TMA - Chapter 6 Part 1


part 1

Somehow, he had to do this. To get more answers about the man, Ben went to Eidan's house after checking the similar pattern in the Yard.

This was Ben's third visit, but the house still feels dark. Eidan's atmosphere was sharp, perhaps because Daniel was not there, and the smell he gave off was stronger than last time.

Eidan, slacking off whilst skimming through the files Ben had brought, said,

"This man is being extra cautious than before. And more experienced."

Ben nodded in agreement. That man indeed very experienced. He has been chasing him for over 15 years already, but never even seen his shadow.

Eidan stood up from the couch, his turquoise eyes glistening with enthusiasm. Then moving back and forth.

"All women, fairly rich. All in their homes."

Hearing the statement, Ben almost exclaimed 'perfect!' or 'fantastic!'.

Muttering something in an exasperated tone, Eidan then turned his eyes to Ben.

"I need to see the scene."

"Then we can go together. I'm coming too."

"No. Just give me the address. I'll find the place by myself."

Pushed by Eidan's force, who strongly said that they should not go together, Ben gave the address and left. He couldn't figure out the reason why Eidan wanted them to go separately. He thought that Eidan is the same as Miller but he still felt reluctant around the guy.

Ben could say that he already get used to Miller, but Eidan was different. He still doesn't act like a normal human being, so it was difficult for Ben to deal with him. Thinking that the two brothers have an absurd resemblance just made him laugh inside.

Ben shook his head, forcing a reminder that Miller is not the kind of person to be reminded of so uselessly often. When this is over, he is a man Ben will never meet again. If he opened his heart for nothing, it was clear that the person who will receive more loss later would be himself.

Relationships are meant to last as long as each other wants them.

Even if Miller had a good feeling for Ben now, that was bound to change. He has been living alone for quite a few years, and he has seen many such people.

And will even more impossible if Miller is a normal person. Who can be sincere toward someone like Ben anyway? Not even his mother did.

*   *   *

It was after sunset that Eidan came to the scene with Daniel.

Ben was looking around the scene of the incident when he heard a loud scuffle in front of the police line. Eidan seemed to lack social skills, unlike his brother. It would have been easier to cross the police line if that guy said his brother is the MI6 director, but Eidan didn't say a word and chose to argue with the officer instead.

It's the first time Ben has ever acted with a regular police officer like this, but after hearing what they're arguing about, it seemed that Eidan had met several on-site officers because of some incidents commissioned by the Yard before.

The problem was that the policewoman treated Eidan as a scumbag, and that's why she did not let him go inside the police line.

Ben, listening at the front door of the house where the incident took place, couldn't wait any longer. He approached Eidan and crossed the police line, saying:

"Come this way."

The officer glared at Ben's action. It was clear what she meant by that, so Ben moved his mouth a little faster.

"I'm with MI6."

After all, Eidan and Daniel are civilians and it was entirely her responsibility to not let them roam the site. Ben thought it would be better to refer to a more powerful organization if possible rather than saying he is from MKV, so he purposely used the MI6 excuse.

The officer no longer went wild with Eidan. It worked.

As he guiding the scene, Ben started talking to Eidan.

"As you can see from the files, the crime took place indoor. How the hell did she get a stranger into the house? I think we should check the relationship between the suspect and the woman."

"Why shouldn't you let a stranger in?"

It was such a small murmur that Ben couldn't tell what he said, was it to himself or someone else? And if Daniel did not elbow Eidan in the side, he wouldn't just let it slip.

Ben was about to ask again, but Eidan spoke first.

"Quiet, don't say anything."

Eidan's eyes became sharp as he entered the bedroom where the crime took place. Daniel looked at Eidan from a step away without saying a word.

Eidan frowned at the neck of the victim's body, which was still lying face down on the bed. Sharp teeth mark remained intact, indicating that it ended in a single action.


As if to ask Daniel to inspect the body, Eidan stepped aside from the bed and started to wander around the room. He opened the double window before checking out under the bed, squatted down and examined the floor.

"Neat, I think it's over in one go. And I don't think it has been too painful for her since there's no sign of resistance."

A cold remark from Eidan reminded Ben of a medical student practicing his dissection.

Ben stared at Daniel who didn't look like a normal civilian reacting to the corpse. But soon, he remembered Daniel's blog. Eidan called Daniel again.

Walking towards the squatting side of Eidan, Daniel sat by him.

"What do you think this stain is?"


"Please think more. Look at this room, there's no liquid to make this stain."

"Who doesn't know that? What if it's his body fluids? There's no database since he is different from humans. And your brother already told you about the suspect."

"Suspect from such a desk discussion."

Ben laughed because they looked like high school students arguing on a small stain on the floor.

Eidan stood up with a big snort. Ben opened his mouth thinking he could talk now.

"So what you got?"

"About four."

"What a genius! You found something that none of the people here found?"

A Yard officer suddenly burst into the site and being sarcastic toward Eidan. Ben couldn't understand why Eidan, who advises the Yard and helps solve some problems, has so many enemies.

Daniel took a nervous step toward the police officer who's being sarcastic toward Eidan. This probably has happened more than once.

Eidan, who knew how to react to this kind of sarcastic tone, stretched out his arm and restrained Daniel's movement.

For a moment, Ben felt relieved that there wasn't a fight between the two, but then Eidan's mouth started pouring out words incessantly. It was terrifying, and Ben could finally understand why the man had so many enemies at once.

"Hey, Brad. If you're going to have an affair, you'd better pick a better one. Seems like Elijah standing outside isn't the only one with you."

Ben quickly learned that the officer's name is Brad, and that her partner is officer Elijah, the one standing on the police line.

Ben did not understand how the hell does Eidan O'Donoghue knew such a thing, but when he saw Brad's mouth shut, it was clear that everything the guy had said was true.

Eidan didn't stop there, he kept pouring more private lives of all the officers he encountered whilst leaving the house where the crime had taken place.

He told someone he gained 2 kg, and to someone else, his wife was cheating on him. While to the other, 'You're just another lover of Elijah,' and made all three, including Brad and Elijah, tensing.

The scope was too private to be dismissed as bullshit, and Ben's face grew increasingly dismayed. One of the officers may end up shooting Eidan if this continues so Ben intended to tell him to stop, but Daniel holding him back instead.

"If you don't want him to brag about your private life, just stay still."

Then Daniel called out Eidan's name aloud. And, "Would you mind shutting up?"

Ben will not forget to remember the bloody meaning of that.

Eidan was still full of dissatisfaction, but Daniel's gaze worked to stop his moving mouth. Apparently, Eidan O'Donoghue's sedative is Daniel Johnson.

Walking with someone who has no social skills at all, Daniel looked amazing doing that. So Ben stared at Daniel and once again trying to ask Eidan who was still grunting a little.

"So what did you find out?"

He asked as soon as they escaped from the site and fell out of sight of the officers.

"The culprit is holding a fairly high rank among them. It will be difficult to catch him with the reckless way you've done to them so far. Find out where the victim has been frequently in the last month. The same goes for other victims. There must be overlapping points. I have something more to look into, so I'll go first."

Eidan grabbed Daniel's hand before went out of the police line.

A slight headache appeared again to Ben's head. He felt that he had been with Eidan for half an hour only, but somehow it felt like he had suddenly grown half a year older. All the people who appeared around him recently were out of the normal category.

He couldn't just wait until Eidan found something, so Ben thought he'd go home and get some rest.

Just the other day Ben dealt with several guys and once again, a new incident happened. Those made Ben feel hectic.

As he turned his step going back to his flat, Ben felt a vibration in his pants' pocket.

They already met this morning, but wanting to know what was going on, Ben took out his phone and opened his mouth. Eidan's brother's voice leaked out.


"Can I see you when you're done?"

"Is this urgent?"

"A little bit."

"What is it?"

"It seems that we've found a moving pattern of the suspect. The location of the next crime has been revealed."

"Didn't Eidan already know about that before he visits the site?"

"Ah, Eidan needed to move as Eidan."


"That's something I'd like to meet and talk to."

"Then will you come to my house? I'm a little tired of meeting you outside."

Miller answered Ben's hesitant tone before hung up, saying that he'll be in Ben's flat in an hour. He didn't really want to invite anyone this way, but Ben was too tired to meet the guy outside. He thought it would be a quicker way to get some rest, just to talk briefly then send Miller back.

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