TMA - Chapter 5 part 3


part 3

A COOL breeze blew as he stepped outside the flat. The already sensitive sensation was peeled off by the wind, and it felt like he was on the edge again. 

Ben walked slowly towards the scheduled place, point M. Only the faint moonlight between the clouds led Ben's way. It was fantastically easy to figure out the location of the crime.

If M stands for Miller, it means that Miller is a more dangerous existence than himself who is a dhampir. And at the same time warn that perhaps their next target is Miller. Whether what he's thinking now is right or wrong is something Ben will find out after tonight.

Arriving at the designated location, Ben leaned his back against a wall. He closed his eyes and began to wait, counting the time. If this place was right, as it always did, his senses will show the direction in which they would be.

Come to think of it, the first night he met Miller was like this. It wasn't that long ago, but too much has happened since they met.

It was difficult for him to reason rationally with Miller.  But then, he shook his head thinking that he should keep some distance.

An unpleasant sensation passed through his flesh. Ben could tell. He can feel it. It's not far away.

Ben inhaled the smell carried by the wind. His body started to heat up.

An unpleasant scent resembling blood. It was a murky smell full of hunger. Ben walked with a lot of force on his toes.

As he crossed the crosswalk and went straight to the right, the smell got worse and worse. Ben now started to walk like a dog, fast. The victim is in danger if he could smell this strong. They had a high probability of already being bitten. How the hell? This vampire was not the one who filled his stomach the other day.

In an instant, the word organization flashed through Ben's mind.  Maybe this vampire is not the same guy. He set a certain point and sucked blood there. It was similar to a murder accompanied by an assault that people believe it is a serial murder.  As the number of unsolved cases increases, they safely suck blood.

The more humans doubt each other in the corner of fear, the safer it is for the non-human.

Thinking about it made Ben sick. The vampires use human psychology to fill one's stomach.

It was so dirty and sticky that Ben couldn't compare to the smell he had been having the night he met Miller. As Ben was about to walk past an alley, he heard a suppressed moan, "Ugh." It was a difficult sound to breathe.

Without hesitation, Ben quickly ran down to the alley, turned right, and aimed his gun.

It was different from the face he saw in the picture Miller gave him. But this guy was worth looking at.

Showing a look of bewilderment at Ben's sudden appearance, he stopped his act. A woman was lying on her face, probably crawling and trying to run away, her face was in tatters. The vampire looked like he was grabbing her hair and trying to put his mouth on the party's neck.

It was obvious that this vampire is a young man who couldn't control his desires at will. It looked like he didn't treat his prey preciously, ignorant and reckless.

The long fangs sparkled sharply in the moonlight. Ben didn't hesitate to fire at him. Only one shot.

The woman fainted and the man who got shot in his shoulder jumped up and down as if he had swallowed a ball of fire and cried like a beast. The quiet London night was filled with screams.

Ben sensed that the young man's body was strange, so he ran and smashed his head with the gun before the street rampage could cause any more disturbances.

Ben stopped his hand as he tried to take out a handcuff and put it on the collapsed man's wrist.

This vampire wasn't the only one. It had been organized, indeed. Ben counted inwardly, turning slowly in the direction he felt their presence. One, two, all six. He will be okay if he can shoot without a single misfire.

Ben had to give up buying time to interrogate the man. If he moved clumsily and attack, he is gonna be in serious danger. All bullets must go through their head.

As soon as Ben finished counting in his head, he turned around and shot two of the six in a row. Both guys, who got hit in their foreheads, couldn't even scream and fell to their knees rightaway.

A guy who was on the roof ran toward Ben and another shot was fire straight away, but it missed his ear by a narrow margin. Ben cursed.

He could feel the other four flashing their eyes. Ben checked the knife he usually placed around his waist, but nothing.

'Damn it, I should have brought it.'

If a bullet doesn't work, he has no other choice but to use a knife.

He left it because he relied too much on the gun. Ben rolled his eyes to check the floor. Making sure there was something useful he could grab in a hurry. He calculated quickly in his head and was about to take action when suddenly a guy grabbed his ear and let out a creepy noise.

Lucky for Ben, unfortunate for him, part of the bullet fragment seemed to have torn the guy's ear. Ben ran fast, hit the screaming guy with his gunshots, handcuffed him, and hung him on a pipe that stretched out through the wall.

As soon as he's done handcuffing the guy, he fired at the fellow walking out of the alley on the right. One more shot at the left. Ben caught up his breath for a moment as he saw the guy's shot in the head fall behind him.

The sound of his breathing was loud. He had to follow the traces of the one remaining, but the guy was suddenly fading.

Now that this is happening, he has to catch all of them. In a hurry, Ben ran to the end of the alley. Looking left and right, but saw nothing.

Ben took a deep breath to check the smell before it faded, and when he opened his eyes, there was a tall, skinny man in a crooked posture. Until a while ago, there was obviously no one.

Ben gathered his dry saliva and swallowed it, stared directly at the other person. He looked at Ben with an unsure of whether he was smiling or his eyes widened in surprise, then turned around and started running away.

Ben aimed his gun but couldn't shoot. The thought that he might be a human, made his fingers had no effort in pulling the trigger. Drown in hesitation, the man was now out of range.

It wasn't unfamiliar to see the guy in a suit that fits him perfectly. Relaxed steps and an unlucky look. Ben thought of a person reminiscent of a strange man and quickly came to his senses before running back to the place he had been before.

There was no sign but a black woman only. No one knows whether someone came and dealt with the young man or he just ran away before the holy water spread. Although it is a matter of time and speed, and those who were hit by his bullets were destined to die.

Ben also checked where he had hung the other man, but only the handcuff remaining. Ben clicked his tongue and took the broken dangling handcuff.

He kept swearing inside. Worried about one guy who had not been checked, but most of all, he's worried about Miller's nagging since he couldn't catch a single one alive.

I'm sure you can't even do anything this easy, and then he'll ask what use is your ability? Ben's head already throbbed thinking about his sarcasm.

Ben inhaled a deep sigh when an ambulance came near the alley and a black sedan stopped behind.

Seeing the man getting off the sedan, Ben turned his head and handed the woman over to the paramedics, avoiding his eyes.

Ben was telling paramedics about the woman's condition when he felt a presence behind his back. He took a breath. Turning around, he's ready to hear unlucky words with a smirk on the guy's face.

An unpleasant sensation flowed down his spine. Ben is already sensitive, and this made him become even more frustrated today. Taking another deep breath and turned another way to say that they should talk tomorrow instead of today, but Ben a bit taken aback by the unexpected return.

"Are you hurt anywhere?"

He thought there would be a sarcastic nagging about not capturing the vampires alive, but the words from Miller's mouth were completely the opposite. As Ben opened his eyes wide and looked at him in surprise, Miller rolled up the corners of his mouth.

"Good job. Let's go in and rest today."

Miller opened his mouth again, gently rubbing Ben's cheek with his thumb. It was cold against his face. Thanks to the cool temperature, the heat from his body, which seemed to explode at any moment, escaped. The soft words changed the mood in an instant, made him feel at ease.

The discomfort that had been holding on to him disappeared, and Ben rubbed his cheeks slightly against the touch. He wanted to lean endlessly on this friendly touch. He couldn't help but feel pampered when someone worried about him.

Miller watched Ben's blonde hair swaying with a serene gaze.

*   *   *

Ben was lying in a daze in bed when his phone rang. He looked at the phone, which made a loud vibrating sound. Since dealing Miller, his phone is never passed a day quietly.

Ben just looked at it without thinking about answering. After finishing his work, he soon lost consciousness. This time it was particularly severe. He has to be dealing with several guys at once.

Ben didn't want to answer the phone, pretend to not know, but it kept vibrating as if Miller didn't want to let him go.


"What did you do?"

Miller's anticipated voice came over the phone and Ben sighed quietly. The man was apparently unhappy about him answering the phone late. Or Miller O'Donough is asking a really stupid question. Well, what did he do? He's still tired because of the mess yesterday, for sure!

"What is it?"

Ben asked in a low, subdued voice, checking the clock on the wall. He fell asleep and woke up repeatedly, having no idea of ​​the time.

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