TMA - Chapter 3 Part 3


part 3

Miller sat down on the couch where Ben was sitting just a moment ago.

Daniel left for grocery shopping even though he knew Miller was coming over to their flat. There're some reasons Daniel chose to leave when the sibling coming over his place: 1) he didn't want to hear O'Donoughue siblings' childish bickering; 2) even in his best condition, he couldn't handle the O'Donoughue brothers at the same time. It's not a big deal for Daniel to take care of Eidan but Eidan and Miller? Bad combination.

“He hasn't gone under surveillance? Is he the only exception?” Ben's fast but pointless move bothered Miller. Miller who's looking really bugged over this matter made Eidan hesitated a bit.

Miller knew this matter would come up but Ben came all the way to his brother's flat all by himself was unexpected. He was flustered quite a bit.

“We won't put him under surveillance.”

Miller brushed his hair up. 'He's a good person, it's better not to risk anything'; if facial expression could talk, that's exactly what Miller's expression would say.

“Of course it'd be different. Handling a dampire.”

“You know it already.”

“Absolutely, yes. I know it very well. I'm curious how'd you cook that pathetic dampire?”

Miller glared at his younger brother yet it didn't stop him from talking.

“Ah, you won't cook him I suppose. You'd use him to bait bigger prey?”

Miller smirked at his brother. His unbothered brother made Eidan sighed.

Miller burried his body on his car's seat after he left from Eidan's flat. He didn't know when was the last time he felt so passionate about something. He had lived long enough and most of the time everything went as he planned it to be.

It's only a matter of time. This time too, everything seemed to work as planned. Both of them were parts of the plan since the beginning, anyway.

But if things kept going like this, Miller had to admit that there's a miss calculation in time. Miller closed his eyes and recalled what he had already planned.

Step 1: Discover
Step 2: Approach
Step 3: Capture
Step 4: Knock him down
Step 5: Reconciliation

Seemed simple but he's sure there's no mistake. He already moved on from step 1 to step 2 but since things were getting a little bit out of hand, he doubted that he could move to the next step. He never expected Ben to be this suspicious and alert.

Ben's blue eyes that filled with so much cautious came onto Miller's mind. The depth that his eyes carried looked like it had lived long enough, around 100 years? He was only 27 to be exact.

Miller slowly opened his eyes and touched the tip of his chin. Anyhow, this wasn't an easy task to do as well as he might need some more time. Behind his innocent face there lived a soul that doubt about almost everything. The night Ben took him home to his flat still troubled him. A combination of someone who never trusted very easily and the most careful person Miller ever stumbled upon, what kind of bravery that made him brought Miller to his flat that night?

What has he been doing in life? Did he really have a strong instinct about human? How did he do it?

Miller never thought that it'd be him. Was their encounter that night a mistake? He didn't know that Ben would go this far neither did ke know that Ben was actually so persistent and punctilious.

With an unpleasant expression, Miller tried to re-arrange his plan.

Step 2.5: Gain trust

Ben got off from a taxi then entered Yard's building. He's thinking about following Eidan's suggestion to find out about Miller O'Donoughue from DB at the police office. He might not gain something important nor interesting about him but there might some missing information he could discover.

4th floor's headquarter was pretty much empty. 'Good thing I came' he thought. He hurried his walking pace to his desk.

“Oh? Ben, what's up?”

Asked Roxy. She sounded friendly. They didn't meet so often only when Ben got a call from the captain but they had seen each other for two consecutive days.

“I need to check on something.”

“Really? Good timing!”

Roxy moved a bit to the side followed by the appearance of a brown haired & brown eyes man.

“Joseph Ballack. He'll be joining our team starting next week.”

Ben took a glance at the man Roxy had just introduced. Up until this day, he didn't really have much opportunity with the newcomer. With a quick eye contact, Ben greeted Joseph and left.

“Is it true that you've failed to kill those vampires?”

The sound of cracking door being opened was loud.

Ben stopped walking and turned around. Eyes wide open, that brown haired man looked at him deeply. Ben frowned.

Ben walked back toward him with a sigh. His eyes said so much about the purity within his curiousity.

“How about you do it yourself? You know how to do it, right? Cut the neck, set the body on fire. You're dying to know aren't you?”

Joseph came closer to Ben not minding his unpleasant answer. Ben thought Joseph was a timid kid but he was actually the opposite. He didn't even show a single bit of guilty feeling for asking such a question.

Joseph followed Ben from behind to get his question answered.

“Did you really kill them by doing that?”

'This kid is really something'.

“Hey you!“

“My name is Joseph.”

Said Joseph, smiling. He's feeling happy knowing he's got Ben's attention.

Ben's shooed him once he reached his desk yet Joseph was failed to interpret it. Ben sent a 'help me' look to Roxy yet she stayed unbothered.

“He came all the way to London so he can work with you.”

Said Roxy teasing Ben. Ben took a quick glance at Roxy who was seemed enjoying this moment before he turned his computer on. Ben tried to ignore it when a voice was heard, again.

“Is it really possible to kill them with that methods? No one really tells me that.”

Ben swirled his chair facing Joseph now. Ben had to give him the answer since he didn't know how to stop. Joseph Ballack sounds like a name of a noble family from a medieval period.

“Where did you work before?”

“Liverpool. I've just started recently.”

'Was he going to be an army? Was he being scouted?'

Ben looked carefully at the man in front of him from head to toe. He's just a human.

“If you're here just for fun, you better quit. You'll regret this once you get bit.”

“It's not like that.”

Answered Joseph full of confidence. Roxy came to the rescue right before Ben's mood couldn't get any worse.

“You're wrong Ben. He's the only survivor when his family got murdered.”

With a light slap at the back of Ben's head, Roxy returned to her desk.

Ben stared at Roxy with a 'you should've told me earlier' look but Roxy, she was careless.

“It was spring break so I decided to go home to spend my holiday there. I came home but I didn't see anyone. There were plenty of food on the table but no one was around. I felt something's off so I checked under the table where I found my mother. My father's at the bathroom and my younger sibling was attacked in my room. They finished them without leaving a single drop of blood, just bones and dead bodies left.”

It must had taken him a long time until he reached this level of calmness when telling other people the story of how his entire family got murdered.

“I apologize if I hurt your feeling.”

“It's fine. You didn't know.”

Joseph reached out his hand and shaked Ben's hand. He didn't stop right there.

“Let's do well in the future together.”

“But, it doesn't kill them for real?”

Ben pressed his sweaty temple. This kid is unstoppable.

“Pretty much the same as human. They'll die when they fall from higher place. They'll die when get hit by car. I haven't tried that myself but most likely. But if you want to get rid of them without leaving a trace, you can use that method. No more question.”

“Ah, one more, please.”

With Joseph acted like a little kid pleading for a candy, there he gave him one last chance. Ben couldn't resist him.

“Your weapon. Did you make them yourself and use it?”

“What theㅡ”

Ben's about to say something but he gave up the idea. It's not a secret anymore.

“Isn't it better to use knife than a gun?”

“It's a matter of distance. Knife is better when you're standing close to them and you can use gun when you're standing far enough.”

Whilst Ben's busy answering Joseph's curiosity, Roxy was giggling at the back.

Ben never disliked having some conversation. He liked human to be honest. All this time he distant himself with everyone was because he was afraid of betrayal or being avoided for his real identity.

“Will you teach me how to make one?”

He wouldn't stop until he gets what he wants.

“Sure. If there's a chance.”

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