TMA - Chapter 4 Part 3


part 3

BEN nodded his head to Miller's question. It's the not very welcomed mixed blood creature: dampire. It does feel weird to call dampire mixed blood obviously because they're half vampire. You know what I mean.

“Your mother was raped by a vampire and then you happened. If what you said was right, your mother supposed to be dead right after she was attacked because vampires can't control themselves. Even if she's survived, she'd have become a vampire and that made you a vampire too.”

Forget the fact that Miller was pretending he didn't know Ben's real identity. He explained every single aspect about how Ben became a dampire after he acted that he didn't know who Ben really was. Across the table, Ben did not try to argue and just slightly nodded his head.

“I don't know the detail myself. She fainted and the next day when they found her, the only thing left was the trace of her being raped. Somebody might help her.”

“How did she know it's a vampire?”

“She said she saw it.”

“Saw what?”

“Its canine. Before she fainted.”
Miller was drawn too deep into his own thought. His mother saw its canine meaning that it wanted her blood at first.

If that was true, then the vampire was in danger itself. It failed to make his mother becomes a vampire since it had to save its own life. It must be something really big that it gave up in the middle of the fun part.

One thing sure, Ben's mother had been looking for the one who raped her that day. The one that was targeted or chased after and being cornered that it had to leave what he started unfinished.

Miller came back to his sense after he saw the man sitting across him. Ben's blue eyes were staring deeply into Miller's face, trying to read what's in his mind.

“I heard you have a special weapon.”

Miller quickly changed the topic, afraid that if by any chance Ben could figure out what he's thinking.

“My weapon's so popular lately people keep asking about it. Aren't we here to talk about work? Leave my weapon alone.”

It's so obvious that Ben didn't want to go deeper about his weapon. Miller moved his cheek because of this.

“We found the target but it doesn't reveal itself often and roughly guessing, it has been alive for more than 400 years. It's gonna be tough.”


“Just do what you usually do.”

“So am I a bait?”

“Correct. Your existence is a threat for them.”

“I'm not sure if you're aware of this but they can't kill me like they kill humans.”

“Right. Perhaps they also use you to lure us. That's why there're so many new cases these days.”
Said Miller locking his eyes at Ben's.

“Let's play their game. Fall into their bait. Once you're in danger, they'll reveal themselves.”

“What would I get in return?”

“I'll find it for you. That vampire.”
“Sounds great.”

To be honest, Ben didn't really have anything to regret in his life. Neither in his job.

Ben drank a glass full of water and before he stood up and left, Miller asked one last question to him.

“So, are we good now?”

“We have no reason to not be good, no?”

Answered Ben clean and sharped. Now, it's his turn to ask question to Miller.

Ben folded the bill and grabbed the table with his other hand. He moved his body towards Miller that left little space between his face and Miller's.

“Do you know why I got really suspicious about you?”

Miller didn't say anything but stared at Ben's face deeply as he was studying it.

“No matter how bad I doubted you, not once have I ever heard you saying I'm a human. And also this smell.”

He moved his head closing another gap between his face and Miller's neck. Ben took a large amount of air that already filled with Miller's odor right in front of Miller's face.

Miller who had been patiently watching Ben grabbed the back of Ben's gold head. He steadily held Ben's head in his hands making the owner of the head couldn't make any move.

Ben was taken aback by Miller's action and when their eyes met one another, their lips met too. Miller's lips were soft. Probably the softest lips a man could own in the entire world. Now Ben could have a better smell of Miller's odor up to his lungs.

It wasn't an ice cream Ben was tasting but it did feel like one. Ben came back to his sense when Miller started to move, slowly and carefully. He pushed Miller away.

Still couldn't recover from what just happened, Ben wiped his lips roughly.

“What the heck did you just do?”

“Just trying to prove you something. If I were really a vampire I should not be able to control my desire, am I right? Or was it because you're not attractive at all?”

Miller got up from his seat and took away the bill Ben had been holding this whole time.

“This one is for the kiss.”

He deliberately said the word. Kiss. Ben's still in shock facial expression made Miller giggled on his way to pay the bill.

Ben arrived at his flat safe and sound but his feeling? Not okay. He got even more angry by the fact that Miller was clearly teased him that he successfully caught him off guard.

“Suck! Sucks! Freaking sucks!”

If it wasn't because of Miller's partner at work now Ben would've beaten him up to dead. In between his swearing session, Ben felt something moving inside his pants. He took out the phone from his pocket.


“I forgot to tell you something.”

Ben was in the urge to go for another swearing session upon hearing the voice talking to him on the phone.

“What is it?”

“You need to go to Eidan's tomorrow.”


“Have you forgotten already? You're the bait.”

“Nope, I haven't.”
Ben was confused how could Miller seemed to enjoy this phone call so much because Ben just heard the sound of his laughter over the phone.
“I'll help you tomorrow.”


Ben hung up the phone immediately without giving Miller proper answer. That one phone call just ruined his entire mood.

And he said I acted like a kid? Ben looked at the phone on his hand bitting his lips, dumbfounded.

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