TMA - Chapter 5 part 1


part 1

Arriving in front of Eidan's house the day after the start of the plan, Ben rang the doorbell without hesitation unlike last time.

Pressing with a short push, the door opened as if the owner of the house had been waiting for him, and just like last time, Daniel was visible.

"You're here."

Ben smiled furtively at the unsatisfactory appearance.

The living room behind Daniel was darker than last time. As soon as Ben entered the living room, he realized that the reason for the darkness was not because the curtains had left closed.

Unlike last time, Eidan O'Donoughue was wearing jeans and a black T-shirt holding a tablet, while Miller was sitting in a noble position with his long legs spinning an umbrella.

Eidan looked at Ben's face as if he was about to pierce him as he entered the room. Feeling aware of the stare, Ben barely turned his head, wondering if he may get eaten by those eyes. But soon the stare moved to another way.

The unstable sensations that each of them felt when the O'Donoughue brothers were together doubled and enveloped Ben. Feeling disgustingly nauseous, Ben bit his lower and upper lip alternately.

It was hard to know if Eidan had found the information he was looking for by observing Ben from head to toe.

Miller, who was sitting opposite Eidan, briefly threw his eyes at Ben and turned his head.

"Anyway, I don't like him."


He called out his younger brother's name, with a lot of emotions buried deep in his heart, saying, 'It's your personal opinion, I don't care'.

Eidan pursed his lips and still looked dissatisfied. Ben pondered whether he should be able to stay or if he should give up getting help.

After looking around the living room and realizing that Daniel, who had just been there, was not in his seat, Ben concluded that Daniel was a wise man. A subtle war of nerves, invisible to the eyes of the two brothers, continued for a few more minutes, really exhaust the viewer.

The atmosphere in the room was at its worst, combining each person's body odor, they make an overwhelming dark energy.

Ben leaned against a wall with his arms crossed and eyes closed. He thought it would be better not to look at the two.

Some time later, Ben opened his eyes when he heard a voice contained with more emotions.

"Okay, why don't you just go?"

Without releasing his frown, Eidan got up from the couch and started tapping his tablet screen with his finger. Miller stood up without hesitation in the act of expressing his emotions more clearly than any other words.

Miller's mouth curled up smoothly, making eye contact with Ben before closing the living room door.

"The fourth victim is out?"

The finger which had been moving without knowing whether it was a search or abuse, stopped on the tablet screen. A voice filled with dissatisfaction rang out.

"Ah, I heard that."

"Yes, they say so. Then, why are you here?"

"I'm here because I was told to."

"Just throw away the suspect description they're making. I'm going to make a new arrangement. He's delivering a message to the case."

Eidan got up from his seat and pulled out a map of downtown London, checking the scene with dots. 2 points vertically, 1 diagonally down from the top point, and 1 diagonally up from the center point.

Eidan completing his job by connecting the line between one point to another.

"The next crime scene is here."

Ben, who was staring at the map, nodded slowly.

"It’s not a human being, so put the profile away."

"Then what does this letter refer to?"

"Well, it could be Miller's, it could be something else. Wouldn't it be faster to just grab it and ask? It might happen again today."

"If you think about the vampire cycle, maybe in two or three days later--"

Listening to what Eidan says, Ben bit the inside of his cheek. How does he naturally know it wasn't a crime committed by humans?

Ben looked again at Eidan O'Donoughue with a wary look. Wondering if Miller was a lightweight enough person to tell his family what he is doing.

"Don't think uselessly. I just know."

Ben held back what he wanted to ask and how that man just knew what was in his mind.

Pale skin that looks like blood vessels, skinny fingers. And a unique scent.

As Ben unconsciously tried to reach out, Eidan pulled his body back and looked at him. His turquoise eyes flashed sharply, resembling his older brother.

Ben put his hand in his pocket, looking sheepish. He almost had a bad idea about Miller. There was nothing more to say and nothing to hear, so after barely saying thank you, Ben left Eidan's flat.

Just before coming out, Daniel's eyes were shaking unstable when he encountered him at the front door.

* * *

Miller waited in the car for Ben to come out. When he saw the man walking out of the house, Miller slowly followed.

"Didn't you leave earlier?"

Miller didn't think he'd notice, but before he could answer, Ben turned around and asked. A sudden turn made Miller panic and grabbed the umbrella handle he was holding in his hand.

"I've been waiting."

A thought lingered in Miller's mind that Ben had not sensed anything until yesterday. Surely, has his intuition developed?


"I'll take you there."

Hiding his embarrassment, Miller smiled as naturally as possible.

"Director O'Donoughue..."

"Just call me Miller. We even kissed."

Ben's face was full of irritation when he spoke in a teasing tone with a subtle emphasis on the kiss.

"I'll just go on my own."

As he tried to finish his path, Miller pulled Ben's arm and brushed his lips on the cheek as lightly as a feather.

Bewildered again by Miller's actions, Ben half opened his mouth. He seemed to be holding on because he wanted to say something, but he couldn't. The only words that came to mind were cursing.

In any case, if Ben's intuition increases again, it will be dangerous for Miller. He needed to make the man believe himself before Ben notices, so he deliberately whispered in his ear softly.

"Well, I'm afraid I can't help it. Sorry."

A sweet voice whispered in Ben's ear. He raised his arm to push Miller away, but faster than that, Miller released Ben's wrist and took a step back. Ben, who didn't look athletic at all, annoyed by his quick movements, stared at Miller.

It was clear that Miller was making fun of himself. Annoyed and irritated, Ben turned around and hurried his steps without saying anything.

Rather than fighting an emotional battle, his urgent priority right now was to obtain the holy water he needed to make bullets. He has to move quickly because there was not much time left after his conversation with Eidan

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