Destiny Scent - Part 5


"I'm such an asshole, aren't I? I knew if you meet my mother, you'll get sick. I shouldn't just keep quiet about it but I didn't dare to confide in you and have you despise me. So when you asked to use the bathroom, I gave it a try. I wondered what you would do when you noticed my mother's scent and learned about my past. Hey... do you think you want to marry someone like me?"

Narusawa-san looked as if he was in pain as he said that. I hugged him tightly.

"I don't despise you, Narusawa-san. What happened between your mother and me was really an unfortunate accident. And... Narusawa-san, are you sure you want to marry me? I'm not an alpha. I'm not beautiful or pretty. Not even smell as sweet as mother-in-law, I'm just an omega."

"You are fine."

He laughed with a tearful face and mumbled, then pressed his nose to my ear. Inhaled deeply, as if to check my own scent.

I shuddered at the sensation. Narusawa-san chuckle. Once I let go of his body, he looked at me with serious eyes.

Slowly, our faces getting closer and closer. Then our lips tangled.

There was no scent, but it was a sweet kiss.

*   *   *

A week later, Narusawa-san came to my parents' house to say hello. When mom heard that I had proposed to him, she went into a frenzy to welcome him. While my father, who was usually a very quiet man, was being talkative than ever.

Narusawa-san didn't show any likes or dislikes about my mother's homemade dishes, which were too many to put on the table. He ate them all up saying that they were delicious.

When the meal was over, dad brought out a bottle of whiskey for us to drink together, whilst mom and I decided to drink beer.

"To be honest, when Mizuki just born and we found out that he was an omega, I didn't know what I was going to do."

My drunk father suddenly started blabbering.

"My wife and I are both betas, and we wondered if we would ever be able to understand Mizuki's struggles and feelings as an omega."

As he said that, he poured whiskey from the bottle by hand. Narusawa-san touched the bottle and said, "I'll do it myself," but dad refused, saying, "It's easier if I do it."

"It's just that... I've heard that omega costs a lot of money in suppressants, so my wife and I decided to leave Mizuki alone with the other kids."

"You're drunk, you know. If you don't control yourself, Narusawa will be in trouble."

I was surprised to hear this story for the first time. Mom glared at dad as he began to tell us the truth.

"Well, it's okay for today. So, Narusawa, I never want Mizuki to have as much trouble as possible. I raised him thinking that he wouldn't be ridiculed for being an omega, or be subjected to violence that he won't like. Then, when Mizuki said he was going to get a job, I was really worried. We have this young omega girl in our office, but she's having a hard time with her estrus period and all. I'm sure it was hard for Mizuki to lose his job, but I'm glad that he was able to marry someone as respectable as you."

After saying that much, dad put his glass down and bowed to Narusawa-san.

"Narusawa, please take good care of Mizuki. He may not be straightforward, but he's a good, caring boy."

"Father-in-law, please raise your head. I understand."

Seeing Narusawa-san fidgeting, mom turned her head and yelled at his husband.

"I'm sorry, Narusawa. Come on, let's get to your futon."

"No... one more..."

Mom walked him to the bedroom.

"I'm sorry about that." I apologized to Narusawa-san in the living room, which suddenly became quiet.

"He's a good father-in-law."

"He is."

I was so moved by my father's story that I nodded my head trying not to cry.


I looked up when he called my name, and my eyes met with Narusawa-san's serious expression.

"I'll take good care of you, Mizuki."

"Thank you," I said, couldn't hold it any longer.

Narusawa-san gently wiped the drops that spilled on my cheeks with his thumb.

*   *   *

A month after Narusawa-san's visit to our house, I met his parents again at a famous Italian restaurant.

"We're all Narusawa today, so it'd be great if you could call me by my first name from now on."

On the way to the restaurant, Kiichi asked me to do so.

"Mizuki-chan. I'm sorry I didn't pay attention to you the other day."

As soon as I saw her, Narusawa's mother hugged me tightly and smiled at me.


I was surprised and slumped, but Kiichi held me by the shoulders.

"Mom, isn't it rude to meet someone for the first time and did that?" Kiichi said being grumpy.

"That's right. Mizuki, you must be confused."

Casually, father-in-law pulled his wife into a hug beside me.

"Well, you don't have to say it like that, Kiichi."

My mother-in-law puffed up her cheeks as if she was sulking.

If someone like me had done the same thing, it would have been creepy, but the gesture suited my lovely mother-in-law well. Adorable.

"I'm glad you welcomed me."

Mother-in-law's eyes lit up at my words.

"That's true. I've been looking forward to seeing what kind of wife Kiichi will bring."

Then she linked arms to me and led me to the table. We sat at a round table outside, overlooking the restaurant's garden full of roses.

"You're a much good-looking and cooler bride than I imagined, I'm so happy for you, son-in-law."

"Mizuki isn't cool, he's cute."

I heard Kiichi's voice blurted out, and that made me blushed.

"Come on, let's eat. Mizuki, would you like a champagne toast?"

"If you don't like it, we can have something else."

Kiichi handed me the drink menu.

"No, I like champagne, so I'm okay."

I'm a reasonably strong drinker, so I'm sure I won't make a mistake by getting drunk.


The sound of clinking glasses echoed in the clear sky like the sound of a bell.

Most of the conversation during the meal was centered on Kiichi's mother.

"Kiichi was a typical alpha, perfect and unpretentious. I'm glad that Mizuki is an omega this son will marry. Because... I was just afraid that he would bring that kind of alpha to be his wife."

She then asked me if I like sweets, She said knew a lot of good cake shops and we should go together sometime.

I smiled and listened to my mother-in-law's stories. Father-in-law noticed that her wife talking with whipped cream from the shortcake on the edge of her mouth, he gently wiped it away.

"Hey, how old is your mom?"

I secretly asked Kiichi, he tilted his champagne glass with a clear face.

"The same age as Dad."

"How old?"



Mother-in-law looked at me curiously as I raised my voice in surprise.

"What's the matter?"

"No, nothing."

"I smiled awkwardly and tried to cover it up."

After finishing our meal, I walked with Kiichi to the station.

Mother-in-law didn't smell as sweet as she did when she was in heat today. Combined with the scent, I had an image of my mother-in-law as a bewitching woman, but today she gave me a completely different impression, like a cute little girl.

I gazed at Kiichi, who was walking next to me. I couldn't ask him how he felt about his mother now because I felt like that gonna dig into his past wounds.

Deep thinking about it, before I knew it, I was walking a little behind Kiichi. Noticing that, he then matched my stride and held my hand. I looked up at him, a smile was on his handsome face.

I really didn't like walking hand in hand with Kiichi outside like this. I don't look like an omega, and I don't think I'm suitable for him. I was worried that passers-by would think I was strange.

But no matter where we were, Kiichi always wanted to hug my shoulders or waist or lean in close. Maybe he's lonely. That's what I thought when I saw Kiichi's behavior.

"Hey, what kind of guy do you like, Kiichi-san?"

I asked, annoyed to find a beautiful alpha female just winked at him when we passed by, not caring that I was next to this man.

"Hmm? You're my type."

"What kind of girls have you been dating?"

I felt depressed as I imagined Kiichi's past relationships.

"I guess I didn't care much about looks. It was more like I chose them for their scent."

"You mean someone with a sweet scent?"

A low voice came out. I didn't care if I'll get hurt by saying that.

Kiichi smiled in annoyance and put his lips to my ear.

"Right now, though, I'm crazy about this young lavender-scented omega."

I glared at him with a red face.

"You're talking out your ass."

"It's true."

He hugged my shoulder and laughed out loud.

*   *   *

Three months later, I received an oath kiss from Kiichi at the church. It was both my parents and Kiichi's who wanted us to get married as soon as possible.

Too bad since on the day of the wedding, Kiichi's mother was in heat again, so only father-in-law attending.

At the reception, many politicians who I had seen only on TV came to greet Kiichi. I was so nervous that I kept smiling awkwardly.

"All you have to do is look at me."

It was easy for Kiichi to say that, but I could not be that way.

At any rate, it was a day when I realized that the etiquette I had learned over the past four years at university had not been in vain.