TMA - Chapter 3 Part 4


part 4

BEN'S VOICE was soulless. He grabbed Joseph by the shoulders, pushing him off to Roxy's direction. He felt that he had done enough educating the newbie and wanted to get away from him as soon as possible. So he walked away and all he could hear now was Joseph's footsteps and his cry of disappointment.

He felt even more drained after he sent Joseph off. He reached out toward his weapon and proceeded to stroke it. The action brought him a sense of relief.

Although he was an independent guy who depends solely on his knowledge and wit, he couldn't deny the fact that it was his mother who taught him the basics. Like the bullets he used on the missions; indeed it was him who made and tampered with them on his own but it wouldn't be possible if his mother didn't lead him to this iron artisan who was willing to teach and provide the materials needed for him to make his bullets.

Her influence didn't stop there. She was also proficient in using knives for self-defense which she taught him growing up. But Ben didn't like it; when you use knives, you need to make sure that you're standing close enough to them. But considering that vampires are dangerous beings, being in a close distance with them wasn't on Ben's wish list at all, so he's sticking to a gun.

Vampires weren't only dangerous, but they were smelly too, at least to Ben. He always hated their smell. Moreover, the blood would splash all over him if he attacked them with a knife during their hunting and/or mealtime. And for the worst part: he hated the feeling of flesh being stabbed. Even more reasons to use a gun instead of a knife.

Another annoying thing about them is the fact that you can't beat nor repel them with garlic or cross. After all, you can't (and shouldn't) trust what you see in the books or movies. But ironically, he found the most effective way to kill vampires without getting close to them by reading books about werewolves.

The book made him wish that he was born as a werewolf instead of a dampire. When it's time for the full moon, Ben would go up to the roof, hoping to find a howling werewolf but he always ended up with nothing. Well, there were only approximately 2 werewolves in this area anyway, so the chance to find them was slim. Meanwhile, dampire could walk around and live a normal life like everybody else.

Vampire and werewolf were two of the same sort but only one could be defeated by silver bullets. Was there anything that could kill vampires as silver bullets do to werewolves? It was then when Ben's late mother told him about the holy water's whereabouts. She never told anyone about this, probably from the fact that she didn't have anyone to talk about.

No one from MKV dares to engage directly with the vampires. They'd rather run away than facing them. Since it's never been his intention to actually fight with them, it didn't matter which one he'd use, a bullet or holy water. Ben made up his mind to use the holy water as much as possible as it was the only thing that could cause lethal effects to them. As for how he used the holy water, he just poured the holy water inside the hollow case inside the bullet and he's all set to pull the trigger. Once the bullet touched the vampire's flesh, the nonexistent blood inside their body would be replaced by the holy water.

For that reason, Ben meticulously designed the bullets that could scratch and went inside the flesh then exploded on purpose. It was hard work - he experimented and failed multiple times, but after so many tweaks he finally did it.

The downfall was, it could only work efficiently against vampires. But since it was made like the regular bullets, with the same efficiency and lethal level, it'd also harm or even kill humans if it got wrongly shot. Hence Ben needed to be extra careful when using the bullets.

He came back to his senses after stroking his weapon. He fixed his position and tried to get his focus back to the monitor.

He realized he had no other option except the suggestion given by O'Donoughue to find out about Miller from DB. He clicked the app's icon and typed Miller's name on the query box, waiting for the window to pop up with his search query result.

What was on the screen made Ben frown. Miller's data and other related things were set as prohibited. As expected from M16. Nothing's new.

Benjamin touched his chin and continued to type something on his keyboard. He's got an idea. It might be quite hard to dig more information about Miller since his information would be protected under M16 but what about his family member? He then typed Eidan's name and started going through his profile.

He couldn't find anything interesting other than his name and birthplace. He's most likely had no job either. Ben kept scrolling until he read something about their family relations.

Both of his parents were still alive and what surprised Ben more was the words he read next. They live in Romania? Fishy.

The text located on the bottom caught his interest. It listed Miller as O'Donoughue's biological sibling.

“Bloody hell.”

Ben realized that DB is useless after he read Miller's job on the website. Tax officer? You gotta be kidding me!

He continued to scroll down the page with his mouse before a sudden arrival of someone surprised him and halted him from his activity.

That familiar scent of peppermint.

Here we go again.

Ben moved his head up to find Miller already stood up in front of his desk.

Ben was famous for his sensitivity way before someone reached his proximity, and this was the first time he failed to notice this. Miller was indeed a ghost in disguise.

“You look busy.”

Miller looked at Ben, his eyes a bit squinted. Without further ado, Ben hurriedly closed the window. He didn't understand why he needed to close it since Miller couldn't look at his screen from where he stood. But oh well, better safe than sorry.

Ben looked around him. The remaining employees inside the room were caught sneaking glances at Miller while pretending to work.

“What's up?”

“Have you forgotten already?”

Miller took some files out and placed it on Ben's desk. Ben looked inside the files and read them carefully one by one. The files were about 3 victims who were sexually assaulted and got murdered afterward. They believed this was a serial killer case and for that reason, the case was handed over to MKV.

It wasn't a new case, Ben knew about it already.

“Are you sure?”

On the last page, there was a picture of a handsome teenage boy with platinum-blonde hair.

“As you can see here,”

“Three crimes in a month. That's what this is all about right?” Ben said with confidence. He's so ready to hit the pavement and catch the perpetrator.

“It is important to catch the perpetrator as soon as possible but from now, we're aiming for something bigger,” Miller said, licking his lips.

“Are you saying that it's fine to lose another innocent soul?”

Three bodies were found dead - there shouldn't be more victims. Whoever behind all of this needed to be stopped.

Miller raised one of his eyebrows. This is frustrating.

“There are days when sacrifice is needed,"

“I really can't get along with you very well,” Ben said, unable to hold his anger any longer.

Ben pretended not to know the fact that Miller's purpose here was not only to kill vampires in the name of protecting human lives.

As a dampire himself he also had his plan to find and kill his vampire 'father', yet protecting humans from those creatures had become his priority since he liked to think of himself as part human.

“No need to yell, sir. They're getting stronger each day and that doesn't mean we're not trying at all.”

The words coming out from Miller's mouth were sharp yet there's no change in tone from his voice. He decided to stay calm instead; it'd be a game over once Miller let his anger take reign.

“Since we're now working together, no one is allowed to work recklessly. My purpose coming here is to tell you about this matter.”

Miller had no intention to hide his wrecked mood in front of Ben now. He's about to continue on but since MKV's 4th floor was an open space he decided to save his words to himself.

Both Ben and Miller stayed mute with their eyes still locked on each other for a while until Miller's sigh broke the silent battle between them. He let out his phone and gave it to Ben.

“What's this?”

“Your number. We're working together now, remember?”

“I don't have it.” Ben pushed Miller's hand away from his sight.

Ben's answer made Miller a little bit giggly. Ben thought Miller's reaction would hurt him but it didn't. It was a fact that he didn't own any handphone. He could live just fine without a cellphone until today nor did he ever felt the urge to own that thing. So he just shrugged it off.

Miller was busy with his phone when Ben tried to look away. He then dropped the phone on Ben's desk.

“You might not need it but I do. Take it for the time being. At least for as long as we work together.”

Miller made his way out quietly.

Ben watched Miller's back fade away. He's now focused on the thing Miller left on his desk. He opened the drawers and threw it inside. There's no way Ben would do everything as he said easily.

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