TMA - Chapter 4 Part 2


part 2

BEN hurriedly catching up after Miller who was about to get inside his car.

Ben's hand instinctively reached for Miller's wrist but stopped himself when Miller suddenly turned his body to face him. Miller, too, was fast enough to avoid Ben's hand and prevent their bodies from touching each other. His swift movement made Ben frown.

Curiosity was written all over Miller’s face. There was also a sign that what Ben did just now didn’t please him. A pair of cold blue eyes and a pair of mysterious greyish eyes were exchanging gaze.

There's a lot of things about this guy that just didn't feel right, Ben thought.

“Let's grab something to eat. I'll pay for the food this time.”

With his eyebrows raised up, it was clear that Miller’s irritation toward him grew. This didn't feel right to him either. Ben’s frown got deeper.

“You said you found the victim, right? It's something related to our job. I promised you that I'll do better, remember?” Ben said, shaking the phone Miller gave him on the air. The phone was dangling from his wrist, reflecting the bright sunlight.

Ben decided to walk, prompting Miller to follow him. Without protesting, Miller followed Ben from behind. He was one step slower than Ben. He didn't know why he kept his distance from Ben either.

“Please don't walk behind me.”

“It doesn’t seem like you want me to walk beside you.”

“You can walk ahead of me then.”

“I don't even know where we are going?”

It’s true, but what Miller said still pissed him off.

“Just walk beside me then,” he said, biting his lip in annoyance.

Miller followed Ben's command silently. But his curiosity got the better of him. He didn’t expect Ben to answer, but there’s no harm in trying, right?

So he asked, “Why?”

“It feels like someone's following me and I hate it.”

He thought Ben would ignore him like usual; he didn’t expect Ben to answer him nicely. They went through an alley on the right side of the road then stopped in front of a Chinese restaurant.

Inside the small restaurant they were welcomed by the smell of food. It's not that Miller expected something but the restaurant was far from special. Ben's poor taste made Miller let out a small sigh.

“It's not as bad as you think.”

When someone became a regular guest at a restaurant, one didn’t have to look at the menu. The waiter would come up and write the usual. That's exactly how Ben's right now. He ordered one bowl of noodles, fried rice, and some dumplings.

Miller's gaze turned sharp. Nothing was really changed from the first time he met Ben. He still had that strange, inexplicable feeling about Ben. But in the end he believe that he'll eventually get used to it. Plus, this is a rare occasion to have a nice meal with him.

“Did you bring me here to make sure that I'm not a vampire?”

“I've seen you eat before. And just for your information, there are vampires out there that are able to eat human food just fine.”

Ben didn’t expect Miller's expression to turn into surprise because of what he just said.

“Seems like it's your first time hearing that.” Ben said sarcastically. Miller kept his cool by drinking a glass of water and putting it back down carefully.

“Anything else?”

“Pale skin, skinny, unusual odor, attractive appearance to human, can survive under the sun's light to the point of doing activities in the daytime. Even so, they’re still vampires and the sun would eventually burn them. Hence why they wear long sleeves and pants during summer or bring an umbrella with them, just like you.”

Ben squinted his eyes as he finished talking and there was Miller, listening to him attentively.

Their food was served just in time. The waitress put them on the table and went back immediately. None of them touched the food just yet.

“This is the UK. I hate getting drenched by the rain.” Miller answered while keeping his cool. He slightly tilted his chin and continued on.

“They consider daytime as their resting time. Some are able to digest human’s food, yes, but those foods won’t satisfy their needs. Blood is the ultimate nourishment for vampires, after all. There are some who're really eager to hunt and sucking on the humans as often as possible, the perfect examples would be the four vampires we’ve caught earlier on,”

“But it’s also also possible for them to do it once every 6 months. If you're lucky enough, you can stay without blood for longer than that. But well, there are indeed vampires who only consume blood just enoughㅡno more, no less. This type is quite rare nowadays, but you have to be careful when you meet one. You cannot predict what they’ll do next, and frankly, everything I’ve just said up until now perfectly summed you up, Sir.”

There it went; Ben said it again. The idea of Miller inside his head hadn't changed a single bit.

Miller pursed his lips, his eyes firmly focusing on Ben. It hadn't been 30 minutes since the man made a promise to do better in the future and he already broke it. In a small restaurant, right in front of their lunch.

The wind blowing from the fan swayed Ben's golden locks. No matter how much he looked at it, Ben's shining golden hair didn't fit both this old Chinese restaurant nor London's gloomy weather.

“Are you done yet?”

It's indeed hard to control your emotion when you're being cornered.

“One more important thing. Vampires tend to get confused with their feelings, especially after sucking on human's blood. It's also hard to control their sexual desire. hence why they ended up committing sexual assault to their victims.”

“I don't hear confidence in those words of yours.”

“Crime scene is my second home but frankly I've never experienced that myself.”

Miller nodded his head whilst moving his hand to grab a fork and a knife, slicing one dimsum with it. The dimsum’s soup was flowing, but he paid them no mind, just put it inside his mouth.

He hadn't finished chewing when he answered Ben. “Any idea on how to divide them?”

“Not really. They're just born like that.”


Ben smirked upon hearing the word from Miller's mouth. “I can't believe someone actually knew that term.”

“Just recently.” Miller said with his eyes looking straight into Ben's eyes. The look in his eyes was loud enough to make Ben gulp his own saliva. He was scared to death about his hidden identity.

“What's wrong?”

“Dampire is someone who’s born from a vampire and human, right?”

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