TMA - Chapter 5 part 2


part 2

STOPPING by the Yard to borrow a car, Ben ran into another annoying person.

"You're going for holy water, aren't you? It's not on-site, and that's the only time you'll use a car."

The Department of Transport encountered Joseph as he was working on a brief document for vehicle assistance requests. Joseph followed Ben before he could say anything and finally got into the car.

"Get off."

Although Ben spoke forcefully, Joseph pretended not to hear, fastened his safety belt and spoke casually.

"If you take me this once, I'll never bother you ever again."

"You only use a knife. What are you going to do with that?"

Ben frowned. In fact, with or without holy water is not that important. It's just much more convenient to move alone.

"If we don't leave soon, the sun will set."

Joseph said to Ben, making the latter speechless. Ben looked up at the sky through the windshield of the car. It was almost time for sunset indeed. Eventually, Ben gave up and started the car.

"I only know about holy water roughly, so just let me know this once."

"What are you going to do with that?"

"I was thinking of switching to a gun."


"'Cuz I'm not a dampir."

Ben bit the inside of his cheeks at Joseph's remark. As an ordinary person, not a dampir, the only way to fatally injure vampires is with holy water.

"And it's better to deal with them at once."

Joseph pretended to shoot a gun with his hands as he spoke.

It's true to say that dealing with vampires is better if you finish them all at once. With a single shot to a vampire, you can catch up to the other seven when you're full of bullets. Far more convenient than a knife.

Ben nodded at Joseph's thought and concentrated on driving without saying another word.

A long drive out of London, entering the outskirts of Dart Moore. Ben pulled his car into the right place, got off, and started walking in silence.

He had to hurry. In this outside world, it is dangerous to be with a man of no help like Joseph. He didn't want to see his acquaintance degenerate into their food anyway.

Ben walked lightly over the restricted wire mesh.

"It says private property. Is it okay?"

"That's what I do."

In response to that, Joseph ended up with a sly smile.

Ben stopped his steps a moment later. While Joseph, who was walking along with Ben, continue to take a step without thinking. Ben grabbed the hem of his coat.

It was a swamp that stretched just beneath his feet. Joseph blinked his eyes.

He couldn't believe the sight before his eyes. He thought vaguely that it would be a lake or something more appropriate for holy water, but it wasn't at all. The dark swamp, which depth was unknown, was the same color as the night sky. Black.

"Is this, really it?"

Without answering, Ben took out a bottle, dipped it into the swamp, and scooped the water up. Then it was filled with clear blue water instead of sticky mud liquid.

Joseph blinked amazingly once again. What was visible in front of them is a black swamp. People can probably die if they fall into it. But when Ben put his hand in the water and scooped it up with a bottle, it turned crystal blue. Joseph couldn't believe it even when he saw it with his very own eyes.

Ben put the lid of the water bottle in the bag he brought. The blue color of holy water and Ben's eyes looked almost the same. Is Ben having that color because dampir is as fatal as holy water to vampires? Joseph suddenly came to his senses and opened his mouth.

"Is that all?"

He asked if it was better to take more since they've come all the way here not close to London.

"It's gonna get murky over time, can't take too much."

Joseph nodded, understood the reason before putting the holy water in the bucket he brought in his arms. Ben, who was looking at him, somehow remembered a well-behaved puppy and laughed. Of course, he's never had one before, but if he does, he'll probably raise him because of this amusing feeling.

Returning to the car, Joseph admired the holy water, looking at the bottle.

"What if I drink this?"

"If you're curious about the burning sensation, try it."

"You're scaring me on purpose."

Ben nodded at his reaction. In fact, there is nothing wrong with people drink holy water raw or boils it first.

When Ben pulled over the car in Yard parking lot, Joseph hurried down. He couldn't ask what was so urgent, so Ben tilted his head and went to the transportation department, returning the car key.

As Ben left the transportation department and headed back out of the Yard building, there was a hurried step coming toward him. Tadadak, the sound of half-running footsteps.

"What is it?"

When Ben confirmed the sounds as Joseph's footsteps, he asked if the man had any more business with him. But Joseph held out a paper file instead. Ben unconsciously accepted the file that was handed over before him.

"I don't know if there's anything else you're looking for."

Ben didn't look at the contents of the file, just picked it up and said thank you. It was obvious that it is a report on the case now under his investigation.

Ben arrived at the flat without checking the documents handed over by Joseph and threw them at his desk.

He fell on the bed without taking off his clothes due to the fatigue from moving around all day.

He thought tomorrow would probably be a more difficult day. Ben, who had been slowly closing and opening his eyes, soon fell into a deep slumber.

His body was soaked in sweat when he woke up after being chased by someone in his dream.

He didn't know what they were after, but it was always like this each night before he gets to work. Ben wished he doesn't dream, but damn, it wasn't something he could manage.

His wet back was feeling unpleasant. Ben looked out of the window, forcing open his eyes that were so heavy. The high sun was seen through the window of glass without curtains.

Guess today is the right day. Even though he didn't sleep well, his whole body felt sharp. His hearing became more sensitive and every sound he heard outside the window felt like annoying noises.

Ben slowly took off his clothes and headed to the shower. It's time to get ready for the night.

1. Wait at the point he had decided.
2. Aim for the right moment.
3. No killing, only hit them hard.

After organizing the order of his work one by one in his head while taking shower, Ben started to make bullets with only half the amount of holy water he usually puts in. It's enough to hit them hard, not to kill according to the plan.

They would die eventually anyway. But with this amount of holy water, there should have been plenty of time for interrogating them. And once he got the information about the vampire that assaulted his mother, Ben is finally one step closer to ending his life.

When Ben finished making seven bullets in total, it was around the time of dusk.

Ben opened the refrigerator and took out some eggs and bacon. It was his habit to eat bacon before going to work. Since childhood, his mother used to make him bacon with a happy smiley face ketchup each time he succeeded in returning home from hunting. Maybe it was because of that.

Cooked bacon on one side of the pan and fried eggs on the other, putting them to a plate and sat at the table.

Ben was slowly chewing when a vibrating sound was heard. He got out of his chair, rummaged through the pockets of his jacket, and pulled out his phone.

"Are you ready?"

"Yes, roughly."

Before the caller could say another sentence, Ben answered, chewing over the bacon he had in mouth.

"Are you eating?"

"I have to make a living, too."

"Let's go eat something delicious after work today."


"Because we have to make ends meet. So you'd better be careful."

"Are you worried?"

Somehow, the caller mumbled softly, "Don't do anything reckless." Ben's mother had never worried about him. She only cared about whether Ben managed to kill the vampire or not.

"Well, I'll see you tomorrow."

Miller hung up, saying, "It's natural to see you tomorrow." Ben coughed for nothing, looking at the ended call. Strangely, he didn't feel irritated by that.

After eating, he felt a little better than before, less lazy to live, and felt a little less annoyed by his sharp senses.

Ben wore a leather jacket and finally checked his weapon.

The time to start hunting is approaching midnight.

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