Destiny Scent - Part 1


"I'm looking for my destiny."

When I heard those words, my eyes widened for a moment before quickly pressing my fist against my lips to hold back laughter.

I coughed, pretending to choke a few times, and picked up a glass of water.

"Excuse me?"

I gulped about half of it and put the glass back on the table.

When I looked up, the man in front of me was no longer staring at me.

He looked further as if he were gazing at the fine garden which we could see through the polished glass.

I took advantage of this to fully observe the well-sculptured profile of the man.

Thin lips that looked somewhat cold.

Smooth line of his nose.

The strong-willed eyebrows above the pitch-black eyes were now furrowed.

It was obvious that the man was offended.

I screwed up again.

I almost laughed out loud at the fact that such an older alpha man said about destiny with a serious look on his face.

His sigh sounded so loud that I hurriedly clamped my mouth shut and looked at the man.

He was still looking to the side, not even glancing at me.

I bit my lip and began to pretend that I was also looking at the dazzling green outside, just like the man.

In this world we live in, there are three categories that divide the human race apart from male and female.

Alpha, beta, and omega.

In terms of proportion, beta has the largest number and held for 50% of the population. While the remaining 50% are alphas and omegas.

I'd have to say that betas are mediocre in appearance and ability.

No disrespect, but that's how we learn about betas in elementary school health class.

Then what about the alphas and omegas?

"Alphas are the kings of this world."

No kidding, that's what also the textbook always says.

For some reason, alphas have always been superior in appearance and intelligence.

Athletes, politicians, artists.

Most of the great people in this world are alphas.

Compared to beta, which only women can give birth to, alpha women as well as men can conceive.

However, in recent years, the probability of natural conception has been declining for both beta and alpha.

It is said that environmental pollution is the problem, but the actual cause of infertility has not been identified.

That's where we, omega, took our part.

Like alphas, omegas are capable of conceiving in both sexes.

The difference is that omega has an estrous period.

When they grow up and become fertile, their estrous begins.

The estrous period lasts for about a week every 1 to 3 months. During this time, they release a pheromone scent to attract males regardless of their intentions. Males that are exposed to the pheromone become excited, just like omega during estrous. And omega who go out and accidentally come into heat can get r*ped by beta and alpha. This incident is not uncommon that people don't even make news of it often.

Intercourse during estrous increases the probability of pregnancy. And this causes alpha as well as beta males who want children often choose omega as their marriage partner.

Apart from the marriage system, there is also a 'mating' system in which alpha can bite an omega's neck who's in heat to leave a mark.

The pheromones of an omega in heat who have been marked are greatly suppressed, and intercourse with anyone other than their alpha partner can cause physiological disgust.

On the other hand, when a beta bites his omega's neck, they will not become a 'pair'.

Because of this peculiar system, omega has long been despised by many.

"Omega is a birthing machine."

A politician was forced to resign after making a gaffe by saying that omegas are a birthing machine. Although he was merely speaking of what everyone else was thinking deep in their hearts.

Even so, with the recent development of better quality inhibitors that make estrous less painful, and laws that imprison people who assault omegas in estrous, life has become easier for us than it used to be.

*   *   *

"Still, the best thing an omega can ask for is they can mate with a capable alpha."

I sighed again, remembering what my father had said to me that morning.

"Should we leave?"

It seemed like a question, but before I can open my mouth, the man was already on his feet.

I hurriedly followed him and caught up his footsteps.

Some of many omega characteristics are they are small, cute, and protective looking, but I'm 5'9". That's even taller than the average height of a beta male.

But the guy next to me was at least 10cm taller than me.

I wish I could turn back time and have at least tilted my head, saying, "Wow, that's so romantic of you!"

But well, that's just gonna be creepy for a big guy of 175cm to say that.

I shook my head slightly and looked up to see the man about to hand over a credit card to the clerk.

"Oh right, the bill."

As I reached into the pocket to pull out my wallet, the man stopped me.

"I can't take money from a student."

I nodded cautiously at his words.

"Thank you for the meal."

"It's fine."

We walked to the front door of the coffee shop.

"Are you sure you don't need a ride?"

"Yes. It's still bright."

I looked at my watch and it showed 16:00.

It was 3:00 p.m. when I entered the coffee shop, so it took less than an hour from the time we met to the time we parted.

A new record for the shortest time on a blind date has been broken!

Muttering in my mind, I looked up and smiled.

"Thank you for today. It was fun."

"Yes. Yeah, I had fun, too. Tell your mother I said hi."

"I will."


The man turned his back to me and started walking away.

So did I.

I'm now in my fourth year of college and have already found a job, but my mother has been asking me about several blind dates lately. I guess she has the same idea as my father and wants me to marry an alpha as soon as possible.

I've always been reluctant to go on blind dates so as not to ruin my mother's face. But then again, I couldn't imagine a future in which an unattractive type like myself would marry an outstanding alpha.

"Today's partner is an amazing person. My mother even bribed me 50,000 yen for the blind date."

If I told my mother what had happened today, she would be furious for sure. Blatantly disappointed.

I felt a vibrate in my pocket.

Pulling out my phone, I saw a text message from a friend, asking me to come over since he's having a drink nearby.

"I'll be there."

I replied briefly and turned around to see that the alpha was no longer there.

The man didn't seem to be as enthusiastic about the blind date as I was. I wondered if he had gone to the trouble of participating in this awkward blind date in order to find his fated one.

I was really curious as to why the man was so concerned about his destiny, but it was unlikely that I would ever see him again. So I returned my gaze to phone screen and started walking, relying on the map attached to my friend's text.

*   *   *

It was a pub in a large apartment building.


I let go of my friend who hugged me and chuckled.

"What, Tomoki? You drunk already?"

"No way. The night has just begun."

Tomoki led me to the bar counter in the center of the pub.

"Salty dog."

The bartender nodded at my order and picked up a shaker.

"It's quite a crowd tonight."

I said, looking around the room.

Tomoki, who works part-time as a model, often gets invited to parties where people from the industry gather.

"May we meet our destined one here tonight."

Tomoki drank his cocktail in one gulp.

"Destiny, huh."

I took the glass from the bartender and licked the salt from the rim.

"You know what? I know it's an urban legend, but you still want to put your faith in such a thing? Unlike you, Mizuki, I don't have a job or boyfriend lined up."

Tomoki stuck his glass out to the bartender and said, "Same thing."

"You're not looking for a job in the first place, are you, Tomoki? And you've even been asked out by some guys, but turned them down!"

"I'm a sucker for good-looking men. No matter how rich they are, I can't take an ugly guy."

Tomoki waved his hand next to his face.

"You're just being too serious, Mizuki. Almost no one at our university gets a decent job."

"Well, yeah. When I told my parents that I was going to get a job instead of getting married, they were very disappointed."

I said, letting out a self-mocking laugh.

Tomoki and I were attending a four-year college specializing in omega.

Unlike most majors in the university, our classes learn about cooking, sewing, and etiquette.

We spent four years learning all those things so that we would be able to behave well as alpha's wives after graduation.

There was also a group matchmaking session with alphas and betas as part of the class, but neither Tomoki nor I were able to find a partner yet.

"Hey, Tomoki. Don't you believe in destiny?"

"Hmm. Actually, I never met such couples around. What's the matter all of a sudden?"

"Well, my blind date today told me that he is looking for his mate. You know, his fated one."

A 'mate' simply means an omega who is the best match for alpha.

It is said that somewhere in this world, there is a fated one for you, and that the pheromone of your destiny is sweeter than those of anyone else. During mating season, you both get excited as if you were on drugs.

However, there is no scientific proof of this. Until now, I've only come across couples who claim that they are 'soulmates', only to break up the following week after their short relationship.

"What? Your blind date is a weirdo."

"He's not a weirdo. He was a good-looking guy. He's even taller than me!"

Tomoki rolled his eyes at my words.

"Wow, it's unusual for you to praise your blind date."

"That's because he was really cool."

I couldn't stop my cheeks from burning.

Today's blind date, Kiichi Narusawa, was seven years older than me, a 22-year-old college student. And at such a young age, he is already the president of his family's company.

"I'm just in charge of a subsidiary run by my father."

He said that but Narusawa could not hide the fact that he had a good upbringing.

Both of my parents were beta and I grew up in a so-called middle-class family.

Funnily enough, I was more attracted to Narusawa's height than anything else. All of the omegas at my university, including my friend Tomoki, are in the 160cm height range.

The first thing people say to me when I go on blind dates is, "Are you really an omega? You're so tall."

In addition, I've even been mistaken for an alpha at times because of my so not cute-looking face. Matchmaking partners who were expecting a cute omega would always be disappointed the moment they met me.

But this was not the case with Narusawa-san.

He didn't show any sign of disappointment, and didn't even ask me any stupid questions such as, "Are you really omega?"

"Well, it's no surprise that alphas are cool, right?"

Tomoki said and winked at a man in his thirties who was ordering a drink at the bar. From his well-groomed appearance, the man seemed to be an alpha.

He smiled at Tomoki.

"What are you drinking?" Tomoki put his lips to the man's ear.

"I'm going over there," I said, looking at my friend trying to flirt then sitting down in a single chair by the window and crossed my legs.

I've been mistaken for an alpha by omega at a party such as this, but never once been approached by beta or alpha, unlike Tomoki.

Because I'm not pretty.

I sighed as I looked at the vague image of my own reputedly stoic appearance on the glass. The night view from this high floor had an artificial glow. As I gazed at it, the view in front of me suddenly blurred. My breath became hot and my body began to tremble.

It's my heat period.

According to the schedule, it is supposed to be two weeks away. I didn't even have any suppressants on hand because my heat always came on the exact due date every three months.

"Hey, are you okay?"

When I looked up, I saw a cute little boy who looked like an omega, staring at me with concern.

"You're in heat, right?

I nodded nervously in response to his voice.

"There's an empty room over here, you can rest."

He pulled me by the hand and took me to a room in the building. The boy put me on a bed in the middle of the room and said, "I'll get you some inhibitors."

Thank God.

It would be really hard to call out for help in a crowd full of drunken alpha and beta while I'm struggling in heat.

I gritted my teeth at my own carelessness.

Just then, the door to the room opened. Two men who looked like betas walked in.