Torokeru Tamago to Bed no Naka de


Yuu and Keigo are a happy couple of 10 years. They spend their days together like any other: wake up in the morning, eat breakfast, and go to work. Even in sickness and in health, you bet they’ll be smiling happily (and getting in their sexy time)!

How do these two normal guys face the countless problems ahead and continue to spend their lives together? At the end awaits their future as a couple! 

A day in the life of a gay couple living together!


: Torokeru Tamago to Bed no Naka de
Alt. Title
: とろけるたまごとベッドの中で
: Mibu Yoshikazu
: 2018
: CmoaJP

Chapter List:

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Chapter 6     READ  [END]


  • Hope you enjoy!
  • We will be dropping the manga once it gets licensed in English or some things come up.