TMA - Chapter 5 part 5


part 5

Pretending not to hear the loud doorbell, Ben pulled up his blanket and buried his ears on the pillow.

He was not expecting anyone to come to his house where he lived alone. Believing that it could be a cult follower trying to promote his belief door to door or maybe a peddler, Ben tried to get more sleep. The person stopped ringing the bell after several attempts.

Ben wriggled under the cover feeling relaxed. He needed to stop by Yard and check the identities of the guys he handled this time, but it wouldn't be a matter if he goes later in the afternoon.

Ben, awake to the sound of the bell, grumbled. He closed his eyes thinking if there was anything to eat for breakfast.

His phone suddenly crying very loud, showing off its heavy presence on the table next to the bed. Ben frowned. Only one person to call.

Ben stared at the phone with his eyes wide open and thought he wanted to get away from his phone after work no matter what.

It was really weird last night. Ben acted as if he were possessed by something. He didn't even ask a question about McDowell Jonas. It was only after Miller took him back to the flat that Ben realized he had been dragged around.

It's never a normal thing for him to drink tequila. And with a man, not a woman. No, ignoring everything else, he was also crazy to have done such a thing with someone he suspected as a vampire.

Dealing with too many guys at once made him feel weak. Ben, who was looking at the phone ringing constantly, finally pressed the receive button.

"Where are you?"


Ben replied dourly.

"I'm in front of your flat. Come out for a second."

He was even more annoyed because the identity of the caller that had been ringing his door loudly since morning was Miller, as expected.

Ben got up slowly on purpose, washed his face, and changed his clothes. His phone rang once more when he was in the bathroom, but he pretended not to hear it.

When he opened the front door after getting ready, he saw Miller leaning against a black umbrella. His heart skipped a beat when he saw his face. As expected, his senses were still saying that the guy was not a normal human being.

"It's a good morning, isn't it?"

Miller asked pretending to be kind, twitching his lips, perhaps annoyed by the waiting. As the guy nodded silently, he started walking in front of Ben. Looking at the direction they were heading, it looked like they are going to a nearby sandwich stall.

"What's going on in the morning?"

That was not the case last night, but Ben's attitude had changed dramatically in the morning, and Miller was impressed. He sighed at the thought of being a person who had no idea which rhythm to match.

"What happened?"

"No, nothing--"

Miller grabbed Ben's wrist--which said everything is fine--and pulled him into an alley, leaning against the wall. His eyes met Ben's right away because they were of similar height.

Ben missed the right time to be angry and glanced at Miller with his eyes wide open.

"But why?"

His heart began to beat like crazy as the eyes of the two met each other with a keen stare not to miss the slightest change.

Ben looked Miller in the eye to grasp the meaning of the question. He was reflected in his gray eyes. When their eyes met in the air, Ben, who couldn't resist the irritating smell that must be coming from Miller, avoided first.

Miller clicked his tongue inwardly at Ben's action. He regretted it slightly, thinking that he should have stayed with Ben until morning instead of sending him home last night.

He let Ben go because he thought Ben would put his guard up again if he suddenly narrowed their distance. If he knew this gonna happen, Miller would have just held on to him.

"Didn't we get a little closer yesterday?"

Miller said seductively, using a low voice. Ben slowly opened his mouth as if he had forced a grip on a shaking heart.

"I'm just not in a good mood in the morning."

As he made an excuse in a faint voice, Miller took the lead, pulling Ben by the wrist continuing their walk.

The place where they arrived, as Ben got half dragged, was indeed a sandwich stall. Miller ordered sandwiches and hot chocolate, then arranged them neatly in front of Ben.

"You'll feel better with sweets."

Delicate and friendly touch, worried tone, and a gaze full of affectionate. Yeah, so this was the image of a man soothing an angry lover.

Damn it, one side of Ben's chest tickled when he went crazy at the thought. Just like last night, the boundaries began to loosen again.

"But what's going on?"

As he picked up the sandwich, Ben asked, in a stupid, fully relaxed voice.

"Since several people died a few days ago, I didn't think they'd be doing anything noticeable for a while, but there was another incident last night. And this time, it was the main culprit."

Miller held out a picture in front of Ben. The moment he saw the golden hair of the man in the photo, Ben realized who he was. In an instant, his whole body burned with anger, and his stomach became nauseous. His trembling hand reached out and grabbed his cup.

He knew it because he had heard it from his mother. He didn't know whose seed he was born to, but Ben never thought that they are genetically similar. Albeit they are not human.

However, anyone who sees the picture can say that they looked similar from any angle. Ben looked like he was going to vomit because the image he saw in the mirror overlapped with his face in the picture this morning. The thought of himself growing older like the man made his blood seemed to reflux.

"Where should I go?"

Ben's hand unconsciously turned to the weapon on his side. He didn't want to delay now that he finally knows about the man.

"Eat some for now."

Miller said with a small smirk, pushing the sandwich plate toward Ben.

Ben looked at the plate and Miller's face alternately. Seeing his closed stubborn lips, Ben quietly stretched out his hand for the sandwich, realizing that Miller wouldn't say anything until he had finished eating.

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