TMA - Chapter 3 Part 2


part 2

“Just by looking at your dark under eyes, I can see that you didn’t get enough sleep. Your lips are dry and chapped, probably because you were biting and licking it on your way here. On top of that, you are bad at lying, you can’t even look at me straight into my eyes. Don’t get me wrong, I have no issue with it.

“No, it's notㅡ”

“Moreover, that case has been consulted with the Yard. You, out of all people, should have known about it if you truly belong to the Yard. You sound like an outsider just now.”

He stopped talking and with the speed of light, got up from his seat, and stared at Ben, hard.

“You! You're indeed an officer but the case you're talking about was handled by the other department!”

Ben wanted to deny it but O’Donoughue kept on rattling his analysis, leaving him with no choice but to stay silent.

“You're only using that case as your excuse to be here. If you're not telling me the real reason you're here, please leave.” It’s clear that O’Donoughue couldn’t hold it anymore.

Ben stared at the tall, pale man. For a second, Ben felt like he was possessed. He started to feel a weird feeling surging inside him. He had been hiding the unpleasant feeling he felt the second he entered this house. With the weird feeling, also came the urge to reach out to O’Donoughue’s neck to check on his pulse.

Ben took a deep breath then blinked his eyes slowly. He looked at Daniel who was standing at the doorway and back at O'Donoughue. He didn't feel anything when he looked at Daniel but instead, he got goosebumps when he looked at O’Donoughue.

This wasn't the first time where he could sense the unpleasant feeling coming from someone’s direction. This man in front of him acted like he was a human, but the truth was he's not.

'Then what about his roommate?'

Ben was sure that O’Donoughue's a vampire yet he was perplexed by Daniel’s existence. No matter how many times Ben looked at this man, he was certain that he’s indeed an average human being. Which beget the question: how the hell an average human like him ended up living in the same roof with a vampire?


Ben felt restless by the cold and anger sound in O’Donoughue's calling. He was about to grab his weapon but soon gave up the idea. He bit the bottom of his lip.

“Do you know Miller O'Donoughue?”

O’Donoughue seemed a bit shocked by the name Ben mentioned. The shocked expression was also extended to Daniel, whose pupils dilapidated even further. Their reactions were enough proof that Ben wasn't wrong.

“Shame, I have no idea who that person is nor do I care to know.”

O’Donoughue got up from his seat and started to pull Ben up from the couch, practically dragging him to the door.

“Why did you lie?”

O'Donoughue’s hand let him go. He couldn't stay still and he kept walking around the living room. O’Donoughue's changing behavior every now and then seemed like he was emotionally ill. His appearance looked like he's in mid-twenties but the thing he did then was no different from an erratic highschooler.

“You'll do a full investigation once you leave this place, am I right? Since you're a police officer. Bet you'll find out the truth soon.”

O’Donoughue kept on talking whilst Ben was drawn to his veinㅡthe very same man who had been walking around in his nightgown that flapped every time he walked found his place back on the couch.

“So, how was it?”

Their eyes met each other. What in the world he's asking about? Ben could feel another chilly atmosphere around him as he couldn't answer the question given to him.

“What are you talking about?”

“Have you got no brain to think?”

O’Donoughueㅡno, Eidanㅡsaid with a smirk etched on his lips. Ben could feel his face turned red as the anger inside him started to swell and eat him up.

“Say that once again!”

Daniel who had been watching everything at the side gave that 'if you don't stop teasing him right at this moment, I won't help you with whatever might happen next' look at Eidan, successfully made him puckered his lips in discontent.

“What about him?”

“Something about him bothers me.”

Unlike Eidan, Daniel asked him with a calm voice.

“Which part of him you wish to know exactly?”

“Is he a human?”

Both Eidan and Daniel glared at Ben. When you were asked this kind of question it's either 'what is he if he's not a human, then?' or the 'are you insane?' kind of look. If not, they'd be confused and tried to avoid the question by changing the topic.

Surprisingly, Daniel, who was calm this whole time, seemed to be more surprised than Eidan. He was really fast to answer Ben before Eidan even got the chance to open his mouth at all.

“You came to the wrong place. Go find your answer somewhere else.”

Daniel pulled Ben from his seat and dragged him out. He opened the door and pushed Ben away. It wasn't violent but it was a painful sign that he’s no longer welcome there.

After the incident, Ben still wondered of the way Daniel reacted to his question. He was confident that Daniel's just an average human but what made him act the way he did earlier? There’s another possibility: he might have to ask for a full investigation to a seemingly fine man which would have made himself look like a crazy maniac?

It was one freezing day and nothing went as planned either. He looked at the wide shut flat, feeling dumbfounded.


He kicked out the empty air and cursed. Meeting Eidan O'Donoughue was only a pain in the ass. An ordinary detective and his assistant would have nothing to do with a vampire, anyway.

Ben hailed a taxi. He sat on the backseat and started on pressing his temple. It was just a short meeting with Eidan but he was drained.

Ben hadn't wavered even a single bit from the idea of a vampire Eidan. He was disturbed by the fact that Daniel, an average human who lived his life alongside a vampire. There's no way an average human could spend, let alone living with a vampire.

With an anxious gaze, Daniel watched Ben go away with the taxi.

“What's wrong?”

“Nothing I'm just worriedㅡ”

“Oh don't worry. Miller will take good care of that  dampire.”

There he said it. The word that'd never come out of Ben's mouth. For the past few days, Ben had been curious about Miller and Eidan, but the person he was searching for already found out about his existence.

It was last week when Miller told Ben he had to meet Ben and asked him to concoct sleeping pills. He could make it himself but since he was busy and couldn't pay much attention to the little things, he asked his brother to do him a favor.

To be very honest, Eidan didn't want to help his brother but Daniel overheard this and told Eidan to help his brother. Eidan couldn't say no when it comes to Daniel.

Eventually, he made the pill. Miller made himself clear by asking for a one-hour sleeping pill but Eidan gave him a 3-hours sleeping pill instead.

Eidan had no idea how the sleeping pill worked on Miller that night but Benjamin Edgar just came to his place meaning they already met each other and his intuitionㅡ dampire's intuitionㅡwas what brought him here.

“That's why it's concerning me even more. It's been only 2 days since they met each other and he already came here? It's not that fast, usually.”

“Well, he was indeed fast but he'll find his way here, anyway. What is it that makes you worry, though?”

“I don't know. I guess I'm just worried that this might put you in danger too,” said Daniel which made Eidan laugh a little.

“Where did the brave Daniel go?”

“Think about it, Eidan. I'm telling Miller about this.”

“I'm being serious here, Dan. That was the first time I saw a dampire in my whole life, it's bugging me too.”

“You're right. You don't care if it's not bugging you.”

Daniel continued with the complaints meanwhile Eidan just laughed it off.

“I'm sufficient with you and those complicated cases in my life. Do you want me to be like Miller, eagerly solving case after case? Or sacrifice the rest of my life trying to catch those rotten losers?”

Daniel didn't even pay any more attention to what Eidan said. He was focused on sending a message on his phone.

Eidan had never agreed to tell his brother about what just happened but he didn't stop Daniel from doing so nonetheless.

Whether he'd been spying or not, Miller arrived at Eidan's flat in less than 10 minutes since the message was sent to him.

“A dampire was here?”

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