TMA - Chapter 5 part 4


part 4

"Get ready to go to dinner. I'll pick you up by seven."

Miller succinctly stated the purpose of the call and ended it before Ben even answered. Ben sighed lightly as he looked at the phone that had already been disconnected.

He tried to call the man back and tell him not to come, but he didn't think things would change. Ben's opinion was not that important anyway.

Ben laid down on the bed, rolled his eyes, and began to pull up his droopy body and prepare to go out. Miller rang the doorbell exactly at seven o'clock.

Ben, who was sitting at the end of the bed after getting ready to go out, opened the door at the super loud bell sound and came out.

Miller frowned slightly at Ben's torn jeans, leather jackets, and worn-out sneakers, but Ben didn't mind. He probably didn't like Ben's outfit because he had chosen an elegant restaurant.

However, Ben had no intention of dressing up in a suit when he was only going to eat, nor did he have any fancy suits that Miller wore anyway.

When they arrived at a high-end restaurant and started eating, the two had no special words to exchange. Yesterday's tiredness and Miller's smell left Ben still hazy. He didn't have the energy to argue with him as usual.

"I had a hard time yesterday."

"Well, it's work."

Miller opened his mouth while eating the last dessert after the main dish.

"Yesterday... there were more of them, the victims, and me."

Miller nodded at Ben's words.

"It's proof that you've played the bait enough. And--"


"It's not common to see a dampir born on Saturday, so I think he'd want to see you in person at least once."

"You know who they are."

At Ben's words, Miller lifted his black tea glass gracefully and nodded.

"McDowell Jonas. He's our final target."

"Is he the boss?"

"It's hard to call him the boss. He just selects a good location for the vampire and makes plans."

"He was always successful, so the rest of them naturally follow him."

"Something like that."

"And the vampire you're looking for is also part of the organization Jonas created."

Ben nodded because it was vague from the first time he heard about the organization. His head was dizzy. It was strange that the aftermath had never lasted this long.

"The letter 'M' that came out when we connected the crime scene meant McDowell."

"Maybe. He deserves it since he's a show-off guy."

"You sound like you know him well."

Ben spit out his words and Miller gazed.

"You look tired, shall we go? You can't even eat well."

Ben tilted his head to one side and looked at Miller who seemed to dodge the question. He felt like he needed to hear something more, and his smell was still disturbingly good.

"Would you like to drink?"

Ben, offering without getting up from his seat, regretted inside. He's gonna have alcohol without even having the energy to eat properly, and besides, there was no way Miller would agree to drink with him.
Miller raised an eyebrow at Ben's offer.

"Aren't you tired?"

Looking at Ben shaking his head, Miller quickly calculated what was going on in his head. It was important for him to believe before Ben became aware. No matter how good his intuition was, Miller thought there would be a good chance of winning if Ben was this weak. Maybe tonight was an unexpected opportunity for Miller. And Miller was never the one to miss that opportunity.

Out of the hotel restaurant, the two walked to go to a bar by elevator. The high-rise bar was covered with a barrel of the front glass, which overlooked the night view of London. Thinking that the atmosphere was too good for two men to come, Ben took a seat by the window.

"What do you drink?"

"It's usually beer, but seems to be out of stock for some reason, so please order anything in the menu."

"Anything huh, it's hard."

Miller raised his hand slightly and called the waiter.

"Tequila please."

It was difficult, so he ordered just anything on his mind right away. A little later, two glasses of tequila, lemon and salt were prepared on the table.

"You like it?"

"Hard to say. I ordered it because I thought I needed a strong drink, but I don't really like it."

Well, he and Mexican liquor didn't go well together. Miller said, sticking out his palm.

"Give me your hand."

As Ben gave a puzzled expression and held out his hand, Miller spread the prepared salt on the table from the tip of Ben's thumb to the back of his hand.

"What are you--"

"It’s not my favorite drink, so I try to enjoy it in the best way as possible."

Ben, bewildered by Miller's indifferent speech, felt like an idiot, unable to remove his hand and sat still blankly. The gritty surface of salt unfolded. Ben tried to pull his hand back, but Miller held it tight and wouldn't let him go.

Miller stared intently into Ben's face and licked his tongue at the salt sprinkled on his hands. With each movement of the bright red tongue, a strange sensation suddenly rose to the tips of Ben's feet, and his lower abdomen tightened. Ben closed his eyes, feeling as if he was going to be captured by the gray eyes that showed his undisclosed desire.

His gripped wrists were hot. Closing his eyes, the movement of Miller's tongue felt more sensational. Ben crossed his legs under the table.

Eventually, Ben couldn't stand it and the moment he opened his eyes, Miller bit his hand.

Before Ben could say anything, Miller emptied the glass in front of him, picked up a slice of lemon, and put it in his mouth. A satisfied smile bloomed on his face. The tart scent of lemon lingered on the tip of Ben's nose.

"You can just dip the lemon in salt and eat it."

Ben complained a little, even though he knew he was already late. It seemed that the more time he spent with this man, the less his brain working properly.

Miller picked up another pinch of salt and sprinkled it on the back of his own hand. Then, move it in front of Ben's mouth, who was making a desperate expression. The saltiness of the salt mixed with the smell of Miller's hands, creating a subtle harmony.

"If you're sad, you do too."

Ben trembled at the teasing tone, pulling Miller's fingers and biting hard with his teeth.


A short moan escaped Miller's mouth, probably did not expect that. Ben unconsciously grabbed the hold of his hand as Miller was about to pull it back and moved his tongue along the teeth marks. Salt crystals started dancing on the tip of Ben's tongue. The back of Miller's hand was soft, not like a man's hand. Ben clenched his tongue wide and buried his lips.

After a moment, Ben lifted his savoring lips, emptied the glass in front of him, and, as Miller had done, took a bite of the lemon. As the sour taste spreads in his mouth, Miller chuckled watching Ben frowned involuntarily.

"Do you want another drink?"

Of course Ben wanted another drink, but he thought he'd do something ridiculous if he had another drink this way.

"I'll have a drink with you again another day."

Ben said it with the meaning of no.

"That's too bad."

Ben was stunned at the look of his genuine regret. With his handsome face and that tempting tongue teasing, Ben recalled Miller's tongue a while ago, but his face became hot. Really messed up.

"Why are you doing this?"

Miller patted his hair slightly, looking at Ben a little annoyed after he had done everything he had to do.

"Isn't that what it means to be alone for a drink after dinner?"

Ben's mouth was half open at Miller's response. He and Miller were acting like hell just the other day, but now... this was strange.

Thinking he was just talking about drinking, Miller called the waiter and ordered Bombay and Lime. Although he ordered a drink, Miller spoke to the waiter as if he were ordering a dish. Ben's eyes and heart trembled at the embarrassing behavior.

Ben looked at Miller silently and concluded that he was not a boring person after all. He took the man's offer as a temptation, and since Ben didn't say no to it, he was inclined to be taken away. To do that, he decided not to care about what he thought was suspicious.

Miller was attractive and friendly enough. And Ben felt a bit stupid to let go of his guard so quickly just because he was not that worried anymore. Still, he couldn't help it.

Ben rationalized himself by looking at the face of the man with a soft smile.

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