, so Ben didn't care too much and called Miller, who was showing his back. Putting a mug on the table in front of the couch for two.

"What do you see there?"

Miller's face turned frighteningly stiff as he turned around slowly at Ben's question. He stared straight ahead with a grim expression.

Ben swept the roof of his mouth once with the tip of his tongue as a cool chill passed through his spine with a look he had never seen before. Then he shifted his gaze and looked at the file Miller was holding. It was a file handed over by Joseph a while ago.

Before Ben could even open his mouth, Miller snapped the file at him. The data contained in the file that fell the floor poured out. They are photos of unknown time taken, Miller's work, and miscellaneous materials about O'Donoghue.

"I didn't know you're still suspicious of me."

Gazing at Ben under his twitching forehead. There was disappointment in both of Miller's grey eyes.

"Oh, it's..."

"I didn't even know you were investigating me this far."

Ben's throat was clogged with conviction in his accusation voice. He should say that he didn't do it himself, that he got it from a junior, but that too seemed like an excuse, so he just kept his mouth shut.

Ben dropped his head. Miller's sharp sigh penetrated into his ears. The sound made his heart ache and felt pain.

Having never experienced such a thing before, Ben couldn't figure out what excuse to make for his disappointed opponent. A heavy air that seemed to be weighed down stuffed the flat.

While Ben was unable to do anything, Miller stepping closer and grabbed Ben's chin, made him raise his head. Miller's eyes were full as he licked his dry lips. The combined emotions of hunger, longing and worry were evident on his face.

"You don't believe me?"

A heavy voice swept over Ben's whole body. His head was saying he should apologize, but couldn't as if his tongue got stuck to the roof of his mouth.

Miller, who continued to stare into his eyes, whispered as if he were confiding in an elaborate secret.

"Don't you know how I feel now?"

Ben's body stiffened with tension, and without realizing it, he could only bit his lower lip, unable to say anything. Miller's voice was sweet, and it was almost like he pleaded of knowing how he felt.

"If you don't believe me, sleep with me."

Ben's eyes widened at the unexpected bold statement.

Miller came close enough to touch his chest. Ben's head was dizzy from the terribly fragrant body. As the man's lips drew closer, Ben felt a warm breath on his face.

His heart raced.

Ben closed his eyes slowly, feeling the tickling breath all over his face.

"I'll make sure you believe me. Tonight."

It was a determined tone, but Ben could feel a slight tremor in his fingertips as Miller touched his face.
Ben couldn't say anything and stayed still. A shadow fell over his face, and his soft, soft lips touched. Miller's lips were hot beyond comparison with his cool fingertips.

The more affectionate the lips moved, the more sorry Ben felt. From the moment they first met until now, Ben had never treated him without suspicion or at least loosen his guard. He was not being himself from the beginning, even though he couldn't deny that he was always being suspicious.

As Miller's hand went down from his chin and rubbed lightly on the back of his neck, Ben opened his lips slightly. The man's tongue pushed through the gap, squeezing Ben's tongue and twirling it together. One side of his chest was sour it felt as if Miller was constantly whispering with the tip of his tongue that he was sad.

From some point on, Miller's heart felt clear as if it could be grasped easily. He was a man with a strong character so he is less noticeable than ordinary people. But his eyes always had desires and Ben was a little proud that Miller's eyes were pointing at him.

Miller stretched out his arm behind Ben's back and scoured the vertebrae over his clothes. When their lips slowly parted, Ben's face turned red.

Miller bit Ben's earlobe slightly and seduced him once more with a low voice.

"Sleep with me."

The sexy whispers made Ben smell a sweet scent, a mixture of body wash, fabric softener, and unique body odor. He felt the familiar scent fill his nostrils. Enchanted by his unique smell and sweet whisper, Ben moved his head up and down.

Rejection was impossible. Who dares to refuse when the most dangerous-looking man in the world is determined to seduce?

And at that moment, all the doubts Ben had about Miller were blown away somewhere far out in space.

Miller grabbed Ben's hand without haste and headed for the bedroom. With every step they took, the sound of footsteps or a heartbeat echoed loudly in Ben's ears.

Entering the bedroom, Miller stopped by the bedside and unbuttoned Ben's shirt. One, two, the button clicked open, and the inner flesh was revealed. Perhaps it was because of the work he had done with a lot of movement, his elastic skin looked soft.

Still having his shirt buttoned up, Miller put his lips on Ben's nipple. Pressed it down, then biting it with his teeth and pulled it forward, causing Ben's body to bend and tremble. Pleasant goosebumps swelled up on his forearms.

Miller tightened his lips, sucked hard enough to make a slurping sound, and bit again. In the act of trying to leave his mark, a subtle desire for monopoly was felt.

Ben slightly put his hand on Miller's shoulder. His lips fell from Ben's nipple, bumped lightly against his chest, and went down toward his navel.

As his lips moved, Miller lowered his body more and more. He was kneeling on the floor when his lips reached Ben's abdomen. Miller gently stroked his side, wrapped it around his entire palm, and gently rubbed it.

Feeling sensitive even with a light touch, Ben's body began to heat up.

An eager anticipation ran from the top of his head to his back, and his toes. Made him tremble.

Miller's tongue stumbled into Ben's belly button and made a squishy sound, causing his legs to waver.


Ben groaned and pushed Miller's shoulder back slightly. A tickling feeling spread throughout his body, making it difficult to resist whilst his stomach being twisted.

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